Review of Game Week 8

Review of Game Week 8

GW Points: 26
Overall Points: 462
Overall Rank: 39,357
Transfers: None used

Game week 8 turned out to be a disaster. On paper I was hopeful the team would kick on and progress further up the leaderboard following on from previous successful weeks. I expected to take a hit on the Man City Vs Liverpool game. However I liked the look of Kane against Cardiff after he scored three goals last week. I thought there was a chance Shaw and Hart might at least get one clean sheet between them against Newcastle and Huddersfield. Fortunately Hazard performed well once again to chip in 15 points but 26 points for the week overall is poor. More frustrating was that Doherty is in my transfer plans for later in the month. I thought it was once again worth saving the transfers until after the international break but this turned out to be a bad move with Doherty picking up 18 points.


Hazard got another goal and another star man award.

Robertson and Laporte managed another clean sheet each.

Potential Issues:

I’ve still got big question marks next to: Hart, Shaw and B. Silva. Burnley almost certainly look like they won’t achieve the success they had last season. Man Utd looked all over the place defensively and lacking in confidence. It’s hard to see them turning it around to the point where they are getting clean sheets every other game. For me, B. Silva may not pick up enough goals and points over the season to justify keeping him. He’s had a few good weeks and his value has gone up but I’m thinking it might be time for a change.

I’m also slightly concerned about Mane and Salah. Neither have contributed much in terms of points over the past few weeks. Liverpool have however had a tough run of fixtures during these weeks. After the international break they have a much easier run so I’m likely to stick with them both until the end of the month.

Tips for Game Week 9

I’d generally put my poor game week down to Liverpool and City playing each other in a low scoring game. Hopefully this will change in game week 9 where they both have relatively easy fixtures. I still might be tempted to make some transfers though as Burnley face City and I’m keen to move Hart on for this fixture. There is also a round of European games during game week 9:

Huddersfield Vs Liverpool
Man City Vs Burnley
West Ham Vs Spurs
Arsenal Vs Leicester
Man Utd Vs Chelsea

Liverpool Vs Belgrade
Man City Vs Shaktar
PSV Vs Spurs
Man Utd Vs Juventus
Arsenal and Chelsea also feature in the Europa League.

Fixtures suggest Hart and Shaw should be the players to go and their current form isn’t great either. Kepa is the goalkeeper I want but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get him in without doing a triple change but Chelsea do seem to be performing well defensively. It’s also worth keeping an eye on Lacazette who did some damage during the game week. For me, I’d still rather have Salah, Kane and Aguero right now but he is looking like a good option at his price.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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150 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 8

  1. I’m in the same boat. I think it’s worthwhile hanging onto both Salah and Mane. Shaw and Hart definitely imo have to go. Without like you say sacrificing Salah or Mane we have limited options. I’m leaning towards getting in double wolves players with the budget available, possibly Doherty and even Patricio. That leaves me with one transfer if I need to change say Mane to De Bruyne or Salah to Lacazette etc going into Nov. Thoughts?

    1. I’m hoping by the end of October we won’t need to contemplate those last transfers you mention as Mane returns to his start of season form and Salah goes all 2017/2018 on us!

    2. I think that’s a good move. I’d just be a little cautious about doubling up on Wolves defensively. I appreciate they’ve been strong up until now but it only takes a couple of weeks without a clean sheet to result in a drop in points.

  2. Good analysis DTT.

    The next game for Liverpool will be telling.

    Salah and Mane are on thin ice for a lot of managers including myself. I get that they will turn a corner at some point, but all the time we sit and wait, we are losing precious ground.

    1. I just hope they come good against Huddersfield, Belgrade and Cardiff. Are you going to give them these games or take one of them out now?

  3. I’m going to take a punt and do my transfers before price rises on Friday as budget is tight and depends on current prices.

    On 488 points.

    Team is:




    Like DTT I would rather bring in Kepa due to him starting europa league games and Chelsea looking solid with favourable fixtures.

    I’ve narrowed it down to these two options

    Option 1
    Hart —> Kepa
    Wan Basaka —> Doherty
    Shaw —> Richarlison (switching to a 3-4-3)

    Option 2
    Hart —> Leno
    Wan Basak — > Doherty
    Shaw —> Luiz or Gomez (wanna double up on Liverpool defenders but worried Gomez will be a rotation risk.

    What are people’s thoughts? Option 1 or 2? Or any other ideas?

    1. Option 1 for me too KOTN. I reckon Kepa is a safer bet than Leno. Doherty should return more than WB due to bad Palace fixtures. Richarlison I have a really good feeling about since he went up top. Can see lots of goals coming from him as I’ve been pretty impressed with Everton as an attacking force of late.

