Review of Game Week 6

Review of Game Week 6

GW Points: 99
Overall Points: 438
Overall Rank: 4,427
Transfers: De Bruyne in, Foden out

All in all it was another fantastic game week. 99 points on the board and a further jump on the overall leaderboard. I’m now comfortably into the top 10,000 teams with a brilliant position of 4,427. It’s a great place to be so early on in the season and momentum is certainly with the team at the moment. In fact, it’s the highest position I’ve ever been so early on. The only negative I can take from the game week was one slip up by taking Foden out and putting De Bruyne back in. Foden went on to score more points over the week but with both starting on the bench I played it safe by putting De Bruyne in. I’d have been much better off taking Mahrez out but as he started the game, I couldn’t justify it. I’ll come onto the specifics below, but I just wanted to highlight one specific high point. Bringing in Mendy has been nothing short of a masterstroke – not many others went for him and he’s returned some excellent points since and continues to rise in value. I’ve received criticism in the past for following the crowd and playing a fairly risk averse game but the selection of Mendy proves that my logic isn’t always about what the majority think. 


As mentioned above Mendy picking up 16 points was a fantastic result.

I’ll take 13 points from TAA given his poor point scoring start to the season. 

Happy with 5 points from Davies given how cheap he is. 

Also very happy with 8 points for Castagne, shame he’s picked up an injury as I’d be more than happy to keep him for the long haul. 

12 points for KDB was a relief after Foden picked up a good amount of points at the weekend. These 12 points helped to balance out that bad decision. 

Steady points for Fernandes Salah.

More points for Kane, he’s probably been my pick of the season so far as his ownership hasn’t been as high as expected and many dropped him early on.

I was over the moon with 15 points for Werner. I was so close to taking him out for Sterling but he’s doing the business in terms of getting points on the board, which is really all that matters. I didn’t see the game but from the comments I took that he was lucky to get star man. Either way he’s only worth around the 4m and someone like Sterling is almost twice the price with only a few more points. We’ve got to save money somewhere in the team so for me Werner is currently very good value based on his points total. It will catch me out at some point and I fully expect Sterling to outscore him over the season but the question is by how much. 

Potential Issues:

I’ve got one transfer left and an injury to Castagne so he will be my final transfer of the month. I’ve not decided who I’ll bring in yet but looking at the fixtures someone like Zouma could be an option. I’m not sure I’m keen on the Chelsea double up so may look at a Man City defender. I’ll need to have a closer look at the fixtures before making a decision.

Mahrez is another issue after blanking this week and doing very little last week. Annoying because he’s a player who is capable of scoring 200 plus points over the season. Either way he’s not injured so he’s one to address with next month’s transfer allowance. 

Tips for Game Week 7

I’d imagine most of us are down to our last transfers, and many won’t have any left at all. In these circumstances it’s hard to know what to suggest for game week 7. I’m personally removing Castagne as he’s injured. It’s another double game week with City and Chelsea looking like they’ve got the best fixtures. Leicester and Spurs also have good fixtures but we’ve seen a lot of rotation from Spurs in the Europa League. I’m half tempted to bring in Zouma or Chilwell based on Chelsea’s fixtures but I do worry about the Chelsea defensive double up. Walker, Dias or Cancelo could be worth considering. There’s also Justin or Fofana at Leicester for cheaper options.

For those who are interested in my graph that maps against last season, here’s the updated version. As you can see I’m well ahead of where I was this time last year so let’s hope this continues for the duration.

40 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 6

  1. Fantastic week DTT you’re storming it mate. All wise decisions too, regardless of how the transfer panned out.

    Man city rotate defence too often to know who will start, maybe aside from walker.

    Whereas Chelsea seem to start the same each time pretty much. So for me I’m getting chilwell or zouma for castagne.

    Cancelo is man city’s highest scoring Def on 21 pts. Chil n Z both on 52.

    1. Yeah I agree, I’m going to risk it and double up. Probably with Zouma as this will leave me funds to upgrade Davies at some point.

