Review of Game Week 5

Review of Game Week 5

GW Points: 99
Overall Points: 339
Overall Rank: 13,610
Transfers: De Bruyne out, Foden in
Podence out, Mahrez in

I’ll start the review by saying I’m delighted with how the game week played out. It has been my most successful week of the season so far and I’m delighted to have jumped around 20,000 places on the overall leaderboard. I got quite a lot of satisfaction from the week as there were some difficult decisions to make. This was mainly around whether to leave Werner in or take him out and the same for De Bruyne. I’m delighted that I kept Werner (for now), many didn’t think this was a good idea but I just had a feeling that he might come good if he played down the middle. This doesn’t mean that the problem is solved but for this game week alone it was a great decision. It was also a good decision to hold onto Davies as he returned 8 points despite not playing in the league. The transfers I made only gave me an extra 5 points so that was a little disappointing but with 5 transfers now available for the month, I think this is to be expected. Mendy picking up a clean sheet with his first game between the sticks for my team was also very satisfying. For my usual standards, I felt like this was a differential pick as he stood out as a good choice to me but I don’t see many other people going for him. With two game weeks left for the month, I feel like I’m in a great position with two transfers remaining, 4.1m in the bank and a team that is on the rise.


Mendy picked up 5 points. As mentioned above, this didn’t seem like a popular pick at the time and I felt unlucky with his injury but delighted to see him return points when many keepers aren’t at the moment.

Over the moon with a clean sheet for Davies and Castange in the Europa League for two cheaper defensive assets.

15 points for Fernandes is a positive but I’d imagine most people own him anyway.

8 points for Havertz was good for the game week, but I can’t see him scoring huge points over the course of the season.

With two early goals for Kane, I was hoping for a hat trick but it wasn’t to be. Happy with 20 points anyway.

Similarly, I was hoping for a hat trick for Werner when I noticed two early goals. Regardless, for me this was the best business I did all week – not taking Werner out as I was almost certain that I was going to do it. 

I’ll take 8 points for Salah but I’d hoped for a bit more over two fixtures.

Potential Issues:

After a good game week it’s hard to see any real issues in the team. If it carried on where it left off this week I’d be delighted with another successful game week. I’ve got two transfers left to use and I don’t plan on doing anything with them unless I need to. It would probably be wise to bring De Bruyne back in if he’s fit so I’d take out either Mahrez or Foden – depending on the Man City line up. Other than that, I see no real problems unless someone gets injured.

Tips for Game Week 6

My advice for the game week is to remember that although we are pretty much at the end of October there are still two more game weeks before we get a fresh set of transfers. As a result, I wouldn’t be rushing to use any unless absolutely necessary. If you wanted to study the fixtures for this week, you can check out my tracker below: – may have some errors as I did it very quickly. 

I’m personally avoiding Man Utd players as they’ve got some difficult fixtures. Liverpool’s short term fixtures stand out, with a very good fixture coming up in the Champions League. Chelsea face Man Utd at the weekend but they’ve got very good longer term fixtures after that. Man City also have a good run until the end of the month as do Spurs but we saw heavy rotation from them last night. Leicester could be a team to keep an eye on, especially Barnes who I’ve been monitoring since the start of the season. I noticed he started last night and picked up a goal. Someone else drew my attention to him before the season started on here but he still certainly interests me at this stage given him value. I haven’t done the maths but bringing him and KDB in might even create an easier route for getting Sterling in for Werner at some point.

I’ve also included my graph which shows progress on the overall leaderboard plotted against last season. I’ve not exactly got off to a flying start but I’m very happy with how I’ve started the season. As the graph shows, I’m well ahead of last season at this early stage so early signs are very positive.

41 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 5

  1. Paul, other than checking the man city lineup for putting De bruyne back in at the expense of Foden or Mahrez, I think we need to give consideration to Man city back line, in the form of Dias or Walker, both at a good price of 3.3 & 3.1 respectively. Davies paid dividends this week in the Europa league, but I don’t think he is going to get much gametime in the premiership, champions league fixtures are tough, but Dias & Walker have double game weeks.

    1. It’s a good point David but I like Davies as an option for the time being. He should play again in the Europa League this week and you never know might come on late on for Spurs if they do grab a clean sheet in the league. Will certainly be looking to upgrade at some point and Dias or Walker could definitely be where I end up going.

  2. All looking very healthy Paul and you’re certainly in a position of power right now with a well-performing team and transfers and money itb. 💪👍🏻

    Apart from getting KDB back in when he returns, I can’t see any real issues there at all at present.

    With Spurs rotating heavily for Europa, this could adversely make Davies one to hold onto to (especially if he’s played more for those “easier” Europa games).

