Review of Game Week 4

Review of Game Week 4

Best Team 

GW Points: 143
Overall Points: 283
Overall Rank: 12,753

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 102
Overall Points: 206
Overall Rank: 285,415
Transfers used: Ake out, Trippier in

Slightly delayed game week 4 review as I’ve been away on a short break. As a result, I’ll keep the review slightly shorter this week as we are already into game week 5. Overall game week 4 was a positive week with 102 points for the team and a big rise on the overall leaderboard. The team certainly isn’t where I’d want it to be but it’s a big improvement based on the start the team got off to. Hopefully, the team can continue to kick on through September and rise quickly up the leaderboard.

Here are my thoughts on each player:

Ramsdale: 0 points. Not a good week for Ramsdale with 0 points across two games. Will monitor for another week.

Alexander-Arnold: 15 points. Happy with 15 points from Alexander-Arnold, although Liverpool still don’t appear to be playing as well as they should be. One to monitor.  

Saliba: 1 point. Not a good return from a double game week but can’t argue with the points he has returned so far this season. Stays in for now.

Trippier: -2 points. Disastrous first week in my team after a really strong start to the season. Little value in holding him now that we move into the European fixtures. Will keep for game week 5 but may come out after that.

Diaz: 13 points. Happy with 13 points from Diaz. Stays in the team.

Saka: 10 points. 10 points was a better return for Saka, however, I’m not sure he will play in the Europa League. I’ll leave him in for this week but if he doesn’t play, I’ll probably cash in on him at some point this month.

Coutinho: 0 points. Has to come out, another poor return, will be my first transfer in September.

Mbeumo: 0 points. Not ideal but given his value, I’m happy to keep for now. With the benefit of writing this blog late, I’m glad I held onto him given his 8 points this weekend. 

Salah: 7 points. Staggering that he didn’t score against Bournemouth, glad he got some points during the week but should be picking up a lot more. Monitor for now but Kane really needs to come in at some point in September.

Haaland: 51 points. Huge return, season long keep unless he gets injured.

Jesus: 7 points. Not a big scoring week for Jesus but happy with his returns so far this season. Will need to monitor if he plays in the Europa League – my feeling is that he won’t.

Player watchlist

Given that we’ve got a fresh set of transfers, here are the players currently on my watchlist for September.

Kane – top of my list for the month but I’m struggling to get him in at the moment. Spurs have started well and have good fixtures. I’m going to hold fire until the end of the game week to see how I might get him in and how other clubs line up in Europe.

Kulusevski – has been quiet in terms of points since the opening game week but could have a brilliant month given Spurs fixtures. Question marks against game time.

Cucurella – most of us would have snapped up a 3m defender for Chelsea at the start of the season and despite Chelsea’s form at the back, I still think Cucurella is good value.

Fofana – for the same reasons as above, 2.9m for a Chelsea defender seems like a bargain.

Emerson Royal – seems to have pinned down the right back position for Spurs, who have started the season well and have good fixtures. Definitely one to watch.

Sterling – had a big point scoring game week, given his value could be a great pick for September.

Plan for game week 5

My plan for game week 5 is to make only essential transfers. At the moment this only includes Coutinho. Even though Trippier and Mbeumo won’t be involved in Europe and I’ve got doubts against my Arsenal players starting in the Europa League, I’ve decided not to burn my transfers too quickly in September. As a result, I’m going to hold fire on Trippier and Mbeumo and see who starts in the Europa League for Man Utd and Arsenal before making too many changes. I could have easily made 5 transfers today but September is a long month and we’ve seen how quickly things can change. 

If you’re interested in the fixtures for the clubs involved in Europe, you can check them out here:

My other teams

After a huge 143 points for my best team, it has risen to 12,753 on the overall leaderboard and finished the game week top of a cash mini league with over 100 players in. This can mainly be put down to big points from Sterling and Odegaard during game week 4. 

My second best team also included Odegaard and a front three of Kane, Salah and Haaland which appears to be working quite well for that particular team.

