Review of Game Week 34

Review of Game Week 34

GW Points: 81
Overall Points: 2335
Overall Rank: 3,278
Transfers: None used

On the surface it’s once again been a fairly solid week. 81 points on the board and an improvement in position on the overall leaderboard. Decent points return from Salah and Mane despite Liverpool losing to Barcelona. Aguero also managed to get a goal and star man against Brighton. Unfortunately (due to being blocked) I’ve made no progress in terms of catching the leader of the mini league I’d like to win. Thankfully we’ve now got three fresh transfers but I’m going to have to do something fairly radical to close a 39 point gap. Due to the way the game works this could be virtually impossible – if he simply blocks my moves he’s already won. What is interesting, is that I’d put a top 5,000 finish down as a good season as long as I won this mini league. Having dropped to second, suddenly finishing within the top 5,000 teams doesn’t feel very successful. When the season is over, I’d be interested in having a review of strategy and tactics to see if we can uncover some facts around what works and what doesn’t. Other than selecting players based on form and upcoming fixtures, I’m not sure what else can be done – other than leaving the rest to luck but I’d be interested in hearing other people’s thoughts.


Mane, Salah and Aguero all scored well.

Ederson, Robertson, Van Dijk and Walker all picked up a clean sheet.

Potential Issues:

Rudiger is out for the season and needs replacing.

If I was top of the mini league I’d be fairly happy with the rest of my team. However I’m going to have to do something different to try and close the gap. This is likely to be swapping Firmino for Lacazette or Aubameyang and then swapping Rudiger for another defender from Chelsea. At the moment this isn’t mathematically possible. As a result I may make a bold move and replace Van Dijk. I’m still mulling over exactly what I’ll do but targeting Chelsea and Arsenal players seems to make more sense with the easier Europa League fixtures coming up. I think it’s worth holding onto City players with the FA Cup final still to come.

Tips for Game Week 35

Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal all have a double game week with additional European fixtures this week. Liverpool and Spurs look in trouble in terms of progressing so I’m going to avoid looking at their players. Although Liverpool know they have to score which could mean goals are almost certain but it’s hard to image Barcelona won’t get at least one. Chelsea’s tie is in the balance but they did get an away goal and play at home this week. Arsenal had a good result and look like they’ve got a foot in the final – but it’s worth noting they are playing away next week. In terms of Premier League fixtures, Man City face Leicester. It’s hard to imagine them slipping up in this game but it’s certainly possible. Liverpool travel to Newcastle which I’d imagine they will win as they push City all the way for the title. Man Utd have a decent fixture against Huddersfield and then play Cardiff in their final game of the season, however I currently wouldn’t trust them to get a result against anyone. Chelsea have a potentially difficult game against Watford but they are in the driving seat to finish 4th so you’d imagine they would win this one. Spurs travel to Bournemouth but I think they will have an eye on the Champions League game. Arsenal host Brighton.

If you’ve got a comfortable lead in your mini league, I’d be tempted to simply block the chasing pack. You can’t really lose from this position if you do this. If you’re playing catch up, like me, I’d be tempted by Chelsea and Arsenal players.

For comparison purposes here’s the difference between his team and my team:

Mine – His

Ederson – Ederson
Robertson – Robertson
Van Dijk – Van Dijk
Walker – Laporte
Rudiger – De Bruyne

Hazard – Hazard
Sterling – Sterling
Mane – Mane
Salah – Salah
Firmino – Firmino
Aguero – Aguero

My current thinking is that I’ll take out Firmino for Lacazette or Aubameyang. I’d then swap Rudiger and Van Dijk for someone like Azpilicueta and Kolasinac. At the same time I’m also debating whether to go more gung ho and go for players who are more likely to score big – such as both Aubameyang and Lacazette and then a midfielder to replace Rudiger. This would mean losing Salah or Aguero which I’m not sure is wise. As this isn’t a position I’ve been in before I’d appreciate other people’s opinion on this. I’d also note that if you’ve been following my team throughout the season and you’re hoping to finish as high as possible on the overall leaderboard then I wouldn’t follow my transfers this month as they come at high risk and in my opinion are less likely to succeed.

