Review of Game Week 43

Review of Game Week 43

GW Points: 101
Overall Points: 2,052
Overall Rank: 2,817
Transfers: None used

Strangely I picked up the same points this week as I did last week. Unfortunately, this time I didn’t see a big jump on the overall leaderboard. This suggests, although my team performed well, that other players that I don’t own had a good week as well. This is probably down to players like Vardy, Greenwood and Martial. A slip on the leaderboard isn’t ideal but I’d still say I’m fairly happy with a position of 2,817 at this stage of the season, with 3 transfers still available. My game week was pretty much let down by the performance of Man City against Southampton and Laporte subsequently not featuring against Newcastle. With so many games at the moment, I think this was just unfortunate timing. 


Clean sheet points for both Maguire and TAA.

Sterling, Mane and De Bruyne all picked up some points. Fernandes continued to shine with 27 points across the game week. This was a big highlight – although I worry that most people own him now anyway.

It was great to see Salah pick up 25 points. I’d considered taking him out due to less fixtures for Liverpool but this would have been a poor move.

11 points for Rashford. As a new player to my team it was good to see him picking up over 10 points this week. 

7 points for Jesus. Not a huge positive but at the moment I’m happy with any points he’s picked up due to a really slow point scoring start since the season got going again.

Potential Issues:

There are no real issues with the team. I’ve got no injuries and the team is picking up a decent amount of points week on week. The main problem I have is how and when you use my July transfers – which I’ll cover below.

Tips for Game Week 44

Game week 44 is another double fixture week, with plenty of points up for grabs as we close in on the end of the Premier League season. Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea look to have the best fixtures across the week and Arsenal have the worst. Looking at my team, I can’t see my changing anything. It will depend on starting line ups but I’ve basically got to decide when to take out my three Liverpool players. I’m not sure when the right time would be – however if any of them start on the bench at the weekend, I may consider taking one out. 

In the longer term, the transfers I’m considering are:

TAA out, Shaw in – I’d prefer a Man City defender but there isn’t one that is being picked for every game

Mane out, Pogba/Willian in

Salah out, Martial in

I’ve also got a complete curveball in mind, which is swapping Patricio for Ederson. If I had 4 transfers I’d almost certainly do this now. However, I’m keen to move on my Liverpool players. The theory behind bringing Ederson is that Man City have some really good fixtures and Ederson is the only constant in their defence. Although he’s only ever likely to score 8 points per game. I doubt I’ll make this move but it’s certainly on my radar. 

It’s generally a tough position to be in. We firstly don’t know for certain who is going to get to the FA Cup final so it kind of makes sense to wait and see who makes it. The problem then becomes – what if the final is a dull 1-1 draw with both goalscorers being obscure players and no clean sheets. There could be very few points up for grabs in such a game so saving the transfers to target this game could be a mistake. On the flip side, I could go all in on Man City and Man Utd players – hoping that they make the final and it could end up being Arsenal and Chelsea in a massively high point scoring final. Saving the transfers could mean we could bring in players other people can’t reach and if one of them were to score incredibly well it would give a huge advantage.

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51 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 43

  1. Nice write up DT.

    Unfortunately I went too early on the Salah change and those two goals really put the top 4 contenders back into the mix in our ML.

    I have two transfer left, around £6.5m in the bank and the following team:
    Bruno F

    What would you recommend I do in my position? Jimmy has really let me down in the last 2 games scoring zero and part reason I put him in prep for the Europe games and before they changed the rules.

    I was considering swapping Jimmy for Rashford so that I have a united front two and then perhaps Mane for Mahrez/Foden but not sure if using all my transfers is a good move and I’m not sure on when I should make the move.

    Any input or advice would be appreciated.

