Review of Game Week 8

Review of Game Week 8

GW Points: 33
Overall Points: 486
Overall Rank: 30,252
Transfers: Zinchenko out, Mahrez in

After the International Break, game week 8 seems like a fairly distant memory. However, to briefly reflect on the game week – it was a fairly flat game week with only one round of fixtures over the weekend. This only resulted in 33 points which fortunately meant the team stayed fairly stable on the leaderboard. The transfers of Zinchenko to Mahrez was a disappointment with Mahrez blanking and Zinchenko coming on for what looked like a clean sheet. Luckily it didn’t pan out this way. At this point in time I still think this was a move in the right direction. 


Patricio picked up another clean sheet. Based on his value I’m delighted with this return.

Mane picked up 15 points and appears to be consistently chipping in with points.

Mount grabbed a goal and 8 points.

Potential Issues:

I don’t currently see any major issues with the team. As long as everyone is starting I’ll be happy with the team I’ve got for the time being. The player who didn’t feature this week was Maitland-Niles. There’s a few options for moving him on however I’m tempted to hold him for this week as I’d imagine he might get game time in the Europa League. This is one I’ll ponder until the weekend.

Tips for Game Week 9

We enter straight back into Dream Team with another double game week with European fixtures on the horizon. If you’ve still got transfers to burn, the teams with the best fixtures are:

Man City – Palace (A), Atalanta (H)
Spurs – Watford (H), Crvena (H)
Arsenal – Sheff Utd (A), Vitoria (H)
Wolves – Southampton (H), Slovan (A)
Liverpool – Man Utd (A), Genk (A)
Chelsea – Newcastle (H), Ajax (A)
Man Utd – Liverpool (H), Partizan (A)

I’d personally still be looking at Man City despite their defeat to Wolves. Spurs are a difficult team to back at the moment but I’m hoping Kane will come good with a decent week of fixtures. I’d also still fancy Liverpool despite them travelling to Old Trafford. Both Man Utd and Chelsea have at least one tough fixture so I can’t see me moving for any of their players.

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64 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 8

  1. Good to be back DTT.

    Out of interest, what are your thoughts on Abraham?

    He’s tempting as would free up lotsa cash but TBH where would we spend that money, as all our players are in good form. The only ? marks are around Maitland and Ota but I’m not sure of other defendersin great form. TAA maybe. Or Boly. I spose if Allison revitalises Liverpool’s defence then we could spend the money there, but for now do we need the money.

    The only other pluses with Abraham is he seems pretty nailed on and is top of the Motm charts.

    1. Also if we tie up the money he would release elsewhere, it makes it very tricky to offload him if we had to

    2. Big fan of Abraham but I still can’t justify taking out any of the other strikers at the moment. I tipped Abraham fairly early on but didn’t follow my own advice on the basis that he might stop scoring and face rotation but this hasn’t happened yet. My worry is exactly the same as yours that if he were to lose form, that it would take a couple of transfers to remove him. He’s certainly on the radar though.

  2. Maitland nailes featured as a winger in the europa league last time played and was subbed off.. put in such a poor performance for someone who says they wana play that position.. im pretty sure he has blown his chances now he isnt first choice for defender

    1. I think he should get at least some minutes this week? Don’t you think? If he doesn’t then agreed that he has to go.

  3. Hi DTT/guys,

    My first post on here but have been reading the posts for a while now.

    Great opinions and advice

    Been following the plan apart from putting James in for Mina and missing out on zinchenko to Mahrez.



    3 transfers to use, any suggestions guys?

    1. depends on money in bank but personally I think AMN , James & zinc need to come out – AMN to Tomori or Holding or chambers and James & zinc for a man city midfielder (mahrez? ) and if you had enough cash to get TAA in for Zinc then great but depends on £££

      1. Can’t disagree with AJF – I’m tempted by the Tomori transfer myself but I’d rather hold onto Maitland-Niles in the very short term. I think James will probably still come good so might be tempted to hold onto him. I’d certainly be moving Zinchenko on.

        1. DTT,

          I’ve been hoping James will come good but -1 in 6 games is terrible.

          On the plus side he still went up in value, lol.

      2. Thanks AJF,

        I’ve been looking at getting TAA in the team as he’s scored a lot of points considering clean sheets are hard to come by.

        Mahrez makes sense, as it sticks to plan.

        Tomori, is a good shout as I think AMN time is numbered.

        I can afford all three transfers, but leaves me £0 in the bank.

    2. I’d move AMN to someone like Tomori and then wait on the line-ups with the rest as I’d expect Zinc to start with Mendy just getting back into training again.

      1. Good point Chris, about line ups.
        If zinc starts it could be a waste of a transfer.

        Zinc to tomori
        Jame to Mahrez
        AMN to TAA

        Leaves me £0 in the bank but looks appealing.

    1. I’d personally be looking to move Eriksen on and perhaps Jesus. Firmino isn’t one I’d pick myself either but I can see why others do. Is not having Kane or Aguero a worry?

      1. You could also free up some funds with Digne > Tomari who’s got extra fixtures as well the saving and I do think Chelsea could start collecting some clean sheets soon!

        1. Sounds like he could certainly be back for Sunday so jumping off Adrian for Saturday’s fixtures might be sensible.

    1. Klopp’s exact quote on Salah/Alisson/Matip: “Better – how good, we have to see, that’s the truth. There are two more sessions to come from this afternoon and we have to see. Then we’ll make decisions, that’s how it is. Nothing is fixed.”

