Review of Game Week 36

Review of Game Week 36

GW Points: 48
Overall Points: 2460
Overall Rank: 5,385
Transfers: None used

As predicted, moving away from my original plan and opting for some more differential options has been my downfall over the last couple of weeks. I was forced into making these moves as I was aiming for first place in my mini league. I simply couldn’t have the same players as my first placed opponent. Lacazette being benched was a disaster and so was Aubameyang getting 5 goals in his last two games. Under normal circumstances I would have also stuck with Van Dijk rather than creating a semi block of Man City defenders. I was however fairly realistic in my expectations when making these calculated risks and had a feeling that it wouldn’t succeed. The disappointing thing is that it will affect my overall finish on the leaderboard but attempting to win the mini league was more important to me. On a positive note, I would say I’m already looking forward to next season. Given the community that’s been built on the blog during this season I feel more confident than ever that going into next season we will have all shared our thoughts on how to approach the game and it should make for a successful campaign.


Clean sheets for Robertson and Azpilicueta.

Mane scored twice and picked up 18 points.

Aguero got a goal.

Potential Issues:

I’ve got no real issues at this stage as I’ve got no transfers remaining. I’m glad I’ve got good City coverage going into the FA Cup final and then a mixture of players who will be competing for European silverware.

Tips for Game Week 37

The only fixture this week is the FA Cup final. Although City are strong favourites, if you’ve got transfers left I’d be very tempted to use them carefully. We’ve got three game weeks remaining but only one fixture per week. As a result you can start to transfer players out as their season comes to an end. This could make for a strong finish to the season.

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8 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 36

  1. Glad to hear your positively looking forward to next season, as am I. Keep up the good work and enjoy the cup final.
    Ps- u had to go for the win, this time it hasn’t worked. Put it behind u and move on.

  2. Great day for me with sterling and zinchenko getting me 38 points and increasing my lead at top of ML to 57 points with 2 games left , unassailable as with 2 transfers left to my rivals 0 I will just block him, over the moon 3rd year on apin I’ve won my mini league, thanks too all on here who’ve helped me

  3. Boy did I get lucky in my Telegraph league!!

    Thought I was relatively safe with a 25 point lead and just the FA Cup final to be played (Europe doesn’t count in TFF), but then up pops Sterling, who I don’t have, ….. but 2nd does!!

    My 25 point lead dismantled and 2nd overtook me to win the league by one point….. until one of Sterling’s goals was credited to Jesus meaning that it swung back to me winning the league by 4 points!! PHEW!!

    Now just need to wrap up DT…. 14 point lead

    1. Crikey! Talk about fine margins! Congratulations Lee on winning your TFF league! 👏

    1. Fantastic achievement – is that game much different to Dream Team? I’ve never played it before.

      1. Thanks DTT and Chris.

        I like TTF game. Plus points – player values are fixed, lots of different formations (although 343 is a bit obsolete for me), transfers can be done between games, 40 transfers for the season. Bad points – only league and FA cup, separate champions league which I don’t play as knowledge of other European players is pretty low. Also multiple teams allowed (no limit), some people have more than 25. I only had 5. One team is free and not eligible for prizes so costs are involved.

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