    2. Really tough one because I’d prefer Kepa over Leno but I’d prefer Luiz or Gomez over Richarlison. I’m not overly convinced by Arsenal at the back but I think in the short term Gomez (if he plays) will outscore Richarlison.

  4. I like option 1. Doherty is a must. I am bringing him in despite missing his haul at the weekend. Due to that, even if he returns few points over the coming weeks, his value will rise for at least 3 weeks based on the averages. So you could then have more value to change again if needed.

    I would love Kepa, but can’t afford him unfortunately

    1. Me neither Dan. I’m taking a punt on Ryan with Brighton’s decent fixture run. I also think there is potential for a big value increase in his favour if he does well as he’s dropped in value from £2m to £1.5m since the start of the season. As Yazz once said, “The Only Way Is Up?”

      1. Why not go with Begovic instead of Ryan and save a few mil? That’s why I’m not thinking then I’m thinking Shaw to Luiz.

        1. I’m not as keen on Bounemouth’s fixtures compared to Brighton’s (GW 11 Man U, GW 13 Arsenal). Also, FFS have done some analysis on Brighton as a team which I’ll post below. Although there are a few arguments against Ryan, I feel the arguments for him outweigh them for me. I’m under no illusions though that this one is quite a big punt, but if it works out and he does well, I could potentially leave him in until just before Christmas when fixtures take a turn for the worse. Wish me luck! 🤞😬

  5. I’ve been messing about with transfers and I found another potential possibilitie

    Hart to Kepa
    Robertson to Gomez
    Shaw to Bennet (don’t have that extra mil for Doherty) but in terms of upgrades it’s not to bad?

      1. The only other transfer I’ve come up with is changing Hart to Ryan which allows me to change Shaw to Luiz? This gives a transfer to hold onto for now? Is this better then
        Hart to Kepa
        Robertson to Gomez
        Shaw to Bennet

        1. Yeah, I prefer these transfers. My thoughts on Ryan I have already noted on the previous blog entry so not going to repeat here. Also Luiz is in the top 50 template team (also on previous blog). Also I think Luiz is currently massively underpriced at 3.3m (Chelsea regular and free kick specialist) and should be worth around 4m mark.

    1. The Robbo to Gomez transfer feels like a bit of a waste tbh mate. I also would be looking towards Doherty rather than Bennet for his extra attacking threat. Get on the bargain bucket goalkeeper train with me Marc! You know you want to! 😉

    2. Waste of a sub changing Robertson to Gomez? Or you need to free up funds? Robertson has much more assist potential. Shaw to Bennet is a good transfer in my opinion

  6. Great analysis DTT. Do you have a cut off point for Mane/Salah (in terms of which game week) where you think enoughs enough if they don’t return well?

    1. I’d like to say end of October. I like the look of Huddersfield and Cardiff. Hoping a lot of people take them out and they both score big against easier opposition.

  7. Similar position to me and my thoughts remain the same as in GW7 thread.

    Current team :
    VVD Robbo Wan Bissaka*
    B.Silva* Hazard Mane Maddison
    Salah Kane Aguero

    Those with * are my worries. Not included Salah / Mane as they really should be swimming in points with their next few fixtures.

    Leno looks like the keeper upgrade for me. Can’t afford more than that and despite a low price I can’t see much value in Ryan at the moment.

    Wan Bissaka to Doherty is a straight swap that I’m making before the break due to prices.

    Other transfer at the moment is likely to be B. Silva for Luiz. Frees up funds for Leno (just…) and gives me Chelsea representation at the back.

    Of course, I’ll reassess after internationals and change my mind umpteen times

  8. Regarding getting on the Doherty train I worked it out yesterday that it could take 8 weeks before his price related to his overall average, and that’s based on him scoring 0 every week from now till then….Basically he is a cash cow at the minimum, so I have used my last transfer to get him in(Shaw out) before tomorrows price rise. Other than Liverpool & City, Wolves are the next best defensively and with his attacking qualities its a no- brainer!

    1. I can see Allan being an invaluable source for us all when it comes to players values. 👍🏻👏



    Wan Bissaka

    B Silva


    0.2 in bank all 3 transfers left 445 points 36 off top in my league , thinking option 1
    Shaw & Wan Bissaka for Luiz & Bennett(ideally like Doherty but 100k out !!) tonight before price rises that price me out and no money ITB or……..
    option 2 Moura / Shaw out for Laporte or luiz & Doherty which leaves me with either 700k or just over the million if chose Luiz

    Then 1 transfer to see how rest of month pans out – I need a way into chelsea and man city defence and those players mentioned shaw/moura/wan bissaka are on decline I think.

