Review of Game Week 34

Review of Game Week 34

GW Points: 57
Overall Points: 2,070
Overall Rank: 39,806
Transfers: None used

Game week 34 was a fairly flat game week for the team – 57 points resulted in staying pretty much in the same position on the overall leaderboard. Mane and Diaz were the main highlight with both hitting a double figure score. Given the results over the week, I don’t think I’d have done much different with the team – Liverpool managed to reach the Champions League final and also have the FA Cup final in May so I’m glad I loaded up on their players. Ideally, I’d like to finish as high as possible on the leaderboard but given the fixtures ahead, I’m struggling to spot any real opportunities with differentials as I’m reasonably happy with how my team is set up. To make any real progress, I’d need to find a differential who might hit a hat trick this weekend, which is much easier said than done. 


7 points for Robertson was better than nothing considering Liverpool failed to keep a clean sheet in the Champions League.

8 points for Cancelo was also a decent return given that City were knocked out of the Champions League.

11 points for Diaz was a great return.

12 points for Mane was a good result considering his ownership.

Potential issues

Leicester and Man City crashing out of Europe probably wasn’t ideal, however, I’m tempted to stick with Cancelo, Silva and Maddison this week. City and Leicester both have favourable fixtures so I’ll be checking lines ups before deciding on any changes. Chelsea’s form is a bit of a concern but they also have good fixtures this week and I’ve only got Mendy and Mount to worry about. Generally, if there were more games in the season, I’d be very happy with how my team is set up. 

Tips for Game Week 35

As mentioned above, Man City, Chelsea and Leicester all have good fixtures for the week ahead so I’d personally be holding onto their players. Liverpool have the most volume of fixtures for the rest of the month, so it would be a brave move to take any of their players out. As we move into the first game week of May, this is the stage in the season where things can get fairly tactical from a mini league perspective. If you’re ahead, I’d certainly be considering blocking off those below you where it makes sense to do so. If you’re trying to chase down a leader, you’ll need to take some risks. In this position, I’d still be taking a risk on the well known point scorers but I’d target those that the leader doesn’t own. For example, if they’ve got a front line of Jota, Mane and Salah – you could consider bringing in Son or Kane who we know can be explosive on their day.