Review of Game Week 35

Review of Game Week 35

Best Team 

GW Points: 46
Overall Points: 2,484
Overall Rank: 1,312

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 55
Overall Points: 2,441
Overall Rank: 2,420
Transfers used: None used

After a really positive game week 34, game week 35 was a little flat. 55 points were OK but not enough to give me a big boost on the overall leaderboard. It was the Man Utd players who performed best for me across a double game week for them so I’m glad I kept hold of them. Man City rotated a lot of players which made points harder to come by this week. I don’t think there’s much else I could have done during the week to improve my chances of picking up a higher score at this stage of the season. 

Plan for game week 36

Going into the final game week of the season I want to maximise my point scoring opportunities as much as possible but we are left in a very difficult position with the FA Cup and Champions League finals being added to this game week. In an ideal world, these would have been separate game weeks, which would have given me the opportunity to fully utlise my remaining transfers. 

With three transfers remaining, there are so many decisions to be made that could go either way. It can only really come down to luck from here. 

As an example, do we take Kane or Salah out for someone like Stones (who might get three games compared to one). Don’t do it and Stones gets a rare goal and a clean sheet or two. Do it and Kane gets a hat trick and Stones loses three clean sheets in the final three games.

I’ve already got three City midfielders so if I wanted someone like Foden or Grealish, I’d have to take out Fernandes. They’ve probably got a 50/50 chance of who scores the most points out of those two so I can’t see the point in the transfer. If anything I slightly favour Fernandes anyway. 

The same applies to pretty much every player across the team going into this last game week. 

The best chance we’ve got is if someone like Salah gets dropped. Then we’d have an advantage because we’d have a transfer to take him out whereas others might not. But I can’t see anyone in my team getting dropped, other than maybe Shaw if he’s injured.

My approach is going to be checking line ups at the weekend and then making a decision from there. Hopefully, one of the big names gets dropped. My advice for anyone looking to gain higher rankings in their own mini leagues is to not follow my advice as it’s now become very tactical. If you’re slightly behind someone else there’s no point in bringing in the same players, you may as well take a risk on a differential. Equally, if you’re winning your league, you’re better off blocking off those below you.

I’ve updated the fixtures spreadsheet below, this is manually put together but should now cover all fixtures until the end of the season:

2 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 35

  1. True those comments, like you said not much you can do, I think quite a few in this league are up there or there about in their respective league and probably won’t have done well if it wasn’t for the input you or any other of the managers here have contributed too, so I take my hat of for that and thank you all, for me I’m not too far behind 3rd and we both have 3 transfers left so I will be getting all the help come Sunday and see what direction I can go in to countering his changes, not that he’ll be giving much away till 4.29 😂 so we’ll see How things go and end up, but thanks for your input and same again Next season 🙏,

    1. No problem Ingo, it’s been an enjoyable season. I’m just glad that my team finally came good(ish) after the World Cup because it was a really poor start. It feels like a long season when you document just one team and luck isn’t on your side so I’m relieved the team is going to have a respectable finish. I’m not sure there’s anyone else online who is willing to pick one team and document every move in advance as it’s a bit of risk if things don’t go well.

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