Review of Game Week 30

Review of Game Week 30

Best Team 

GW Points: 45
Overall Points: 2,100
Overall Rank: 2,210

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 34
Overall Points: 2,028
Overall Rank: 6,650
Transfers used: Martinez out, Dias in

Game week 30 was a difficult week – the team only picked up 34 points and dropped slightly on the leaderboard. Far from what I wanted as we come toward the end of the season. The team had been building momentum for a decent finish so this is a major setback. My biggest mistake came down to my transfer selection. I was torn between Salah and a cheaper defender or Dias and leaving Rashford in. Earlier in the season I went Salah and he blanked a lot so this time I decided to go a different way – after all City are the team with everything to play for until the end of the season and appear to have hit form at the perfect time as they always do. It backfired massively with two goals for Salah and no clean sheets for Dias. I think this was a slightly unfortunate turn of events as they should have really kept a clean sheet against Leicester and were unlucky not to keep a clean sheet against Bayern (it was never a penalty in my opinion). We then had Man Utd crash out of the Europa League last night, not a huge surprise given the injuries they’ve got defensively but it leaves me with a problem as I’ve now got question marks next to all of my Man Utd players based on how they might finish the season. It was also frustrating to see Saka miss a penalty at the weekend but that’s just how this week went.   

Player watchlist

Given the fixtures ahead, the obvious target is Salah but who knows how well Liverpool are going to perform game to game this season. Other than that there isn’t anyone who I’d massively want to bring in before the end of the month.

Plan for game week 31

I’ve got two transfers remaining and may need to look at removing the potentially injured Ake. If Salah is my main target this would mean I’d need to free up funds to get him in and I’m not sure I see an obvious replacement for Ake at a good price. If Ake isn’t injured another route I could go down is Mahrez out for Odegaard. This would free up funds to swap Rashford for Salah. At the same time, Man Utd do have two fixtures as well this week and Rashford has scored more points than Salah this season anyway so it may just be change for change sake. I’ll hold fire and see what the starting lineups at the weekend bring.

If you want to check out the remaining fixtures for the month, they can be found below. I’ll be looking to add the remaining fixtures for the season shortly as well.

7 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 30

  1. Hi Paul

    Have you considered Watkins? He is on a very good run of form, scoring good points. Salah has had one decent game of late, against a poor open Leeds team. He may/or may not kick on from that.

    1. I must admit he’s not really a player I’d considered. I tend to go for the big well known point scorers so I’ve not even been studying his form. I’d imagine he’s the kind of player who could go very quite for weeks on end. Very good option if you’re brave enough to take a risk on him though.

    1. I decided not to. I wanted Salah but couldln’t find a decent defender to go with him to allow for the transfer. I’m holding fire for this week.

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