Review of Game Week 9

Review of Game Week 9

GW Points: 91
Overall Points: 577
Overall Rank: 44,219
Transfers: None used

Overall game week 9 didn’t really go to plan for the team. 91 points were scored but the majority of these were from players who most people have anyway. This resulted in a drop of over 10,000 places on the leaderboard. This still leaves the team some way off where I’d be aiming to be by the end of the season but I think the right choices have been made along the way, things just haven’t fell into place just yet.


10 points for Robertson despite Liverpool not keeping a clean sheet.

36 points from Sterling after a hat trick in the Champions League.

8 points for Mane. Glad to see points on the board but a little disappointed it was only 8.

10 points for Salah.

18 points for Kane were more than welcome considering the form Spurs are in.

Potential Issues:

Otamendi didn’t start across two games for City. Granted he was injured for the first fixture but I’ll need to monitor if he gets back into the starting eleven.

Maitland-Niles didn’t start in the league and then got taken off at half time in the Europa League. For me, he has to go now.

After being one of the most consistent starters for City, Mahrez faced time on the bench shortly after I’d put him in.

Tips for Game Week 10

I’ve got two transfers left for the month. The obvious player to take out is Maitland-Niles. I probably should of made this transfer a week earlier but I’m going to take him out at the weekend for Tomori. 

This will leave me one transfer to monitor Otamendi and Mahrez. At the moment, I can’t see any obvious replacements if I were to take one of these two out that would significantly strengthen my team. As a result I may well hold fire on the this transfer this weekend. 

For others looking to use transfers it’s worth considering that there are EFL cup games this week. So if you can find a player who might have a double game week this would be ideal. However I’d expect a lot of rotation from the big clubs and it’s worth noting that Spurs are already out. They also travel to Liverpool at the weekend so are probably worth avoiding for the time being. Liverpool also have a tricky week with that fixture against Spurs at the weekend and then an EFL cup fixture against Arsenal. The rest of the big guns have fairly favourable fixtures in the Premier League this weekend.

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31 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 9

    1. It’s easy to panic transfer to get someone like Pepe in after scoring two goals last night. However, it was against Vitoria de Guimaraes and he hasn’t been fantastic this season so far. Lack of goals being the obvious.

      Of course he may just needed to settle and may hit form now, but personally I think Mahrez has done very well for City considering the strength of the overall squad and still managing to play a vital role. He is one of the highest scoring assists in the league this year so far.

      For me, I’ll be keeping Mahrez for the time being. I get that Guardiola is always changing the squad (which is a right ball-ache for us SDT managers) but can’t see him dropping Mahrez a whole lot more that missing a game every now and then (which is the case for nearly all City players).

        1. I’m not going to jump on the Pepe bandwagon. Had he not scored those two in the Europa League I don’t think we would be considering him.

  1. Great article as usual DTT. Took a chance last week and replaced Maitland-Niles and James with Tomori and Willian. 120 points this week and moved into 2nd in mini league. Team now
    Rui Patrício
    0.7million in bank and 1 transfer left.
    Any thoughts on where to use the last transfer?

    1. It will use up all 0.7m, but Ota to AArnold? AA started off at 5m, now down to a more affordable 4.6m. Now Alisson is back – cleaner sheets than using Persil…

      1. Thanks for the reply Dennis. Uses up the budget but ,as you say, could be worth a punt due to price drop and Allison returning . Guy in 1st place in my mini league has van Dijk and Robertson though so unless TAA scores ,or gets Starman , there’s no real gain. Will they keep a clean sheet this weekend against Spurs you think?

        1. There’s a gain if Otamendi isn’t playing! Not to mention TAA’s attacking return potential. I’m personally looking at making this my #1 move in Nov as things stand.

  2. Just caught up with the last few posts after disappearing again for a month or so – great updates and reads as ever mate. And looks like it ended up being quite a high scoring week for most this gameweek – so if you had a bit of a mare, it was going to affect you big time. So I don’t think 91 points was half bad at all.

    I managed 120pts which has shot me up to second in my £50 buy in mini league after an average one or two weeks. Obviously I’m happy about this, especially as I blew all my transfers in GW7, but there’s still a long long way to go and I have a habit of bottling it every year around March if not earlier.

    Current team;




    I know there’s been a lot of rumblings around Kane’s current form, Aguero’s rotation and to a point also Salah for his cost to point ratio in comparison to the likes of Abraham. However, I just cannot bring myself to remove any of them because they’re all capable of sudden decent hauls as this week proved. So I just hope it continues.

