Review of Game Week 41

Review of Game Week 41

GW Points: 94
Overall Points: 1,850
Overall Rank: 5,499
Transfers: Robertson out, Laporte in

On the surface, game week 41 looked like a very positive game week for me. Some decent points all around, even from some of my more budget players. However, when looking at my mini league positions and the overall leaderboard, the reality is that the game week was nowhere near as successful as it seemed. I’d dropped a few places in mini leagues and around 2,000 places on the leaderboard. For me, this is disastrous at this stage of the season. The transfer I made also reinforces how well my patient approach to the season has worked – Robertson was benched so I hastily took him out for Laporte. This is the first time this season I’ve made a quick transfer decision – this cost me a valuable 6 points this week with Robertson picking up 10 points later in the week. When I saw Robertson on the bench, and due to us being so close to the end of the season, I was desperate to try and gain a quick advantage. It backfired.


2 clean sheets for Patricio. There was a lot of debate at the start of the season about this position in the team. Many thought a premium keeper was the only way forward and that Patricio was cheap for a reason. He’s currently the second highest scoring goalkeeper – ahead of both Ederson and Alisson. For me, he’s been a great season long pick. 

21 points for Alexander-Arnold was a positive, although I’d imagine most other people own him anyway.

8 points for Lindelof was welcomed. I wasn’t sure he was a certain starter and he’s cheap so any points from him always go down well.

Double figure points for Mane, Fernandes and Salah. I was tempted to remove Salah so it was good to see him back in the points.

Potential Issues:

The big problem with the team is who to replace Aguero with. His injury is far from ideal and ironically he would have probably taken the penalty that he earnt, had he stayed on the pitch. For me there’s only three realistic options:

Rashford – has fixtures in his favour. Man Utd are still in the FA Cup, have a Champions League place to play for with their remaining Premier League fixtures and are still in Europe. He’s the obvious choice on paper. The drawbacks are that he’s not playing through the middle at the moment with Martial taking that place and his point scoring form can be a little patchy.

Jimenez – he’s the in form striker in terms of points on the board after lockdown. However, Wolves don’t have that FA Cup fixture at the weekend. Wolves also have a couple of more difficult fixtures in July, but are still in Europe.

Kane – got back on the scoresheet during the game week but has some big drawbacks in terms of fixtures. Spurs aren’t in the FA Cup or Europe. However, we all know what Kane is capable of and he could be the most explosive point scoring player until the end of the season.

I still don’t know who to go for. It will probably depend on who starts in the FA Cup for Man Utd. If Rashford start, it’s tempting to pick for him for the rest of the season as Man Utd have good fixtures. I know many people will be thinking “what about Martial?”. I doubt many people opted for him before his hat trick – it would have been a massive punt if anyone did. He hasn’t consistently scored points this season and has picked up injuries along the way. I think his hat trick was his peak and that’s now been missed – although I could be completely wrong.

Tips for Game Week 42

My plan for game week 42 is to only make one transfer. Which will be to remove the injured Aguero. As mentioned above – I’m not sure who for yet. Ultimately, by the end of July, I’d like a team completely made up of players still in Europe. This is going to require a few transfers:

Patricio – keep
Lindelof – keep while he’s still starting
Laporte – keep
Alexander-Arnold – remove at end of July (potential replacements – Doherty, Maguire)
De Bruyne – keep
Sterling – keep
Fernandes – keep
Mane – remove at end of July (potential replacements – Pogba, Traore)
Jesus – keep, although questionable current form
Salah – remove at end of July (potential replacements – Jimenez, Rashford)
Aguero – remove now

That’s at least 4 transfers that I need to use between now and the end of July. At the moment, that only leaves me with 1 transfer to play with. We’ve seen a number of injuries this week so I’m very cautious that I might run out. I’d ideally like to leave my three transfers for August until later in the month to optimise my team for players who progress to the later stage of the European competitions.

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48 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 41

  1. What do you think about possible rotation of the Liverpool players before the end of the season?

    1. I think it’s possible but I could equally see Klopp letting those who won the title play. Could go either way – but if it looks like it’s going to start happening I’d move them on quickly.

    2. The teams below me have made huge ground on me because they have pretty much the entire Liverpool backline. I need to make a decision whether to consolidate my position and bring in VVD for Lindelof (which should hold them off for now) or stick with a long term plan and hope Liverpool rotate. Tricky one.

        1. I went from 60-ish to 33 points clear in one game week. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Liverpool’s couple of poorer results before all matches were suspended I would have been down the league a bit. That defensive block has been a pain for me all season!

      1. That is a tough one – I’ve personally always been a fan of blocking people off towards the end of the season. If I’m focused on winning 1 mini league, I can’t see the harm at playing a massively tactical game just to hold people off but it really depends how you approach it. For me, in most things I’ll try to win at any cost, even if it means going against the nature of the game – I’ve even been known to time waste in real games of 5 a side.

