Review of Game Week 8

Review of Game Week 8

GW Points: 78
Overall Points: 442
Overall Rank: 144,834
Transfers: Torres out, Walker in
Lukaku out, De Bruyne in (after the game week had finished)

With 78 points on the board and some decent returns for some of my players, I thought I’d turned a corner this week. Unfortunately, this didn’t translate through to the overall leaderboard, where the team actually slightly lost position. Coming back from the International break with 2 transfers left felt comfortable, however two injuries later I’m now out of transfers with two game weeks left in the month. This is generally why I don’t use too many transfers early on in the month. I’m now stuck with De Gea, Bertrand and Traore for two more weeks and the De Gea to Ederson transfer is probably now off. Having said that, the transfers I have made, have resulted in some decent returns so it has been worthwhile with Walker, Rudiger and Azpilicueta all returning points this week. I’ve just got my fingers crossed that the team can remain injury free until we get our November allowance. I must admit, the injury to Lukaku was very frustrating, he looked like he was going to keep scoring week in week out until I put him in, he then went on a drought and got injured in a game where I thought he had a chance of scoring a couple. 


Rudiger returned from injury and picked up 10 points.

Azpilicueta also picked up a double figure score with two clean sheets.

Walker missed out at the weekend but scored and picked up 8 points midweek.

Fernandes picked up 12 points. This wasn’t a bad result as hopefully a few took him out to free up funds.

Traore started a game. Which illustrates how bad my season is going that I’m celebrating a player simply not being on the bench. I did watch Match of the Day and I think if he keeps starting he will pick up points in every game he plays. It remains to be seen if he will start this weekend though.

Salah continued his fine form, but who hasn’t got him anyway?

Ronaldo got on the score sheet late on in the Champions League. Happy with the 8 points but he’s not returning enough for me given his price tag and game time.

Potential issues

I wanted to move De Gea on with my final transfer but I’m not going to be able to do that now. I can’t see him returning many points before the end of the month. Ederson will probably be out of reach by November as well.

Bertrand is another massive problem. Only worth 1.2m and now facing time on the bench. Leicester still can’t keep a clean sheet either.

Traore could become a problem again if he gets benched.

All in all, I’ve got three fairly big problems and no transfers to resolve them so it’s going to be a case of getting through the next two weeks and taking stock then.

Tips for Game Week 9

The fixtures tell us to stick to Chelsea and Man City players until the end of the month with both teams having a favourable run until November. I’m unfortunate to be out of transfers so it will be a case of sitting tight and hoping for the best. If you’ve got transfers left, one decision you might have is who to take Lukaku out for. I went 442 for the first time ever and bought De Bruyne in. It’s a safe option really. If you wanted to play it a bit more risky, you could go for someone like Havertz who should get a decent amount of game time with Lukaku and Werner out. Keep in mind that he’s not scored overly well this season so far.

3 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 8

  1. Cheers Paul. Great GW as always. At least Kane didn’t play last night. A few of my rivals have him. Crap were all transferred out. I think Bertrand is the biggest problem. I can cope with De Gea and Traoré. They may surprise us! Looking at Ronaldo. I think I would be happy to move him on just the free up the funds to remove the Bertrand issue. Maybe Vardy or I Iheanacho could be a good shout or possibly Son. I see Mount is back fit again. He could be an option for Traoré with the extra funds. Anyway fingers crossed for a good weekend 👍🏻

  2. My problem players are De gea & Moura, will have to wait till November to sort this out, after using my last transfer Lukaku to Havertz, who after scoring against Malmö didn’t go up in price but Lukaku dropped 0.2, I’ve heard Tuchel say he’ out 2 games minimal, but may not play again till after another international break, had to take him out though, got fingers burnt this month running out of transfers, November is a shorter month again, means I will do 2 minimum to start with, players of interest Ederson, Mount, B. Silva, Son. good luck to everyone over the weekend, was hoping to watch Man utd Liverpool on Sunday, but off on holiday for week.

  3. cant wait to get rid off wan Bissaka.
    will have to get rid off either Benrahma
    or Fernandes to get some funds there are players
    out there cheaper and doing just as good or better.
    have to teams now on 516 and 546.

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