Review of Game Week 30

Review of Game Week 30

GW Points: 61
Overall Points: 1,940
Overall Rank: 72,330
Transfers: None used

Game week 30 was another fairly uninspiring week. 61 points were scored but this wasn’t enough for any big jumps on the overall leaderboard. This wasn’t helped with Aguero being out injured and Kane looking likely to return shortly is another problem to consider.


After a fantastic result for Liverpool in the Champions League 11 points for Van Dijk, 23 for Salah and 8 for Firmino was a good result. Going heavy on Liverpool representation seems to have paid off.

9 points for Bellerin was also welcomed and he seems like a decent choice with Arsenal hopefully putting together a good run in the Europa League.

Another goal for Lukaku was another good result.

Sane picking up 8 points across two games wasn’t too bad, however I’d hoped for a little more.

Potential Issues:

I’ve got plenty of funds in the bank but there are a lot of key decisions to make before the weekend with three new transfers available. Does Kane get put back in? Does Aguero go with City looking likely to exit the Champions League?

Players I’ve got big question marks next to are Keane, Mkhitaryan and Aguero. Everton have very little to play for and haven’t had a great season. It was disappointing to see that Mkhitaryan hadn’t done more in the Europa League when the game was at 4-1. I’m not sure when Aguero is back from injury or if he will face rotation so he could be the player to go from the front three if Kane needs to come back in.

Tips for Game Week 31

In terms of volumes of games this coming week – Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal all play twice. It could be worth favouring players from Liverpool and Arsenal on the assumption that both teams are likely to progress in Europe. Arsenal also have favourable fixtures until the end of the season and play Southampton at the weekend. Man Utd have a tough April so I may be avoiding bringing in any of their players, but am likely to stick with Lukaku.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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14 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 30

  1. Currently on 2009 points and 3rd in my work league 43 points behind 1st.



    1.1m in the bank.

    I’ve lost a lot of points because of Salah, but I’m not sure bringing him in now would make a difference as all above me have him, so looking for differentials to make up points.

    Looking at April i think Chelsea have a good set of fixtures, Southampton x 2, Swansea, West Ham and Burnley this month.

    First transfer will be Gomez to Alonso.

    Then, looking at transferring out Aguero and Sanchez which will give me 14.5m, so if ruling out Salah i can take a pick of any two players. (Either two strikers or 1 striker 1 midfield)

    Who would people go for?

    Initial thought was Firmino and Willian / Erikson / KDB?

    Orrrrr, am i being completely mad and should i get Salah in?

    Gomez for Azpilicueta
    Aguero for Salah
    Sanchez for Lacazette / Morata / Jesus

    Would appreciate peoples thoughts on this, too many options for me!

  2. Mkhitaryan was so frustrating last night!!! Big decisions that have to be made….

    I think Mhki and Keane need to go ASAP and we have the funds to really strengthen here. I like D. Silva at £5.7m and Ben Davies at £5.3m… I will also echo the sentiments of others, and believe that Aguero will be rested/rotated heavily once the league is won. This may also apply to Silva, who has has had a tough few months off the pitch, he may take some time out for a few weeks. Alli could be an option, is one game enough to say he has found some form?

    OUT: Mhki, Keane, Aguero IN: Davies, Alli, Kane

    If you think this is a bit Spurs heavy then could go for Valencia or Smalling at the back. I know you have been keen to get a Man Utd defender in for some time.

    Think it is beneficial to make some moves before this weeks games.

    1. Do you not think it’s worth going after players with more/better fixtures? Liverpool and Arsenal should both progress in Europe for example, do we want an Arsenal midfielder?

      1. I must admit, I did write this post in a bit of haste. However, Spurs and Man United both have an extra game in Game Week 32 because of the FA Cup fixtures at the end of the month. So I believe they have the same number of fixtures for the month. I have struggled with Arsenal players this year, I think they are overpriced, there is a fair bit of rotation and they are not scoring the points that the others are. I think it is down to the formation as well. They dont have goalscoring midfielders in the ilk of Sane, Sterling, Eriksen, Alli, Salah etc. I just think with so many other attacking options, Arsenal players fall down the list.

