Review of Game Week 45

Review of Game Week 45

GW Points: 50
Overall Points: 2,213
Overall Rank: 2,327
Transfers: Shaw out, Wan-Bissaka in

Overall it was a disappointing game week for me and probably ends my hopes of achieving a top 1,000 finish. The FA Cup semi finals both went the wrong way in terms of the teams who progressed to the final and I wasted a transfer bringing in Wan-Bissaka for the injured Luke Shaw. The thinking behind it was that Wan-Bissaka might get two games and I didn’t want to be carrying an injured player at this stage of the game. Ironically, I’d have been better off keeping Shaw despite him not playing. This now leaves the remaining Premier League fixtures and the FA Cup final. I’ve got one transfer left and no players from Arsenal or Chelsea – which isn’t a great position to be in. The point it does reinforce is that rushing transfers doesn’t often pan out well – I even regret bringing in Shaw in the first place as TAA scored well midweek so I could have saved myself two transfers rather than trying to force points on the board.


Another clean sheet for Patricio. He’s now the 4th highest scoring goalkeeper and was a bargain price at the start of the season.

Goal and clean sheet for Laporte – a great result for a player who is a slight differential. 

Double figure points for De Bruyne and Sterling.

Potential Issues:

I only have one transfer left so there’s not a lot I can do to resolve any issues at this stage of the season. I’m fairly happy with my team going into the final Premier League fixtures. 

Tips for Game Week 46

Looking ahead to game week 46, I’m reasonably happy with my team at the moment. However, I’ve got one transfer left to use. I’m tempted to take out Rashford, and replace him with Aubameyang. Man Utd have a more difficult fixture (although there is a lot to play for) and Arsenal face Watford – who did need a result but seemed to go on a downward spiral against Man City after sacking their manager. I think it’s worth taking a punt on Aubameyang, in case Watford collapse further and Aubameyang then has the FA Cup final fixture.

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19 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 45

  1. AWB being tested was a bummer mate but it was the best move as Shaw was out.

    Re Rashy I’ve got him martial and greenwood and I’m thinking of holding all till the cup final and then likely getting Auba. Leics have most of their back line out of action, and will probably be going for it, thus leaving space for the man u front three. My thinking is backed up here

    However yes Auba against Watford sounds tasty too. It’s a tricky one.

    Hope that’s made things crystal clear 😂😂

    1. It’s a tough call – I’m thinking Aubameyang might not start against Watford as well so we will see.

  2. Good luck all! I’m 1 point clear in my cash ML With no transfers and the guy in second has 2! I wasted my last one gambling on Salah to Jesus for the 2 extra potential matches and he has blanked in both since I bought him in obviously! Lesson learned and agree, don’t try and force the issue/transfer chasing points all the time. Salah is going to make me pay and I’m pretty certain I’m now snookered into second place unless Rashford and AWB haul some serious ass and his 2 Cup Final Transfer completely dud, oh and Newcastle’s ressies shut out Salah completely… LOL!! 🤞🤞🤣🤣🤣😢😢

    1. Stranger things have happened in football but I must admit it’s not looking promising

  3. Great write up as ever DTT. I’m too going for Auba with my final transfer, although it’s Vardy making way for me (keeping Rash and Greeny). Leicester have really stumbled all the way since the restart and have never really got going again.

    Watford really seem to be imploding so i really fancy Auba and Arsenal to run riot.

    1. Makes perfect sense to me Chris – do you think he will start though? I’m starting to question it now.

  4. I’ve got two transfers remaining and second in my mini league but 3rd and 4th are catching being 6 and 15 points behind me. I’m 40 off top so think realistically he’s too far gone. TTA was a real killer the other night especially as everyone round me has him and like you I did Trent to a Man Utd defender🙄 team is looking like this-
    Like yourself I’m thinking about moving Rashford to auba as he’s a differential in my mini league and Rashford can’t punish me cause no one has him. Other transfer I’m thinking about Doherty to a city defender who starts Sunday. Anyone have any suggestions I’ll greatly appreciate it and good luck everyone for the last full game week!

    1. It really depends how many transfers top place has. If he’s out of transfers and has no one in the FA Cup final – I’d be tempted to target that game as you could potentially close a 40 point gap – even if it’s a long shot. For example if he doesn’t have Aubameyang and he scores twice in both games – then you could be onto a winner. I’d then use the other transfer to target someone in the FA Cup final but with such fine margins in it – I wouldn’t listen to me as it will probably go the opposite way.

  5. I’m gonna see how Pep plays it before making a decision – I wonder if he will rotate Jesus out and if he does I’ll switch him for Aubameyang.

    But, if one of midfielders doesn’t start I’m tempted to switch Pusilic in. But I won’t make any final decision until I see the lineups.

    1. It’s good that they are all playing at the same time – I’d agree that if someone is dropped they should have the chop but we will see. I’m not even sure Aubameyang will start now.

  6. Sorry if being stupid but how did you change shaw for wan bissaka? Wouldnt Shaw of been locked out for month? 🤔

  7. Sorry if being stupid but how did you change shaw for wan bissaka? Wouldnt Shaw of been locked out for the month? 🤔

    1. It’s a perfectly reasonable question Adrian – players are only locked out for a week so I was able to swap the two as the changes were made in separate game weeks.

      1. My whole season any transfers I’ve done it locks that player I’ve put in and won’t let me change them for that month! I did the shaw transfer at the exact same time as your good self and still now it won’t let me take Shaw out , very strange 🤔

        1. That shouldn’t be happening – I was do mine on a laptop and find the website works better than the app. I’d get in touch with their customer services if it continues next season.

  8. Morning All,
    I’ve manged to creep to the top of my mini league by 14 points and a transfer left. He has no transfers.

    Mine v his
    Laporte v Trent
    Mane v Mahrez
    Salah v Martial

    Do you think I should block a player or roll the dice and make the move next week? I prefer my three to his with todays fixtures to be honest. If I wasn’t top i would have taken Rashford out for Auba as we both don’t have Che/Ars players?

    I also can see a spanner been thrown by Laporte not starting so all above would be a waste of discussion 🤔😆🙈

    Any feedback would be great 👍

    1. How did you get on? Assuming you did OK having a quick look at your players and his despite Mahrez scoring?

  9. I think you have answered your own question there Cef. You prefer your 3 to his so stick with that unless a player isn’t starting in which case I would then swap them out for an arsenal or chelsea player to take full advantage of the fixtures left

    1. Cheers District for the feedback 👍
      No Salah or Mane starting for me
      No TAA or Mahrez starting for him

      Its Laporte v Martial until subs come on?
      I don’t know about Salah to Auba move as he wants that 20th goal? I can see them coming on but not sure for how long? I could maybe block move Salah to Martial 🤔🤔 30 mins to go

      I’ll just go with my gut feeling before kick off

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