Review of Game Week 31

Review of Game Week 31

GW Points: 44
Overall Points: 2,227
Overall Rank: 1,990
Transfers: None used

Game week 31 was another pretty shocking game week. Only 44 points scored and another slip on the overall leaderboard was not what I wanted to see so late on in the season. I’m moving further away from that top 1,000 finish but there’s still a month to go. I just don’t think I’m getting the rub of the green at the moment. When I look at my team, I don’t think there’s too much that I’d want to change going into May. I think my biggest mistake was doubling up on Man Utd defenders. The logic was that the Europa League should present an easier fixture but it ended up being a high scoring game over two legs. Either way it’s difficult to spot what to do differently going into the final few weeks of the season.


It was good to see Mendy pick up 16 points this week. The only problem is many others probably had more Chelsea defensive assets than me so the clean sheets probably cost me places on the leaderboard. 

Mount returned a solid 12 points. He’s been another good pick after losing Barnes to injury.

Potential Issues:

I still don’t see many huge problems with the team. I may perhaps move on either Maguire or Shaw as Man Utd aren’t keeping as many clean sheets as I’d hoped. Other than that it’s hard to see what to change. 

Tips for Game Week 32

For me, there’s no real point in holding back too many transfers this month. If you’ve got players that you want in, it’s probably best to make it happen sooner rather than later. We could make a case for saving transfers for the Champions League final and stacking up on Man City and Chelsea players but this could easily end up being a low point scoring game. I personally probably won’t be making any changes this weekend, but that’s mainly because I can’t see any obvious changes that I’d make to improve my team. As always, it’s worth studying the fixtures:

14 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 31

  1. Utd defence was a big let down tonight. I’ve 2 transfers left. Bissaka, Maguire and Dias in defence. Not sure what direction to take. Mount, KDB,Mahrez and Fernandes midfield. Salah, Kane and Iheanacho up front. Mendy in goal. Stick or twist Paul?

    Currently top by about 70 pts

    Below me has City and Chelsea defence.

    Will you be keeping Rashford Paul?

  2. Hi DTT,

    You aren’t getting much luck as you say. If I look at your team and my team, there are only 3 differences. I have been behind you all season but have got into the top 1,000 now after a few good weeks in a row.

    The difference is that I have Azp, Chilwell and Mahrez to your Dias, Shaw and Mount (I did put Son in for last weeks game just because I had a transfer left and Salah didn’t end up playing did he. Am putting Salah back in though as they have nice fixtures to finish). On paper, you’d probably say your 3 are better than mine, but Chelsea have had some good clean sheets and Mahrez has had a purple patch.

    Small margins in this game but I personally think now that your chances of getting higher rest on Utd’s defence. Just like I posted a month or two ago about going for it with Chelsea defenders. I thought putting City ones in would only help me keep pace. To get higher, I needed the next best defence at the time and hope for a bit of luck. I did that and it paid off but so easily could have gone the other way.

    Similarly, I think teams above you are filled with City and Chelsea defensive assets now. If you do this too, you probably just keep pace. Maybe even putting Wan-Bissaka in for Dias to really go for it would be your best bet of a top 1,000 finish? As we know though, it could go the other way and you end up further afield. Tough one.

    If you leave it though, a Chelsea CS or a City CS will see you drift further away even with you having Mendy and Dias. So I’d say either join the crowd or rally against it?

  3. It’s a tough one mate but I’m thinking of dropping a City defender, likely Cancelo for TAA… I just think Liverpool have to attack and win their remaining fixtures to have a chance at the top 4. Bar the Utd game the rest look really tasty for him on an offensive basis and I’m in a position to gamble.

    Chelsea sheets do keep coming so a second asset there could help you… I only have Chilwell though and not planning on doubling up myself if I go TAA leaving me with Ederson, Dias, Chilwell & TAA (no Utd defenders!).

    Finally, Kane looked really tired v Sheff Utd and he only has 1 fixture this week whilst others have 2 or 3… could be an opportunity to roll the dice with a quick OUT and IN perhaps for those that need to. Greenwood should get plenty of game time during this weeks 3 fixtures as sounds like James is out injured but you could also try Cavani, Werner, Mane or Aub for a one week punt if looking to gamble.

  4. SDT progress update:

    Then (end of March): My top three teams involved in mini leagues are in 24th, 212th (blog team) and 757th (DTT team) position overall.

    Now: 15th, 104th (blog team) and 201th (DTT team) position overall.