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12 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 34

  1. Thanks DTT, illuminating as ever.

    Have you thought about loading up on more City defenders? As you say can’t see Liverpool keeping a clean sheet at Camp Nou, but City could get three clean sheets with FA Cup final. I’m in a similar position but with a five point lead in my mini league. Difference (mine first)

    Ederson. Ederson

    Shaw. Shaw
    Alex-Arnold Van Dijk
    Azpiilicuta. Robertson

    Sterling. Sane
    Pogba. Pogba
    Mane. B Silva
    Hazard. Hazard

    Salah. Salah
    Aguero. Aguero
    Son. Son

    I think I’ll drop Alexander-Arnold for another City defender, Pogba for B Silva and then possibly Shaw for one more.

    Good luck with the final weeks

  2. As the season draws to a close, looks like I’m going to finish outside of the money placings again, DTT, is clearly a good player, I could of copied his team throughout the season & been very close if not winning my mini league, but I prefer to make my own decisions/mistakes, what can be done to bridge the gap to the guys at the top of the leaderboard, 300pt defecit to make up, at the start of the season, we only have pre-season form to go on, add to that fixtures & gut feeling, what strategies are they using, is that 300pt lead & more on most of us, purely down to luck, how many errors has DTT made not many, but still along way off the top, what can be done if anything, going to have to go Lacazette & Aubamayang rest of season & just hope they make europa league final & play every game, unlikely but desperate measures required.

    1. Well David, I consider anyone who does their research and makes their own decisions as a very good fantasy football manager but don’t really rate those that copy other people’s teams. Do I want to see the same teams everywhere with the same tactics and players discussed over and over again. Not really. It doesn’t lead to a good debate.

  3. I’m in a similar situation too. 20 points behind in one league and 100 in another but 40 points ahead of 3rd and don’t want to drop down. I’m feeling Salah to Aubameyang this week. I have Son and Moura but leaving in for this week. Leaving Aguero due to FA cup final. I also have KDB which I was thinking of getting Zinchenko in. Leaving me one transfer left with would be Moura to Willian/Pedro. So team for May would be.


  4. Interesting to read what you’d like to change this month as it’s pretty close to my team now, I took this risk with Auba over Salah a month ago and hasn’t stung me too much, apart from the last 2 weeks. Expected more from Auba to be honest.

    Currently 3rd in my ML, 60 off the lead and 50 off second which I don’t think I can catch now, unless I take more risks?

    Points 2340





    What changes would you make off the bat? Or what you wait a week to see how everything else pans out?

    Can’t make my mind up if it would be good to change Kolansic for a midfielder? Or swap Friminio?

    1. Looking at it now, it might be worth me going for a city block, VVD and Robertson our Walker and Laporte in?

      Who do you think the best options of defender would be for city? Need them to play.

  5. I’m 74 points clear in my mini league with the following team:

    B Silva

    I only want to swap Coady out and I have 4.1m to spend. My initial thought was Zinchenko but also considered Luiz or Vertongen because of the extra game. Thoughts?

    1. I reckon Zinchenko or another City defender.
      They have 3 games left n I can’t see them conceding again.

  6. Hi All, it’s that time of the month again and as we get closer to the end of the season I would just like to thank everyone who has offered me their insight/advice along the way much appreciated !

    Current score 2385 – 0.6 ITB


    I think the obvious is Kane and any other points of view would be most welcomed. I’m thinking of putting Salah and Son and swap to a 343 then get more Man City players in the following week maybe.

    Thanks again.

  7. in terms of the blocking tactic , what’s the best way to do this , I read the other week on here that you can some how see the transfers people are making in that game week ? How do you do that without waiting until the next game week to copy? Or did I misread that ?

    1. Apparently I think you have to view peoples teams on a computer or laptop from what I can remember.

  8. Been a fairly average week, and fairly average month for me. Injuries have stung me on my final transfers. Stones last month, KDB this month. At the end of Feb I was in the top 600, as it stands now I’m out to 2,021st place on 2,358 points.

    Absolutely steamrolled my mini league, 200 points clear there so not interested in blocking. Just want as many points as possible for my strongest finish. Only my second season doing DT so quite pleased with how it has gone!

    KDB *
    Rashford *
    £3.3m ITB

    KDB is injured and I have no idea when he’ll be back. Anybody any ideas? Likely I’ll replace him with a City defender as I fancy 3 clean sheets for them.

    Rashford also likely to come out. Whilst Huddersfield and Cardiff should be attractive fixtures for any striker, I don’t have any faith in Man Utd getting a result at the moment. IF I replace him, it’ll like be with Firminho or Laca/Auba, with the latter two potentially having 4 games remaining.

    Appreciate your thoughts guys

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