  2. DTT, in what order for the rest of the season would you put, Mahrez, Pogba, Traore in, taking form, gametime, fixtures into consideration, same question for Kane vs Jesus upto end of july, need a good weekend, slipped down to 3rd in my mini league, the guy in front put Martial in, how can you justify that, 1st ever hat-trick for Man utd.

    1. If I didn’t have any of them, I’d rather have Kane than Jesus (until the end of July). I’d then rather have Pogba, Traore then Mahrez in that order. I think Mahrez can have quiet spells and faces more rotation. I think anyone who put Martial in is either a genius or got very lucky. I wouldn’t have taken a punt on him given his record and with so many other options to choose from.

      1. Thanks for input DTT, I’ll keep hunting him down, things can change very quickly, it’s easy to get downbeat, but lots of games & pts to play for.

  3. I feel like it is all a a matter of opinions. I personally would have Jesus and Mahrez. I think city’s fixtures look so good and even with rotation both will get there fair share of points / goals. It still feels like a bit of toss up either way. Praying auba does something these next 2 games before he goes out

    1. Absolutely – I with a lot of the players we are talking about at this stage of the season it could easily go one way or the other. It’s pretty much down to luck now with so many good options to choose from.

    2. Thanks for reply, good pts made, going to make decisions just before kick-off, I may be wrong on this but I think if you make a transfer before the day of the match, you can’t change your mind, allowing your opponents to see what transfers you’ve made, & then making their transfers accordingly, I think if you make your transfers on the day of the match, they will not show up until the game/games have started, meaning your competitors are in the dark regarding your next moves, been throwing a few red herrings at work, just trying to find an edge within the rules of course, trying to get into people’s heads, & making them doubt their own decisions, I love the strategy this game brings, but am desperate to finish in the money places at the end of the season.

  4. Forgot to add Studier, next 2 games for Aubamayang could be profitable, then the fixtures get tougher.

  5. Good article DTT.

    Like yourself & a few others this week ive dropped some very valuable pts in my mini league. Thankfully im still top but not quite as comfortable now 🙄Ironically if you had offered me 100pts before the gameweek started id have bitten your hand off. Just the nature of the beast i guess.

    Could be an interesting week. Aguero owners will be using a transfer anyway but i think we may see a lot of extra transfers to accomodate the likes of Jiminez, Rashford & Kane. Not owning them obviously could be an issue based on form & fixtures but i feel it’s important after a disappointing week not to panic & try & hold onto they transfers for as long as possible.

    This week ill be replacing Aguero with Jiminez, simply due to the 3 teams below me in my league owning him. I couldn’t agree more with your comments about blocking others off, it definitely makes sense. While i hate to feel forced into a transfer, it’s not really a bad one to make, the guys on fire.

    Anyway good luck to all this gameweek & great to finally see the comments back. 👍🏼

    1. It’s a tough one – did you go for Jimenez? I didn’t realise Wolves were kicking off early so I missed the boat.

  6. Yes @DavidKirkwood couldn’t agree more, but i also said the same about the previous 2 fixtures ha. He was actually unlucky not score in both them games. Also Southampton was his first premier league game where he’d gone longer than 3 games not scoring, nightmare ha

  7. Thanks DDT I currently have a front 3 of Aguero, Jiminez and Rashford, 2nd in my mini league 50 points behind. Top has Salah, have been wanting to get Salah back in for a while and do see him as a high point scorer In July but not sure what to do. Who would you bring in for aguero in this situation?

    1. It’s an impossible one to call – I’ve always tried to play my own game and pick players who will earn the most points. Having Salah won’t help you catch top place but not having him might open the gap further. I took a punt at the end of last season and went for a player with low ownership. He had low ownership for a reason and failed to deliver many points. If you didn’t want Salah and fancied the risk – I’d only be looking at Kane or Jesus.

  8. What is the last day we can use our June transfers? Am I right in saying the can carry over to next month.

    1. There’s no carry over as far as I know. Transfers will be lost if not used by end of this coming Thursday.

  9. Btw current team is
    Trent, Maguire, Doherty
    Sterling,Bruno,Mane, KDB
    Aguero,Jimenez, Rashford

  10. DTT – by waiting to see the Utd starting line-up Later today you’re committed to not going for Jiminez who plays at lunchtime is that correct?

    1. That is correct – hadn’t clocked that Wolves were playing this early. It would be fantastic if Jimenez doesn’t score as I believe that’s Wolves fixtures done for the week.

  11. Good luck for this GW boys!

    I’m rolling the dice in an attempt to maximise game exposure and hopefully make inroads in my ML.