      Not exactly conclusive but I would hazard a guess he’ll be back.

      1. Thanks all.

        My current team.





        1.8 itb

        I’m 2nd in the ML not far behind the leader but as long as I’m there or there about’s come March, I’d be happy.

        Thinking of putting Patricio in.
        Taking out AMN for Tomori
        I also think James needs to come out but can’t make up my mind who to put in for 3.6. Wants to be someone involved in Europe I reckon.
        Any suggestions?

        Thanks in Advance

        1. Nobody really stands out at that price tbh.

          If Pepe starts firing then maybe him?

          Maddison could be a good shout but not in Europe.

          Might be worth sticking with James until a suitable replacement makes themselves known?

            1. I think CHO is the way to go after watching him seeing that he looks back to his best now John. That’s what I’d be doing in your position anyway mate. 👍🏻

              1. Anyone’s opinion on Otamendi being left out of the squad for City?

                Will pep bring him back?

                  1. Will Pep stick with Rodri and Fernandinho in central defence after they kept a clean sheet at Palace? This does allow Pep to play a lot of his attacking midfielders and allows KDB and D Silva to Plath further up the pitch enhancing city attacking qualities which is their biggest strength and opposition teams find it difficult to cope with.

                    Will Stone partner Fernandinho as the stones-Otamendi partnership has a nightmare at Norwich and Pep probably thinks he can’t pair them up again. They do together have a bad history of conceding goals.

                    Even though Otamendi is a WhoScored favourite I think Pep is not his biggest fan as he can be reckless in challenges and can be caught out of position.

                    1. I can see why he wouldn’t favour Otamendi. Didn’t Rodri pick up an injury though? So hopefully he will be forced into playing him.

    1. I know Callum. Ota not even on the bench. Great. Hope palace hit 3 and mahrez comes on and scores 4. Seems likely.

      1. I’ve got Otamendi and Zinchenko. Think they will both come out for TAA and someone for 3.3. Wish I swapped Kane for Aubameyang then could of got cancelo or mendy in 🤔

    2. Really annoyed that he was out injured. I wasn’t around to check line ups for this game so didn’t make a transfer. Apparently it’s a knock so hopefully he’s back soon. Mahrez being benched isn’t ideal when he’s been one of the most consistent starters this season.

    1. I wasn’t around to check line ups for this game so didn’t make a transfer. Apparently it’s a knock so hopefully he’s back soon.

    1. No point making any changes tonight because it would have only been possible to score points if we swapped an Arsenal player for another Arsenal player. I’ll probably take Maitland-Niles out for Tomori at the weekend if Maitland-Niles blanks all week.

    1. Must be out of favour – if he picks up no points in the Europa League I’ll be taking him out at the weekend.

  4. Need a plan to take out Niles, doesn’t even make the bench in tonight’s game, europa league, league Cup, lower league fa Cup opposition, maybe his only guaranteed game time, not going to cut it anymore.

  5. talking about arsenal. taking of there best player pepe with 20 minutes to go
    bemused me, he still finished star man. by far there most creative player last night
    by a mile. get him in he is now showing his promise. he will start scoring soon as well.

  6. I was so close to putting tomori in but held off and went for mendy with zink being injured. grrrrrrrrr

    1. I can definitely echo this, I was going to do Masuaku to Tomori but with Masuaku starting on Saturday and salah injured I decided to do salah to Auba with arsenal playing Sheff u, it’s cost me 28 points so far

    2. I was as well but opted to stick with Maitland-Niles. Think it’s going to cost me this week.

      1. AMN should get game time on the right of midfield tonight so he could do something.

        I’d certainly be swapping for someone like Tomori though for the weekend. I’ve had two decent returns since I brought him in so hopefully I’m going to start getting a bit more luck to rise up the leagues.

        Team for the weekend:


        Looking forward to next month I really need to get Mane in as a 🛡 as it’s been really holding me back not having him. Also thinking CHO as well with probably Mahrez and Pepe making way. Can just afford this move at present so just hope the values hang on in there to let me do it. 😬

  7. why do i bother having players in the Europa cup they never play.
    may just as well pick from lower teams.had 4 players come on in the
    second half never even got a 3.

  8. Niles hooked at half-time, done well for price, but time to go, Chris mentioned Tomori a while back, good spot he’s our man, if no injuries occur this weekend, have 1 transfer left to use by next Thursday, interested DTT, how you intend to use it.

    1. Yeah Chris is a top player.

      The biggest compliment I can give is that I am happy he is not in my paid mini leagues.

      He will take all my prize money 💰 away from me. Lol.

  9. Might be worth considering making the Niles to Tomori swap this evening to avoid losing 0.2 million, he will be in the starting lineup at the weekend, didn’t here of any injury.

    1. Definitely time to go but there was no rush to do it last night. Based on his value and points on the board Maitland-Niles went up again. We can now double check that Tomori starts before making the transfer at the weekend.

  10. Pepe you little beauty! Wonderful cameo and a bumper 18pts! 👏

    Some good luck at long last!

    123 pts for the GW. I’ll take that. 👌🏼

    Maybe I shouldn’t be a rush to ditch him after all? 🤔

  11. Could even be worth doing Mahrez to Pepe tonight, Mahrez likely to go back to being benched, as played last game, making these transfers this evening, will save funds.

    1. I wouldn’t be bringing Pepe in yet, I’d want to see a bit more before making that move.

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