Review of Game Week 37

Review of Game Week 37

GW Points: 52
Overall Points: 2,249
Overall Rank: 38,499
Transfers: Salah out, Kane in
Sterling out, Kulusevski in

Game week 37 went as well as could be expected. A single game week with all games being played at the same time was always going to be a lottery. My gamble on the differential Kulusevski paid off instantly with 18 points – I’m massively surprised I didn’t move much further up the leaderboard as a direct result of these points but it wasn’t to be. Had I got this kind of luck earlier in the season, I doubt I’d be in the position I am now. With two transfers left, I’ll go into the Champions League final bringing in a couple of Liverpool players and will hope for the best.


18 points for Kulusevski was the big highlight of the game week.

8 points for Mane and Robertson was also welcomed.

10 points for Kane were slightly dampened by Salah coming on and scoring but it was always the risk.

Potential issues

With only one fixture remaining, there are no issues with the team, I’ll be using my final two transfers to bring in Liverpool players for the final. Probably Salah for Kane and then a defender.

Tips for Game Week 38

With only one fixture left in the season, there’s very little to be said in terms of advice going into this fixture. If you’ve got transfers left it obviously makes sense to load up on as many Liverpool players as possible. If you’re chasing down a lead, then go for players who your rival doesn’t have as you’ve got nothing to lose. It may be worth going for someone like Mane over Salah in this case as it’s your only chance of making up that gap. If you’ve got a decent lead, then it’s simply a case of having as many Liverpool players as possible and blocking your opponents.

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  1. 2 transfers left have to wait and see the team news.

    have to say the leader in our mini league
    has moved into 20th place overall what a feat.

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