    Some top opinions on here and some lovely ideas going round

    1. Option 1 is my preferred choice as well AJF. Just a shame about Doherty but needs must I guess. Could work out well though as I’m sure I read somewhere that Bennet has had some good chances to score from getting on the end of set pieces. Good Luck mate.

    2. I like the idea of having Laporte and Bennett. Laporte has been one of my best performers this season.

  10. I get why people want to make changes tonight before the price rises, but personally, I’m a bit apprehensive making subs that far in advance due to injuries, which let’s not forget, still occur on training grounds.

    Also, I understand why people are swarming towards Doherty, especially given his price and recent form, but Wolves only have two fixtures this month and face what I would consider 3 tough fixtures in their next 4 matches.. Brighton away, Spurs at home and Arsenal away!

    Yes, he has proven his advancing threat, but it should be noted that the teams he has done this against (Palace, Soton & Burnley) don’t have the same calibre of his upcoming fixtures.

    1. Wolves have shown though that they can go toe to toe with some of the stronger teams having drawn 1-1 against both City and United. Doherty got a 6.9 rating in both of these fixtures so he was very close to hauling 3 points from very tough fixtures. He won’t bring in hauls every week (who does?) but for the price I think he’s a bargain currently.

    2. Fair point Lee – I agree about transfers now as could get bit on the arse – I will probably wait to make sure no injuries during international week etc but definately Shaw(fixtures/clean sheet liability) & Moura(fixtures/point scoring) will have to go. Even with price decreases/increases tomorrow I could afford Laporte or Luiz & Docherty and still have money in the bank so will hold off. The thing is about docherty is Wolves have played man Utd & City and done well so I don’t see those fixtures you mentioned as anything to worry about

    3. Good point. Yeah, completely agree with you on Doherty. The only way I would consider Doherty now is a straight swap for Wan Bissaka.

    4. Completely agree, although I think I’ll go for Doherty myself but as a replacement for Hart as I think overall he’s a better chance of scoring big. Then I’ll invest in a more expensive keeper. But I won’t be doing this before the international break for the reasons you’ve outlined.

  11. For those scratting around the bargain bucket options for Keepers (or defenders for that matter), here’s some analysis (taken from FFS) on Brighton’s defensive options:


    Brighton’s 1-0 win over West Ham United on Friday kicked off a sequence of nine fixtures in which the Seagulls face none of the “big six”.

    Chris Hughton’s side played Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City in the first two months of the season and their Fantasy assets were largely dodged by FPL managers for the first seven Gameweeks of the campaign.

    With the south coast club sitting near the top of our Season Ticker between now and early December, should we consider drafting in one of their stand-out FPL assets?

    Anyone who made a move for the likes of Mathew Ryan (£4.5m), Shane Duffy (£4.5m) and Lewis Dunk (£4.4m) ahead of Gameweek 8 was instantly rewarded as the Brighton backline recorded their first clean sheet of the season in the win over the Hammers.

    Given that Brighton avoid any of the sides that finished in the top six between now and Gameweek 16 inclusive, the omens for further clean sheets are good: nine of their ten shut-outs in 2017/18 were registered against clubs ranked seventh or worse in the Premier League.

    There remains a slight concern over their defensive solidity, however: only two clubs conceded more shots in the box than Brighton in Gameweek 8, though admittedly just four of West Ham’s efforts were on target and just one was a big chance.

    Their statistics over the season so far don’t particularly encourage investment in Messrs Duffy, Dunk or Ryan: only Burnley have allowed more attempts on goal, while just Fulham have conceded more shots in the box. Only three teams have allowed more big chances, meanwhile.

    Of course, consideration has to be given to the calibre of their opposition in four of those eight fixtures.

    In 38 matches last season, only Liverpool, Manchester City, Spurs and Chelsea conceded fewer big chances than the Seagulls in the Premier League.

    It was perhaps no surprise that their first shut-out of 2018/19 came in a fixture in which their regular backline of last season – Ryan, Bruno (£4.4m), Dunk, Duffy and Gaetan Bong (£4.5m) – were reunited for the first time this campaign.

    Brighton largely dealt with West Ham’s threat comfortably from open play on Friday but a concern would be how vulnerable they look at set-pieces, with Fabian Balbuena (£4.4m) wasting the visitors’ best chance from a corner and the Hammers generating six other opportunities from dead-ball situations.

