Review of Game Week 5

Review of Game Week 5

Best Team 

GW Points: 54
Overall Points: 337
Overall Rank: 20,883

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 47
Overall Points: 253
Overall Rank: 298,588
Transfers used: Coutinho out, Cucurella in

Game week 5 was another slow game week. A bad result for Arsenal against Man Utd cost me significant points with rotation also taking place in the Europa League. My Liverpool players had another poor week with only Diaz picking up some decent points. Alexander-Arnold is the typical example of how 50/50 decisions can go against you – he was the same price as Cancelo at the start of the season. I could have easily gone for either of them but TAA scored slightly better last season and had higher ownership than Cancelo and typically he’s the one that’s made a much better start. Ironically, the two players I was tempted to take out with no European football this week ended up getting 8 points each and a value rise to go with it. It’s been a strange start to the season and my team is nowhere near where I want it to be, but I’m hoping for a big slice of luck to get back in contention. I also decided not to use any transfers last night as none of my key targets had a huge game week and with PL games being cancelled this weekend. 

Here are my thoughts on each player:

Ramsdale: -2 points. Another bad week for Ramsdale. Could have been tempted to swap him for Lloris if I had plenty of transfers left but didn’t see it as a big priority. If they were playing this weekend, I’d hoped they would get a clean sheet against Everton but there’s a chance Ramsdale won’t play at all this week now. 

Alexander-Arnold: 2 points. Not happy with his returns so far this season, in hindsight, wish I’d started with Cancelo. Would have considered taking him out last night under normal circumstances. Will monitor.

Saliba: -3 points. Poor return due to the Man Utd result. Hoped he would bounce back against Everton this weekend. That fixture has now been cancelled. 

Trippier: 8 points. Couldn’t ask for much more than 8 points, happy with that return and value rise but may move on due to the lack of European fixtures – especially with PL games not going ahead this weekend and assuming European games will.

Cucurella: -1 point. Bad start in my team, even worse that Chilwell came on and scored. Question marks now over who will start with Potter coming in. It looks like he left on good terms so hopefully, this gives him the edge when it comes to starting over Chilwell and hopefully they improve quickly at the back.

Diaz: 8 points. Not a massive week but can’t complain with 8 points. Keep for now.

Saka: 4 points. Thought he played well enough to pick up a rating. Shame he didn’t start in the Europa League. May have to consider moving him on longer term.

Mbeumo: 8 points. Can’t ask for much more than 8 points from a cheap enabler. Not a long term solution with no European fixtures though.

Salah: 0 points. Awful game week, looks out of sorts. Just thankful that Kane dropped in value more than Salah did.

Haaland: 21 points. Another big return, scary to think how many points Haaland will finish on. He’s a season long pick if he stays fit.

Jesus: 2 points. Not a great return this week and didn’t play in the Europa League. Despite this, he’s still a point ahead of Kane for the season and the 4th highest scoring striker so it’s not an easy decision to take him out. 

Player watchlist

Given that Premier League games have been cancelled this weekend, and assuming that the European fixtures will go ahead, we can only really consider players who will be involved in those fixtures:

Kane – remains top of my list despite dropping in value and only scoring 8 points last week. Decent fixtures in the Champions League is the main reason for this.

De Bruyne – hard to ignore given the start he’s had to the season. The only problem is getting him in and I think he’s out of reach for me at the moment if I want Kane.

Cancelo – could have started with him instead of TAA but now the gap between them is too big. I’d love to bring him in but realistically I think he’s going to be out of reach for now.

Emerson Royal – still on my list from last week and continues to be scoring well. Good value considering Spurs should do well this season. Could be a good replacement for Trippier.

Fofana – one to monitor. Not sure I fancy the double up just yet but if Chelsea improve quickly, he could be a bargain.

Sessegnon – great value but think he’s going to face a lot of rotation.

Sterling – scored well the week before last but blanked again last week. One to monitor. 

Dalot – if Man Utd have turned a corner, he’s a bargain and he scored OK so far this season.

