Review of Game Week 42

Review of Game Week 42

GW Points: 101
Overall Points: 1,951
Overall Rank: 2,480
Transfers: Lindelof out, Maguire in
Aguero out, Rashford in

Game week 42 was a good one for me. 101 points scored and a big jump of 2,000 places on the overall leaderboard as well. I believe this is the highest position I’ve been in all season – which is the perfect time to peak with the game closing at the end of the month. On that note, just in case anyone didn’t pick up the communications – the game will now close at the end of July and the August European fixtures won’t count. It’s not ideal but I think Dream Team are giving themselves enough time to get the new game ready. I must admit, I was starting to wonder how they were going to get the transition done in time with very little time between seasons this year. I’d personally like to have as long as possible to pick my starting line up for next season, this is generally the part of the game I enjoy the most and it always sparks a lot of discussion on the blog. Anyway, back to the review of the week:


Patricio picked up 5 points – not a bad result considering Wolves only had 1 fixture this week.

13 points for Laporte. Good to see this transfer paid off eventually. Robertson picked up -3 points this week so that was a 16 point swing in my favour.

21 points for Maguire. I was over the moon when he popped up with the winner against Norwich to secure the star man, clean sheet and a goal.

25 points for Sterling and 18 points for De Bruyne. No surprise really considering they are the top 2 highest scoring players this season. 

Fernandes picked up 20 points. I had reservations about going for a new player to the Premier League but I was wrong with Fernandes. He’s certainly hit the ground running.

Potential Issues:

It’s hard to identify any real issues at this stage of the season. The team is performing well and I’m happy with my overall position. However, the front three returning very few points between them was far from ideal:

I can’t say I’ve ever really been a fan of Jesus – I was surprised when he picked up so many points for me earlier in the season. His form since the break has been pretty awful in terms of point scoring potential.

Rashford has only been in the team for one game week and returned nothing. This isn’t unusual but with two fixtures for Man Utd over the game week, I’d have liked a minimum of 8 points. 

Salah only played one fixture – the hammering against Man City. So I can’t be too quick to judge him on this performance. However, I hope Liverpool aren’t going to take their foot off the gas now they’ve secured the title.

Tips for Game Week 43

With only a few weeks to go, it’s worth mentioning that anyone who follows my team exactly might want to start considering different tactics within their mini leagues. If you’re at the top and want to ensure you’re not caught – then blocking off those below you would probably work better than following my transfers. 

Despite being in a great position, I’m some way off the top of the mini league I wanted to win. The league consists of over 300 teams, and I believe some former winners of the whole competition are competing in it. My objective is now to finish as high on the overall leaderboard as possible (although I’d love to beat RR as well but I think he’s got the better of me at the moment). As a result, I’m likely to stick to the same tactics I’ve used for the whole season.

Looking at the upcoming week in terms of fixtures. I can’t see me changing much in my team. I’ve got good coverage of Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd players. All have good fixtures for the week and there isn’t a player I want in any urgency. I see the FA Cup games as being important. As a result, when we approach these I may carefully move some of my Liverpool players on but this will depend on how they perform in the coming week after a poor show against Man City.

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101 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 42

  1. My team is the same as yours DTT but I have Robertson not Laporte.

    I am wondering whether taking one of TAA or Robertson out and replacing with someone else may be the way to go? Maybe Laporte, otherwise was also thinking Doherty? What do you think?

    I also saw Kane was on the score sheet despite Spurs not playing well last night – a potential swap to replace Jesus do you think? Always appreciate your advice 🙂 Oh and I have 2.2m in the bank

    1. Tricky one – I think it’s going to depend on your league position. If you’re top make a move that makes it harder for the people below you to catch you. It’s difficult to say what to do with Liverpool players – I’m glad I moved Robertson on but I could see them bouncing back. With regards to Kane – Spurs fixtures aren’t the best and no FA Cup but agreed that Kane is the better option but we’ve got to keep an eye on the FA Cup final as the last game.

