Review of Game Week 30

Review of Game Week 30

GW Points: 48
Overall Points: 2010
Overall Rank: 3,130
Transfers: Lindelof out, Coady in

Game week 30 didn’t really go to plan. A drop of almost 1,000 places on the overall leaderboard is not a position you want to find yourself in at this stage of the season. The transfer instantly backfired in typical fantasy football style with Coady scoring an own goal after minutes. However over the course of the game week he picked up the same -1 point as Lindelof so I was no worse off. I still think this was the correct move as it has freed up some budget for some upgrades in April.


A goal for Aguero and 10 points.

A star man performance from Hazard against Brighton resulted in 15 points. Despite his relative dip in form he’s a player I’ll probably stick with until the end of the season.

Two clean sheets for Ederson resulted in 10 points.

Despite Liverpool conceding, Robertson managed to grab 5 points.

It was good to see Stones pick up a clean sheet against Brighton after missing the Fulham game.

Potential Issues:

Despite a bad game week, I still don’t see any big issues with the team. It’s unfortunate that Aguero seems to have picked up a small injury but if he looks set to return quickly he’s not a player that I want to remove. Stones is player I may look to move on, even if he is now fit I’m fairly sure he will be rotated a lot. Rudiger’s form also hasn’t been great with Chelsea being very inconsistent. I also noticed he was dropped for the clean sheet they picked up against Brighton which was incredibly frustrating. I do however have some good funds in the bank to upgrade either both of one of these two. I’m tempted to put Van Dijk in for Stones due to Liverpool’s upcoming run of fixtures but this would mean I’m probably stuck with Rudiger. Another option would be to leave Stones and take Rudiger out for someone like De Bruyne. This makes sense but I think not doubling up on Liverpool defensively could be a mistake for this month.

Tips for Game Week 31

We are back in to European action this game week. However it’s worth noting that neither Man Utd or Spurs play this weekend. As a result I’d probably avoid their players in terms of early transfers for April. Liverpool look like the team with the best fixtures for the week as they travel to Southampton and then host Porto. Man City face Brighton in the FA Cup and then travel to Spurs in the Champions League. Chelsea host West Ham and then travel to Slavia Praha in the Europa League. These fixtures look good on paper but player selection could be a lottery in the Europa League as usual. I’m personally mainly worried about Liverpool this week which makes Van Dijk a sensible choice. Liverpool also player Huddersfield and Cardiff towards the end of the month.

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48 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 30

  1. Nice analysis as ever DTT.

    Have you though about going 3-4-3 when removing Stones and/or Rudiger? VVD is certainly a prime target, could you afford B.Silva after that? Or Jota if he’s too expensive?

    1. If I’d have gone for TAA instead of Van Dijk I think this would have been on but I just can’t see past VVD at the moment. I think I’ll stick with Rudiger for the time being and see how it goes.

  2. Looking at setting up a ML for my workmates next season. Is it pretty easy to do? Probably set the entry fee at £10 and top three get a cash prize from that fund.

    Once I get the tenner I then give them the pin code for the league right? I want to make sure the money is received before they are accepted into the league though (we all know a few people in our lives who drag their heels when it comes to paying up). Does the Chairman of the league have final say who is entered into the league? For example, if someone got hold of the pin code but didn’t pay their tenner, could they sneak their team into the ML or does would I have total control who enters?

    Cheers guys. 👍🏻

    1. Hi mate
      It’s easy to set up and like you say. Don’t give anyone the pin until they have paid.
      Saying that. You can kick non payers and randoms from your league 👍🏻

      1. Nice one John, cheers mate. Just wanted to avoid a situation where someone says, “I’ll pay you next week” and then it rolls on and on. Want to operate a strict payment first then entry permitted policy from day 1 to avoid any faff. Glad to see I can kick out any such offenders. 👍🏻

    2. To be honest it’s really frustrating Liverpool play first and have the best fixtures this week.

      I think we need a least a double Liverpool defence to combat the numerous defensive blocks. Would have been an easy switch if Stones wasn’t in the team.

      I have Stones which is a worry in terms of rotation. Don’t see him playing both games. Laporte seems favoured and both Ota and Kompany are back in contention.

      I worry Stones got injured last time just after coming back and has already played once this week . . . It’s hard to see him being risked. Then even if he plays Spurs away it’s not the greatest of games

      I’m fairly happy with Azpi this week as West ham are dire and I fancy 2 clean sheets and he’s always got attacking threat. His rotation is much less than the CBs. With Liverpool and United this month I think he’s probably got to go next GW

      I hear I Klopp has confirmed Gomez is back in the squad tonight DTT, any interest in him or Trent to allow the KDB move?