    FYI the teams above me has
    Wan-B, TAA, Maguire, VDV
    Bruno, Traore, KDB
    Kane, Auba, Salah
    60 points ahead

    Second team:
    Wan-B, Lind, Maguire, Robo
    Bruno, Mane, Sterling
    Kane, Martial, Salah
    12 points ahead


    1. Thinking of doing this:

      Swapping from 3-4-3 to 4-4-2
      Wan-Bissaka > Mane
      Greenwood > Jimmenez

      Team would be:
      TAA – Maguire – Shaw – Wan Bissaka
      Bruno – KDB – Sterling
      Martial – Greenwood – Jesus

      Anyone have anything better of think it’s stupid 😐 ?

      1. They look good moves to me Batman. Although, keep an eye on that Liverpool team news, some sources suggesting Trent may be given a rest. GL mate!

        1. I’d agree with Chris. Although taking Mane out could be a risk – especially with first place not having him. Rashford could also be an option. Greenwood has been great and seems to be scoring consistently but this could be a short term thing.

          1. Thank you both. I’ve got to take a gamble so went for TAA out and wan-b in and jimeniz out and rashford in.

            All subs used but not many games remaining.

            All the best

  2. Thanks DTT as ever, some useful thoughts there to assist us all finish the season. I’m leading my cash ML by only 4pts so blocking not really an option as we’ve both got 2 transfers remaining. Patricio & Rashford v’s his De Gea and Jesus, really could go either way but think his two slightly edge it sadly… Will keep an eye on Liverpool’s line up tomorrow and will make a move if any of the main guys are dropped to try and increase my lead. Squeaky bum time.

    1. DDG probably won’t play the cup games if that gives you any solace Brad. Your ML is gonna go to the wire I’m reckoning. No pressure then with those transfers…😂😉

      1. Yeah that’s a difficult one. I would say he might edge you slight but as Chris says if De Gea isn’t playing in those FA Cup games you might be alright. I own Rashford and Jesus and Rashford seems the better option at the moment.

    1. Good point, I think I’ll knock that idea on the head. I thought Ederson might come in for the later stages, which would be harsh on Bravo but it’s not really worth the risk.

  3. Bravo got dropped for FA cup final last year if you remember. I had a great week with a front 3 of Auba, Salah and Vardy. I am on 2019, 604th on the main leader board and yet still 34 points off 1st in my mini league, which is very frustrating.

    I am shocked I have not seen any mention of Greenwood? Surely he’s the go to differential right now !

    1. Yep, for those of us who are chasing 🙋‍♂️ in our ML’s Greenwood could be a lovely differential. I do suspect some of the high flyers will go for hi now too mind you as his form is too good to ignore right now. Could be in for a huge season next season I’m reckoning.

      1. That’s some good going on the overall leaderboard. I think Chris is right – for me Greenwood will be the next bandwagon player and although he’s been in great point scoring form – he’s still fairly unproven. I’m sure he will prove those words wrong between now and the end of the season but I prefer the less risky options.

  4. Just a few thought on my strategy of my team:

    I can see the merit in getting Ederson for Patrício. With the European games not being counted towards DT points, I saw no need to hang on to Patrício or Wolves assets at the end of June. In the lockdown, I had written down my transfer moves and was going with Patrício, Doherty and bringing in Jimenez (Traore is not a regular starter for some reason).

    With my last remaining June transfer I swapped Patrício out for De Gea. It was a toss up between De Gea or Ederson but decided for the Utd keeper as I feel Utd have a steady back 4 well protected by Matic. City on the other hand chop and change defenders and are guilty at times of overplaying at the back with their defensive line and so concede chances and can concede sloppy goals eg. against Southampton recently. Plus I like to multiple my defensive assets from one club on occasion so I liked the thought of De Gea, Maguire and Wan Bissaka (early July transfer) in my team. Ederson would work well with Laporte but Man City are saving their resources for the FA cup and Champions league which can affect Laporte’s game time and points potential.