      1. This is true, but i’m not sure I want to keep Jesus in the team 🙂 And I don’t think Jimenez is the right choice either – I was thinking Ings but then Southampton are so hit and miss 🙂 I’m second in my ML, around 30 point behind the guy who is top, and 20 above 3rd

        1. It probably comes down to who the top person has in their team. You wouldn’t want exactly the same team so you need to find players who are going to make up that 30 point gap.

          1. Guy above me has 2 x Liverpool and 1 x Man U defence same as me so switched to Laporte from Robertson, who the guy below me already has so should help keep me ahead.

            Plus leader has Salah, Jimenez, Kane so will stay with Salah, Rashford, Jesus as may be the differential I need to catch him! Thanks DTT

  2. I got 102 points last week, probably one of my highest in 1 week for a while and I’ve caught the top 2 in my mini league a fair amount in the last two weeks.
    I’m really considering taking out all Liverpool players as I can see Klopp resting some now….my team is:

    De Gea
    Maguire, Van Dijk, Wan Bissaka
    De Bruyne, Pogba, Fernandes, Mane
    Rashford, Jimenez, Aubameyang

    I was thinking of taking out Van Dijk for Laporte and Mane for Sterling.


    1. Morning Jon
      Not sure if you have done your transfers yet but I’d keep VVD. LFC might swap some players around but I just can’t see Klopp leaving his captain out and main defender. I’d keep him and the transfer if you can.
      Your side looks decent so I’d keep the transfers I’m the bank till semi final time.
      Good Luck

      1. I’d be concerned about not having Sterling with Man City’s fixtures and FA Cup run. But I’d agree with John regarding Van Dijk

  3. The problem with Man City playing last is you might find Sterling rested and have to watch Mane smash a few in. I have Mane as well and am undecided when to move him out.

    Another player we have in common is Aubameyang and I am thinking to move him out due to Arsenal’s fixtures.
    Wolves, Leicester, Spurs, Liverpool and City in the Cup.

    Have you considered swapping him or are you happy to keep him?

    1. Hi Dave, I also got auba in a coupla weeks ago and was debating moving him on after the norwich game, however those teams ya listed, aside from wolves, aren’t doing great defensively. Leics are on a somewhat decline (just shipped 3 in 2), spurs lost 3-1 at shefu and liverp just lost 5-0 (albeit to city.) So mate, I think I might hold him. He’s also going for the golden boot. And his contract is up soon so may be in showcase mode. And may play in FA cup. Plus at the mo, there’s no decent looking alternative strikers.
      PS mate this might help in general

      1. Good points there. I am leaning more to holding on to Aubameyang and also saves a transfer.
        I still think I will hold onto Mane for this week as I can see a reaction from Liverpool and he is my only Liverpool player.
        Next week I will look to move him on to a City player as they have Brighton and Bournemouth.

    2. I’ve bit the bullet and took out Mane and put in Sterling, I’ve also took out Van Dijk and put in Mendy.

      I’ve probably messed it up now but I need to take a gamble up try and win my league.

  4. Hi DTT,

    My rival has clocked in 130 points this week by reshaping his team over lockdown.

    I was 81 points clear, now he has cut it back to 36 points since restart.

    My team is the same as yours. His team is as follows.

    De gae



    Aubamey20 points/ now Rashford.

    Would you try and block? If so what players? Or try and out score with transfers based on fixtures and luck.

    Bear in mind he will have 3 transfers to change if he see’s me play my cards first.

    Your help is always appreciated and wouldn’t be in this position if not for your advice.