    1. Thanks Chris – I’ve certainly felt stronger as the season has developed. I found it difficult to pick that starting 11 and wasn’t as confident as usual but as things have settled I’ve finally got a team I’m relatively content with. Think Davies will have to go at some point but I’m happy with him for now. Once I’ve got De Bruyne back then I’ll see what I’ve got in the bank and look to improve another position.

  3. Hi ddt can you post your upcoming transfers a day before or do a live update when you post that would be beneficial to us for transfers because some of us are not all on the ball.

    1. I tend to do my transfers at the moment that I make the decision. It usually relies on seeing team line ups. Last week I had to see that Werner was starting down the middle last week for example. I’m not sure what you mean by a live update.

    1. Thanks Mick – happy with the return this week. Just need to break that 10,000 barrier on the leaderboard now

  4. Nice one Paul. Good game week like myself, hinged on making the same call on Werner, 103 points so very happy with that.

    Just looking at your team it’s crazy similar to mine bar Mendy and Davies, I have Patricio and Robertson.

    Here’s hoping for another good weekend. Fancy Salah to score well and maybe a surprise in the United vs Chelsea game, Werner/Rashford brace perhaps (bore draw incoming haha).

    Good luck all.

    1. Sounds good – it does worry me not having Robertson as I think Liverpool could have a good week. Mane is a worry as well with Liverpool having a decent Champions League fixture but he’s not very well owned in the mini league I monitor.

      1. Yeah that’s the reason i kept my double Liverpool defense. Hopefully a double clean sheet this week all being well. Trent has lost o lot of value but I don’t want to keep chasing it.

  5. Other than any injuries – the only transfers I’ll be making this weekend is Foden or Mahrez out for De Bruyne. Keep an eye on the starting line up for Man City at 11:30. If De Bruyne starts I’ll be bringing him back in for whoever doesn’t start. If he’s on the bench, I may leave him out for another week but I’ll confirm once the team news is released.

    1. Because I’m out of transfers in my main team (not my highest scoring team though frustratingly 🙄) I wouldn’t be able to bring him back until GW 8. City then face Liverpool at home & Spurs away in the PL so I might even be tempted to delay bringing him back until after the next international break. A huge gamble I know but I’m looking for ways to protect the transfers a little bit more next month as I’m blowing two right away come November.

      1. The worst thing for me is that I don’t really even want him back but I’m playing my usual risk adverse tactics. He’s so highly owned that I feel like I’ve got to have him but his point scoring form wasn’t exactly mind blowing previously. Problem is the moment you don’t have him he will go and do something. I’m half hoping he doesn’t start so that I don’t get tempted to put him back in. He could well drop in value if he doesn’t have a good week.

        1. Yeah that was my thinking re:value swings. Would love Sterling to go crazy today though…He’s got a good record against WHU historically.🤞

  6. One player to keep an eye on over the next few weeks in Tuanzebe at United. Didn’t see the game but apparently he really impressed against PSG and he’s got pace, something which that United back-line have been missing of late. If he can secure a place in the starting XI he could be a real bargain. Currently priced at £1.9m.

      1. Great read again DTT

        My team.





        I have 3 transfers left and 5.1m itb

        I’m think Ake Out for Ruben Dias.
        Ske doesn’t seem to start all the time or is injured. Will obviously keep him in if he starts today.

        William Out ( Injured ) I wanted him for the Europa league but he was injured.
        KDB in if he starts today.

        Do you think that’s too much City coverage?

        Anyone got any thoughts on my team?



        1. Are you bringing KDB in? I’m in the same situation where I’ve got Foden but not De Bruyne. Both on the bench so I’m tempted to get KDB back in now.

          1. I’m gonna bring him in now.
            I will eventually so might as well while they are both on the bench👍🏻

            Dias or Walker 4 Ake?

  7. Thoughts on the KDB/Foden dilemma? I’m tempted to just bite the bullet and put KDB back in. Both on the bench.

    1. It’s a tough one but in your position I would probably make the change. More defensive than attacking but I think you need to cover the threat with so many others in your main league owning him. Having a good start means defensive tactics are the sensible (albeit maybe a little boring!) move at this point.

      1. Yeah I’ve made the change – after a good start I just want to stick with the pack for the time being. Makes sense to bring him in.

      1. With both of them on the bench I think KDB will come on over Foden especially if they go a goal down. I don’t know it’s a tricky one ahhhh 😬 😂

  8. Can we make the Foden KDB switch? I didn’t think we could as we have used already this round of subs.

    1. Thanks RR – you’re still beating me though 😂 think that might be a theme for the rest of the season

  9. I’m going kdb personally. Was gonna replace him for foden anyway, so as they’re both benched makes sense for me to do now as a long term move

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