Review of Game Week 33

Review of Game Week 33

GW Points: 58
Overall Points: 2,343
Overall Rank: 1,374
Transfers: Maguire out, Alexander-Arnold in
Rashford out, Cavani in

I’ll keep the review short this week as we are so close to the end of the season, as a result there is very little left to plan regarding strategy. Overall I’m fairly happy with my transfers and with my rise on the leaderboard. I really wanted to finish within the top 1,000 so with a bit of luck this could still happen. It’s all about fine margins this season, had Cavani grabbed another goal and Man Utd kept a clean sheet against Fulham, I’m fairly sure I’d have been well within the top 1,000 but it wasn’t to be. I’ve still got two transfers in the bank but looking at my team, I’m not sure there’s much I’ll change. I may just use them for the Champions League final – even though I’m not sure this will be a high point scoring game.


13 points for Alexander-Arnold was a decent result for a new transfer.

13 points for Foden and Kane.

8 points for Cavani was a half decent result considering I might a last minute swap for Rashford.

8 points for Salah was OK but I’d have liked to have seen a bit more.

Potential Issues:

There are no real issues within the team, I’ve got two transfers in the bag but I can’t see anywhere that I’d be able to improve my team going into the final week of Premier League fixtures. I’ve got a decent core of Man Utd players and they have the Europa League final this week. 

Tips for Game Week 34

Man Utd are the only team with two fixtures this week – as they have the Europa League final to play. Depending on how many transfers you’ve got it could be a good idea to bring in a few of their players. My dilemma is that I own Salah and Kane, I don’t want to lose either for the final Premier League game so I’m just going to stick with Cavani rather than bringing in Rashford as well. I’ll probably end up using my final two transfers to bring in players for the Champions League final (not that I see it being a high point scorer).

22 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 33

  1. Nearly there now!
    Currently sitting 724th. My best ever.
    Couldn’t of done it without the help/advice of this group. So cheers everyone.
    Bring on the Euros!

    1. Thanks Dan, that’s a very good position to be in. Must admit I’m looking forward to the season ending now. Can’t wait for the Euros, the World Cup competition was good fun as it gave me a reason to watch most of the big games.

  2. Good luck,and nice overall position. I’m 57 points behind you, and I am pleased with that also! Fingers crossed for some extra points in the remaining few fixtures .

  3. Currently in 808th. Absolutely loved the blog this season, wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Looking forward to the Euros now.

    Thanks again Paul.

    1. No problem at all Bobby. Glad you’ve enjoyed the blog and that’s a fantastic overall position to be in.

  4. Currently 203rd on the leaderboard & top of my works league!
    Couldn’t have done it without the tips and advice from you guys.
    Thanks Dream dream tips

    1. No problem at all Paul, glad you’ve got value out of the blog. It’s the main reason why I run it so I’m just glad people like reading it.

  5. Paul, just a quick note….i also am a member of the fantasy football hub for the FPL league, the likes of Will and Fergie (currently overall sun leader!) are having a get together august……any plans that you ever organise a get together pre season ?
    b great for some of your followers to meet up

    1. It’s a good idea Darren, I know Chris who used to comment a lot was keen for a meet up but nothing got arranged. It would probably depend on where people are in the country. If there was a central location that was close to enough people it could work well. I’m personally in the West Midlands.

  6. Cheers Paul. I’ll sign up for the euros this week. Had a mare start the season and a couple hundred points behind you but top off my league by 50 points so that’ll do!

    1. Thanks Matthew, as long as you’re winning the mini league that’s all that matters

  7. Am I right in saying we have already started Gameweek 34?
    I still have 5 subs left, if i Make any now for Uniteds Europa final will they be valid?
    Also for the champions league final on Saturday when can changes be made for that ?

    1. No mate transfers now for Utd’s final on Wednesday would not be valid as all teams played yesterday in this gameweek. You can however make 5 transfers for City/Chelsea Champions League final on Saturday… Next gameweek commences at 7.30am on Friday morning but I’d suggest awaiting the line-ups an hour before kick-off and then make your moves for guaranteed starters. Good luck!

  8. guys,anybody unable to open teams on android ? theres no official app so i saved it on chrome desktop start of the season … i havent been able to open my team up….would love somebody out there to lend me a hand ….cheers

  9. How the hell has Rashford got a 7.2 rating just watching on 87 minutes. He’s been awful

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