Review of Game Week 6

Review of Game Week 6

GW Points: 54
Overall Points: 340
Overall Rank: 158,001
Transfers: None used

After a positive game week 5, this week was back to reality with a huge drop on the overall leaderboard. I honestly couldn’t have been more unhappy with how the week went. When you see Man City scoring 8 goals and you know Aguero started the game, you’d expect him to get at least a couple. You certainly wouldn’t expect B. Silva to pick up a hat trick. This is a bigger problem when you consider that I started with him in my team and he did very little and was even being benched. It made absolute sense to take him out and then it completely backfires with a hat trick no one would have predicted. I’d also heard that Aguero could have easily had 4-5 goals himself but missed a lot of chances. On top of that, the likes of Aubameyang continue to score goals despite Arsenal not performing overly well. Then we throw in the mix that Maitland-Niles got sent off (harshly I’ve heard), Zinchenko missed two potential clean sheets and Everton manage to concede twice against Sheffield Utd. All in all it was a disastrous week but I still can’t regret a single decision I’ve made. I can only put it down to poor luck in the majority of areas.


10 points for Aguero is a positive but not in the context of a 8-0 victory.

A goal and 8 points for Kane.

Star man and 10 points for Robertson.

Clean sheet for Mina in the cup was about my only bit of luck during the week.

3 points for Patricio was welcomed after his poor start to the season.

15 points for Sterling in the cup game.

Potential Issues:

I’ve got 4 players of concern and this has a knock on effect to my front three:

Zinchenko could become a problem if he keeps getting benched. It’s simple to resolve – Otamendi is currently their only fit senior centre back so a straight swap would work. This would however require a transfer.

Maitland-Niles picked up minus points this week. He’s scored well to date but with Bellerin looking likely to be involved again shortly I’ll probably need to move him on at some point.

Mina is becoming a concern with his lack of clean sheets since I bought him in.

Patricio and Wolves in general have made a very poor start. He really needs replacing.

The problem with replacing these players is budget. As a result, I may not be able to justify keeping Aguero if other cheaper strikers continue to outscore him. I should have stuck to my logic and kept Aubameyang really. As this would have saved me a transfer. I’ll almost certainly need the funds to upgrade some of these players at some point.

Tips for Game Week 7

There are a few teams with decent fixtures for game week 7. These include:

Liverpool: Sheff Utd (A), Red Bull (H)
Chelsea: Brighton (H), LOSC (A)
Man City: Everton (A), Zagreb (H)

Teams with more difficult fixtures include:

Man Utd: Arsenal (H), AZ (A)
Arsenal: Man Utd (A), Standard (H)
Spurs: Southampton (H), Bayern (H)

I’m personally looking at the following changes:

If Zinchenko is benched, I’ll be bringing in Otamendi. If both start I’ll stick with Zinchenko.

For my final transfer of the month, I’m then tempted to take out Mina for James as Everton play Man City this weekend. It’s a tough call though, as I see the value in Mina if Everton can start picking up a few more clean sheets again. I’m starting to see less value in James than I did a week or two ago with Man Utd starting to look very poor.

Looking further ahead to next month. I’ll be tempted to drop Aguero for Aubameyang. This will free up some funds to upgrade Maitland-Niles or Patricio to a much stronger option.

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37 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 6

  1. Great article as always, this year it seems hard to get any consistent weeks , 1 or 2 decent then an average one. I think your thought process is logical. I swapped zinchenko for otamendi last week. The one issue on horizon for me is same as you Mina. How much you got in bank? Isnt it time to go 343 and swapping mina for midfielder ?

    Team with 374 points and 500k in bank





    With mina playing city and only having 1 game this week I am thinking of swapping him but its who for as he seems to play in carabao cup ?

    1. I’d be swapping Mina for James but it doesn’t look like that’s an option for you. If I were you I’d probably hold onto him for now as I can’t see a decent option with only 500k in the bank. Do you only have 1 transfer left? I’ve only got 200k in the bank.

  2. Things have been really unpredictable this season, I am still seething over the Norwich v Man City game as I took Cantwell and Pukki out because who would have thought they would do so well!

    I totally agree about Zinchenko I’ve taken the hit and swapped him out. I don’t have Mina I am still rocking Digne, Robertson and now Otamendi in the back with Pickford.

    Sterling, KDB, Mane & Mount in Mid
    Salah, Kane & Pukki up front.

    I’m leaning towards:

    Kane Abraham – He seems to be having a good season so far, I guess I should jump on the train while I can. Plus what a saving! Plan B will be Auba but might wait a few weeks for that.

    Now in the Mid, do I bring Silva back in or stick to my guns in booting him originally. Other option would be McGinn… Or do I stick with Mount and give him a little bit of time.

    1. I wish I’d done the Zinchenko to Otamendi transfer last weekend but I didn’t imagine Otamendi would get a goal. I’ve put Abramham in some of my teams but haven’t got the guts to put him in my main team. Despite the hat trick I won’t be moving back to B. Silva myself.

  3. DTT, what’s the plan if Zinchenko starts, are we looking at Mina & Patricio out, James & Pope in, changing to 4-3-3, or is Miles to come out before Mina.

