Review of Game Week 31

Review of Game Week 31

GW Points: 85
Overall Points: 1,834
Overall Rank: 48,629
Transfers: None used

Game week 31 was a much more positive game week, the team picked up 85 points and climbed over 10,000 places on the leaderboard. It probably is a case of too little too late at this stage in the season as I stand next to no chance of matching my usual 1,000th place finish, however, I’ll keep going until the end and aim to finish as high as possible. I think the week highlighted the importance of patience in the game – Maddison came good once again with 13 points and Leicester still have fixtures on their side as they progressed in Europe. Mount also had an excellent week despite blanking for me last week. It’s difficult to know what to do with Chelsea players now though, as they have less fixtures but are capable of big scores in single games in the Premier League. I’ll cover this in some more detail below. 


More than happy with 15 points from Rudiger. 

11 points from Cancelo. 

25 points from Mount was the highlight of the week. Two goals against Southampton was pivotal and it’s a shame he didn’t get a hat trick. 

13 points for Maddison.

I was kind of happy with 8 points from Mane but ideally need a big score from him at some point.

Potential issues

De Gea is still a problem, I was hoping he could pinch a few clean sheets this month to make it worthwhile keeping him but I just don’t fancy upgrading too much as I need the funds to strengthen elsewhere and there’s no risk of a goalkeeper scoring a hattrick.

Silva hasn’t scored a huge amount of points for a while. Bowen would probably be a better option as he’s been in great form since returning from injury. Sterling is also one to monitor if he keeps getting benched. 

Tips for Game Week 32

I’m personally tempted to hold fire for another week, it’s a double game week for most teams and Liverpool/Man City face each other again this weekend so it doesn’t feel like the best time to go heavy on their players. However, in the run to the end of the season, Liverpool look difficult to resist given their semi final draw in the Champions League. I’m also tempted to try and bring Bowen back in at some point, with West Ham also still in Europe. Looking at Spurs fixtures, it’s also tempting to take a risk by taking Kane out. They’ve only got three fixtures for the rest of the month, and teams like City and Liverpool have 6. I’m going to give myself another week to think about this one though. By this time next week, Chelsea players will be in the same situation so it might make more sense to move Rudiger and Mount on by then. The difference a week can make in this game is huge so I’m going to buy myself some thinking time.

If you fancy making some changes this week though, and you’re already doing well in your mini league, I’d be tempted to load up on Liverpool players for the rest of the month. Jota looks to be back in good form as one example but any of their regular defenders would be a good shout as well. This might not help too much if you’re chasing down a lead, and you may need to look for something different, in which case I’d be considering players from City, Liverpool. West Ham and Leicester given their involvement in Europe. If you’ve got a massive lead in your mini league it may also be worth considering being fairly conservative with your transfers and blocking the players below you when it make sense to do so.

I’ve mapped out the fixtures for the rest of the month below, will shortly add May’s fixtures to the list.