Review of Game Week 4

Review of Game Week 4

GW Points: 53
Overall Points: 210
Overall Rank: 169,322
Transfers: Moura out, Mount in
Aubameyang out, Aguero in

Game week 4 was once again another flat week for the team. The transfers paid off but there wasn’t much movement on the overall leaderboard. This was probably because pretty much all of the other players picked up points as well – Vardy, Abraham, Richarlison, Firmino, James, De Bruyne, Pepe, Alexander-Arnold, Tielemans, Mane, Aubameyang, Matip, Ederson and Van Dijk all got at least 8 points with some scoring significantly more. As a result I’d imagine most people had a decent game week. Strangely I’m fairly happy with the team that I’ve got. If I were to reset I don’t think I’d change an awful lot about my team on paper – things just haven’t gone my way to start the season. With the players in place and the money in the bank to upgrade B. Silva to Mane, I’m fairly confident things will turn around. However being outside of the top 100,000 teams going into the international break is a million miles away from where I wanted to be at this stage. At the same time I don’t know what I could have done differently to change the outcome. for me it’s simply a case of misfortune but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept after all the research and thinking about the initial team selection that went into this season. I also know how difficult it can be playing catch up with Dream Team. When things start to settle a lot of people tend to go for the same players and the positions can be very difficult to shift in the right direction.


Taking a punt on Aguero paid off with 20 points for the game week.

Clean sheets for Robertson and Zinchenko.

7+ ratings for Maitland-Niles and Mina despite conceding two goals each.

A goal for Kane.

A goal for B. Silva from the bench.

Potential Issues:

I’m starting to see B. Silva as a problem. Despite scoring from the bench, I don’t want a 4.5m asset losing so many minutes. As a result my first transfer of the month will probably be Silva out and Mane in.

I’m slightly worried about having funds tied up in Mina and Maitland-Niles. Neither have kept a clean sheet for the past two weeks. Granted Arsenal have had two tough fixtures but their defence doesn’t look any better. Both players should continue to rise in value for the time being but I’m wondering if swapping one of them for the cheaper James would be a better option. He won’t be at risk of losing points due to conceding goals and has made a fantastic start to the season. This should also leave a little bit in the bank to upgrade either Patricio or whoever is left between Mina or Maitland-Niles.

Another player I’m slightly concerned about is Patricio. Wolves aren’t keeping clean sheets. However if he does play in the Europa League there could be plenty of opportunities in the group stage to pick some up.

Another area I’m undecided on is the striker positions in general. I talked a lot about points per million and players reaching an expected level of points based on their value at the start of the season. This has gone out of the window a little since the season started, however if we were to review points scored by strikers so far it does bring players such as Kane into question. If we use Kane as an example – he’s worth 7.3m and a lot of people would say he’s “essential” but let’s compare him to some other strikers based on points scored so far:

30 points
15.8 points per million spent so far

31 points
8.4 points per million spent so far

43 points
5.7 points per million spent so far

17 points
4.5 points per million spent so far

33 points
4.3 points per million spent so far

26 points
3.5 points per million spent so far

On a points per million spent so far ratio Kane and Salah appear bottom of the pile out of the names mentioned above. Yet if we were all asked who’s essential this season, most people would run off the same names – Sterling, Salah, Kane, Aguero and so on. I doubt anyone would mention Abraham – who’s now only valued at 1.9m with a whopping 30 points to his name already. Based on these numbers we should be rushing out to get at least one of the bargain players in – however I’m as guilty as anyone of being sat here happy with Kane, Salah and Agureo for the time being. I’m starting to wonder if there is way too many funds tied up in these players when there are some real bargains to be had. Or is it simply a case of minimising risk as the big names are so highly owned and at any point could explode into action? I’d be interested in other people’s thoughts below on why we aren’t rushing out to get the likes of Abraham and Jimenez in our teams.

Tips for Game Week 5

As we’ve got an international break coming up I’d tend to sit tight for game week 5. If you’ve got any unused subs I believe you’ll need to use them before Friday or they will be lost. With regards to new transfers coming into play on Friday, I personally won’t be using any until we can see who makes it through the break. I also won’t be rushing into making too many transfers straight away. I would only use essential transfers to start the month. Despite my thoughts on the strikers above – my only essential transfer will be Silva out and Mane in to start the month. I’ll probably then hold my final two until at least game week 6.