    Indeed, over the season so far only Newcastle United have allowed more set play attempts than the Seagulls.

    Duffy can easily compensate for a lack of clean sheet with an attacking return, of course. After a frustrating 2017/18 in which he racked up 28 attempts on goal without finding the net, the Albion centre-back has already been involved in four goals this season (two goals, two assists).


    1. I touched on this in the previous thread regarding Ryan and Brighton’s defence.

      They have conceded two goals against all but two teams they have played (6 from 8) so far.

      I won’t be jumping on the Ryan train.

      1. Fair point Lee, just hoping that now they have their back four from last season playing together again, they may be able to keep the lesser teams at bay.

    2. Think Duffy is too expensive in the Sun at 3.2m. Bong at 1.1m is rarely rated by WhoScored. Bruno probably can’t play every game.

  12. As far as City goes, I agree. Wolves done very well, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say the same against Utd.

    It’s no secret that Utd have been very poor (by their standards) so far this season.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not writing Doherty off. I missed the boat against Palace and will have to live with that. I’m just not sure whether now is the right time for him.

    1. I’ve got Wan Basaka and its an easy straight swap with either Doherty or Bennett for me. Wolves have been decent this season and to be honest you can’t expect too much for their prices. Was always looking to bring Doherty in after the international break anyway due to a couple of decent fixtures for Wolves. Its a short month so I will take the risk of injuries during the international break.

  13. what defenders do we think in the 1.7 to 3 mill bracket are worth considering ? trying to find these nuggetts (doherty/bennett etc) is tough – who do we feel is worth looking at over the next 2 months that we think will gain in value , have good fixtures and be the next little gem??

    1. Leicester assets might be worth a look after their next game (Arsenal) as they then play West Ham, Cardiff, Burnley, Brighton, Watford and Fulham. Decent chance of a few clean sheets amongst those I’d reckon. Pereira could be a good shout as he actually plays right wing at the moment so multiple scoring avenues. Could be a bargain at the price. Chilwell has also done well. If Johnny Evans now get his chance with Morgan out, I can see him keeping his place also as I reckon Morgan is in the Winter of his career.

  14. My shower of shit houses is:

    Hart **

    Shaw **

    Pedro **
    Mane **

    Salah **

    I still have 3 subs, but ideally need to make 5 (as marked). I’m hearing the logic of sticking with Salah and Mane, so against my better judgement am considering keeping them until November (a move I think I will regret).

    I also feel that I need some Chelsea coverage in defence, so much to think about.

    I’m swaying towards

    Hart > Kepa
    Shaw > Laporte
    Salah > Lacazette

    1. If Salah fails to pick up over the next few weeks and Lacazette continues his form, he’s certainly one I’ll be looking at for the November transfers. You’re other two are certainly upgrades too.

      1. My thinking is differential blocks. Whilst many people may have Mendy or Laporte, not many people in my mini-leagues have 2 or more city defenders!

        The defensive blocks are predominantly Liverpool based with a few who have 2 or 3 Chelsea players.

        I could of course join suit with the Liverpool/Chelsea blocks and this is most certainly a tactic I’d employ if I was in the same position I was last year (top by some distance), but as I’m playing catch up, I need to think of differentials and hope it works to my benefit.

    2. I’d probably do Hart and Shaw out for Leno and Doherty. Or take Pedro out as well and bring in Kepa instead of Leno and then a different midfielder.

    1. Cannot be certain on Hart as he may remain stable (based on an average of his last 5 and current price), but I think Leno will rise.

    2. You need Allan for this one mate as he’s our resident stato when it comes to player value changes. Top man! Over to you Allan… 😉

  15. People still jumping on the Doherty train, would like to save some funds for November transfers, but in his 2 games remaining for month, will he outscore Gomez with 3 games & favourable fixtures, looks like he will retain his place in defence, Arnold first to be rotated with Lovren, looking to make transfer tonight, currently gone with Gomez, need to make inroads into defecit, but also reign in funds for potential Debruyne transfer in November, time to ponder.

    1. He is, but they haven’t got the best record when it comes to clean sheets at the moment.

  16. I’ve decided to swap Moura to Gomez tonight to save the potential price changes tomorrow. It’s risky but i think Moura will drop and Gomez rise. Formation will be 4-3-3.

    From what i have seen of Gomez this season he is as good as anyone Liverpool have in defense so i’m not anticipating much rotation from him.

    1. I brought him in earlier in the season and I was concerned what would happen when Lovren and Matip returned. I think with his impressive performances however, he’s got the nod from Klopp for now. Still at a good price for a regular of the elite sides do can’t fault your strategy C&B.

