Review of Game Week 36

Review of Game Week 36

GW Points: 30
Overall Points: 2,197
Overall Rank: 39,943
Transfers: None used

Game week 36 once again failed to live up to expectation. Only 30 points scored resulted in the team staying fairly stable on the leaderboard. The team appeared to be gathering some momentum for a more respectable finish a few weeks ago but it appears to be plateauing again. With only one round of Premier League fixtures left, with all kicking off on Sunday, I’m likely to make some transfers to try and make a final push on the leaderboard. I’ll outline my thoughts on this in more detail below.


8 points for Mendy.

13 points for Alexander-Arnold with a star man performance in the FA Cup final.

5 points for Roberton and Jota were better than a blank.

Potential issues

I don’t have any real issues in the team – with 4 transfers left I’m in a fortunate position going into the final game week of the Premier League season. With Salah a potential injury doubt, I’m tempted to swap him for Son or Kane. I’d then put him back in if he’s fit for the Champions League final.

Tips for Game Week 37

As mentioned above, I’ll potentially be making some transfers at the weekend. I may go for Kane or Son hoping one of them can hit a hat trick against Norwich. Salah would likely be the one to come out and I’m happy to take that risk even if he does start as I’ve got nothing to lose. For everyone else it really comes down to your mini league position again. If you’re leading, block off people below you. If you’re chasing, you may as well take a risk and bring in someone your main rival doesn’t have. The good thing is that everyone is kicking off at the same time so we can at least check who is starting for each team.

One thought on “Review of Game Week 36

  1. I think liv no they will be 2nd so Salah probably wont start.
    he will be saved for next weeks game.

    I have put Kane in with son.

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