    Upward surge up the ranks thanks to two different strategies I used: First to replace City defenders for Chelsea ones as they were cheaper & better fixtures so doubled or even tripled up in teams. Next the risker strategy was ‘upside chasing’ where I introduce differentials with explosive point scoring ability in a short period of time into the mix. I choose players like Mahrez over Foden (who has a much higher ownership in my mini league and I suspect everywhere else) and Iheanancho over Rashford (same situation here). Iheananacho scored double points (51) over Rashford (21) in April despite Rashford having the higher fixture volume – I usually go with form over fixtures. Mahrez in the last two weeks has scored 34 points compared to Foden’s 11. Now I was leading my mini league by 40 points going into the start of April, I thought the blocking technique might not be effective at holding that slender lead plus this strategy goes against my natural game which is to be aggressive and attack. I wanted to build on my lead and to some extent my strategies worked well with my mini league gap widened to nearly 80 points. Now, it feels right in May with time and games running out to pause for a moment and see what my rivals do and then block them. Although I do have a few tricks up my sleeve if I need to use them.

    Next: My thoughts on Utd and their triple game week.

    1. Absolutely fantastic climbs RR!! How far can you go with that top side? Rooting for you!

      Your offensive strategies really worked well these last two months. I think I play somewhere between you and Paul with a cautious approach yet trying to attack a few options when they present. Now I’ve wrapped up my ML by a country mile I can purely experiment in May… For example I switched Salah to Cavani last night for his double and then bringing Salah back in today for Stirling (a gamble that didn’t pay off). I’m also planning on going TAA for the run in as Liverpool have to go for it and he could be heavily involved in the points if they do well.

      Question – how high do you think you could achieve with only one team? It’s not a dig but am genuinely interested as I only ever run one team (4th season playing) and am in 282nd overall which I am over the moon with but makes me wonder if I ran 10 teams at the start of the season what could I achieve… I don’t however think for one minute I could actively manage 10 sides to start with though with enough skill or focus but guess that means a top 100 finish is probably never likely for me.

      1. Thanks Brad.

        Going straight to your question. How high would I finish with one team? Well to simply I like DTT choose a team and decide to write it about it from start to finish. I never know where high up the leaderboard my team will end but they will be plenty of highs and lows along the way. This is my main team where all energy, strategies and thoughts are based. My other two teams are variations of this one – can finish either higher or lower. So my main team is in 104th position, my best team is 15th – one variation was the addition of Stones in Jan and Feb where he went on a goal scoring run. My DTT team in 201 pos had a poor start to the season but got it back on track and it might get a decent position at seasons end.

        My goal whether I have 1 team or 3 teams is the same – to finish as high as possible. With 5 years experience and the hope of being a better SDT manager, my goals are set high. I won’t be happy with anything less than top 500. So you having a great season being in top 300. You are on the right path. I don’t make 10 teams, I made 6 this season with three quickly abandoned as two were made after season started with wolves and Man City block. The third team was players outside the top 6. I think I would just 3 teams in the future.

        1. Thanks RR and makes it even more impressive! I wondered if you ran 10 teams as I know others do and then just shout about your best 3 and leave the other 7 ideal come January… I must say, previously I never really thought too much about strategy as my main cash ML competitors aren’t really serious players so I’ve won 3 seasons straight at a canter. That said however, being where I am with my team on the overall leaderboard and top 10 in both Gary F’s & Chris P’s (500 & 455 entrants) cash leagues, I’m now trying to find some ways of maximising my points totals for this season and I suspect future seasons now I’ve raised my own expectations. I don’t however just want to blow transfers early for the sake of it as regularly see others use 4/5 on the first Friday of the month on sideways moves but it’s but identifying the next form players as early as possible before others jump on the bandwagon. Both you and Paul continually make me think deeper about my own team decisions so keep up the good work and good luck on that top side!

    2. Great write up Paul and RR.
      I Love reading them.
      2 different styles.
      RR I also kept Iheananacho in after reading your last post. Thanks.

      I’m 130 points ahead in my ml but wanna get as high as I can in the DT league. Got to 120 earlier in the week.

      What are you’re thoughts on Manchester United m8?

      I think rotation will happen up front and do we think Maguire n AWB are fit enough to play all 4 in 7 games?

      Good Luck to Everyone in the last month

  5. I’ve had to set up a new Facebook account but can’t find the group how do I find it get back into it?

    1. Search ‘Dream Team Tips’ in groups and request access. I think he has a profile called ‘Dream Team Tips’ as well just to confuse your search! 🙂

  6. That’s a good shout boys, the addition of TAA for the remainder of the season, 5games 4 of them clean sheet potential, & always has an assist in him, was going to double up on man utd defence with Wan bissaka, his pts total is impressive, wouldn’t pay to much attention to conceding 3 goals last night, if it had been 0-0 after the first leg instead of 6-2, they would not of conceded 3, a choice between the two for me, Paul’s team for me is always the benchmark, probably for most of us, upto 157th on overall leader board, which is my best season by far, Ieanacho & Laccazette last month propelled me up the rankings, probably use at least a couple of transfers early doors in May, then the Champions league & Europa league finals to come, best of luck to everyone as we reach the business end of the season, still lots of pts to play for.

