Review of Game Week 38

GW Points: 5
Overall Points: 2,279
Overall Rank: 48,943
Transfers: None used

With only the Champions League final during game week 38, it’s hardly worth a write up. However for completeness I’ve decided to publish a short one. I only ended up picking up 5 points during this game – thanks to Mane. This resulted in a slight jump on the overall leader board. This made the end of season result a finish of 48,943. Based on my expectations at the start of the season this was an incredibly poor result. However considering the team had slumped as low as 342,751 on the overall leader board by game week 10, I don’t think the end result was too bad. A poor start resulted in a terrible season overall. I’d put this down to a couple of bad decisions and some bad luck along the way.

I’ve started putting a lot of research into the World Cup game to have another crack at having a successful performance in this shorter competition before deciding if I’ll keep the blog going for next season. At this stage I can’t see how I could do badly based on the research and team selection I’ve made for the World Cup so far. However we will see what happens when the tournament gets underway. I may well publish a bigger review of the last season at some point but at this stage I’m focusing on building a winning team for the World Cup. I plan on setting up a mini league for this competition but only for people who contribute to the blog. As a result I won’t be publishing this code publicly. If you wish to participate leave a comment below and I’ll email the joining code over to you.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 38

  1. Well done to DTT for a strong finish at the end. It’s good to see you not giving up.

    As for me, my best team was ranked overall at 288 – my highest ever rank – so aiming for top 100 next season.

    My other four teams (no way I could manage 10) finished in positions 742,
    1387, 2398, 8329 (only team not entered in a mini league so didn’t do transfers for months).

    Also won DTT’s mini league which was nice. It went down to the wire but enjoyed being part of a very competitive mini league.

    1. 288 is a pretty impressive finish considering there were over a million teams. Do you play any mini leagues for cash or just for fun? I’d imagine you won most that you entered last season.

      1. I do a mixture of mini leagues both money based or just for fun but try to be competitive in every league I enter. I won my friends mini league for a nice cash prize (entered my highest ranked team, I won DTT mini league (my second best) so nice to see my methods do work, I finished 9th in one mini league (third best team) but this was the hardest mini league with some national winners in this league and altogether 120 players with a single team. Overall winner finished in top 10 for two seasons in a row. I finished in a cash position in my last mini league (covers my fantasy football costs) where players had multiple teams. So overall happy with season’s work.

        1. Only the World Cup can restore my faith in the game so need a really good run. Had you picked up the Pin for the league? I don’t think I’d seen you enter yet.

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