      If I go Stones to TAA this week and Azpi to KDB next it would leave me with 0.1 in the bank which I favour at present?

      If I went VVD for the ultra nailed approach it would leave 4.9m for a def/mid replacement?

      Eriksen? D.Silva? B.Silva? Or even Laporte who seems more nailed?

      1. Completely forgot about Gomez! Bargain price if he can get back into the team.🧐

      2. I was tempted by TAA but not Gomez at the moment – can see that centre back position being rotated a lot even when he’s fully fit. For me it had to be Van Dijk so I’ve gone for him. Trying not to worry too much about what to do with Rudiger at the moment.

    3. I believe as Chairman, you can remove any team from the ML just before the 1st game of the season. In my work ML which we have been playing for a few years now, the chairman emails all those interested well before the league starts and only emails the pin to individual entrants after payment is made. Has worked well for us.

        1. Be good if one of the trusted members or dtt could set up a cash league for the members on here next season, send money via PayPal?

          I would definitely be up for entering, I’m in one that has a high entry fee but does weekly and monthly prizes too so keeps everyone interested.

          Got a lovely whatsapp group going on it too which is good for discussion / banter

  3. 2076 – 0.6m ITB

    Hi All,

    I hope everyone is well, be interested to hear everyone’s opinions/ideas on my team. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

    Thanks !

    Ps. The person below me has Man City players like Laporte/Silva who seem to be racking up points.


    1. Impressive score Marshey! 👏 The guy in second must be trailing you by some way?

      The only weak link I can see in that team is Pogba (didn’t think I’d be saying that a few weeks ago!) I’d probably be looking at KDB (if you’re happy to stick with Auba) or B.Silva (if you’re looking at getting in Salah for Auba).

      Sterling would look great in that team but at his price, I think it would unsettle the balance of your team by crowbarring him in.

      1. Or you could go 4-4-2 and go Auba to Sterling? Anyway mate, good luck! 👍🏻

        1. Appreciate the input Chris thanks ! I originally was thinking Pogba to Jota to free up some funds but after hearing a very insightful and helpful diagnosis I will try and get a Man City mid in. Didn’t do transfer in time and Liverpool play tonight so I’m stuck with Auba for now.

        2. 4-4-2 May also be an appealing option to get Sterling In the mix. Things to consider ! Thanks again.

  4. I’m 66 clear in my ML but feel like I could do with one or two switches. I have 2002 points and 0.4m in the bank:

    Robertson – VVD – Lindelof
    Mane – Hazard – Pogba – B Silva
    Salah – Aguero – Kane

    Lindelof and Pogba are the ones i’m not sure on but any advise would be welcomed 🙂


    1. Pogba to Sterling?
      Lindelof to Bennett/Coady?

      Wolves have a winnable cup game and good fixtures ahead. Sterling should be heavily involved in the business end of City’s season.

      Good luck Stuatt.

      1. Thanks Chris, you think Sterling and Silva in the same team is workable? I just worry about having too much Man City coverage and missing out on other teams that could bring in points – although Sterling’s form is pretty hot right now

        1. I now have Sterling and B.Silva and I’m more than happy to have both. City are fighting on all fronts so plenty of opportunity for point scoring, even if they are rested from time to time. I don’t see any other midfielder (who you don’t already own) who could match Sterling points wise for the remainder of the season.

  5. Afternoon,

    I am currently sitting 4th on my ML. Need to gain some nice points to hopefully slide up the leaderboard, any help is much appreciated! I have 1mil in the bank…


    Was thinking of swapping to a 433 and swapping the following:
    Pogba -> VVD
    Mki -> Mane/B.Silva
    Higuain -> Vardy/or someone else

    Thoughts please??

    1. Jimenez could be another option as your Higuin replacement, providing you have that extra £0.4m of course?

      If you went Pogba to VVD and MKH to B.Silva what would your budget be? Always risky blowing all three in one go but I’d probably do the same in your position. No point sitting on hands at this stage of the season right?

      1. Exactly that Chirs.

        Why do you think Jimenez mate?

        So if i get rid of Pogba, Mkh and Higuain i will have 14.2 in the bank…

      2. Exactly that Chris.

        Why do you think Jimenez mate?

        If i get rid of Pogba, Higuain and Mki i will have 14.2 in the bank…

        1. Jimenez – 178 points. 4.8pts average. Good fixtures for the run in.

          Or you could opt for Firmino as he’s now affordable to you as well?

          1. Valid point!

            I am stuck. Who would rack more points is always a tricky one… could see Wolves running riots with Watford.. Positive side to getting Firmino i suppose would be having some Pool attack.

            What would you do Chris?