  7. My thoughts on Man Utd and their triple game week

    So a bit of a shock that Utd will play Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday. That’s a quick turnaround and while on the upside is the fixture volume has been maximised, the downside is that is at breaking point so expect rotation, tiredness, risk of injuries, 2nd choice starting 11s, early substitutions. Anything can happen – very hard to prepare for this even for Man Utd.

    Now how do Man Utd cope with this? First meet Villa on Sunday. I expect Villa will be a tough game with an inform Watkins posing a big threat. So Utd will play start their game week with their strongest team.

    The Utd defence

    Henderson is the most likely to play all three games but it will be tough call for the manager to leave out De Gea after his star man performance on Thursday night. Good news is that Shaw and Wan Bissaka played only 45 minutes on Thursday. They do have Telles and Williams in reserve for them. Shaw with previous history of injuries will see him rotated more than Wan Bissaka particularly with a Europa league final to play. Maguire has played every minute of premier league action since joining Utd but Ole says that record is not at risk. Lindelof has struggled with a bad back at times during the season so won’t play. Bailly has struggled with form and injuries in recent times. It won’t surprise me if Utd concede in every game this week which would be annoying as I have Maguire (and my mini league rival doesn’t) whom seems to lost the ability to pick rating points. Only the prospect of playing in the Europa league final is keeping his place in my team as for form he was one of the poor defenders in SDT for April.

    The Utd attack

    Rashford is not fully fit as he is still nursing shoulder, foot and ankle injuries at the same time but he loves to play and will soldier on despite the pain. He has moved from his best position as an inside left attacker to accommodate the return of Pogba. This has ruined the Shaw and Rashford partnership where Rashford will use his pace to force defenders back allowing Shaw to join in on the overlap. Pogba enjoyed a good month in April because of this move and while he can play in midfield, the left side of attack is his best position and it will be difficult for the manager to move him from there. Rashford goes a good job on the right but it’s a position where it’s easier for left footed defenders to play against as Rashford is right footed and likes to cut inside. Modern game football prefers right footed attacker on the left flank and left footed attacker on the opposite flank so they can cut inside and shoot on their strongest foot. Liverpool do it with Mane and Salah, City with Sterling and Mahrez, Spurs with Son and Bale, Arsenal with Aubamenyang and Saka. These moves forces his Greenwood from his best position to upfront. He is young so might not be suited to the lone striker role just yet. Martial unlikely to be fit this week and Cavani is 34 so likely to start one game likely to be Leicester at home with sun appearances in the other games. He presents the biggest goal threat but his best games came against Roma so a few doubts remain whether he is still suited to the hustle and bustle of the premier league. Maybe the combined creativity of Pogba and Fernandes is bringing the best out of him. I haven’t seen the Roma games so I can’t say this is the case for sure. Supporting cast: Mata, Diallo I can think of at the top of my head so not many attacking options from the bench unless youth players are called up.

    The prospects

    Utd will play their strongest team bs Villa, it will a tough game especially as teams tend to struggle playing straight after a European game with travelling to factor in. Still Utd’s away record is very good and I expect them to win but Barkley, trigger happy El Ghazi and very consistent Watkins.

    Next, tired from meeting Villa and their main rivals Liverpool being the biggest game of the season, took out the B team for the visit of Leicester. Utd record at home is not great whereas Leicester perform better away so I expect this game to suit Leicester particularly after their loss last night. This game is one of the reasons why I kept Iheanancho this week and I expect the Utd defence to struggle playing against two good strikers as not many teams nowadays play with a front two. As a owner, I would be disappointed with Iheanancho if he didn’t have his goal scoring boots on for this game. Cavani will likely start with possible long ball tactic in play and may benefit with Evans likely to be missing. I have seen ideas to remove Kane for Cavani for this week only, honestly I am not feeling the love for this and for me it’s too risky taking out an explosive player like Kane. It’s a move for the chasers. Even if Kane blanks I still will be satisfied I have him in my team and transfers could be used for the end as this would use two.

    Finally the A team returns to meet Liverpool. I noted here before that Salah has the best away goal scoring record and chasing that golden boot so he will be more selfish (if that’s possible? than ever. Now the quick turnaround of games and lack of preparation will play a part and could lead to a heavy defeat.

    So to conclude, in fantasy terms three games should yield a ton of points for Utd players but the reality might be totally different with mass rotation leading to poor results. I have Maguire and Fernandes and I am not feeling the love to bring any more Utd players this weekend despite their fixture volume. I expect normal service to resume when they host Fulham next week.

      1. Great input RR. I bought in Cavani last week before Roma and AWB in this week alongside Fernandes who I already held. I was very temped by Greenwood with James injured but equally glad to have held back a few transfers and also not being a Maguire owner who’s now injured!

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