Review of Game Week 3

Review of Game Week 3

GW Points: 32
Overall Points: 157
Overall Rank: 173,073
Transfers: None used

As I’m away from Thursday morning until Saturday morning, I’ve decided to write my game week review early. I can’t imagine much is going to change between now and Friday morning so I didn’t think it would effect things too much and it certainly won’t effect my transfer plans. With regards to the game week itself, it was another flat week for me. I don’t feel like my season has really got going yet which is incredibly frustrating. It just shows how difficult football is to predict as we spent weeks planning our initial teams – looking at players, values and upcoming fixtures for it to just collapse within the first two game weeks. Obviously it’s still early stages but my goal is always to get off to a flying start and it’s been quite the opposite this season. I thought this week was going to be the turning points with Moura and Kane both starting against Newcastle. Between them I expected at least two goals and for one of them to pick up the star man award and at a minimum one goal between them. To return 0 points against a team who have been leaking goals was bitterly disappointing. A start for B. Silva was another positive but a return of just 3 points was not ideal. No clean sheets across the team was another blow – especially with Mina conceding twice with his first game in my team. Basically it’s been a disastrous start by the standards I’d set for myself. However it’s certainly early enough for things to change fairly quickly but I’ll need plenty of luck while playing catch up.


Salah scored twice and grabbed 18 points.

Sterling scored again and picked up 8 points.

Despite not keeping clean sheets Robertson and Zinchenko picked up 3 points each.

Potential Issues:

Spurs appear to have no creativity. This resulted in 0 points for Kane and Moura over the game week. For me this was Moura’s last chance to keep a place in the team and he’s now made himself top of my list for transferring out. It’s also put a question mark next to Kane. Especially with Aguero now have 4 goals to his name.

Arsenal had a tough fixture at Liverpool but Aubameyang did very little and scored 0 points. I’m hoping he comes good and might hold onto him a little longer but his early form has been a little underwhelming. 

Across the three game weeks B. Silva has underachieved in my opinion. A return of 6 points for a 4.5m rated player simply isn’t enough. He’s currently second on my list to be replaced.

Tips for Game Week 4

For me if you’ve got transfers remaining, now is the time to use them before the month draws to an end. I’ve got two left and I plan to use them to target the fixtures coming up at the weekend. Firstly, it’s worth looking at the teams with the best fixtures:

Man City V Brighton
Chelsea V Sheff Utd
Southampton V Man Utd
Burnley V Liverpool
Arsenal V Spurs

Man City worry me this week. With Jesus being out, Aguero is almost certain to start and given his recent form he could score well. Chelsea also have a decent home fixture against Sheff Utd. Man Utd travel to Southampton and I’d expect them to win – James is currently the player who interests me most but I want to see if he continues to start games really before moving for him. Liverpool have a potentially tough fixture against Burnley but Mane does interest me now that I’ve got enough funds in the bank to bring him in. With Spurs and Arsenal playing each other, I won’t be moving towards any of their players. 

For my team, I can only see two realistic options:

Option 1:
Moura and B. Silva out
Mount and Mane in

I know there’s a slight injury doubt over Mount, which is irritating as I like his fixture against Sheff Utd. For me it’s between Mount and James as an enabler for Mane – if they were both kicking off at the same time I’d simply go with whichever player is starting but we won’t have this luxury. I’m not worried about losing Moura as Spurs travel to Arsenal and he could be benched. I appreciate that he’s capable of scoring in this game but this is always the risk when taking a player out. 

Option 2:
Moura and Aubameyang out
Mount and Aguero in

Mount for the same reasons as above. Bringing in Aguero feels like a bit of a knee jerk reaction for me but I’m very worried about the game against Brighton after he scored a couple at the weekend. This route would also allow me to keep hold of B. Silva for that fixture as well.

If we are looking at the very short term I guess it comes down to who will score more points this weekend between:

Mount, Mane and Aubameyang
Mount, B. Silva and Aguero

At this point in time I can only see the second option scoring more points. Mane and Aubameyang both face tougher opposition than B. Silva and Aguero. There is obviously a question mark against if B. Silva will start this game though, which would obviously have an impact on potential points. However, on paper if all three players start surely B. Silva and Aguero outscore Mane and Aubameyang given the upcoming fixtures? If anyone else has any thoughts or an idea for a different route to take it would be great to hear them in the comments.

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51 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 3

    1. I’m not sure I’ll do them before Friday and I don’t know which option to go for yet. Which do you think will do better? I’ll probably wait for starting line ups before making the changes. I’ll put up another post when I’ve decided exactly which route I’ll be taking though.