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49 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 4

  1. I think spurs in general have looked very poor this season. Have started thinking bout moving Kane on. I quite like the look of vardy atm the way Leicester are playing

    1. Yeah there are quite a few good options but it’s just hard to make the decision to drop Kane. We all know what he’s capable of.

  2. Firmino has always been quality but this season his been on fire. Much cheaper option and does seem to get lots of Star men.

    1. Yeah he’s been playing well but I’ve had him before and he’s let me down as he doesn’t score as often as I’d like.

  3. Thanks for this, very interesting and gives me a lot to think about! I’ve a few teams which have done quite well, unbelievably! I know its very early days but does anyone think there’s a number of points/leaderboard position where its impossible to catch the leaders already?

    My tuppence worth: He’s not in my team yet but looks like MIna is going to score, he had a quite a few attempts at the weekend. Not sure kane is worth the money at this stage. Pepe for arsenal looks very interesting seems to tick the whoscored boxes

    1. Thanks for the comment Jam – I really hope Mina does get on the score sheet at some point soon. He’s not picking me up any points from a clean sheet perspective. With regards to the overall leaderboard – I don’t think anyone is out of reach at this stage as it’s very early days.

    2. Yeah, I like the look of Pepe too. However, I’m going to make two transfers off the bat next month in Adrian and Mane so I wouldn’t be able to afford him straight away. Certainly on my watchlist though as Arsenal attacking cover.

  4. First comment this season after making a few last season. My shifts (emergency services) just makes it an absolute pain to have any sort of routine so I drop in and out of checking the posts but it’s always a good read to see everyone’s opinions.

    I’ve not started overly well (217), but I’ve also not had a total shocker and pretty content to where my team is now and where it could be come the September transfers. I totally agree with considering a cheaper striker when you’ve got Abraham playing in a team in the Champions League already netting a few and sitting at 1.9m. However, I hate the feeling every weekend of dreading checking the Liverpool/Man City/Spurs results if I’m missing one of Salah/Aguero/Kane because I know week in week out at least one of them will get a big points haul. And with the ownership so high with them…it’s not a risk I like to take.

    Saying that I went with Richarlison for the initial games as thought Everton had a good few fixtures (Digne turns out to have been a better initial pick), but he’s only just started to repay that blind loyalty. Just wish he was still a midfield as he’d probably be a pick and stick for me with how far forward he plays.

    Anyway, this is my current team and potential plans for next month if anyone wishes to comment/lambast my set up. FYI I brought in Adrian, Mane and Mount during the August transfers;


    Gomez —> Matip

    Moura —> James

    Richarlison —> Aguero

    Long as we don’t suddenly have an increase of 0.3 come Friday post 7am (they’ve messed up so much continuously I wouldn’t put it past them) I can afford these moves if I want. But I’ll see what the International break inevitably throws up.

    1. Great to see you back Laura. I like the transfers that you’ve outlined. It would be the same front 7 that I’m also looking to have. Would you have any money in the bank? The only player I’d question bringing in is Matip as who knows when Gomez may be favoured again.

      1. Yeah, have to agree with DTT. The only one I’d question is the Matip transfer as this could easily switch round at any point. After the other two transfers do you have any money itb Laura?

        1. Cheers for all the responses guys.

          Dependant on the price fluctuations I’d have around 0.6 left – and as soon as I posted it I considered maybe Robertson instead? As he’s most likely going to drop in price – or at best hold so will just about manage to fit him in.

          Of course the problem will then be the lack of funds to upgrade Adrian when Alisson is back – however I’m earmarking Patricio as he’s on the drop at the moment too and then will just have to unfortunately have to downgrade one of the others. But I’ll face that when it comes to it.

          Glad you guys don’t think it’s half bad. First time in a few seasons I feel pretty content going into the second month – looking forward to seeing how all our seasons pan out.

          1. Think you’ll be ok with Adrian for next month so his price should also rise you’d expect. GL Laura.

  5. am afraid I will have to steam straight in with three transfers
    straight away, got to get rid of Kepa emerson and moura.
    the Chelsea to are leaking goals and there value is going down
    faster than the titanic.moura has to go, did not even play the weekend.
    who to put in have to see how much cash I have left
    after the decreases I am expecting.

    1. I might be tempted to hold onto Emerson out of those three. I’d certainly move Moura and Kepa on at this stage though.