    I won my mini league last year with decent cash prizes but the bragging rights to win two in a row is worth more👍🏻

    1. You’d probably need to do it on a case by case basis

      Patricio/De Gea – for me are fairly equal in terms of point scoring
      Maguire/Maguire – cancel out
      Laporte/Shaw – I’d favour Laporte for some variety
      TAA/AWB – if TAA continues to play, I’d see him outscoring AWB
      Sterling/Sterling – cancel out
      De Bruyne/De Bruyne – cancel out
      Fernandes/Fernandes – cancel out
      Mane/Mahrez – I’d normally favour Mane if he continues to play
      Jesus/Jesus – cancel out
      Rashford/Rashford – cancel out
      Salah/Martial – I’d normally favour Salah but no one could have predicted Martial getting that hat trick

      For me, you’ve got to basically base your decision on if you see Man Utd continuing to play well and if you see Liverpool not bouncing back from their defeat to Man City.

      Both teams have easier fixtures over the weekend but unfortunately you won’t get to see Liverpool’s line up until after Man Utd have played. If Man Utd keep a clean sheet – you could find yourself in trouble if Liverpool/Man City/Wolves don’t. If Man Utd don’t keep a clean sheet then any clean sheet for Liverpool/Man City/Wolves will gain you points over him. He’s basically going all in on Man Utd.

      The problem is – if you block him. He will then have transfers in hand to counter those moves. I’ll be moving TAA on for probably AWB at some point, but not this weekend. You’re in an impossible position really because if you block him and Man Utd don’t keep a clean sheet you’ve gained nothing. But if you don’t block him and Man Utd do keep a clean sheet then he will rack up some serious points.

      1. Thanks DTT

        Pretty much summed up what I was thinking.

        I think I will hold tight and prey Man U concede. Doubt it but fingers crossed.

  5. Precious transfers, Vardy definately out 4 games 0 pts, Salah in for expected backlash, but will cost 2 transfers to take him back out for Fa cup semi final & final, looking at my rivals teams, only other option Greenwood in & leave saving 1 transfer, got till 3pm, time to ponder.

  6. @Chris Martin, you keeping Jimmy mate? I also bought him in last weekend, but without Europe he seems less appealing 🤔

    1. …Although just read this on FFS:
      Raúl Jiménez (£8.3m) may have disappointed his owners with a blank against Aston Villa but Gameweek 33+ puts the Wolves man back into his comfort zone. No forward can match his total of eight attacking returns against last season’s top-six clubs in 2019/20 – and it’s Arsenal who have to face him next.

      1. I’d probably hang onto him if I had him. He’s in good form since the break.

    2. Sorry Badge, only just catching up. Yeah I did keep hold of him but I’m certainly eyeing up Greenwood now after another impressive display from the youngster. I’m just so relieved I held onto Vardy today after his brace. Just had a feeling he’d get some joy against that depleted Palace backline today, I was sweating at half-time mind you.

      Not sure what to do about Jimmy AND Traore now. Foden and Greenwood would be the likely replacements…

      1. Good move to keep hold of Vardy Chris – I thought he was in for another blank and the next thing I knew he was on 18 points.

  7. Wow. Surprised got mention in the write up above. DTT wants to beat me but have 37 point lead over DTT’s team – The question is that enough? Interesting time in the DTT mini league – 19 points behind the leader but also got to wary of the chasers.

    1. Haha well I’ve got to keep the rivalry going – makes it all the more interesting come the end of the season.

  8. I thought there would of been more of a debate over Salah Vs Kane tbh honest lads

    1. I won’t be getting rid of Salah until Liverpool’s season has ended. I was tempted by Kane over Jesus but it would cost me a transfer and Man City have the better fixtures.

  9. once again Luke Shaw played well without scoring they gave him 2 points
    then they took them away in my book he was by far the best defender today by a

  10. I have Salah rashford and Aguero up top. If you had to choose between Kane and Jesus to replace Aguero and to keep till the end of the game in a months time who would you go with??? Any help/opinions plz…

    1. Personally I would go Jesus, possible extra 2 games and fixtures are incredibly easy

    2. Really tough one – Jesus is very out of form. At the moment it’s hard to see him scoring any time soon but fixtures are on his side. Not that it’s the time for patience. If Kane had FA Cup fixtures, I’d have him every day of the week but fixtures aren’t on his side. I must admit I was tempted to swap Jesus for Kane, and I’d imagine by the end of the game week I’ll be regretting not doing it.

