Review of Game Week 32

Review of Game Week 32

GW Points: 58
Overall Points: 2,285
Overall Rank: 1,716
Transfers: De Bruyne out, Wan-Bissaka in

Game week 32 was another week where I’d hoped to make more progress than I did. The gamble on Man Utd defenders didn’t pay off, although Wan-Bissaka did return more points than keeping De Bruyne so not all was lost. Losing Maguire to injury is a big blow though, obviously this is going to cost me a transfer but it also makes Shaw and Wan-Bissaka less appealing. I think I’ll have to stick with them now though, due to where we are in the season and hope they can claim a clean sheet against Fulham this week. I’m potentially looking to bring in Alexander-Arnold for the injured Maguire as he seems to have picked up some form and Liverpool have good fixtures this week. I must admit I think my chances of a top 1,000 finish are slipping away though. I need a big week from one of my strikers to be back in contention for this and I’m just not sure I see it happening with so few games left. 


Fernandes, Rashford and Salah all picked up double figure points. 

Wan-Bissaka picked up 7 points compared to 0 that I’d have got for De Bruyne. 

Potential Issues:

Maguire being injured is a big problem. As mentioned above I’ll swap him for Alexander-Arnold this weekend but it does make Shaw and Wan-Bissaka look like weaknesses in the team as well.

I’ve still got four transfers in the bag with Man City having decent fixtures this weekend, I could be tempted to bring in some of their players but I’d expect heavy rotation anyway now they’ve got the league wrapped up. It’s currently very difficult to see who to take out to make a big gain on the leaderboard.

Tips for Game Week 33

With only three or four games left for most clubs, I would suggest using transfers if you need to and don’t hold onto players that you have doubts over. We are very close to the end of the season so if you spot an opportunity it’s worth taking the risk. Unless of course you’re leading your mini leagues, in this case I’d personally just be blocking off people below to stop them catching you.

Quick note about the Euro 2021 game

It looks like Dream Team will be running a game for the competition, in a similar format to the World Cup game from a few years ago. I’ve not 100% decided if I’m going to do it yet but I’m considering running a blog which documents my team and the decisions that I’m going to make along the way. If there is enough interest then I’ll probably go for it.

There will be a small cost to get the password (£3-£4). If this is of interest, please leave a comment below or join the Facebook group I’ve set up for people who want to sign up:

If you want to see this happen, and you’re happy with the small cost. It’s essential that you leave a comment or join the group as I want to get a feel for numbers. If there’s not enough interest, I won’t be running a blog for it.

If you’re interested in what I did for the World Cup, it can be found here:

33 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 32

    1. Thanks Conor, good to know you’re interested in the Euro game as well

  1. I need to make up 30 odd points to be in the money in my mini league so need to take risks . As I’m chasing those with Trent it’s even more difficult . We all have 5 transfers . I’m looking at ditching De Bruyne and iheanacho , maybe Shaw for a start .
    Alternatives that come to mind are Mahrez , Havertz , Gundogan , Son , Bale , Ings , Wood …
    Really need players who will score a brace or two in their remaining matches .
    But so hard …

    1. That’s the problem I’m facing, everyone has got similar players now so I’m not making much progress. Torres would have been the pick of the weekend.

  2. Hi Paul,

    In your other team where you brought Cavani in for Kane, what are your plans with him now? I did the same however not sure I want to hold onto Cavani.

    1. I’ve just left him in for now hoping that he will do something this week. But I’m that far off top that I’m out of the running in those leagues anyway

    1. Perfect, thanks Mark. I won’t be going much with it on Twitter but I will be posting everything that’s on Facebook on the blog and in the WhatsApp group so you shouldn’t miss anything

  3. Count me in for the Euros please. I’ve had a good season and it’s all down to you and the regular contributors on here.

    1. Sounds good Robert, good to know you’re keen on the Euro game and that you’ve found the blog useful.

    1. Nothing for me, Torres would have been the pick though. Didn’t see that one coming

  4. Think it might be worth trying torress instead of de bruyne?? I got all transfers

        1. I’m glad I only just picked this up, I’d have said not for me 😂

  5. I’ve stuck Gundo back in. Out of all of them I think he is more likely to start more games

  6. Yeah, gone with Gundogan aswell Dan, for same reason, I’m closing in on winning my cash mini league Paul, so I’ll be up for having a crack at the euro’s.

    1. It will all be on here as well, Facebook is just the same content duplicated

  7. Nice one Paul. 58 pts is not tp be sniffed at all. Rashford has an excellent week.

    Bring on the euros pal 👍

    1. Yeah I’m looking forward to the Euro’s now, something a bit different. The season game has ran its course now for me.

  8. Made a huge mistake not taking KDB out this week!!!! Very annoyed with myself as it’s a missed opportunity. Fingers crossed he’s back quicker than expected.

  9. Hi. Count me in on the euros team. Not in Facebook tho , so hopefully you do a WhatsApp group too ? Thanks

    1. Hi Paul, I’ll definitely do a WhatsApp group and all the content that goes on Facebook will be on here as well.

  10. Anyone else having issues with the dream team websites not displaying leagues when you click on the tab? My mini league is really close so I want to keep monitoring it but can’t at the most important part of the season. So annoying 🙁

  11. Hi, I’ll sign in for the euro’s team, I’ve had an amazing season aiming for top 50, your blog with the reply’s and a bit of luck has been so helpful well worth the subscription keep up the good work. Thanks

    1. Thanks PK, really appreciate the comment and glad you’ve found the blog useful.

  12. Bit late on this one but count me in for the Euros. Thoroughly enjoyed the world cup.

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