    1. Moura has to go for me – Spurs not playing well and could see him being benched.

  1. isn’t mount injured.
    I have no transfers left.
    have plans for the next three moura out kane ? Rashford?
    I have always gone with my instincts seems to work for me.
    soon as I get my next three transfers I will use them.

  2. DTT go with your gut! Personally I can’t see how Aguero won’t score well this weekend and could make you up a lot of lost ground. I’d be tempted however to move Kane out instead of AUB… that’s just a hunch for me on how good Spurs don’t look!

    1. Yeah I think he could over the short term but surely Aubameyang won’t be involved in this early Europa League games?

  3. Hey DTT,

    I think Option 2 is the better route for you, it gives you a front 3 of Kane, Aguero & Salah which is a very strong combination going forward. I must admit I’m on the fence taking Kane out or not.

    I think Moura has to go, Spurs are just not performing properly, and he isn’t going to produce the points return for the investment. I would say it’s a 50/50 call on Mount otherwise I would look at either taking a punt on James or a differential of McGinn?

    The other option is to drop to 442 and go Aub, Moura out for Mane and KDB in?

    I’ve probably made it worse by introducing more options! I think in your shoes I would take a gamble and go straight Option 2 to get Mane & Mount in.

    As a side note – Can anyone help me understand the price change reflection – The app shows the players price with another value in Red or Green next to it. Is that the value of change that is going to occur and if so when will it change? Example Robertson shows £4.3m -£0.1m does that mean he is due to drop on Friday?

    1. It could easily be Kane to take out rather than Aubameyang but I’m not liking the fact that Aubameyang will probably not be involved in the Europa League fixtures. The -£0.1m means the difference during the last price change so it indicates the player went down in value last week rather than him going down in value in the future.

  4. Hi D M.
    red means player has decreased by 0.1m.
    green means he has increased by 01m.
    this will happen every Friday throughout the season.
    what you are hoping for is green all the time.

  5. DTT, I’m liking option 2, but at best Aubamayang & Moura may hold their value, but Aguerro & Mount will surely rise, do we not gamble & make these transfers tomorrow evening, we might get more news on Mount tomorrow, what I’ve seen Mount will be fit & is rated at least 50/50 to start, with September transfers we can cover Arsenal threat with Pepe, he could really take off, from what I saw of him last weekend.

    1. Yeah that wouldn’t be ideal but what if Mount is out injured? We’ve also seen Jesus pick up an unexpected injury in training. What if the worst happened and Aguero picked up a knock? I’ve been burnt by this before when he was involved in a car crash. I’d rather take less risk and evaluate who’s starting at the weekend before making any moves.

  6. Yes I’m totally with that David kirkwood if Auba and moura drop and Aguero and mount rise we could be 0.4m down if we still made that change when lineups come out which we will need for later transfers. Surely if mount is missing this week he will be back in the line up next week

    1. Yeah that wouldn’t be ideal but what if Mount is out injured? We’ve also seen Jesus pick up an unexpected injury in training. What if the worst happened and Aguero picked up a knock? I’ve been burnt by this before when he was involved in a car crash. I’d rather take less risk and evaluate who’s starting at the weekend before making any moves.

  7. Vardy starts tonight against Newcastle! 😍 Fully expected him to be benched for this one. Very strong line-up from Leicester. Come on Jamie lad! 👊

    1. I got Pickford, Digne and my main man Harry Wilson playing tonight so hoping for a few bonus points.

      1. Typical – I might as well throw the towel in now. The only Everton defender I’ve got benched. How Pickford, Keane and Digne are starting I’ll never know.

          1. Haha yeah thankfully but Digne has scored. I honestly can’t believe they’ve started him with Baines on the bench.

    2. 🤮 Well my Vardy choice is really letting me down so far this season. Of all the Leicester assets it seems Maddison is the man to have this season.

      Many of my rivals having Digne and Maddison tonight too. Argh!!!! 😂 (tears of despair not laughter)…..

      1. I still can’t believe either of them played. Digne with Baines on the bench – very strange considering it’s the cup where most teams rest players.

        1. Some of those line-ups last night were insane in terms of how strong they were. Maybe it shows the likes of Everton and Leicester want to have a real run at this competition.

  8. I’ve gone ahead and made my transfers. I’ve taken a risk and gone for Aguero & Mount to replace Kane & Moura. It’s a risk but one I can only hope will pay off.

      1. Impact injury so good chance of being ok according to Dinnery. Also seen on training pitch.

        I’m more worried about Martial.

    1. I won’t be doing anything tonight – to be honest I can’t see me making any changes until I’ve seen who is starting at the weekend. If Mount is out, there’s no point bringing him in yet.

