Review of Game Week 40

Review of Game Week 40

GW Points: 21
Overall Points: 1,756
Overall Rank: 3,587
Transfers: None used

It’s great to be back with some football to focus on. With only two fixtures for the game week I’ll keep my review fairly brief and will focus on plans for the rest of the season. I was delighted to return with 21 points and a jump up the overall leaderboard. Especially considering I’d not made a single transfer since football stopped. This was a deliberate choice – I felt like my team was performing well before football stopped and with so much uncertainty about what was going to happen when we resumed I decided not to tinker with my team. Ultimately I think this was a good decision – I was tempted to bring in Aubameyang with my May transfers and then use June transfers to take him out today. This would have been a waste of one of my June transfers with Aubameyang drawing a blank in his additional fixture last night.


13 points for Sterling. It was good to get some early points on the board with a star man and goal from Sterling.

8 points from De Bruyne with a penalty.

Despite Aguero starting on the bench, it was a positive that he almost grabbed himself a goal. It shows that even from the bench due to the number of goals Man City score that he’s always got the potential to get something out of a game. It was also a little frustrating that Jesus didn’t pick up at least 3 points. 

Potential Issues:

At the moment it’s too early to see any potential issues with the team.

Tips for Game Week 41

My plan for game week 41 is not to rush into any transfers. We’ve got a weekend with FA Cup fixtures coming up during game week 42 so I don’t want to make any short term changes which might impact this. It’s tempting to try and do everything to get Harry Kane in but it’s worth remembering that Spurs are out of the FA Cup and Champions League. Having said that, I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on who’s starting over the weekend, just in case I decide to make any moves. At the moment though, my plan is to remain patient.

Over the longer term, I believe the European fixtures are going to be played in August, after the Premier League is wrapped up. I don’t know, but I assume these will count for Dream Team points. As a result, I’m slowly going to use my transfers to move towards a team which is split between Man City and Man Utd players – with both clubs still firmly in European competitions.

I’ve also updated my fixture list to reflect the rest of the season. Keep in mind that I put this together as a rough guide for myself – and time was against me so I can’t be 100% certain that it is completely accurate. However, if it’s useful for anyone the link is:

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23 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 40

  1. Nice write up DTT as always.

    One thing to bear in mind with the European games is that those latter stages are going to be just one-leg affairs and not two as they usually are.

    I’m very tempted to switch out Jesus and take a punt on Vardy. None of my rivals own him and Leicester are still in the cup. Add to the fact that Aguero likely starts the Burnley game ahead of Jesus (where then Jesus may then start the trickier tie against Chelsea away). Vardy in the meantime faces Watford away and Brighton at home, before that home cup tie against Chelsea. Leicester will want to maintain that league position and will no doubt be going for it in the cup too so I’d expect plenty of minutes for Vardy.

    Anyone else fancy boarding the Vardy express?

    1. Cheers Chris, I was tempted by Vardy but also tempted by Rashford and Kane as well. Anyone jumping on the Kane bandwagon?

        1. Yeah I could easily get him in but it would require a couple of transfers. No FA Cup or Europe though but he could potentially grab a hat trick in the Premier League at any point so it’s a big risk. My team is drifting no where really. I’m 17th in a mini league of over 300 teams which isn’t a bad result but doesn’t win me anything. I doubt I’ll be able to make up the deficit so I may as well just push on and try and get as many points on the board as possible. Rashford is appealing considering Man Utd’s extra fixtures.

          1. Well if you need to attack, I would go with Kane as he is not an easy player to bring considering his high price. I remember a few season’s ago Kane scored 6 goals in the final 2 games and won someone in my min-league by getting 60 points. I would go for it myself but I tend to play more risks (maybe too many). Time is running out and by July/August everyone will have the same team of Man Utd and City players.

            1. Thought he looked somewhat off the pace tonight, which isn’t really surprising tbf. Two or three more games in then I might consider.

              1. I’m going to try and resist the urge to bring him in. It’s a big risk but I’m going to try and play in the fixtures in terms of players with the most games left.

  2. DTT

    I’m looking to offload Lucas digne of everton. I’ve got 4.3 million available. Any suggestions? I was thinking Benjamin mendy who is only 3.3 million. Thanks.

    1. Mendy looked good last night Sam – can’t imagine his ownership is that high either. Who else do you have? McGuire and Doherty would be my first suggestions for the run in if affordable.

        1. Lindelof and Digne for McGuire and Doherty (?) although tough suggesting two transfers straight out the block… Not sure if Lindelof is guaranteed To start now with Bailey back so perhaps watch out for the lineups tomorrow night but McGire certainly has more attacking potential. Doherty speaks for himself!

  3. Like yourself Chris, I also have a defecit to make up in my mini league, reluctantly I intend to take out Salah, who from now till July transfers has 3 games,
    Vardy has 4 fixtures, whether its relevant or not, Watford, Everton away, Brighton, Chelsea home, in the same period, Aubamayang has 4 games. Away Brighton, Southampton, Sheffield utd, home Norwich, last night against City, he was totally enept, but he is more than capable on his day, decision to be made tonight on which player to go for.

    1. Yeah, if you’re chasing at this stage there’s no point keeping the same players as your rivals. Might as well go down swinging as the saying goes.

      I’m also considering ditching TAA after the next GW for someone like AWB. I’d be completely Liverpoolless then which may seem extreme but I’m trying to apply some black box thinking the bridge that gap.

      I’m going to go with Vardy so team now is:


      2 transfers left.
      £2m ITB

      1. That is a good team Chris. Nice mixture of must haves with differentials thrown in.

        Vardy is a good differential if chasing in a mini league. He is after his 100th premier league goal so he would be motivated for tomorrow’s game and I expect him to be up for the game. He is also that fox in the box so can catch defenders that are lacking match sharpness. Not that home advantage but Vardy has scored 9 on his travels (top rank) and is on penalties.

        Instead of AWB, I would recommend Mendy as I think the Man City defence could be another differential weapon for you to use in your chase. I was very impressed by his performance on Wednesday and offers the threat of assists (surprised a little bit he has not scored for city as he likes to shoot from long range). Another option is Kyle Walker as Pep said ‘Kyle [Walker], these kind of players they take the physical condition quick because it is normal, and I think they have more opportunities to stay longer during the game.’ I heard Cancelo has not settled well in Manchester and was not on the bench on Wed night.

        1. I love Mendy as a Fantasy Football option but I just fear for him for rotation with Zinchenko. Having said that though, even if he’s benched, with the five sub rule i guess he’d stand a decent chance of some gametime for each game and pick up any of those CS points that may be in the offing.

          1. I could be tempted by him as well. I’m slowly going to start taking out Liverpool players I think but don’t want to do it too soon.

  4. Good looking team that Chris, I see Leicester play 12.30 Saturday, so will take out Jesus for probably Vardy before then, I have Maguire & Sane to your Laporte & Traore, next weekend will also be looking at Wan bissaka, at the expense of TAA or Doherty, also up for consideration will be De gea, not sure if he’ll play fa cup, safer bet perhaps is Ederson, their defence does look solidified with Laporte back, they do have a couple of difficult fixtures coming up shortly, they can obviously win these games but could also concede to Newcastle away in Fa cup & Liverpool at home, after that clean sheets big possibility, barring injuries to my midfield or severe lack of minutes, only other playing keeping an eye on Pogba.

  5. Hi guys

    Good to have football and DT back. What are the rules regarding when we can use transfers, now the season format has changed?

    1. I have just tried to complete a transfer and it says they are unavailable whilst a lock out! What is this?

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