        I have been very impressed with Ox recently, but think that he is always going to be overshadowed by Liverpool’s front 3. had Salah as Star Man at the end of the game…. he only managed 50 mins before going off and was fairly quiet. Seems to be if he scores he is automatically given Start Man!

        Like I said, before… there are some big decisions to be made that could turbo charge the team if the right decisions are made. Since Christmas transfer time has been frustrating…. we have a lot of options this time round 🙂

          1. Hey DTT,

            a quick one on this, I think with there only being two months of football left its worth rolling the dice and going with at least 2 of the 3 transfers now. I liken it to a game of poker in which you only have a few chips left and the blinds keep going up, if you dont start gambling the blinds will eventually eat you up. In dreamteam scenario, this will be fixtures. There simply arent enough fixtures left to wait and see who to take in take out etc. Cometh May, all league positions etc will probably be solidified and most players with the world cup looming will play in first gear. So I really think the onus is on us to play those transfers asap.

            With that being said, the transfers question is “who?” – been scratching my head on this.

            How much do you have left in the bank? Keane is most certainly someone to get rid of. I would look at either Davies or Azp (chelsea fixtures look good). Do you have enough budget to upgrade mkhi to Ozil/Ramsey/Mane? The 3rd transfer is more tricky, id say pickford but i GK’s are a waste of a transfer. Maybe aguero to kane as they have ‘home’ tie against man u in the FA cup and he may be clinging to the hope of the golden boot whilst salah may be rested int he league for the 2nd leg and following rounds.

            Do let me know your thoughts.

            Cheers, S

            1. I agree that transfers need to be made. Mkhitaryan is an unfortunate one, I didn’t realise he was injured and I really don’t want to take him out but will have to now. Keane needs to go as well and Azpilicueta looks like the best option to me. In terms of budget I can pretty much afford anyone I want to a certain extent. I’m not keen on using all my transfers in one go but am happy to use two. I think Aguero out and Kane in makes sense however I think it’s less essential than the other two transfers with City having two games this week.

              As a result I’m going to go for:

              Keane out, Azpilicueta in
              Mkhitaryan out, Ozil in

              Holding the last transfer for an emergency. Look out for a Kane hat trick against Stoke this afternoon. Unfortunately the Mkhitaryan injury has caused this issue.

          2. Having sat down and looked at the fixtures properly this morning. I’m going for:

            This weekend:

            Keane out, Azpilicueta in
            Mkhitaryan out, Ozil in


            Aguero out, Kane in

            Just holding this last one for a week or two in case Aguero does anything for City this week. Also I think it’s useful to have a transfer in the bag in case there’s a big injury this weekend. It could be valuable for gaining an advantage over those who use all three straight away. My only concern is Kane against Stoke today.

            1. That’s what I thought. If it wasn’t there’s three changes I’d like to make now. Any thoughts on what you’d do with this team?

              1. Taken from my fantasy football diary:

                Gung-ho: otherwise known as all out attack, this approach is you use all three transfers at the earliest opportunity. You know the players you need to bring in and go for the goals (points) but the downside of this tactic can leave your team exposed to the counter attack as injuries or bans come into play. Even the player may face a spell on the bench or rested. I tend to use this method when there are too many injuries to deal with or at the start of the season when I want to establish an early big lead on my mini league rivals. The short months (where international games are in play) suits this approach. I certainly wouldn’t use it in December or April where they are so many games to play.

                Looking at your team only Mkhitaryan needs to be replaced. So I mainly done 1 or two transfers in my teams leaving one for emergency.

  3. My team:
    Ederson, walker, Vertonghen, VVD, Bertrand, Alli, Hazard, Mkhitaryan, Kane, Aguero, Firmino
    I’d personally wait on Mkhitaryan – he’s out for the Southampton game his weekend but arsenal have easy fixtures. My changes are as follows
    1.Aguero our Lukaku in (Aguero not fit and will be rotated until end of season
    2. Hazard out salah in – needs no explanation
    3. Bertrand out Azpilicuta in

  4. Ozil in? Seems to have hit some form recently and looked good against Moscow

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