I’m seeing a lot of fluctuation with my other teams but I’m finding myself leaning towards the same set of players as we move into the season further. I need to remind myself to take some risks on players who aren’t necessarily at the front of my mind in some of my less important teams.

30 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 4

  1. should I get rid of Ake.
    every game he played this season he played really well
    will he get back though.

    1. I got rid of him and doubt I’ll look to get him back in. Can see him finding himself back on the bench again a lot now.

    1. It’s a tricky one because can they keep it up? I think the only one I’d be interested in again is Dalot because he’s good value. I’d want to see a bit more from the rest of them as I don’t trust them for any consistency.

  2. Typical me taking nunes out from wolves and bringing in saliba! Nunes gets star man and saliba -2 lol!

    1. Hate it when that happens. Decisions seem so logical at the time and then backfire because of how unpredictable football can be.

    1. That’s the way it goes, and you can be sure if you left them in that they wouldn’t have scored.

  3. Anyone thinking to take a punt with Auba? I think he will score goals at Chelsea. Then again i thought that about Lukaku lol. I think Kane for Salah might be best option, Salah doesn’t seem the same since that big contract. Doesn’t even seem bothered about scoring. Will definitely have to monitor this week during champs league.

    1. Kane would be top of my list for the month. Not sure I’d fancy Auba myself – there’s quite a few strikers I’d have ahead of him – Kane, Haaland, Salah, Jesus, Nunez, Son, Rashford.

  4. Your point about being drawn to the same players for your multi-team approach is something I too need to work on as well moving forwards. All teams can begin to have the same kinda look about them if you’re not careful. A trap I seem to be falling into at present.

    1. you are correct what you are saying
      all of us are falling into the same player trap.
      trouble is when you are behind I suppose
      you will have to take chances on other players
      hopping to catch up.

    2. I’m definitely finding myself doing it because I struggle to think past the obvious options. But then I look at my worst performing teams and it’s the ones with those curveball players in such as Son, Bowen, etc. I think I need to develop some defensive blocks for some of my teams.

    1. I’d want to see how Antony gets on longer term first. Would definitely put Kane in ahead of Jesus if I had the funds. It’s a move I’ll be considering on Thursday evening.

      1. no where your at Paul but waiting and they play well
        he then can be out priced.
        then I suppose it can work the other way.
        if only we had a crystal ball.

  5. With Stones, Walker and Laporte facing spells on the sidelines for a bit, I think it’s safe to assume Ake will be getting plenty of game time until after the international break at the earliest. Bargain at £3.3m imo.

    1. Akanji starting at CB for City tonight and Stones/Walker don’t sound as certainly out as Laporte. For £3.3m however he is a very good price as I do see him getting more game time this season for Pep.

  6. With Liverpool pretty much having a clean bill of health with most of their attacking players now, are any of you considering off-loading Diaz with probable rotation on the cards?

    1. Tricky one isn’t it. After he scored last night he should hold his value. Think I’d take him out when he stops starting games.

  7. thinking about Sterling he and Chelsea
    seem way off the pace.
    plenty of players playing better for lot less cash.

  8. Tuchel sacked. Could now be the time that Potter gets his well deserved crack at one of the big boys? I think he’d be a great appointment.

    1. I see he’s been appointed. Think they will bounce back straight away? Concerned about Cucurella now.

    1. I think they will both drop so I’d rather wait until the weekend. I’m thinking the Premier League games might be canceled so we might need to be careful using transfers tonight.

  9. think I might not do any transfers until sat morning
    even though I will get some price loss
    just cant make my mind up.
    I need at least 3 transfers my only concern
    is will the players I put in play.
    I am 21st at the moment in my club mini league 50 points
    behind the leader so not desperate at the moment
    hope its the right choice.

  10. if I where to take out Salah it gives me with money
    in the tank 9.6ml witch will give me lots of cash to bring my
    team up to a better level Kane for starters.
    what does anyone think.

    1. I’m personally going to leave Salah in for now. If I was going to try and get Kane in, I’d probably drop Alexander-Arnold.

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