    2. Three transfers right away is risky but I do get your logic. I can’t see many CS’s coming Chelsea’s way this season and the next two PL fixtures are tricky. Moura’s minutes will be limited you’d imagine now with players coming back from injury.

      I suppose it is a short month so if you’re going to blow all three transfers straight away, this might not be a bad month to do it?

  6. DT have you or anyone else thought about swapping Kane
    for Son. after watching the last game against Arsenal he looked
    moor likely to score than Kane.

    1. He cost me a lot of points last season when a rival had him but I’ve not really considered bringing him in so far.

  7. I have had an absolute disastrous start with my main team, currently sitting on 173 points and bottom of my mini league after winning it comfortably last season. Other teams i have entered doing fine, with best sitting on 239 points.

    I have endured some bad luck so far though with Alisson getting injured after the first game forcing an early transfer and Martial after transferring him in for C. Wilson. Gomez getting dropped after the first game was also very annoying. Current team bellow.

    B. Silva
    2.6m ITB

    Obviously I’d like to make a lot of changes to my team and i will have to use the 3 pretty much straight away. I am going to prioritize which transfers are more essential. Here are some options i came up with.

    Option 1
    Gomez – Matip/Otamendi
    Moura – Pepe
    Kane – Aguero

    I feel Aguero is already essential and i knew i should have started with him in my team but was worried about potential rotation, now i have to find a way in for him as he is the one doing the damage in my mini league, however, after thinking about option 1 again, i don’t feel Kane needs to be a priority to be moved on just yet even though i don’t like the look of him and Spurs.

    Option 2
    Gomez – Baldock/A defender 1.8m or less. (wanted Maitland Niles but will be 0.1m short after Friday’s price changes)
    Moura – Pepe
    Martial – Aguero

    With Martial still an injury doubt, i think it makes more sense to shift him on for Aguero. Other issues going forward will be B. Silva and Baldock but i can sort them with the Oct transfers.

    As always, any thoughts and opinions welcome.

    Cheers all.

    1. Looks like a decent team on paper so I’d say you’ve just suffered from an unfortunate start. I think you’re right to prioritise getting Aguero in and I’d be tempted to lose Martial if possible. Would James not be an option over Pepe? I think Pepe will outscore James but I wouldn’t be comfortable having a dirt cheap defender in if you did want to go for option 2. Would this help leave any funds to put Mane in for B. Silva as well?

      1. After looking at it again DTT I think you may be right with your James recommendation and holding back on Pepe until next month in order to avoid picking a cheap defender. James is still playing well and should also get game time in Europe.

        The next dilemma would be on choosing between Matip and Otamendi to replace Gomez. You’d think Matip would be nailed on now unless he suffers an unfortunate injury. With Laporte now sidelined you’d also think that Otamendi should get a good run in the team. Who would you go with?

        1. Just be weary about Otamendi as Pep has spoken about Walker and Fernandinho playing there. Pep just loves to cause us FF managers sleepless nights doesn’t he. You’d like to think Matip will be first choice now but even that choice maybe isn’t nailed. Could be worth the risk?

          You’ve has rotten luck so far mate, I’m sure you’ll turn it around though as last season you came up with some great input on here.

          1. Cheers Chris, that’s always the worry with Pep he really is a nightmare for us. After looking at it again, I don’t think my budget will stretch to Matip so I will be forced to risk it with Otamendi. I could try an identify someone else around that price but I just cant see anyone jumping out at me.

  8. I was thinking of James as well but I haven’t been overly impressed with United plus I think Pepe is ready to go on a good run. Maybe I’ll have to reconsider this, Ideally I wouldn’t want to go cheap on a defender but I’m not sure what other options I’ve got 🤔

    I’m just thinking of limping through September with a cheap defender then having another juggle and maybe go Kane – Firmino/Laca, B. Silva – Mane and upgrade Baldock in Oct.

    What ever happens I’m not in a great position needing to make many transfers…

    1. Yeah I’d agree about James but he’s been doing the business so far in terms of getting points on the board. I don’t expect him to sustain the level he’s at now though.

  9. I think it can be difficult to break the habit of owning all three big hitters and I was certainly in that category last season. I wanted to spread it out a bit more this season hence my selection of Vardy. Early days but I’m happy to stick with him for now and see how things pan out.

    As we saw last season, the eventual winner of DT didn’t own Kane all season. Granted he did get injured so whether that would have still been the case if he was fit for the duration we’ll never know.

