Review of Game Week 7

Review of Game Week 7

GW Points: 29
Overall Points: 364
Overall Rank: 140,099
Transfers: Grealish out, Benrahma in
Alexander-Arnold out, Rudiger in
Robertson out, Azpilicueta in

I’ve delayed publishing my review of the game week so we can get a little closer to coming back from the international break as I think the talking points are around the team going forward rather than looking backward. However, game week 7 was another fairly low scoring game week – although it was only a round of Premier League fixtures. The team failed to gain any significant ground on the overall leaderboard but it did at least climb around 10,000 places which is a step in the right direction. Typically Chelsea failed to keep a clean sheet in one of their easier games this season but at least Azpilicueta picked up 5 points. I also put Benrahmra back in after he hit some good form (when I took him out), typically he then only picks up 3 points during game week 7 but it was better than 0 from Grealish. All in all, I came out of the week 8 points better off as a result of making the changes and the fixtures are certainly now on my side for the rest of the month, I’m just crossing my fingers that my players can stay fit.


5 points from Azpilicueta was better than nothing considering Chelsea didn’t keep a clean sheet.

Salah picking up 15 points was unexpected in a big game between Liverpool and Man City. Not that it makes a huge difference given his ownership.

One of the biggest positives for me was that both Liverpool and Man City conceded twice. A clean sheet for either team wouldn’t have been ideal.

Potential issues

Where to start once again, but let’s just work through the team:

De Gea, Man Utd failed to keep a clean sheet again. It looks like Maguire and Varane are now injured as well. There is now only 0.4m between Ederson and De Gea but I can see Ederson picking up way more points over the season. Given Man City’s fixtures this could be the best and only opportunity we get this season to make that switch with so little between them in terms of value.

Bertrand continues to drop in value and Leicester continue to struggle to secure a clean sheet. It’s a massive concern but at 1.4m what else can we do with him now other than hope that they improve?

Torres didn’t start again for Man City. That’s a big problem if it continues but October is a long month, surely he’s certain to get some game time. I noticed that he scored for Spain recently but there is now a huge amount of competition at City with De Bruyne and Foden back. I could potentially swap De Gea and Torres for Ederson and Walker which in my view would be a great backline for the month ahead.

My other problem is Traore, if he was playing every game, I firmly believe he would pick up 3-8 points every single week, which would be a bargain at his price. While he’s on the bench though, it’s pointless having him. The problem is knowing who to replace him with and only having two transfers left.

Tips for Game Week 8

My first piece of advice is to carefully consider how many transfers you use this week. I’ve used 3 already which is very unusual for me and with 3 double game weeks left I’m feeling a little exposed with only 2 transfers left in the bag. I could easily use both of those this weekend but I may try and hold onto at least one of them. Luckily there are quite a few teams kicking off at 3pm on Saturday for for me it will depend on who is starting those games. In an ideal world if Traore and Torres start, the only transfer I’ll even consider this weekend is De Gea to Ederson. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be that simple, as I can see both Torres and Traore being on the bench. In my eyes Man City then have 6 fixtures this month where they could potentially keep a clean sheet so I’d be tempted by the De Gea and Torres to Ederson and Walker switch.The big problem would then be that I’d have no transfers left with 6 fixtures still to play in the month, I’d also have to keep Traore. An early injury to one of the big guns could cause a real problem in that situation. All in all there’s a lot to think about before the weekend. Here’s the fixtures for the month if anyone wants to have a look at them:

21 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 7

  1. Really good detailed review. Tough decisions for you with transfers. Logic says that keeping at least one transfer back is important as players may return from the international break with injuries. Rudiger missed training for Germany, and lukaku left the Belgium squad before the 3/4th place play off so to me unless you see a ‘big positive’ in stopping anyone you may be best to consider keeping both transfers. It does point to Ederson gaining more points than de gea over the 6 games remaining in octiver as Utd;s fixtures are really tough ( and they are likely to be without variance and macguire) but football is a funny old game and logic says de gea could get more 7/10’s as he will see some action. My view ‘stick’ with your two transfers rather than “twist’😂

    1. It’s a tough one as everything changes so quickly. Reading now that Torres is out for a month so that will be an enforced transfer at the weekend. Considering Walker at the moment.

  2. Get the dead wood out now before it’s too late, Bertrand, Traore and Torres all in the bin 🗑

    1. It’s looking like Torres will have to go now (injured). Considering Walker myself, any thoughts?

  3. have used all my transfers just hopping to get through
    this round injury free.402 points so far.

  4. B. Silva looks like he’s playing pretty regular in the middle now, almost the old David Silva role. He’s cheap considering so maybe swapping him for Torres may free up funds for Kevin De Bruyne who I think will start to have big influences on games soon. May even play the false 9 role at times…?

    1. Torres is going to have to come out now as he’s injured. I want a way into that City back line. What about Walker?

      1. Yes I like Walker 👍 I’m just concerned about not having KDB in, I think it would be a good move to try and get him in before everyone else does and try and claw back some leaderboard points. And of course there is a good chance he will go up in value making it even harder in the future.
        The problem is trying to do it without taking out Bruno. His ownership is so high it would be wrong to drop him, just like the front 3…
        A lot of people seem to have similar teams up front but the ones in the lead have made some decent returns off their defence.
        This is why yes I like the Walker idea but also want to make a move on KDB early.
        It’s defo a tough one! Lol

        1. It’s difficult. I can’t see a way of getting him in. The only thing I could do is take Ronaldo out but that’s massively risky.

      2. Yep has to be Walker really doesn’t it, thought about Laporte but risky with Stones waiting in the wings.

        Question for me is what to do about Traore!?

        1. I think Traore will need to wait another week with injuries stacking up, regardless of if he plays or not today.

  5. Wanted to do De gea to Ederson this weekend, but looks like not possible, Ramsdale looks good value in an improving Arsenal team, probably hold for a week, may make the transfer on Thursday depending on performances.

  6. I’m doing Torres to KDB (I think he’ll be a monster in the coming fixtures) which leaves me with 2.3m for a 3rd midfielder. It was either Kovaicic or Brentfords Mbeumo who is currently playing up top. This goes against having players not playing in Europe but I think I’m going to take a gamble on him as Brentford have decent fixtures and have recently shown their goal scoring threat putting 3 past Liverpool!

    1. I’d go De Bruyne if I could but it’s not possible in my team. Kovacic is definitely on my radar but not sure I see him doing too much over the course of the season

  7. It’s very tempting with Man Utd’s tough fixtures for the rest of the month to take out Ronaldo. This would free up funds for De-Bruyne and a city defender. What’s your thoughts guys 🤔

    1. It is tempting but I’m going to resist. I can see the logic but you just never know with Ronaldo.

    1. I’m still concerned about Ronaldo – not doing much at all and Man Utd look all over the place

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