  17. I was also contemplating Luiz but in my mini league they have a lot of Liverpool coverage at the back which has swayed my decision towards Gomez, plus I have been very impressed with him so far.

    I also envisage Liverpool clean sheets in the coming weeks. Let’s hope it pays off Chris.

  18. I’ve come in with a late choice to go with
    Hart to Patricio
    Shaw to Doherty
    Double wolves I know but like discussed they haven’t conceded an awful lot and I strongly believe the latter won’t keep any clean sheets for the rest of October.

  19. I’ve decided on a slight change of approach. My current team is:


    I’ve decided to use 2 transfers before any price drops and change Pedro for VVd (going 433) and Shaw for Doherty.

    Happy for feedback if you thin these are wasted transfers.

    1. Are you not looking to move Hart out Dan? I wouldn’t fancy having him between the sticks in my team with City next up? Or are you simply waiting until after the international break? If so, who have you got your eye on as a replacement?

      Both of your other transfers are upgrades in my eyes.

      1. Hart is staying until nov. I see more points from VVD and Doherty vs a Hart upgrade for a October…

        Thanks for your feedback. Where are you at with transfers for this month?

        1. Yeah, I always think there’s more potential points avenues for outfield players as opposed to keepers so I get where you’re coming from. Might have to hide behind the sofa for Hart’s next Gameweek though… 😉

          With regards to my team I decided to throw caution to the wind and get my transfers in before last nights deadline as I saw Ryan and Richarlison rising in value whilst I wasn’t sure about Hart and Maddison. In hindsight though I should have waited as all four went up in value (d’oh! Should have asked Allan). Although a gamble, I saw that Aguero, Mendy and Ryan had no international duty and it’s a short month for games. What’s done is done though so fingers crossed my troops all come back safe and sound.

          My team as it stands:

          Mendy Robertson Gomez Doherty
          Mane Hazard Richarlison
          Kane Aguero Salah

          0 transfers. £0.8m itb.

          I’m pretty happy with this team for now moving forwards. I obviously want to see more returns from Mane and Salah but I think they certainly have the potential to start bringing home the bacon again.

  20. Seems that both Hart and Shaw went up in value, so glad I didn’t rush to get them out!!!…

    1. Not quite sure how they worked that out but no conplaints if you have them in your team!

  21. Team
    Mane.hazard moura

    I have made to changes in Lukaku to lacazette. And Hart to kepa.
    I’m just undecided to stay 442 and swap out bissaka but they have an extra cup game.
    Or let him go and do a 343 and bring in richarlison as he’s now player striker and dream team have him as midfield.. thoughts people

    1. I have 476 points in total with 5 different players from the leader. And he’s 19 points infront (I’m in second)

      1. I’m not convinced that Richarlison is going to play in that position every game.

        If he does, then I make you right. He is a bargain midfielder to get in.

        That’s why I went with Arnie at the start of the season, although his price makes it a bit more difficult to have him as a given.

    2. With the difficult fixtures ahead for Palace I think I’d be inclined to go for the Richarlison swap. Might Palace rotate players for the cup game anyway?

      We don’t know how long he’ll be playing the central striker role for and with his value still relatively low, now (after the international break) is probably the time to get Richarlison if you’re going to.

    3. 😂 There’s a mixture of opinions there for you Luke! That’s why I find this game so fascinating though as it would be dull as hell if we all agreed with each other all of the time and had basically the same teams.

      Good luck with your decision mate.

      1. I have 1 mil in the bank also.. or my other option was to keep wan bissaka and 442 but then swap moura and put in willian

  22. Hi,

    I play The Sun Dream Team game but with a tweak, we play the same rules but with only three transfer windows throughout the season (3 transfers allowed and no price changes). Ugh. Within those windows we have an emergency transfer to make. My current team is:-



    TTL 49mil
    I’m looking at Auba – Kane

    Next window is in Jan. Ugh

    Could anyone come up with a different combo? Keep Auba, try and get De Bruyne?


    1. Why are you playing it like that? That is the old school Sun rules of about 4-5 years ago.

      I’d think about losing Jota. I started the season with him based on his scoring record last season and 9 games in….. he is still yet to register any points!!!

      Given the bright start Wolves have had, he has been one of their worst disappointments in my opinion!

      1. Yeah, tell me about it. It’s played keeping scores on Excel because some of the people playing haven’t seen a PC before. I’m serious. It’s fairly enjoyable in the fire and forget kind of way.