    So in the first week of July, I was sorry to see Doherty go but my strategy was to have a Man Utd semi block. I am a big fan of Wan Bissaka – he is very sound defensively with tackling as one of his biggest strengths with 3.8 tackles per game in the league. Also I have noticed he has had two assists recently which shows he is bombing forward to support the attack (he has covered 43.4 kilometres – the most out of any United player in the league since the premier league restart). He played as a winger at Palace youth team so can provide good crosses and the arrival of Fernandes has greatly improved his attacking threat as the playmaker threads passes to him. Wan Bissaka needs to improve on his finishing though – he missed a golden chance from Rashford’s cross last night.

    My conclusion is Man Utd are a defensively sound team and I am happy to go with De Gea, Maguire and Bissaka for the season run in.

    1. Forgot to mention my team is 2nd in DTT mini league. One point behind the leader. Very exciting to be in the run in. All the best to the contenders.

      1. Sound logic RR. AWB is on my radar too to replace a Liverpool player if on the bench tomorrow.

      2. I am top in dtt mini league at the minute had a great season So far we have 8 players the same so it’s going to come down to your Man U defenders against my Man City defenders or how we use our transfers anyway good luck everyone

        1. Yeah, you have done well David. Fair play to you. One of the main reasons I went Utd defence was because you had City defence so I needed to go towards a differential route. I think the team at third has a good chance with more differentials. Not excluding the rest of the top 100 if they take risks as I have seen 50 point leads overtaken even at this late stage.

            1. Top effort from both of you to be first and second in the league with well over 100 teams. I think if I had a 4th transfer I’d go for Ederson but due to their being so few games left, I’ll stick with Patricio. I might opt for Luke Shaw as a different option to AWB. I think AWB has a better point scoring probability but not much point having him if those above me do as well. If Shaw can grab a star man or a goal it might help push me up a bit higher.

            2. I agree with the top 10 all having a chance of winning dtt league if they take risks but I bet a lot of them will be doing well in other money leagues so might have to play it safe
              I am top in my big money league and am thinking about blocking second off at some point to give me a better chance of winning the big money

              1. I think I’m 9th but it’s hard to see how I could possibly catch up now. I’d have to make some really risky moves, which I tried at the end of last season and it backfired massively.

    2. Some impressive (and detailed) research there my friend…I doth my cap.

      AWB does seem to be improving his forward play a little more now. United are certainly THE form team right now. Could they realistically be title contenders next season? 🤔

        1. Cheers Chris. That was the condensed version of the reasons why I picked Wan Bissaka – left out his attacking prowess since Jan (his stats improved), ole’s comments on his fitness – he’s done a lot of running and most sprints (work rate and determination attributes that I like), most minutes only behind De Gea and Maguire so no rotation issues. It was supposed to be Shaw vs AWB when I was doing my decision making at the end of June but I couldn’t find the level of info on Shaw (or maybe I already had my heart set on AWB that I didn’t look deep enough on the merits of Shaw).

          One aspect of the Sun game I like is that I can plan my tactics and player selection in advance so I have time to do plenty of research on players I want to bring in – it does help me in making better decisions. I still need to improve my game and still learning.

          I don’t think I have made any impulsive decisions this season. Every transfer I have written about and logged – some require a bit of research e.g new players, 50/50 choices, differentials but some don’t eg. Salah, Aguero and the usual popular players. My impulses and gut instincts (can say rash decisions) are saved that for my TFF game (up to 35th overall but the rules are different – more transfers – most you waste on bad picks, they can be used any time, more formations – therefore different tactics). I enjoy the TFF game more in fantasy football but the Sun game is my first love so I like spending my time on it and I want to better my game.

          The odd benching of players doesn’t affect me as it used to – overplaying can affect points potential as players are tired but when the player is consistently being rotated that is a problem. So if Salah or Mane benched today I may keep them.

          Now lastly Man Utd as title challengers next season? They should be but I hope not – I don’t like them at all (even though a relative works closely with the players and staff and my cousin supports them). I have to put my personal feelings aside when I have to pick their players. I remember when I started playing fantasy football I didn’t like Luis Suarez at all so I didn’t him in my team and then he was the highest scoring player and deservedly lost my mini league. Early lesson learned – pick players regardless of personal differences.