  11. Great performance from Southampton last night. They are a decent team nowadays and some of their assets will be worth a look next season…🧐

    1. Without European fixtures Ings could even be a differential for the run in if chasing in a ML… fixtures include Everton, Brighton, Bournemouth & Sheff Utd although obviously no longer in the FA Cup.

  12. Stuck on what to do. Ive got the same team as listed above im 10 points behind 1st place in my work mini league with money at stake.
    The guy in first has now pretty much changed his team to the exact same as mine except from he has van dijk and i have laporte. Im thinking if im going to win im going to have to make 1 or two risky moves to try and get the edge on him. If you was to make two changes this month who would it be? Was thinking aubameyang in jesus out but looking at arsenals fixtures i cant see him picking up many points

    1. 10 points is nothing VY so avoid being too rash. There are still a fair amount of games to go so one player could make the difference. GL!

      1. As Chris says – 10 points is nothing. Having said that it would be nicer to be leading the mini league at this stage. If it was all to come down between who scores more between Laporte and Van Dijk until the end of the season I’m not sure you’ll make up the gap. Do you know how many transfers he’s got left?

          1. It’s a difficult one. I wouldn’t want to recommend specific players as it’s sure to go the other way. But If you’ve got a transfer over him – I’d be tempted to sit tight. It’s only 10 points and it’s basically a head to head of Laporte vs Van Dijk. If Laporte starts to make up ground on Van Dijk and you manage to sneak in front, then you pretty much can’t lose as you just need to match his final transfer. If you move too soon and the gap gets bigger, you could completely blow it. How come you’ve used a transfer? I’ve still got three left for the month with the same team? Either way, if you manage to keep the gap small with two transfers in hand, you could use this for the FA Cup games and close the gap. Or even wait until the Premier League is over, then take out Mane and Salah for the FA Cup final – if you’ve still 10 points behind at this stage though, it’s a big risk hoping that you’ll beat him in the final game. I’m always overly cautious though – so I’m sure others would give a different view. If you made a change now – you could find yourself at the top of the league if the transfer pays off for you. I’d imagine others might suggest taking out Mane or Salah – with Liverpool having less fixtures but it’s a huge risk if they continue to play.

            1. Thanka for the advice ill see how it goes and potentially if the gap doesnt close . Go for a fa cup final switcheroo. I used 1 transfer as i missed last months transfer out of lindelof for maguire. If id of got that in on time i would probably be ahead 🙁

  13. 41 points all out for this first half of the GW. Could have been worse, could have been better. 😑

    Looking ahead to next GW and I’m seriously getting tempted by the following moves…


    Will take a look how Wolves get on against Arsenal but if Jimmy blanks again and Traore gets benched or blanks then I’m quite excited by these moves.

    So glad Vardy hasn’t given me a difficult decision to make now, as he was impressive against Palace. 6 shots with 5 in the box.😍

    1. Looks good to me Chris – there’s always Martial as well to consider? Foden could be one to watch for next season if he keeps getting game time.

      1. I think his increased minutes since the restart has shown that he’s very much in Pep’s plan for next season, especially with David Silva finishing at the end of the season. Could be an excellent cheaper alternative to Sterling/KDB next season you’d imagine… I’m a big fan of the kid.

      2. Yeah Martial is another decent shout. Think I’m swaying towards Greenwood though as Martial can sometimes have one of those “niggly” injuries just around the corner…

        1. Yeah that’s why I’ve always stayed clear of Martial. If he can stay fit until the end of the season and keeps starting up front – I can see him picking up the most points out of all the strikers but it’s a big IF.

  14. I can see Kane going crazy against Everton and Bournemouth I really hope it is old Sonny instead… Was going to transfer him in yesterday but kept hold of Jesus who is an absolute waste of time!!!

    1. Jesus has been a nightmare since the lockdown. His points pretty much got me to the position I’m in now but I don’t know how long to hold onto him for given his form since lockdown.