    1. I’ll be keeping Patricio at least until next month. I’ll probably hold the transfer if he does start and may well take Mina out for James still.

  4. Great review DTT, I’m hoping that things start to pick up as well – Im on similar points!

    Question – Im considering swapping out a striker to free up funds for upgrades. Any reason you’re looking at Aguero over Kane or Salah? He’s out performing the other 2..

    Im currently thinking Salah to Firmino/Arbraham but will be waiting until w/e 19th Oct so this may change depending on performances between now and then.

    1. Kane is cheaper is one reason and I think we will see Aguero and Jesus sharing much more game time in the double game weeks. Whereas I think Kane and Salah are nailed on to start in the league and Champions League. They could start to pick up more points than Aguero if this is the case.

    1. Do you think he’s likely to be dropped on Monday? He’s back from suspension isn’t he?

  5. Great review DTT.

    I’m guessing it’s cos Kane is .7M cheaper but may I ask why aguero would get ousted and not Kane? Augero is beating Kane on points and also points per game. Man City look good, Spurs dont. Man City have decent fixtures for a bit.

    1. Yeah Kane being cheaper is one reason and I think we will see Aguero and Jesus sharing much more game time in the double game weeks. Whereas I think Kane and Salah are nailed on to start in the league and Champions League. They could start to pick up more points than Aguero if this is the case.

        1. Agree with DTT as Aguero likely to be playing once a week as City don’t really need to play in the champions league as their group is not that difficult compared to Spurs and Liverpool who didn’t win their first game so Salah and Kane can’t be rested.

          Think Aubamenyang is the ideal replacement with Lacazette injured.

          1. I was tempted to take Aguero out today but I think I’ll give him one more game week and see what happens in the Champions League. I suspect as you say that he will be benched.

          2. Hear what you’re saying, altho a rotated aguero may still get more points that kane at the mo.

            Defo agree auba is the only alternative.

        2. Yeah they absolutely do and that is a concern but he’s still scoring OK and they’ve looked a bit better with Son back.

  6. Patricio has two games this week inc a home tie v Watford and the Europa League so I’m leaving him in for one last hurrah…

    I still have 1 transfer remaining so will see if Zinc starts (Otamendi) and then also AMN (other Arsenal or Utd defenders possibly short term or do early Pat out before next months allocation.

      1. Think it might be worthwhile to stick with Patricio as Wolves fixtures look good after the October international break.

        1. Yeah I think these cheaper players will go through rough patches. He seems to be getting the nod in the Europa League as well so could potentially pick up a few points there.

          1. Don’t see the point in replacing Patricio unless you go for elite goalkeepers Ederson or Alisson as other cheap goalkeepers don’t have the extra European games. So if Patricio manages one clean sheet a week (possible from Oct onwards) then could be worth hanging onto.

  7. Does anyone see the merits in tierney , holding or chambers at arsenal are they likely to get game time with arsenal playing twice this week? Chambers seems to be liked by the ratings- holding and tierney just coming I know but look useful as options against AMN
    Also what about tomori at chelsea, cheap and again another youngster frank fancies especially with christiansen and rudiger struggling with injuries? I know chelsea leaking at present but they are showing signs of getting in groove?

    1. I’ll be staying away from any Arsenal defenders when I remove Maitland-Niles and the same probably goes for Chelsea. I’ve got no confidence in either team keeping clean sheets.

  8. @DTT, Mina to Rodri? He’s started every game and seems to always get +7s. He got MOM game before last too.

    Or, even though West Ham aren’t a team in our traditional ‘players from the top 7 teams’ strategy, they are 5th at the moment (early days I know), how about Mina to Yarmolenko?

    1. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of Rodri. He’s scored OK considering his playing position but I never pick defensive midfielders. I can’t say I fancy West Ham either so doubt I’d go for any of their players. With the European competitions underway I like to pick up players who should have extra games.

        1. Who you considering Badge? As I’ve got mina. I’m.looking at Alonso or tomori at chelsea but they dont get any clean sheets. Also looking at chambers maitland niles or tierney but rotation risks at arsenal

          1. Sorry for the delay Ajf, I’ve been watching Dora the Explorer!

            I’ve got maitland niles already but yes chambers has snook under the radar and alonso did used to get amongst the goals regardless of lack of CSs.

            This morning I was thinking yarmolenko and hes scored again. Or even Rodri. Normally I wouldn’t go for a central mid but he’s chalking up the points.

            Also Mcginn at villa who scored again today.


  9. DTT, if you are considering losing Aguerro in the not to distant future, this week coming, Aubamayang probably 2 games, to Aguerro’s probable 1 game.

    1. Absolutely – I’ll be monitoring this week and he could be swapped for Aubameyang in October. This will free up further funds to upgrade Maitland-Miles.

    1. There is but I’d personally rather wait a week. Aguero has outscored the other strikers so far after all.

      1. I’ve changed my mind on that David. With Aguero being benched it makes sense to take him out. So my transfers are:

        Aguero out, Aubameyang in
        Mina out, Otamendi in

  10. still cant get me Ed around dream team scoring system
    thought A Arnold deserved an 8 all he got was 5 some of the blocks
    he maid where outstanding. yet zinchenco gets an 8 mind boggling or what.

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