    2. Blimey. That all seems an over-complicated way of playing it.

      Are you happy to keep Hart between the sticks with their fixtures becoming difficult? Also Palace have horrible fixtures coming up so you may want to look at PVA? Doherty could be a good replacement?

      I’d be tempted to keep Aubameyang for the time being as he seems to be hitting form now. You’re other two transfers seems like good ones though mate. Good luck!

      1. Thanks Chris…overcomplicated, you could say that. I guess I’m happy with Hart and I was thinking of keeping Aubameyang but I am worried about not having Kane. I know Spurs have a difficult few fixtures coming up but a few of the douchebags around me have him. Doherty is a good shout.

  23. So the first time I put it out there that I generally get it right with price fluctuation and Shaw gets an increase when I was sure it would be no movement at best, I will add that I got the other 10 correct in my team. Sorry to those that took my word on Shaw.

    1. It’s impossible to predict all the price changes. Take van dijk for instance, firstly his 5 game average is a 6 game average which is typical of the sun, if I didn’t think they were so useless at running this game I would have said there was something dodgy going on!! Secondly his price dropped the week before and despite his 5 game average going up only 0.4 and his 3 game average going DOWN by 0.6 his price increased this week. Completely baffling

  24. Mohamed Salah was taken off with a muscle strain playing for Egypt tonight. According to the Liverpool Echo “he will undergo more medical tests to confirm the extent of the problem.”

    Tried to outsmart the value changes and committed to all my transfers. Ain’t Karma a bitch. 😔

  25. Hopefully nothing too serious. Taken from Sky Sports:

    “[The] initial diagnosis of the medical staff of [the] Egypt national team is that Salah suffered a muscular injury,” Ramzy told BeIN Sports.

    “He will be examined to determine the details, but in my opinion it is not serious.”

  26. On Salah:

    Early reports suggest a strain, no apparent tear… Salah will need further tests.

    Bullet dodged? 🤔🤞

  27. I held back transfers in case there were any injuries, however I’d probably be a touch gutted if I was forced to use one on Salah.

    He’s the one player I have that others around me don’t, and with the fixtures coming up I was hoping he would increase the gap between myself and them.

    On the other hand it could be a blessing, given that he hasn’t been returning the points for the value invested.

    Wait and see I guess!

  28. I mean even if Salah misses one game is it still a risk given the fixtures to take him out. Then if need be he needs to out back in aswel? It will be a big shame as he is a player in my league that people don’t own to.

  29. I was looking to drop him after the Cardiff game anyway, 1 transfer left so can do this earlier if he’s out for a period of time.
    With Liverpool’s upcoming fixtures I might be inclined to put Firminio in rather than an Arsenal forward.

    1. It’s certainly looking that way, I really don’t think he’ll be much loss. If it wasn’t for the fact Liverpool play Huddersfield and Cardiff next I’d have dropped him by now.
      With him out it frees up a lot of needed cash.

  30. It was always going to be incredibly tough to live up to last season, he was sensational. That said, I think he’s more than capable of getting 25-30 goals this season. He’s still been able to find the space to get those chances, he’s just not been converting them for whatever reason. Once he starts finding the target more consistently, the goals will come. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

  31. From what I’m reading Salah faces a bit of time out potentially. I also fell into the trap of making transfers from fear of price drops. Looks like I’m facing October with 10 men … 😒

  32. Seeing reports that VVD has also picked up a rib injury.

    Good job I saved two transfers but Salah and VVD were the last people I wanted to transfer out this month.

    I have options in mind if both are serious, in VVD to Gomez and Salah to Laca/Auba. Unfortunately that means no Chelsea rep (I wanted Luiz) and Hart remains between the sticks until November.

    Still early doors and could be that they’re both fine come 5.30 on Saturday!

    1. I hope so Dave! And in my league no one owned Salah so it was my different option against the rest, hope it’s not an omen …

  33. I can’t find any information suggesting that Salah will be facing a spell on the airlines?

    I really hope he is not facing time out.

    1. As frustrating as it is I’d imagine it’ll be midweek before we hear anything concrete regarding his condition.

  34. Current team on 505 points. Top of all my mini leagues apart from DTT where I’m second. Team value 52.8 and 1m itb.

    Pogba – Richarlison
    Lukaku – Kane

    Been a bit of an amatuer and not realised I wouldn’t be able to reverse the above transfers so committed to them now 😳.

    I’m a Utd fan so always liked having a few of their players however due to their form and the difficult fixtures I’ve done the above transfers. Was so close to going for Salah instead of Kane due to better fixtures but he just doesn’t look the same as last year. Have teams finally found out how to defend against him?