          1. That’s a good point. As I may bring in Pogba – who I don’t like. I can’t see Man Utd being title contenders either but I’m biased as a fan. As I tend to not have much hope that they will do well these days. I’m a bigger fan of the team when it was full of players such as Keane, Scholes, Neville, Schmeichel, Van Nitstlerooy, etc but I guess I’m living in the past but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get behind a Man Utd team like I did back then. I guess it reflects when I was much younger and growing up.

            With regards to your exceptional detailed analysis and performance in the mini league. I’d be happy to make the blog bigger and better next season. If you wanted to document a team and talk about strategy for the entire season, I’d be happy to offer you a regular blog spot. The same goes for anyone else who has an interest, in posting some content.

  5. Hi all, great discussion and analysis – really helps to see what others are thinking especially at squeaky bum time.
    I’ve made up 90+ pts in recent weeks moving from 3rd to 2nd
    Currently 32 off 1st place and 8pts clear of 3rd
    My team, (0 subs used)
    Pat TAA/Mag/AWB KDB/Bruno/Pogba/Sterling Rash/Auba/Jimi

    1st (All subs used)
    Schm TAA/Robo/Mag KBD/Bruno/ Traore/Mahrez Jesus/Rash/Martial

    3rd (1 sub used)
    DDG VVD/Doh/Mag KDB/Bruno/Traore/Mahrez Ighalo/Rash/Martial

    My first sub will be Jimi /Auba > Greenwood

    Which would you go for? Jimi has the fixtures, Auba has the form and the FA cup, decisions!
    Pogba gave me a headache last night, he was 99% coming out for Willian but I’m holding on for now, I think 😊

    1. I think Pogba is definitely a hold RY with how Utd are looking plus their extra Cup fixture(s). Re Jiminez v AUB I’d personally lean to Jiminez out as Wolves have lost their last two and he has blanked in both. Arsenal are making some progress and AUB is in with a chance for the Golden Boot and has the extra Cup game(s) also. He also finishes v Villa & Watford… Good luck!

    2. Yeah, it’s got to be Jimmy for me too RY. As Brad says, Wolves seem to be running out of steam of late. I reckon Auba has more potential for bigger hauls than Jimmy too and that could be the difference at this stage of the season. GL mate!

        1. Just catching up with some of the comments but I’d agree with Chris and Brad. Wolves seem to be running out of steam and Arsenal do have those extra fixtures. I’m also looking at bringing Pogba in myself.

  6. Need advice on what to do I have 3 transfers 1.6m in bank my team is De Gea

  7. Need advice 1.6 in bank team is
    De Gea

    1. Are you behind or ahead? How much by? Who do your rivals have? Robertson, Traore & Kane I’d be keeping a close eye on just from form and rotation risk alone.

      1. 12 points of 5 and 9 points in front of 7th just struggling to think of who to bring in

    2. Potential high impact/scoring options if you needed to make a move could be Greenwood, Martial, Jesus, Pogba, Willian, AWB. Vardy, Aubamayang and Ings also chasing the Golden Boot alongside Salah. Good luck!

    3. Traore’s shoulder is still giving him issues I believe Craig so I reckon he’s being benched for the next game. I’m taking him out and I think I’ve held onto him for too long anyway tbh.

    1. I’m scrambling for differential picks now Mike at this stage so I’m plumping for Foden I reckon. He’s gone off the boil slightly in the last couple of games but I like his high points ceiling potential, even with the rotation issues. 🤞

  8. Time for the season run in! It’s been a fun one albeit incredibly frustrating. Picking form players who suddenly drop out of form. Blowing three subs at the start of a month only for injuries and red cards to hit. Subbing players out who then bag a hattrick. It’s had it all 😂

    Despite that I’m neck and neck in my ML, where I’m trailing by five points behind the leader. Two horse race as over 200 points clear of second. He seems to have blocked me quite effectively but I have a few ideas up my sleeve. My team below – his team identical other than where stated