Plan for game week 6

It’s going to be a bit of a strange game week. No PL fixtures but I’m assuming European fixtures will go ahead. There is also uncertainty about PL fixtures the week after, with an International break the weekend after. As a result, I’ll probably use transfers during game week 6 as there’s less of a risk involved with a reduced number of games this month. How far I’ll go with my transfers is another question. We will get to see the Spurs line up, should Sessegnon start, I can bring him in for Trippier and then swap Jesus for Kane. I could then go as far as Mbeumo out for Sterling and TAA out for someone like Dalot but that might be a step too far considering the game weeks left in the month. It would be useful if we could get clarity on whether there will be any PL fixtures before the International break or not. Until we get a little more info it’s hard to say what to do for the week ahead, but I’m certain I’ll make some changes.

If you’re interested in the fixtures for the clubs involved in Europe, you can check them out here:

My other teams

My best team didn’t perform as well as it did last week and ended up dropping on the leaderboard slightly. It’s still doing fairly well on 337 points. That team was let down by blanks from Sterling, Odegaard, Kulusevski, Saliba, Cucurella and Salah. 

I had two teams who hit a high score of 69 for the game week. I’ve got De Bruyne in both of those teams so his points really helped. 

I’m still finding that most of my teams are starting to look very similar as I’m favouring the same players with the same logic when it comes to scoring points across the month. There are also a couple of teams that I’ve pretty much given up on already due to really poor starts.

I’ve dropped in the graphic below that shows all of my teams for complete transparency. 

15 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 5

  1. I no its not your way Paul but im steaming in
    with my last 4 transfers i need to bring my team
    in the fold beleave it or not am bringing in Richarlison
    by doing that give me 3 better players as well,

    1. I’m struggling with ideas for transfers. Thinking Kane and Sessegnon in for Jesus and Trippier. Not sure how much of an upgrade it is unless Kane hits a big score. Not sure Sessegnon starts either.

  2. Still remains a tough start to the season, long way off in my cash mini leagues, managed to get De bruyne in one of my teams last night, happy with most players in my teams, the luck not on my side atm, hopefully see an upturn soon, players up for consideration in October, would be Allison, with Arsenal’s fixtures getting tougher, & a Man city regular defensive asset, Cancelo could be near 8 million by then, on a more sombre note Queen Victoria 70yrs on the throne, quite incredible dedication to duty,unparalleled.As she was a lover of sport, surely every football club in the land showing pictures of her, observing minutes silence or better still raucously singing the national anthem, clapping & cheering may of been a better option in paying respect to a great britain & a great woman/figurehead. RIP.

    1. nearly every sports channel on tv and radio
      about the queen I respect the monarch but I have never been
      a royalist myself.
      rugby cricket is on why not football cannot see the problem

  3. Gone Full 5 Transfers. Maguire and Sancho and Nunes been stuck with for a Horrifying 3 Week Period. Cancelo now takes the Place of Maguire and PEA for Chelsea for Nunes. Had to Sacrifice Jose Sa for Pope in Goal to Accommodate price rises. See how it Goes.

      1. You still doing those Don with Man Utd’s fixture against Leeds being called off at the weekend.

    1. Have you locked those in or still debating it after the fixtures have been cancelled at the weekend?

      1. haven’t locked in yet can change them up to kick of tonight
        man u are playing Thursday Sancho and Delot will play
        im sure.
        as for the game with Leeds not to bothered about them
        not playing, they will play latter on in the season.
        have 4 transfers left putting in Kane for Salah just to give me more funds
        dont think I will loose out on points though.
        taking Harrison out for Diaz to compensate for Salah.
        taking out AKE and Carvalho, putting in Sancho and Dalot.
        hopefully man u keep on improving.

        1. The only thing putting me off their players is no fixture at the weekend and City after the International break.

  4. to other players I am maybe considering Paul
    are Zouma DF Soucek or Fornals MF. the problem
    being dont think they will not start in the conference
    league though.

    1. Depends who you are taking out, if it’s an Arsenal player, you can check the West Ham line up first.

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