    Owning Martial has burnt me in the past but I need to avoid getting the same players as those above me now (they’ve tended to swap Aguero for Jimmy or Jesus). United still competing in numerous fronts so fingers-crossed for a little Lady Luck. 🤞

    1. You too mate! 🤞 Logic with you rolling the dice like that as Utd are the form team with the best fixtures. Im in a tight battle for first place in my ML with a gooner who refuses to drop AUB… 3 points in 3 games for him has let me pull level so praying he blanks this DGW and my rival also blows his own Aguero transfer 🙏🤣. I’m set as follows:

      Aguero——Rashford (Likely if he starts today)

      1. Nice team that Brad. Normally I wouldn’t be taking as many risks as I am doing now (going with zero Pool for instance) but needs must this season.

        Traore being benched is irritating and I may have to consider moving him on in the next set of transfers. Will probably keep for now and then transfer out the next time he’s benched. He’s such a beast of a player I’m surprised with his limited minutes since the restart given that Leicester are stumbling and this CL places are still all to play for.

    2. Yuck! Last minute re-think. Seems like Martial is going to sit this one out today so think I’m going for Jimmy instead. Not ideal as I wanted to avoid same players as rivals but I can’t be having too many benched players right now!

        1. Main rival has Kane and others have Jesus so needed to go another direction.

          Happy to stick with Jimmy for the long-term now though I think looking ahead to Europe. Shame about the blank today but he can’t score every game.

          With regards to Traore I’m half tempted just to stick with him now. He seems to be guaranteed a minimum of 3 points even from the bench. His ceiling potential however is huge. He’s also a good differential in my ML

          1. I’m amazed at how quickly Traore gets to that 7+ rating. I like Jimenez, if they were in the FA Cup still I’d have gone for him

    3. Looks good Chris – big roll of the dice with TAA after his points from last week but as you say if you need to catch up some ground then you’ve got little choice.

      1. Yeah, trying to go for players with the most “potential” fixtures, but with one eye on Europe too.

        He who dares and all that…

  12. Hi DTT,

    I didn’t do the Robertson to Laporte transfer which actually paid off, however do you think it’s worth it this week should Laporte start Sunday? I know they face each other Thursday but could pick some points up tomorrow.

    Also tempted my Doherty instead of TAA for game exposure like Chris.

    1. I’d be tempted to hold fire as long as possible with Robertson – I regret making that transfer now and can’t see Laporte starting in the FA Cup.

      1. Went Robertson for Doherty which has paid off, still got TAA and will see what the line up is like tomorrow.

    1. I think I’m going to swap Lindelof for Maguire and Aguero for Rashford (despite him being on the bench). Man Utd have a lot to play for in July so I’m thinking long term and short term with Maguire potentially getting points today whereas Lindelof can’t get any.

      1. Yeah with maguire being a english media star he seems to attract a lot of star men and 7 ratings without doing much

        1. Yeah I agree – I nearly did it earlier in the month but my hand has been forced today.

      2. Good moves. Already have Maguire in my team and now doing Aguero to Rashford to block.

        1. I’m almost resigned to that fact that I’m not going to catch you now – Wolves clean sheets have put me too far behind. I’m basically relying on Laporte to outscore Doherty and Jesus to outscore Aubameyang – I’m not hopeful of either.

          1. Yes So for me the blocking tactic comes into play, dull but effective. It’s harder for the chaser as they are the ones to find those difficult differentials to bridge the gap.

            Although, I was thinking Aubamenyang to Jesus this week but I fancy Aubamenyang to do well this week. I really thought you would have gone for Kane – one of the best differentials in the game I believe.

            1. I was tempted – toss of a coin really but I prefer Man Utd’s fixtures. I’m surprised you didn’t go for him – surely you’re aiming to win the league rather than just block me off? You’re so close to the top you could easily be crowned the overall winner.

              1. It’s a sign of respect – I rate you as a fantasy football manager so finishing higher means I have had a good season. We have different approach but it can be seen that points wise we are of equal quality.

                Besides sometimes I don’t need to make transfers to block, e.g Maguire (and possibly Doherty in the future) so I gives saves me from using transfers.

                Mini league winner? Still possible as I have Salah and Mane and I might introduce a few differentials if the timing is right but if I don’t win, it doesn’t matter (I am not greedy). I consider finishing higher than you as a win given our friendly rivalry.

                I am satisfied with my season and besides I am concentrating on winning my paid mini leagues where I am top and 500th position overall in dream team and TFF (in 36th position).

                I am sure our rivalry will continue for many years and continue to get the best out of us.

                1. Absolutely – it’s been a fascinating season from that point of view. We play the game very differently but are so close come the end of the season. I do enjoy a friendly rivalry so I’d love to catch you up and it all go down to the final game of the season or something dramatic like that. But I think you’ve got the upper hand on me at the moment. Had Laporte picked up the extra 3 points and Jesus scored a couple yesterday I’d have been more confident but that gap isn’t getting any smaller.

  13. Went for lindoff for maguire, robbo for Shaw and aguero for jimmenez.

    I’ll be putting in rashford for salah early in July, giving me a fairly.

    Overall team now:

    TAA maguire shaw
    Mane kdb sterling Bruno
    Jesus salah jimmenz

    Salah and mane are my next to move for rashford and possibly traore

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