Review of Game Week 33

Review of Game Week 33

Best Team 

GW Points: 36
Overall Points: 2,309
Overall Rank: 2,304

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 35
Overall Points: 2,267
Overall Rank: 4,174
Transfers used: None used

As we move into the time of the season when fixture volume starts to slow down, points can be difficult to come by and this was definitely the case in game week 33. It was a flat week for my blog team and also my best performing team. As predicted, Man City’s fixture against Real Madrid was a low point scoring game and most other teams only played once. I was glad to see Mahrez, De Bruyne, and Salah pick up good points but the rest of the team was a bit of a disappointment. It’s going to be the same problem going into game week 34 – most teams only have 1 fixture and Man City play Madrid again. It’s a really difficult time of the season to predict who is going to do well as we can’t rely on fixture volume and easier European fixtures for big scores. 

Player watchlist

Due to the lack of fixtures and a tough game in the Champions League for Man City, I haven’t got a huge watchlist. I may make some transfers this weekend but everything feels like a bit of a punt at the moment. Benrahma had a good week and West Ham do have the return leg in Europe but I’m not sure we can rely on him to be consistent. Other than that I could be tempted to look at another City defender or someone like Grealish, Foden, or Gundogan but I’m wondering if this is just change for change sake.

Plan for game week 34

As mentioned above, I’m caught in two minds for the game week ahead as I can’t see an obvious route to a huge point scorer. I’ve still got 5 transfers and I want to fully utilise them for a strong finish but it’s potluck with very few fixtures. In my best team, I may do something really risky such as bringing in some Newcastle players and Benrahma due to their additional fixtures. I don’t fancy doing this in my blog team as it’s for very short-term gain. In this team, I could make a case for taking out the likes of Shaw, Saka, or Rashford but I think they’ve all got point scoring potential – there’s nothing to say that any players I’d consider bringing in have a higher chance of scoring more points this week so I’d only be making transfers because I have 5 available. As a result, my plan at the moment is to review starting line ups and make a decision at the weekend. 

I’ve updated the fixtures spreadsheet below, this is manually put together but should now cover all fixtures until the end of the season:

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  1. I’m hoping some decent points with these changes need to catch up, so hope all goes according to plan

    1. I wasn’t confident when I made the changes but it’s panned out very well.

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