Review of Game Week 7

Review of Game Week 7

GW Points: 113
Overall Points: 453
Overall Rank: 32,905
Transfers: Aguero out, Aubameyang in
Mina out, Otamendi in

Game week 7 was a hugely successful game week, probably the best week of the season so far for me. A return of over 100 points resulted in a massive jump on the overall leaderboard. I’m still not all that close to where I want to be but I’m happy with the game week after jumping over 100,000 places. This just shows how fine the margins are for success. The transfers paid off with Aubameyang outscoring Aguero and Otamendi outscoring Mina. Apologises to those who missed these transfers but the key to this game is being on top of transfers when line ups are announced. This resulted in a change of plan but I did post this up pretty much as soon as the teams were announced for the Man City Everton game. With Zinchenko starting and Aguero being benched this was always going to be on the cards. Either way it panned out well for this week but I’m still not 100% sure longer term as Aubameyang didn’t play in the Europa League, despite starting in the previous round.


2 clean sheets for Patricio, this was well timed as I was considering taking him out.

A goal and 11 points for Robertson.

A clean sheet for Otamendi.

A clean sheet for Maitland-Niles. Despite missing the league game at the weekend, you can’t ask for much more than 5 points in a game week from a player of his value so I was happy with this result.

A decent 23 points for Sterling. He will be staying in my team for the season.

8 points for Mane, a little disappointed he didn’t get more with a double game week but it was better than nothing at all.

5 points for Mount, again given his value this isn’t a bad return.

18 points for Salah, this was almost inevitable at some point.

12 points for Kane, Spurs have been poor but as long as he keeps picking up points he will stay in. I’m just hoping for that big week at some point soon.

8 points for Aubameyang with a goal against Man Utd.

Potential Issues:

On the back of my best game week to date, I wouldn’t say the team has many issues. However there are three areas I’ve identified to consider:

Zinchenko – he didn’t even make the squad during the Champions League fixture. Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of options with 0.9m in the bank. If he starts this weekend I’ll leave him in with the international break approaching. If he doesn’t start, I’m likely to look at Mahrez. Several people pointed him out in the comments over the week and I found it hard to disagree. He’s getting plenty of game time and points to go with it. There’s also the option of a more premium defender, I’d initially identified Alexander-Arnold as an option until Liverpool conceded 3 in the Champions League but either way we’ve got lots of options.

Maitland-Niles – he now faces tough competition from Bellerin and Chambers. Despite this fact, he’s still picked up a healthy number of points so far this season given his value. He was also deployed in midfield last night. A defender playing out of position is a great asset as he still collects the clean sheet bonus but in theory should be more likely to pick up attacking points. As a result I’m tempting to keep him at the moment. Having said that, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal all play at 2pm on Sunday with Man Utd following at 4:30pm. As a result if he’s not in the starting line up, I could look at moving him on based on who starts for the other teams. In reality though, if I’m going for Mahrez eventually, I can’t take Maitland-Niles out for a midfielder. It would have to be a defender and I’d only have 2.8 in the bank. I can’t really see a much better option at the moment within this budget. The only names that jump out are Lindelof, Tierney, Azpilicueta and Tomori and I’m not sure if any of these are currently a massive improvement. Maybe one of the two from Chelsea but they don’t seem to be keeping clean sheets at all.

My final concern is the third striker position. I can’t seem to settle on a player in this role. I’ve gone from Aubameyang to Aguero and back to Aubameyang. I’m still not 100% happy with this after Aubameyang didn’t play in the Europa League as I imagine Aguero will outscore him on a game by game basis if they get similar game time. Unfortunately I’m going to have to stick with this decision for the time being and just see how it pans out. 

Tips for Game Week 8

Game week 8 is a strange week as it falls just before another international break and we’ve got a fresh set of transfers. My personal plan is to not make any transfers unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s a short game week and it may make more sense to use these transfers after the break. However, if you are looking at making some moves, the teams with the best fixture is:

Newcastle V Man Utd
Southampton V Chelsea
Brighton V Spurs
Arsenal V Bournemouth
Man City V Wolves
Liverpool V Leicester

Unfortunately it appears to be the teams who are less consistent with results who have easier fixtures. This could make it very difficult to predict which players are going to perform best this week.

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15 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 7

  1. Well done team DTT. Great week.

    And yes I think we could give maitland a few more weeks to see if he maintains point scoring form. Be interesting to see how the OOP thing pans out.

    1. Cheers Badge – yeah I’m thinking about holding fire on the transfers unless Zinchenko doesn’t start.

  2. Good game week DDT. I didn’t use any of my September transfer until last night.

    Ederson – Roberto
    AMN – Saka
    Lamela – Mane

    Team looks like this


    0.3 ITB

    Obviously still got the three transfers for October. See how we go 🤞🏻

    1. Cheers Callum – looks a good team. What will you do if Zinchenko doesn’t start?

      1. I’ll probably wait until after the international break. Just watching Spurs and think Kane and Zinchenko out TAA and Aubameyang in. Leaving one transfer.

  3. Great result DTT and well deserved! 👊👏

    AMN has been a great pick for a lot of us so thanks for putting him on our radar at the start of the season mate! 👍🏻🙌

    I’ve put Tomori in for him now but if AMN does start I’ll probably reverse this one.

    1. Cheers Chris, Tomori is certainly on my radar but you’re not concerned by the lack of clean sheets?

  4. hi DTT.
    I have just put Tomori in for M Niles.
    me thinks Chelsea are now firing and are performing much better
    as regards to clean sheets most teams even liv and M city are conceding goals.

  5. Shit saturday for me , thinking it’s looking like a low scoring week. Massively regretting not having bloody Mane as he’s the difference between me and the 3 teams above me 1st place is 38 points ahead . Got 2 transfers left as had to swap keeper. Thinking of the following to try stay close – £1.8m in bank. Mahrez for KDB or pepe( doing KDB means i could benefit from 2 playing today ) & then either kane for aguero or swap KDB or pepe for mane ( depending what i do or dont do today) after intl break. Sensible or panicking?





  6. Mate, Spurs are in turmoil, go Kane out, Abraham in, and pocket the 4.6M difference. Abraham value will continue going up for next few weeks. Then try to get Mane in.

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