  9. Personally prefer option 1, Bernardo hasn’t done enough to warrant staying at that value and there’s work to be done now to catch up

    1. He will be first to go in September though as I’d still have the funds to swap him for Mane (I think). Does Aguero against Brighton not worry you this weekend?

  10. I think we should do the change before Friday DTT just to ensure we don’t lose funds and then not be able to swap mane in September

    1. I’m considering it to be honest but I still think Mane would be affordable. I’ll wait to hear if there is any news on Mount tomorrow. Could backfire massively if Mount wasn’t to play and Moura did the unexpected against Arsenal. I know it’s very unlikely but if Aguero were to pick up a knock in training (as Jesus did last week) it could come back to haunt us should Aubameyang do well.

      1. To be honest I’ve gone back on my Mount decision and swapped him for McGinn as he looks good and they have fairly good fixtures.

  11. Personally I think mane and mount are good transfers , mane big threat this season, could always swap kane for aguero in September, making transfer on basis of one game not ideal

  12. What advice can I get on my last 2 transfers, 400k in bank team is

    Walker Peter’s



    Thinking moura and walker peters( injured ?) need moving on

    Options I am thinking

    Maddison and either mina, maitland niles or emerson

    Pepe and either maitland niles or mina

    Opinions please, thanks

    1. Maddison looks great but fixtures stiffen up quite a lot after Bournemouth.

      Like the look of Pepe too plus he has the chance of more games with Europa approaching. Option 2 for me.

  13. DTT,

    I’m in the same boat with regards to B.Silva. Thoroughly disappointed with him… not just this season, but in general!! Every time I think he’s looking sharp and put him in my team, he does naff all!! I will be losing him next week with my first September transfer!

    On a brighter note, my TAA>Digne sub that I made last Friday night doesn’t seem so bad after his 14 point haul last night!! I was fearing the worst last week when Everton conceded two against Villa, Digne earned -1 and when TAA went on to get an assist, but here we are 5 days later and my 6 point deficit from that decision is now an 8 point gain!!

    No subs left until next week though. Hoping that Aguero doesn’t do too much damage this weekend!! Next week, I’m thinking:

    B.Silva > Mane
    Auba or Kane > Aguero

    1. Just catching up with comments after being away. Always good when a decision pays off quite quickly. I think Aguero is becoming a must and B. Silva being benched again was far from ideal today so if Mane is reachable this makes sense. I’ll be doing the same.

  14. DTT just going back to your recent post re having a bad start – I reckon we’re not alone…

    Surely all the usual top 100 dream team pro’s are experiencing the same thing. Would they really have selected Pukki, Maddison and Boly? Seems unlikely as, like our team, they choose players from the top 6 prem teams.

    I reckon come the European nights, our teams strategy will be realised.

    So keep going buddy, we all have faith in you/us!

    1. I hope so but I’m still sitting massively outside the top 100,000. I know it takes a while to settle but I hate getting off to a bad start. Hopefully things start to swing back our way but I know how long it can take after a poor start.

  15. Right, I’ve decided to move out Vardy for Aguero before the price changes to take advantage. This does leave me with the injured Martial and “the more than likely benched” Moura, but I’m willing to go a week without Martial. Hopefully he’ll be raring to go again post IB.

    This is a gamble with Vardy playing Bournemouth, however, longer term Leicester’s fixtures become horrible after Bournemouth so he was always coming out after this fixture anyway. With only a few of my ML rivals having Aguero, I want to hopefully take advantage of this situation and hope he gets at least a brace.


    1. Scrub that. 😂

      Looked at a Leicester’s fixtures again and I don’t mind Vardy facing the United and Spurs defences, along with Newcastle and potentially Luton.

      Martial coming out, Aguero in. No need to do this one before deadline though as Martial should rise anyway?

    1. Ha ha nice one Chris, I see your logic, with the review then of the leicester fixtures do you still think it’s right for me to go pepe and mina as opposed to maddison and emerson/mina ? 😬😬😬

      1. It’s a tough call AJF to be fair. All I know is that I’ve earmarked Pepe as my Moura replacement next month. I think he could offer great value playing alongside Lacazette and Aubameyang. His PPM could be excellent imo and hopefully he’d give us some cover for the likes of Aubameyang and Lacazette.

        Maddison has gotten off to a terrific start. He did go through a few quite spells last season but he does look a more accomplished player this time around.

        It could literally be a coin flip. Go with your gut mate.

          1. Just catching up with comments after being away. Did you stick with Vardy Chris? Noticed he had a decent points return today.

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