    1. I’m honestly not too bothered about owning Kane at all, I just think he is a less priority to move on at the moment. My plan was to have a 3.5m striker and rotate that position, which I still think represents great value, unfortunately for me though I’ve had another injury and have to take Martial out whilst getting Aguero in ASAP.

      I still hope I can see a different Harry Kane and Spurs during September though as I always like having him, we all know what hes capable of. It has to be said though this season it’s not been a good start imo, everytime Spurs went on the attack against Arsenal, he wasnt anywhere near the box which is not good enough.

      1. that’s the reason I am thinking of Son for Kane.
        he wasn’t anywhere near the box nearly all the match.
        Son was in the box all the time.

    2. Yeah I’ve been very much the same in some of my teams – I did all 10 just out of interest but most of them aren’t in any mini leagues so are completely pointless other than to experiment with.

  10. its a funny old game but a great one to play.
    we all run out of money at some stage, some quicker than others.
    great fun though especially if the moves you make come good.
    hears hopping.

  11. Greats stats always. I’m a bit quiet on here. I love the weekly read. I’ve got off to a shocker with main team.

    I had to do my 3 August transfers on the first week. Alisson getting injured screwed it all up. I dropped Robertson, Gomez and Alisson , went 3-4-3 for Ederson, Maitland-Niles & Mane.

    As it stands



    B Silva


    Jesus is suppose to be back after the Break. Maybe pukki is worth a punt! I’m paddy last at the moment. I don’t get why he’s dropped Moura. Because he was actually playing well. Even off the bench. As B Silva. Will Pep give him a run?

    As for Kane. It would be a sin to take him out. Anyone considering taking him out would be crazy. He’ll start banging them in.

    Any good suggestion anyone?

    1. Reckon I’d Be switching McNeil for James in that team mate. Maybe Moura for Pepe too.

      I’d then probably hold the last transfer in reserve as and when you need it. GL! 👍🏻

    2. Tough one because you’ve got a few players with question marks next to them. I’d question the value of VVD this season but I think it would be more important to move on Moura and McNeil. I’d probably hold onto B. Silva and Jesus for the time being to see if they start getting game time after the international break.

  12. Would anyone have an idea whether these players would rise or fall.
    M. niles

  13. I know it has no real impact on Dream Team but anyone noticed all the fuss about Kane “diving”? I don’t see how this has become such a big thing. Yes he went down easily but I’ve seen them given. I don’t think it’s a dive when there is clear contact. Probably not enough for a penalty but either way I can’t see what everyone is complaining about. Picture this… World Cup final, it’s currently level with a minute to play. If Kane does exactly the same thing, converts the penalty and England win the World Cup he suddenly becomes a hero. For me it’s completely double standards. I’m not a Spurs fan either.

    1. Yeah, Michael Owen was always at it in an England shirt and nobody ever batted an eye-lid. I’ve seen many worse examples of shithousery in the penalty box.

      1. Exactly, I just think certain players get targeted like they always have to pick on someone. The biggest one for me is Ramos – commentators and pundits in our country rip into him. It’s almost pushed me into being quite a big fan of his.

  14. It’s a load of bullshite. It was a peno all day long!! They’re not VAR to the same standard as the world cup last year. But very quick with the offside decision. I did hear them go on and on about Kane on talksport. They talk a lot of crap. Like when Steve Bruce got the Newcastle job. On his first week in the job talksport were doing their best to turn the whole of Newcastle against him! I’m not a spurs fan. I do like Kane. Sometimes you have to fall with a small assistance 😁

    1. I can’t see the problem with it. Everyone does it. If they go over with no contact get them in the book but other than that if a defender is daft enough to stick in a leg I’d go down all day long. I thought he should have had a penalty against Newcastle as well.

  15. Thanks guys for the input on player’s prices rising & falling, tempted by Pepe, but would probably leave me having to go for a defender less than Maitland niles, will Pepe play europa league as well, have 2 teams currently, could both have the same front 7, so wanted to mix it up a bit, still got a transfer to make by tomorrow evening, so need to make a forward thinking decision, setting up Aguerro’s inclusion with the first of September’s transfers.

  16. I have gone with my gut instinct have put son in for Kane
    D Silva for Moura Ederson in for kepa.

    my reason me thinks son will play in the lesser cup games.
    Ederson no brainer there .
    moura had to go.still thinking on B Silva or Ericson though.

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