  2. Hey DTT,

    After castagne picking up an injury I’ve gone Zouma. Think Chelsea are capable of picking up more clean sheets than city over the next month. City also have Liverpool and Tottenham through November.

  3. Great game week again Paul. Your team is doing very well. 25 points infront of mine.

    I was left a little baffled again by some of the price changes. I anticipated Zouma rising by 0.3m but I didn’t think Castagne would as well, I was thinking 0.1/0.2 which is why I made the move before the deadline.

    Hoping hes not rested now 😳

    Chilwell only a 0.1m gain was strange when Trent went up 0.3m 🤔

    1. Thanks C&B I was also baffled by some of the price changes. I’ll be sticking Zouma in today

  4. Tremendous start to the season Paul and thoroughly deserved mate. 👏

    As you say only Castagne to remove this week.

    Moving forwards Mahrez’s minutes might fall a little when Jesus (& Aguero) returns but a safe enough hold until they do.

    I think you’re right to be wary of a Chelsea double up. Although the fixtures are good and they’ve improved, I’m still not convinced Chelsea’s defensive issues have been resolved overnight.

    1. Thanks Chris – I’m going to risk the Chelsea double up I think. Mahrez will need to come out but it’s knowing who to go for, not a huge number of options in midfield.

  5. Resident wolves fan here. I know Podence hasn’t been amazing as of yet, but he’s been mentioned quite a lot on here.

    Half time in the Wolves game, and he’s been instrumental. Maybe one to monitor if he can build on it.

    1. Adding to this, although he wasn’t as good in the second half, it was between Podence and Semedo for Star man watching the game. I’m not sure how Neto got it.

      Semedo looks a different class and could get some worthwhile points.

      1. Having had no choice but to keep Podence this month I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see him continually starting ahead of Traore. Nuno seems to want to play more of a possession based game now so maybe this doesn’t suit Traore as much?

        Nice to get off to a solid start to the GW for a welcome change! 😂

        Such a shame Wolves aren’t in Europe this season as I’m sure there would be loads more interest in their players. Semedo looks class. 👌🏼

        1. I have Semedo… went to bed with his 8 points and woke up to 13 as he’s now (rightly) got the star man award. Just hit 850 rank overall! I don’t however have any transfers left to tackle Castagne sadly so so grateful for Semedo’s points on the board this week.

          1. That’s very weird as Neto still has it on Whoscored. You’re right though, Semedo does have it on DT.

            1. Cheers Chris. Don’t feel I’ve done anything special but Mendy, Semedo, Foden & Son have made the difference for me. Team in good shape bar Castagne with no transfers left this week. See what the rest of this GW brings…

          2. Agreed, Semedo definitely deserved it overall. I’m happy about that (not that I have him).

            I never thought I’d see the day Wolves were poaching players from Barcelona!

        2. Yeah he’s probably not got a great return for you overall but as you say is consistently starting over Traore and could get on a roll hopefully.

          It’s weird with Traore. Figures get banded about that big teams will play up to £100m for him and then we keep him and he can’t get in the team. As you say, he’s more one for the counter attack maybe or a ‘Plan B’ if needed. I think that’s what the bigger teams would want him for as well. He seems to have turned himself into a ‘one-man plan b’ which he really probably doesn’t want to be!

    2. I had Podence briefly but he didn’t do much for me. I can’t get my head around Wolves not starting Traore after the season he had last year.

  6. On the game week, excellent again Paul. You’ve had a fine start.

    I’m struggling to balance my team at the moment having Sterling/Kane/Salah. I’ve had them from pretty early on so have benefitted from price rises, but if I don’t sell them then really all I’m benefiting from is that others can’t afford them.

    I have Castagne and Marcal which gives me 2 injuries for the week. Only 1 transfer left so going to swap Castagne for Zouma primarily because I can afford players like Zouma taking out Castagne.

    I’m happy with my midfield for now but defence/keeper need sorting.