    2. When you say Kane going crazy against Everton, were you referring to him having more touches in his own box than that of the opposition? 😉

      You would fancy him against that Bournemouth defence though tbf.

  15. Even though Jesus hasn’t exactly been prolific, with Man City having the extra fa cup game(s) plus playing Brighton and Bournemouth next week are people still thinking of ditching him?

    I have Martial, Rashford and Kane up front and am thinking of bringing him in for Kane next week for my final sub.

    1. He’s done nothing mate since the re-start he gets plenty of chances but squanders them he isn’t a patch on Aguero plays at 50% have the time I swear I think he is only really worth owning for the cups and agsinst really poor opposition.

  16. That’s why I thought next week might be the time to get him.
    Still to play Brighton, Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich plus the cup.

    He’s no Aguero for sure but you would like to think he could amass a few points with those fixtures.

    1. Part of his inconsistency could be down to Pepe constantly changing the lineup.

      I mean, it’s hard enough to find form in general, especially from returning after the Covid19 break, but to also fight for a place with Aguero? I can see why he appears to be hit and miss.

      Jesus imo has it in him when he is on form. We have seem him get a number of braces in the past and some of his finishing can be memorizing. You have to remember that also the players that would often be feeding him are also constantly being rotated (De Bryune for example didn’t start yesterday, which isn’t the first time that has happened).

      With the upcoming fixtures, extra games and with Jesus failing to score in the last few , I’m certainly not moving him out.

      1. I see Jesus being one of those “Firmino” type players. His presence in the team can often be to the benefit of others around him. With the number of chances that City (usually) create though you’d expect him to get a fair few goals.

        1. Strange this type of striker ‘the false no.9’ wonder who started it. I remember the old days where Brazil had Romario and then Ronaldo loving scoring goals (strikers in the middle) now you got players on the flanks that do the goal scoring jobs. Firmino and Jesus in similar roles don’t hold much appeal.

          1. He’s not got much appeal to me to be honest. I can’t even remember why I put him in but his hat trick in the Champions League pretty much projected me massively up the leader board. Bit of luck really. He’s done very little since but I’ve struggled to find a reason to take him out.

              1. There aren’t any other clear cut options. Kane doesn’t have the fixtures on his side, Martial can be inconsistent, Jimenez now doesn’t benefit from Europa League fixtures. There’s a lot in favour of Jesus – potential to score well when he is on form (earlier in the season pretty much got me to where I am now), in a team that creates a lot of changes, Aguero is out so he should be the main striker and good fixtures including the FA Cup. The only bit missing at the moment is the points 😂 but the reasoning is there on paper and if he does come good because of those reasons – the people who take him out will suffer.

                1. I just thought you would take him out for a differential- 39 points ahead, similar teams, time running out. You would love it if you beat me. Not easy task though.

                  1. Haha I would love it but I also wouldn’t get drawn into a 1v1 battle. This could cause me to make some risky transfers and result in me finishing lower on the overall leaderboard. My main objective is to finish as high as possible on there so I’m going with the players who I think will score the most points, regardless of who other people have in their teams.

  17. After watching how Mourinho is managing Spurs and playing Kane I am even more determined to swap him for Jesus for the run in.
    Such a shame to see as that team has the potential to be right up there challenging instead of playing some of the worst football in the league.

    1. Hate to say it but it appears Mourinho just saps the joy out of teams when he becomes their manager nowadays. Spurs were such an exciting team not so long ago but now seem destined to go the same way United did under his realm.

      1. I’m a Spurs fan and the day I heard Potch was given the boot and to be replaced by Mourinho was the day I died a little.

        In all seriousness, how can people fail to see Mourinho is overrated? Everyone likes to refer back to what he did at Porto but even Leicester won the PL, which is an achievement in itself considering the competition and the amount of money some clubs have invested over the years. Mourinho’s first stint at Chelsea and then Real Madrid came with considerable investment, allowing him to surround himself with some of the worlds very best players. He did well at Inter but let’s not forget the Serie A has been a 4 team league for some time and Juve were relegated during his spell for cheating.