          2. I think with Liverpool having a favourable draw in the Champions League, I’d probably be swayed towards Firmino (only just mind you). They also have a decent fixture run in apart from Chelsea and Wolves.

            Good luck mate. 👍🏻

              1. I am going to put firmino into my team this window to replace rashford.

                Good value, nice fixtures, looks sharp and is back playing more central and advance with salah moving back out to the right

  6. Think VVD is essential at this point if you hav’nt got him.Also another city midfielder KDB or B.Silva.So it’s either Rudiger out VVD in or Stones out VVD in.that leave’s no city coverage which could be a concern.
    To get another City midfielder & VVD we would have to go 343 & that would mean offloading Robertson & Rudiger for VVD & Silva with the fund’s available.
    The 343 option does’nt feel right though having too off load Robertson after him doing so well & not doubling up on Liverpool defender’s.
    So in conclusion i think first transfer should be Rudiger out VVD in.That would be a solid safe swap.
    Stones MAY get more game time than we think.
    Thank’s Guy’s

    1. With Zinchenko and Delph injured and with Mendy sitting on the naughty step, I can see Laporte filling in at left back with Stones and Otamendi at centre-back until Zinchenko comes back. I’d hold Stones for now personally.

    2. No way should you be taking Robertson out, I would love VVD but have gone for the cheaper option in Matip

      Stones and Rudiger for Laporte and either matip if you want extra Liverpool defence coverage or B Silva / KDB if you want city midfield coverage

    3. I thought the same to be honest about Van Dijk being essential – he’s looking fairly essential at such an important time in season. I’ve decided to take Stones out though.

  7. Any moves for VVD tonight DTT? Have been overtaken for the first time since October in my mini league!!! He has a Ciry back 4, Mane, Hazard, Rashford and Salah. Very frustrating! Need some big points from Kane next few weeks and some goals against City!

    1. Yeah I’ve gone for VVD, can see the case for TAA instead but for me VVD is a better option and he’s not much more expensive. I’m not doing much better in my mini league – only 1 point clear at the top.

  8. Does anybody know the latest on Rashford, will he be fit for the Barcelona game

    1. Or heard anything definitive but at least he has a bit of time on his side.

  9. Evening all. Made 3 transfers off the bat at the start of March. Chose Stones over VVD based on quality of fixtures and saw Stones get injured in his first game, so I took a break from DT for the month!

    Come back and still top of my ML but still gutted with my Stones over VVD transfer! Anyway, team before.

    £3.7m in the bank and on 2047 points

    Anyone have any injury updates on Rashford and Aguero?

    Assuming they’re both fit, I was thinking Pogba to VVD.

    This leaves me enough cash to make whatever transfers I want really, except for Rashford to Kane.

    Welcome people’s thoughts.

    1. Nice total so far mate, think VVD is obviously a good signing

      If funds allow I would look to replace stones with Laporte as he seems to be peps first choice.

      I have rashford and has been good for me at the price but am looking to upgrade due to United tough fixtures and them not playing great at the moment

      I would also look to replace sane as despite him being explosive misses a lot of games. Mane or KDB would be my choices

      Good luck

  10. Hi all, great work as always DT

    Haven’t been in for a while but with transfers looming thought I’d get the thoughts of you experts, my team as it stands with what I’m thinking of doing with transfers


    Lindelof to Matip

    Pogba to B Silva

    Rashford to Firmino

    3 Man Utd players put as the seem to be stagnating abit and tough fixtures. Like the look of Liverpool’s fixtures and need some defensive coverage matip is a good price to achieve this.

    Pogba frees up some cash and b Silva has been great just hope I’m not too late getting him in

    Do like rashford but tough games and like the idea of having Liverpool’s front 3 going into there run of fixtures, firmino is good price and has looked sharp recently and played more central and advanced

    Did think about replacing salah for Kane but would weaken rest of team and they have City 3 times this month and think they will struggle against them

    Would welcome your thoughts

  11. My other comment just disappeared ?

    Dtt , worth remembering Robertson supended for the porto game I think.
    I think vvd for Robertson is an option to think about? I agree with the above VVD is essential isn’t he ???Then maybe b Silva (seems to be in form ) in for Rudiger ? Then leave stones in.

    1. I like the idea of doubling up with Liverpool defenders though. Could go Trent instead of Van Dijk but I prefer Van Dijk as a nailed on option.

  12. 343 with only 1 liverpool defender & B.Silva in midfield.i like it Ian.Is B.Silva going to score more points than Robertson at this stage of the season? Definately yes i think.
    Something to think about before 8 o’clock kick off.

    1. I’ve personally gone for Stones out and Van Dijk in. With Liverpool’s fixtures I want to double up on them.

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