Review of Game Week 37

Review of Game Week 37

GW Points: 54
Overall Points: 2514
Overall Rank: 4,254
Transfers: None used

With a strong core of Man City players game week 37 was a success. This was mainly due to Sterling scoring 30 points and a clean sheet for my three defensive assets. It made very little difference in my mini league but it did result in a jump on the overall leaderboard. Unfortunately as City don’t have any more games for the season this means I’m stuck with 5 of their players. However my remaining 6 players should hopefully start in their remaining fixtures. My only real differential is Lacazette, so I’ll be relying on him if I wanted a further increase on the leaderboard.

Tips for Game Week 38

The only fixture during game week 38 is the Europa League final. If you’ve got transfers remaining it makes sense to target this game or the Champions League final. Looking at the Europa League final the two players who stand out for me are Hazard and Aubameyang. You would image both will start and they will both be looking to end successful seasons for themselves personally on a high note. I’d recommend waiting to check line ups before making any transfers though.

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17 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 37

  1. I think the Sun game should have a limit of 3 players from one club rule next season. Otherwise same situation next season where Liverpool and city based teams run away with it and stay high in the rankings. Also would make the game more challenging in my opinion as tough choices would have to be made and would increase the pool of players to pick from.

    1. Yep, I think the 3 club limit would be a good addition too. Anything that can encourage people to think outside the box can only be a good thing. 👍🏻

      1. This is what I wrote in the recent Sun Dream Team Survey:

        I am somewhat disappointed in the sun dream game 2018/2019. First of all I find the player value system to be useless as nearly every person can afford the same players leading to similar teams. There is no rewarding those that use skill and thought and pick the bargain basement players from smaller clubs but the system allows nearly everyone to pick players from Liverpool and Man City only leading to a series of clones that hog up the leaderboard. There is a big gap in point scoring from the Liverpool and city players compared to the rest. I think the values should change by 0.2m or revert back to 0.3m making it difficult to afford in form players. You might as well scrape the whole price value system. Another option is to restrict how many players (3 or 4) you can have from a single premier league team.

        Secondly, I was very disappointed by September price changes as the players changed by 0.3m in one go. This was not clearly stated in the terms and conditions that they will go up or down by 0.3m. This really impacted my season’s enjoyment in the game as being punished for a bad start was not enough, I also lost a great deal in team value. So my team value towards the end of the season was around two million less than my competition.

        Thirdly and finally I think the number of free teams should be reduced from 10 to 5 teams per person. I find it a struggle to manage 3 teams properly let alone 10. I think after September nearly 60% of teams are discarded and not looked at again.

  2. I like the 3 player limit. Makes it much harder and is a better test of a great fantasy manager. Player price changes don’t bother me too much. If you had a 3 player team limit then price changes wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    The team limit is my real bug bare! How can you moan at people picking clone teams when you have teams to cover every basis? Then you can just pick up the team that starts best? There is no skill in that whatsoever, it’s just cheating to me. Just have one team and then see how good you really are.

    I do this and TFF always, but have only ever had one team in each. I generally do well in both but have had the odd season where one has not done too well. I just have to try and do the best I can out of it though.

    I had a not so good season in TFF. Finished around 7,000th and that was with a strong finish. Still managed to pip my league just. Had a really good season in the sun, currently 669th with 3 transfers to use for the European finals. But they were the only teams I had. I had to sort out the early season problems for what they were and try and pull it back. I couldn’t just drop bad teams and pick up good ones.

    Still, there’s no way that you can prevent people doing it really. So there’s no point in my rant really! 😂

    1. Hi Chris,

      You may recall that I was running low on subs in TFF hitting the new year with just 10 remaining.

      When we spoke last, we both agreed that I would have a hard time winning my mini-league having used 3/4 of my allocation….. well, that got worse, because I had used ALL of my subs by February, so imagine my surprise (and relief) that I managed to win my league with no subs from February to May!!

