Review of Game Week 32

Review of Game Week 32

GW Points: 94
Overall Points: 1,928
Overall Rank: 43,972
Transfers: None used

Game week 32 was another fairly positive game week despite the team’s poor overall position on the leaderboard. Mane in particular was a highlight with 27 points as I’d imagine his ownership is reasonably low. I’m surprised the team didn’t jump higher on the leaderboard given the other players who picked up decent points but it’s tough to make up ground at this stage. I’m still holding four transfers so I’m in a fairly strong position as we move into the second half of a long April. I may well use all of these transfers at the weekend as I’m going to look to take a few risks to make a late push up the leaderboard. This may include taking Kane out, he’s just not picking up enough points at the moment and with performances such as the one Spurs put in against Brighton, it might be worth using those funds elsewhere. Will explore this further below.


8 points from Rudiger was a good result, he missed the 4 goals conceded by Chelsea against Arsenal in the week as well so shouldn’t drop in value.

9 points for Roberton and 6 for Cancelo.

Glad to see Mount picking up more points with 9 this week. Despite Chelsea dropping out of Europe, I’m tempted to keep him for the time being.

Happy with 16 points from Silva as many may have moved him on recently after a dip in form.

47 points from Mane and Salah was a good result, Mane in particular with his ownership being lower.

Potential issues

My biggest issue is the low risk goalkeeper position, Man Utd have been awful lately and I think it’s time to move De Gea on. I’ll be looking to free up funds to bring in Alisson at the weekend. 

I’m considering moving on Rudiger and Sterling to allow me to upgrade to Alisson. I’m currently looking at bringing in Matip and Diaz to make this happen. Other options could be Dias or simply sticking with Rudiger for the time being as Chelsea do still have a double game week. I’m going to review as we get closer to kick off at the weekend.

Tips for Game Week 33

I’m considering using all of my remaining transfers at the weekend. Players I’m currently considering are Alisson, Diaz, Matip, TAA, De Bruyne, Jota, Dias and Bowen – depending on who is starting and who I can afford. I’m tempted to lose De Gea, Rudiger, Mount, Sterling or Kane to make these changes as I think this will set me up for the rest of the season. I’m favoring Liverpool players as I think they will make the Champions League final and are also in the FA Cup final. 

For everyone else, we are probably at that stage in the season where you want to be quite tactical about transfers. If you’re leading a mini league, it probably makes sense to start blocking the players below you, as long as they are making sensible moves. If for instance, one of them brings in Jota, there’s a good chance he could do well, so I’d be bringing him in as well. I’m not sure I’d block someone if they were bringing in a player I really didn’t fancy to do well though, as chances are they won’t.

I’ve mapped out the transfers for the rest of the season below. Hopefully this will help with making your own plans.

4 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 32

  1. Got a 50pt lead on the guy in 2nd, he also has Kane, but I’m tempted to take him out for Mane, giving me a front 3 of Salah, Jota, & Mane, any other takers.

    1. I’m thinking of doing exactly the same Dave. I’m in 2nd place in my mini league 35pts behind top spot. He’s made all 5 of his transfers for the month and has stuck with Kane, will also free up funds to strengthen other positions.

  2. Went ahead with taking Kane out, & putting Mane in, pleased Kane misfired again, final transfer tomorrow will be Rudiger out for Van dijk or Bowen, already have TAA, & Robbo, so I’m not sure adding Van dijk is a wise move, any dodgy refereeing decision or fluke goal will cost 15pts minimum, I see Liverpool winning practically every game for the remainder of the season, but maybe conceding the odd goal, looking at Bowen also has 4games in the next fortnight, challenging league fixtures & a double header in the Europa conference against Eintracht frankfurt, bottom line which player scores the most pts for the remainder of April, unsure, make a decision tomorrow.

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