        His even more recent stint at Chelsea and UTD have proven what he really is. Someone that is victorious off the back of investment meanwhile forcing a boring game that ends up dismantling teams to the point players want nothing to do with him.

        An icon of the game? The guy stands for exactly what the game shouldn’t be. He breaks relationships, destroys confidence, meanwhile maintains that chip on his back with his idiotic cocky attitude.

        What I would do to have Potch back. At least the guy actually had some genuine emotion and cared about his players.

  18. @Chris Sutton, I too am thinking Jimmy->Greenwood, but, I’ve just been examining the fixtures and I’m thinking of keeping Jimmy until after the Palace game, as from this weekend onwards Jimmy has EVE, bur, PAL, which according to FFS is the 2nd best schedule for attacking players.

    The only bummer is, in that time, Greenwood has one extra FA cup fixture, but I’m unsure he’ll play. (He didn’t start the last game against sheffu.)

    Whaddya reckon mate?

    1. You certainly make a case Badge for keeping Jimmy. I think if United’s fixtures were a little less appealing I’d stick with Jimmy.

      United themselves have SOU, pal, CHE, WHU in the same period which I think are rather decent too with three of them at home.

      As you say, Greenwood could conceivably sit out one of those but I still reckon he’d get half an hour if indeed he was benched. He’s on red hot form too which appeals to me.

      I also need to gamble a little. If Jimmy lights it up in the next game though and finds his form again then I may be swayed mind you. 🤔

  19. Late joiner

    Only found out about this site today (from referrals)

    Hopefully it will improve my performance next year , dire this year – just never got going

    Thanks for the links to my site , as per this one just trying to help


    1. Welcome Frank – there’s a lot of people on here who are big fans of your site. It’s incredibly helpful.

    2. Welcome onboard Frank! Always great to have a few newbies coming through! Been a tough old season over too tbh after a pretty decent season last season. You live and learn though and hopefully carry the lessons learnt into the next campaign. 👍🏻

    3. Just realised it’s Frank of FFStuff fame! Your site is one hell of a useful tool to us Dream Team players my friend! Legend! 👊

      1. Couldn’t agree more with Chris. Such a good resource of information.

          1. Thanks RY

            Hopefully when next season starts I ‘ll have more to post about on my teams themselves….i can hope . 🙂

            1. Welcome to the group Frank!

              Your web page is one of my top bookmarks relating to dream team info. Well done on the success of your page.

              Glad to have you on board.

  20. DTT, was wondering what your next moves are going to be, I’m currently 10pts adrift of 2nd place, trailing top spot by 69pts, probably uncatchable, but the chasing pack are closing in rapidly, I’m hoping the chasing pack have gone for broke & have used up their transfer allocation already, keeping a closer eye on proceeding’s relating to 1st & 2nd placed teams in my mini league, I think you have mentioned Wan bissaka as a possible addition to the team, & Utd have to go full strength almost every game to keep up the chase for top 4, what’s your thoughts on Luke Shaw, & Mendy, City Great fixtures but same old problem with rotation & one eye on champions league.

    1. I’m not really sure at the moment – was your team the same as mine? I’m going to wait and see what happens between now and the end of the week but I don’t feel the need to make any big changes. If I’m still in a decent position on the leaderboard I doubt I’ll change anything until the FA Cup games kick in. Then I’ll probably just use my last three transfers to take out TAA, Mane and Salah.

      1. DTT, had the same team as you for a while, then went my own route, ultimately might come down to having a different front 7 to my rivals, as apart from a Liverpool block, you would think thats where the big hauls are going to come from, so might not even get round to a possible defensive change.