    Ederson (he has Patricio)
    Traore (he has KDB)
    Rashford (he has Martial)

    I’ve got two transfers left against his one so there’s opportunity still. Traore to KDB and Jimmy to Martial were the transfers I wanted to make but these offer me no benefit on him. So my options are:

    TRAORE out – Wolves haven’t been firing as of late and he aggregated his shoulder in his last game. I’m thinking WILLIAN as a replacement given his form and Chelsea also have he FA Cup semi. I was also thinking FODEN but he carries rotation risk, or switching it up and going for WAN-BISSAKA given Uniteds fixtures.

    JIMENEZ out – just not done it for me since the restart which is a big disappointment. With Martial already being owned by my rival I’m thinking either GREENWOOD who is bang in form, or JESUS who is bound to pick up points on a free scoring City team but presents rotation risk.

    I’m fairly confident I know which two changes I’m making with final transfers but will be interested in opinions.

    Good luck all!

    1. I wouldn’t want to give advice with only 5 points in it, as it could cost you the league. However, my opinion would be that you can beat him with only a 5 point lead. All you’d need is a bit of luck. If Man City keep a clean sheet and Wolves don’t then you’re already potentially going top. So I wouldn’t make too many changes. I’d personally want De Bruyne over Willian. For me, he’s the only player in your teams where he has the advantage over you.

  9. Hi guys

    I am currently 2nd in my ML, 8 points behind the joint top two. My team is on the left, their different players alongside;

    Eddy – Eddy – DDG
    Shaw – Robbie – VVD
    TAA – TAA -TAA
    Mag – Doh – Mag
    KDB – KDB – KDB
    Mahr – Mahr – Azpil
    Bruno – Bruno – Bruno
    Mane – Pulis – Sterling
    Sala – Martial – Sala
    Jimi – Jimi – Martial
    Jesus – Jesus – Rash

    I have two transfers left and 6.2M ITB. I am thinking of taking;

    Jimi > Martial (as my two rivals have him) or gamble on Greenwood who is on better form?

    Should I save my other transfer for any injuries and the cup games?

    1. A lot of people seem to be going for Greenwood. As I’ve said to others, I wouldn’t want to give advice with so little in it for you as well. However, I think Greenwood is a risk – could pay off but if he doesn’t keep up his point scoring you could fall behind. I think the key to winning anything at the moment is who reaches the FA Cup final and how many transfers people save. If Chelsea were to get through and people have gone heavy on Man Utd players it could backfire. Although Chelsea could get beat in the final anyway and pick up few points. It’s a lottery at the moment.

  10. Interested to know why you would pick Shaw over Wan-Bissaka DTT?

    I only have two transfers left and three Liverpool players (TAA, Mane, Salah) so may only roll the dice if any of them get rested before the end of the season. If not then I would be tempted to switch out the offensive players as more chance of scoring points that the defenders. I’d go for Willian over Pogba but what about Pusilic?

    For Salah to Martial would you not consider Greenwood or Aubameyang depending which teams get to the final?

    1. My thinking with Shaw is that everyone is going AWB so if Shaw does well then it could gain an advantage. If Man Utd keep a clean sheet then it’s just a case of cancelling each other out if one doesn’t do any better than the other. I’d probably go offensive players over defenders if I only had two transfers left but the big problem is when do we take out Mane and Salah? If we do it before the FA Cup semi finals then it could work if you get two extra games out of Willian or Pogba. But what if Mane and Salah play against Newcastle in the last game of the season and run riot? And in between Chelsea or Man Utd get knocked out of the FA Cup. It’s impossible to predict at the moment with so much up in the air. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Liverpool’s starting line up this afternoon and will make a decision from their if any of my players are benched. To be honest, I hope they all start so that I don’t have to make a decision.

    1. Yeah I’ve just made this move. I’ve purposely gone for Shaw as he’s less owned than AWB.

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