Review of Game Week 31

Review of Game Week 31

GW Points: 43
Overall Points: 1,983
Overall Rank: 66,969
Transfers: Mkhitaryan out, Ozil in
Keane out, Azpilicueta in

Game week 31 was another fairly typical week. Not much gained but nothing lost on the overall leaderboard. The transfers made didn’t pan out to be the best, however I’m hoping from now until the end of the season they will be solid choices. This wasn’t helped by Keane getting star man against Liverpool at the weekend.


8 points for Pickford and Azpilicueta was a good result considering both players only played one game during the game week.

I was glad to see Firmino and Van Dijk pick up 7 points each. However with two games for Liverpool I’d have ideally liked to have seen a few more points on the board.

Potential Issues:

Currently the only question marks I have are against City players. If I had more transfers I’d probably be tempted to take at least two of them out. Given the remaining fixtures for the season I’m keen to remove Aguero for someone like Kane or Mane. City will claim the league shortly and will then have little to play for. I’d prefer to have a team of Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs players for the remainder of the season as they are all chasing a trophy.

Tips for Game Week 32

In the short term, Chelsea and Man Utd both have two fixtures during game week 32. If you’ve got transfers in the bank and no real plans to use them going for players from these teams for this game week could be beneficial. For the rest of the month Liverpool and Arsenal look like good options with both teams having five fixtures before the end of the month.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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