    As people will have realised, having Sterling over Werner narks me; especially as I think Werner has been poor. As it stands though, I have to agree with Paul in that Werner is much better value from a purely points-based view. I may have to consider the swap to balance out the team.

    Keep it up Paul. I hope Werner can keep it up for you

    1. Thanks Chris – I wasn’t keen on having Werner myself to be honest. I wanted a front three of Sterling, Kane and Salah but I opted against it for the reasons you’ve mentioned. Most of the time I think I’m riding my luck with Werner and at some point Sterling is going to have a massive week.

  7. Great game week review as always Paul!!

    I’ve copied cat your team in both my mini leagues. Sitting in 2nd in both leagues. So I’m over the moon. So thank you!

    From reading this week’s comments. I like the sound of Rashford if Werner hits blanks.

    Maybe Mahrez might get a bit of luck this weekend if he starts against Sheffield United.

    Shame that Castagne has got injured. You mentioned Justin. Could he be worth as shout since most have jumped on Zouma and Chilwell? Guys above and below me have them both. Now they’re shipping Mendy in.

    I was wrong about Bale a few weeks back. He still hasn’t scored.

    1. Sometimes Mick you need to do the boring dull moves getting in players others around you have, if they are on form and look likely to continue scoring points. You’ve got plenty of time to make differential moves later on. With Leicester’s defensives injures and Chelsea’s 4 clean sheets in a row, I know where I’d be placing my chips from taking Castagne out if I had a transfer left…

      1. You’re right Brad. Makes things more straightforward for the moment. I Always get this brainwave about thinking outside the box but the logical answer is in front of my eyes. Wise answer thank you 🙏

        Now who to pick, Chilwell or Zouma?

    2. Thanks Mick, I’m going to go for Zouma I think. Justin is tempting but Leicester are fairly depleted at the back so might not be as strong defensively.

      1. Thank you Paul. I wouldn’t be sitting where I am if it wasn’t for your blog and everyone’s input.

  8. Allison

    3 transfers left 3.1 million in the bank.

    Any thoughts?. Thanks so much.

    1. Nice position to be in. I’d definitely be doing Mahrez to KDB first and foremost. Then you need to take Castagne out. Like many have said probably for a Chelsea defender. Personally I’ve gone for Zouma purely because he’s £0.8m cheaper. Beyond that you’ve got a pretty good team there.

      The only one you might want to look at is Davies but he seems to keep picking points up so I’m not sure I’d change that even. You’d have £0.4m to improve Davies if you put KDB in for Mahrez and Zouma in for Castagne. The only person I reckon worth considering in the £2.5m and under bracket (Davies is £2.1m plus your £0.4m left over) is Fofana of Leicester at £2.4m. Seems to have started well and with their injuries is playing both games each week. Only consideration is that obviously they are weaker at the back with the injuries they have.

  9. Fantastic week. Well played DTT. 👏

    Right now I am reasonably satisfied with my SDT performance. My top team is on 446 points and top of the work mini league. 1 transfer left.

    My next best team is my diary team (like DTT I chose one of my teams and write about it, first time that I getting paid for my writing so under pressure to make successful and enjoyable to read). It scored 108 pts this week and on 439 points overall. It is top of the fiso elite league that I am in with so many better managers than me so maybe there is an element of overachieving. I find keeping a diary like DTT keeps you focused and not lose interest and it’s particularly enjoyable to write when you have had a great game week.

    Lastly my third best team is the one in the one in the DTT mini league (always have a knack of entering my third best team here in DTT mini leagues). Not great at 404 points but not giving up on that team. I thinking up a plan on how I can turn that team around.

    1. Looking in good shape there RR! 👌🏼

      I wouldn’t underestimate yourself either mate. You proved with your finish last season (and previous seasons) you can go toe to toe with any DT manager. GL with the ML!

  10. Last transfer, Dias & Walker start, so cheaper option Walker goes into team, Laporte playing also strengthens them defensively.

    1. Good move David – with Walker on my list I was gutted to see him score after going for Zouma instead.

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