Review of Game Week 35

Review of Game Week 35

GW Points: 63
Overall Points: 2,217
Overall Rank: 53,214
Transfers: Ozil out, Hazard in
Lukaku out, Kane in

Another fairly successful week with a further climb in the overall leaderboard. Once again this means very little at this stage in the season with nothing to play for. Very frustrating considering that over the past few months the team has performed very well. Had I been in with a chance of winning anything before this run, I’d certainly be making a strong finish. Both transfers were relatively successful with 8 points for Kane and Hazard.


The biggest highlight was 14 points and a star man award for Sane.

12 points for Bellerin was another highlight and a clean sheet for both Walker and Azpilicueta certainly helped.

Potential Issues:

I don’t see any real issues with the team with so few games remaining for the season. I’d ideally be shaping a team of Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea players considering they all have additional cup finals. However with only one transfer remaining there is only so far I can go with this.

Tips for Game Week 36

As mentioned, if you’ve got transfers remaining I’d probably aim for Liverpool, Man Utd or Chelsea players as they all have an additional cup final game. I’m likely to use my last transfer to bring in someone like Sanchez. I’m happy with my Liverpool coverage and have the main man at Chelsea in Hazard. I currently don’t have a Man Utd player, as a result for the FA cup final it makes sense to go for someone like Sanchez.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 35

  1. What are you thinking for the final transfer. Before today I was thinking Sane out, and either Willian/Giroud/Morata/Sanchez/Lingaard…

    Based on the line ups today though, I would be tempted to ditch Walker… question is who? Not confident of picking a Man Utd starter today that would keep their place for the FA Cup, and Liverpool could ship a few in CL Final! Leaves Chelsea and Christensen?


    1. As everyone was starting over the weekend other than Walker – I decided to hold this transfer. I’m now thinking of taking out anyone whose season is over Kane/Sane and replacing them with someone like Sanchez. Depending on who starts the FA Cup final.

      I’m happy with Hazard as my Chelsea option and more than happy with all the Liverpool players. I’m not bothered about swapping in a defender as the point return will probably be minimal. As I’m without any Man Utd players Sanchez or Lukaku seem like the obvious choices (if Lukaku is fit).

      Any thoughts? Did you end up bringing Kane in for the weekend?

      1. Nope, I went for Lukaku for Sanchez because of the FA Cup in the end. Really wanted Sanchez for FA Cup so didn’t see the point in making 2 changes to get him in when he was starting against Watford… I also swapped Walker for Robertson… which turned out to be a good move! Goal, Assist, Clean Sheet and MoM!

        1. Good move, could pay off in the Champions League as well. Do you still have one transfer left?

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