    2. With 3 transfers in hand David, 69 pts isn’t uncatchable if the right moves are made. I’m still optimistic/(deluded) that I’m going to bridge an 87/95 pts gap! 😂

      1. Another goal for Vardy Chris – you must be chipping away at that gap this week.

        1. Yep, 26 points this week from him. Thank god I held onto him just one more week! 😅

          My finger was twitching but that makeshift Palace defence was just enough to sway me. Watched the game tonight and he looked hungry and sharp. He was setting up some decent chances for
          Ihneacho tonight as well but unfortunately he couldn’t stick them away to give him an assist.

          The race is on! #maketheimpossiblepossible

  21. Chris, I see Vardy got another goal for you tonight, since I took him out, that’s 26 pts lost, I have 2 transfers left, might have to take out Salah a week earlier than intended, if I leave it another week until Fa cup semi final weekend, we are probably going to end up with very similar teams, who blinks first I guess.

    1. Yeah I remember our teams looking very similar David. I feel your pain taking Vardy out mate. Been there done that!

      I’m eyeing up Foden and Greenwood next. Who are you looking at David?

      With my points deficit I can’t afford to wait until after the semi’s before making my moves. I’m going all-in on an all Manchester affair for the final. That way, if it comes off, I get those extra (potential) two games from those City/United assets.

      1. And if I make those moves, I’ll have £7.7m ITB as it stands! 🤯 Bonkers! 😂

      2. Yeah, I concur with those comments Chris, got to go a week early than intended, before FA cup semis kick in, so Greenwood in this Weekend.

  22. @Frank, welcome! Really like your site mate. Actually I’ve just thought I’ve never made a contribution so will do it now

  23. @Chris_Sutton, good points mate. Yes manu’s fixtures are a bit better defo (although CHE is at wembley so I’m counting it as an away game). My ML leader is now 28 pts ahead of me, and he is blocking me. He has 1 tranny left I have 2. So keeping Jimmy till the wolves chelsea game means I have 1 tranny left for the cup final game week…. Hmmmm…. let’s hope Jimmy nets a hat trick tonight (against ahem sheffu).

  24. @All, I’ve just been on the now infamous Frank’s home page and noticed these new additions:

    “Dream Team Match Centre Now Added… Shows All Current Gameweek games in-play or finished on one screen with pts, ratings etc…”

    “Top 100 and Top 1000 Percentage Owned Stats Added To DreamTeam Player Data (Detailed Summary)”

    1. Thanks for the donation , I was just tweaking the Dream Team Match Centre so may of had some extra text appearing when you went on it, but its finished now
      If any of you guys want any other stuff added, just ask 🙂

  25. I’m asking myself, is their a case for leaving Salah for the remainder of the season, yes only four games, but he’s chasing the golden boot, & looked hungry tonight, Man utd front line may have 6 games left after tomorrow night, but I’m looking at my own mini league, & the two guys above me also have him but will they take him out prior to FA cup semi finals, I could use my 2 remaining transfers on going 3 Man utd defender’s, just looking at all possibilities.

    1. Could Salah be benched for one of those though, akin to Mane in that Brighton game? If I did still have him though I’d probably hang onto him till the cup games at least.

    2. Hear what you’re saying David. Depends how many other similar players you and your ML leaders have.

      Personally my ML leader is 39 pts ahead and has Salah, so I’m just hoping he gets rested a bit. I know I may lose ground when he scores but I won’t catch my ML leader with the same players so I’ve gotta be riskier and make ‘sword’ moves, not ‘shield’.

  26. Well there was me little old me feeling all smug with myself by keeping hold of JV, then Mo goes and jizzes all over my Gameweek…😂

    Working nights tonight so didn’t see any footy, sounds like he looked sharp…😬

  27. still cant get me head around points system DDT
    Ederson did not do anything not one shot saved
    yet scored 8 could have sat on a deck chair.

    1. I think each time a team scores a goal, it has a positive uplift (in terms of player rating) on each player on the pitch within that team at the time. Probably just based on the pure fact that City smashed in 5 goals is one of the reasons for Ederson’s rating.

      It’s certainly a system not without its flaws Don…

    2. It’s WhoScored’s ratings which they use as well Don if you weren’t already aware. 👍🏻

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