      Whilst I do not recommend this (and will not be doing it again), it just goes to show that having subs in the bank doesn’t always give an advantage if you don’t use them wisely!!!!

  3. Hi guys
    I need your help

    My team

    Rivals team

    I’ve got .7 ITB with 1 transfer left, he’s got none. Need to gamble, any recommendations???

    1. Hi David,

      So basically you are playing your Salah against their Alison, VVD and Son as it stands. You’re going to need some luck regardless.

      If Liverpool keep a CS then it’s game over. It comes down to who you think will win each final? If you think Chelsea will win, then instead of going for a striker which is what most would do, how about Azpilicueta? Invariably he gets involved in the goals with crosses, and if you get a CS on top of that then you could be back in it. I wouldn’t back an Arsenal defender to keep a CS, but Laca is a good option if you think Arsenal will win.

      For Liverpool vs Tottenham, you need a Tottenham goal (and not from Son!) so Kane is your obvious choice. It may take a CS from Tottenham to win it, but I can’t see it myself. Danny Rose gets involved in the assists best for me if you fancy Tottenham. Picking Liverpool defenders is pointless, but you have a couple of options going forward. Firmino is passed fit, and is the obvious choice when you have the other two. As a riskier choice, maybe Wijnaldum? Came up with the goods against Barca.

      If I was in your position, I’d probably pick Firmino. I think Liverpool will win though. Azpilicueta would be my second choice.

      Good luck with your decision!

  4. Think you have to hope that Liverpool conceed and put your final transfer into a striker. I would go kane or laca…

    Good luck

  5. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    im 7 points behind the leader in my mini league and my only way of beating him is a choice between transferring Firmino or Kane in.
    I’m torn. I think there is more chance of Kane scoring but i expect liverpool to win and score more goals. They other guy has an extra liverpool defender so i was leaning towards Kane as even with a firmino goal i could still lose if liverpool keep a clean sheet…

  6. Allrite just looking at the dt app it’s not letting me look at rivals teams anyone else having same problem?

  7. Well, that’s it. All done and dusted now. Thanks again to DTT and to all who’ve contributed to this forum. It’s genuinely been a blast and I’ll be back for more next season. Finished just outside the top 1000 in the end but won my ML comfortably which was always my main goal this season. As difficult as it is, I’d love to have a run at top 100 next season. Anyway, enjoy the close season everyone. I’m switching off from footy for a bit after the heartbreak with The Stags. Onto next season… Take care all! 👊

  8. And thanks from me DTT. Defended my ML title, the first time anyone has done so. No doubt inspired by following you for two seasons. Good effort, see you next season.

  9. I hope everyone enjoyed their season. I have not posted before but I saw a couple of posts fairly recently from DTT saying that it was a shame that I had never posted as I was winning DTT’s league, which I also won last year. Sorry about that but I find it very difficult to find time to post anything during the season. I recall I may also have seen a post from Chris saying congratulations if i win the league so thanks for that.
    I finished 33rd overall this season and last season, which was my first, I finished 58th. I found DTT’s articles very helpful at the outset in giving me an initial understanding of some points to consider.
    Regarding suggested rule changes, I think that having only 3 players per team is not a bad idea. I would certainly be glad to see the end of block defences! I would also be happy to see fewer teams per player – but the most important thing for me is that they do not allow players to purchase additional teams since we must at least have a level playing field. I don’t have any strong feeling about price changes. I am just glad that Sun don’t adopt the FPL system of price changes which I hate!
    I have enjoyed the season but am now looking forward to a complete break. I, for one, will not think at all about next season until shortly before it begins.

    1. Thanks for the comment Neil and congratulations on winning the mini league. I had mean’t it was more of a shame if the winner wasn’t a regular follower of the blog so it’s good to hear that you have been reading it through the season. I’ve just posted a quick review of the season as well which credits you as the mini league winner.

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