    One transfer remaining, any advice on where I should use it would be great. I know Hart needs looking at but always feel it’s a bit of waste on the cheap gk 🤷‍♂️!

    Thanks in advance

    1. 505 points is an excellent return for this stage of proceedings Joe. I’d probably be looking at either Hart or Shaw as my final change out of that team for this month with perhaps Bilva next month. I’ve gone for Ryan as my keeper as I like Brighton’s fixtures but I do accept it is a bit of a gamble. He who dares right??..

      Good Luck with your choices!

      1. Thanks Sutton_chris, always look out for your comments on the threads… keep them coming 👍!

        I think Ryan is a very big gamble to be honest. I know Hart faces man city and Chelsea next but can’t see Ryan massively out scoring him! As you say though he who dares and all that.

        I’m thinking either Hart – Patricio or Shaw – Gomez? Liverpool’s next fixtures are just so tempting 🤔

        1. Yeah, I must admit I’ve quite liked having Gomez in my team so far after seeing him as a bit of a rotation gamble initially. Looks like TAA’s place seems more at risk though with the return of Lovren with Gomez moving out to right-back. That’s the way many of the predicted line-up websites seem to be leaning towards anyway. If Gomez adds another string of potential attacking returns to his bow (playing at right-back) that can only be a good thing. I still see centre-half as his best position though.

          With you not having Doherty in your team I see Patricio as an excellent upgrade (not sure I’d double up on Wolves defensive assets though). He really looks the real deal so far and the defence in front of him are performing well too. 👍🏻

  35. Looks like we might find out today after all, just read this:

    “Salah has returned to Merseyside for tests and the Times report the Reds will assess him today before announcing the length of his absence.

    But at present, the signs suggest the former Chelsea star could face Huddersfield this weekend.”


    1. Hoping he’s back but I’ll probably hold a transfer back just in case. Mane is a concern as well. Tempted to take out Hart and Shaw for Leno and Doherty and then save the final transfer for the Liverpool game.

    1. Yep just read that… Seems like very bad luck, the two players I have different to others both potential will miss games … Not looking good.

  36. Meanwhile, it appears the chances of VVD and Salah starting Saturday ARE improving according to the injury experts on Twitter. (Ben Dinnery).


  37. Mane update:

    “Only [3] PL players have missed game(s) with thumb related injuries since 2012, broken or otherwise.

    All goalkeepers – Myhill, McGregor and Foster.

    Expect Mane to be OK for Saturday. #LFC”

    Ben Dinnery


  38. Transfer time fast approaching, I think Stirling could be a useful acquisition for the team, in form, for City he scores consistently, assists & predominantly rugularly gets 7 out of ten, but the difficult choice would be Stirling or Debruyne, can he hit the ground running after a lengthy layoff.

  39. Latest news suggest, Milner, Van dijk, Saleh, & Mane will all be fit for Saturday, need to limp to November, Hart, B. silva, under surveillance, with hopefully 3 games from Saleh, to assess if he keeps his place in team.

    1. Yeah, these “injuries” could actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise. All players haven’t had to play their countries’s second game of the international break, giving them extra rest time, and it now looks like they have pretty much a clean bill of health going into the weekend’s games. Result!

  40. My team is:

    Robertson Mendy Shaw
    Mane hazard pedro Maddison
    Aguero lukaku salah

    Thinking of swapping Shaw for laporte/Doherty

    And lukaku for lacazette.

    Reasoning behind defender is Shaw obviously not doing for man u. That being said I’m leaning towards laporte and man city have better fixtures than wolves in my opinion.

    And also thinking lacazette as arsenal have favourable fixtures and he seems to average better than aubameyang.

    Anyone’s thoughts on this? Thanks

    1. Arsenal face Liverpool, Spurs, United and Wolves, along with Bournemouth, Palace and Leicester in the next seven game weeks so not that easy mate tbh. I have been impressed with Lacazette lately though so could be a good move.

      You should see points benefits from switching Shaw to Laporte too. Are you sticking with Hart?

      1. I don’t have any transfers left otherwise I’d get rid of Hart too. Also the toughest fixture in arsenals next 6 games is Liverpool. All the other games should be winnable. I’m only thinking up until end November at the latest for him.

        Also lacazette seems to be more consistent than aubemaybg for me.

    2. Agree that Shaw needs to go, as does Lukaku.
      Aubameyang would be my first choice replacement but Lacazette is obviously cheaper and has been starting Europa League games.
      Also Laporte for Shaw makes more sense.