    I’m pretty content with my midfield and forwards, and although I’ve been tempted by Pepe for a while – Arsenal are so ropey (case in point vs Sheffield Utd) that I may look towards him as a punt come the end of November where their fixtures improve again.

    My backline is by far the weakest area. However Wolves don’t have particularly bad fixtures until the end of December, Tomori is a cheap enabler in a Champions League team that are continuously improving, Otamendi should hopefully return as a starter this weekend and although Everton don’t fill me with total confidence, Digne has kept plodding along/Everton don’t hit a horrid rough patch of fixtures until December. Based on this, I will probably hold off on any immediate transfers at the start of November as I do have a habit of burning them quickly.

    How’d the rest of you do?

  3. It’s good we can see city lineup tomorrow, 12.30 home to Villa, Pepe will start home to Palace, but not sure he will play in league Cup away to Liverpool, City are home to Southampton in the Cup, if Mahrez doesn’t start tomorrow, I think DTT we go Pepe, Arsenal are cruising in the Europa league now, guaranteed starts for Pepe unlikely, but look what he can do even its a cameo role like last night, he’s bang in form, maybe time to strike now.

    1. “Arsenal are cruising in the Europa league now” – they were 2-1 down at home until the 11th hour. I don’t think they are cruising just yet. The competition during the group stages is quite poor and you’d expect teams like Arsenal to get 9 points out of 3 games.

      I think people are making a mistake jumping on the Pepe bandwagon. Lacazette has now returned which also raises questions.

      Pepe has scores 1 goal and gained 2 assists in 7 PL games. Mahrez has 2 goals and 3 assists in 5 PL games. In the CL, Mahrez has also scored once and achieved 3 assists in 3 games.

      Overall ratings: Pepe 7.22, Mahrez 7.83.

      I wouldn’t let Pepe’s two goals from last night blinker you into thinking he’s now a must. It was against supposedly weak opposition and at home. Basically I would suggest observing and making a decision over a few weeks.

  4. Interesting stats batman, & well presented, just worrying if Mahrez doesn’t start tomorrow, have Aubamayang aswell, he’s such an enigma, if only he’d bang in a hat-trick, I’d be less concerned about Pepe’s current form.

  5. 9-0 Leicester against Southampton.
    I am still baffled by the scoring system how can goal keeper
    schmeichel get eight points when he never made one save never had to stop any shots
    its baffling to say the least.

    1. I have Vardy in my FPL team. 👍🏻

      Sadly I also have Perez as my 3rd sub! 🤮 Every team prediction site I looked at had him benched.

      Not sure what emotions I should be feeling tonight! 😂

    1. Gutted – I’ll have to stick with them I think with the EFL Cup game in the week. I’ll review after this game week.

      1. If the EFL Cup game wasn’t on the horizon I’d swap Otamendi for Mendy with Zinchenko out but I think it’s important not to panic. Firstly City might not keep a clean sheet and even if they do Otamendi might come on to pick up 5 points. You’d hope he will play mid week after not starting today aswell. Same goes for Mahrez.

        1. With Otamendi benched again im starting to think that having Ederson may be more vital than ever to try & avoid that dreaded City rotation.

          Plus, both guys above me in my mini league have him.

          Any thoughts DTT?

            1. I’m just unsure of bringing in Mendy or any of the other City defenders when they are likely to be benched every other game Dean.

              I know Ederson is a bit more expensive but if fit he should always start & something keeps niggling me that i should get him in sooner rather than later. Once he’s in he’s in.

              Patricio just never fills me with confidence either although he currently does have a nice run of games.

              Im thinking Pat & Ota out to Ederson & Tomori. Then with my 1st Nov transfer sort the MN issue by bringing in Soyuncu.

              Any thoughts appreciated guys.

          1. This could be a good option. We would need to spot a good cheap defender who is a similar value to Patricio though. Certainly food for thought.

    2. That means Mahrez will very likely be starting in the CL which is where Mahrez has shone so far.

      Guardiola sure loves to rotate. 25mins playing Villa at home and they’ve had one shot on target. When is this manager going to understand that stability and regularity is important for consistency. Aguero and Mahrez both on the bench and have both been their star players this season so far. Talk about trying to piss players off.

      1. Make that 1 shot on goal in 45mins 🥱😌 play your best players Pepe and stop trying to force Jesus to come good.

  6. Hi guys,

    Anyone with 1 transfer left with Kane could go Kane to aguero or Kane to Abraham.

    Possible two games and spurs playing Liverpool with dodgy league form.

    1. Taking Kane out is a big mistake imo. In the end he always comes good. One advantage over Aguero is that at least Kane is a nailed on starter.

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