  41. I have the three “big guns” up front for me in my team.

    Who out of those three should I be currently considering swapping going into November? Kane, Salah, Aguero or none?

    With the fixtures ahead my gut tells me I should give Salah longer as I expect his points hauls to pick up soon. Aguero is the main man for City up front so he should probably stay for now also. My main concern right now is Kane.

    His constant dropping deep, almost playing as a ten, is concening for a premium striker. Ok he may get a few more assists, but for £8m I want him getting on the end of chances not being the one creating them. Anyone else share my concerns?

    1. I do share your concerns but the thing is, as Spurs start getting the likes of Eriksen and Alli back they will become a better team. At that point i expect his chances to pick up and then goals.

      Kane, imo will always score goals and when he does he generally gets a few at a time. He has started slower than we expected but is still among the top scoring strikers so i’ll be remaining patient with him for the time being.

  42. I agree with Kane, he has been frustrating, but like C&B said he’s still up there at the top of the forwards table and will always score goals. There’s no way I’ll be dropping him yet.
    Salah is more of a concern for me as I feel he’s actually been playing poorly and his finishing has been scarily bad. He’s got the next 2 games to convince me whether to keep him or not.

    1. Spurs have some tough fixtures coming up. Man city, psv twice, West ham and wolves. I’m not overly confident kane will do much that’s why I’ve kept him out. Can’t sit around hoping he will come good when other players getting so many points.

  43. Thanks for the feedback guys. I have the rest of October to assess now.

    Mane update: He’s had surgery on his thumb and Ben Dinnery has put him back down to 50% chance of playing against Huddersfield now. Fingers and thumbs crossed. 👍🏻🤞👍🏻🤞👍🏻🤞👍🏻🤞👍🏻🤞

    1. Frustrating, was hoping I wouldn’t be forced in to a change. Mane to Sterling would be an ideal swap if it weren’t for the fact I already have question marks elsewhere in my team.

      Shame Liverpool don’t ko till Saturday evening!

  44. what do people think is the best option please ;

    Getting shaw & Moura out and dropping from a 3-4-3 to a 4-3-3.



    Shaw > Laporte or Luiz
    Wan Bissaka

    Moura – Doherty
    B Silva


    Will save my last transfer unless there are issues with Mane & Salah in which case thinking of Sterling & Lacazette

    Thoughts please?

    1. I’m inclined to agree with KOFN on this one. As much as I like Wan-Bissaka, I can see Palace shipping some goals over the next few weeks due to a bad fixture run. Whilst Wolves’s fixtures aren’t exactly ideal either, I think look a tougher nut to crack than Palace at the back.

      Good luck with your decisions!

      1. Swapping Wan Bissaka for Doherty is a straight forward move. I am not sure about taking out the likes of Moura or Shaw – that’s not so easily done with both playing regularly and in Europe (and Spurs still in league cup). Plus these players both pose decent attacking threats for their club so they could potentially haul a big score. So I would look at the pros and cons of these moves further. Thankfully I don’t need to as I brought Doherty in earlier for his 18 point haul and I only like Wolves next two games. Doherty is good but not sure he is a essential player to have. Already I am thinking of moving him along in November to Mendy or Van Dijk (I intend to keep my City and Liverpool defenders for most of the season) if I think the three expensive strikers Kane, Salah or Aguero are not worth their value in gold. Problem in sun dream team game, patience is not a virtue as values are falling. Also surely they will be another bandwagon budget defender that comes along – the question is how many budget players do we want in our team? I am still finding it difficult to replace Jota.

  45. BREAKING: Mohamed Salah has offered Liverpool some heartening news by returning to training today.

    Jurgen Klopp was further boosted by the sight of Virgil van Dijk also returning to Melwood, with both players passing fitness tests.

      1. Klopp press conference at 1.30pm so should know the situation then I’d think. I’ll keep an eye out on Twitter and report back.

  46. Some bargains that may have not been considered yet are RISING in price

    Brooks- Midfield- Bournemouth- 1.4m – 2 goals in 2 now a regular.
    Bennett- Defender- Wolves- 1.9m- a differential to Doherty.
    Jimenez- Striker- Wolves- 2.0m- 3 goals 1 assist
    Gudmundsson- Midfield- Burnley- 2.4m- 2 double point weeks in a row.

    Good luck for the weekend All

  47. Liverpool injuries update:

    Klopp says Virgil van Dijk has “no problems” with his ribs anymore. Mane, Salah and Milner have all trained – Keita is the only serious doubt.


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