Review of Game Week 9

Review of Game Week 9

GW Points: 74
Overall Points: 688
Overall Rank: 2,696
Transfers: Alexander-Arnold out, Walker in
Salah out, Mane in

This week was a bit of a disappointment, but fortunately the team didn’t drop much on the overall leaderboard and still holds a very good position for the stage that we are in the season. I’m happy to be within the top 5,000 pack for the time being. The transfers I made didn’t pay off and I really don’t like making short term moves but with no certain date on Salah returning and plenty of transfers left, I thought it was worth a gamble. Luckily he didn’t score when he returned to the starting line up mid week. Walker also flopped, I bought him in because he had the most minutes under his belt of any Man City defender – I thought this meant he was unlikely to face rotation but he then got rested when City kept a clean sheet in the Champions League. Ziyech was also a disaster, I missed the opportunity to bring him in for the previous game week when he scored well so thought I’d take the opportunity to get him in now, it also backfired. Given how badly the transfers panned out, I’m still happy enough with the game week overall but I was hoping to kick on at some point to break into the top 1,000.


Fernandes picking up 31 points was a good result but has no major impact due to his high ownership.

Mendy and Zouma picking up more points was a positive. I’m so glad I jumped on this two before they became so popular. 

It’s felt a bit strange holding onto Davies knowing he’s unlikely to play in the Premier League, however him picking up 10 points last night was a brilliant return and makes the decision well justified. 

Potential Issues:

I’ve always had an eye on removing Davies and I think this has to happen at some point soon. However, with him picking up 10 points it’s all going to be about timing. I’m still debating what to do with him but I’ve got enough in the bank to bring in anyone I want really. 

Although I rate Mane as a player, I’ll want to bring Salah back in. Purely because of ownership and the risk of Salah scoring big.

I don’t want to double up on Havertz and Ziyech as my team already has too many Chelsea players. As a result one of them will be coming out at some point. It’s looking likely to be Havertz at the moment but the problem is knowing who to bring in.

Tips for Game Week 10

I’ll almost certainly be bringing Salah back in this weekend – if he starts in the Premier League. I’ll then use my final transfer to take out Ziyech or Havertz for a different midfielder or potentially look at replacing Davies with Robertson. Man City have the best fixtures this weekend so I’ll be sticking with Walker despite a disappointing first week in my team. Spurs and Chelsea are probably worth avoiding as they play each other. Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea all have more difficult Champions League fixtures this week as well so it’s going to be a challenge to pick players who might do well. 

We are at that stage in the season where we should be looking ahead to December, it’s worth checking the fixtures before rushing into any transfers:

10 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 9

  1. Nice review DTT.
    Just a tad unlucky with a few of the moves this week
    Seen strong rumours Mane is on the bench tomorrow so the switch back to salah should be an easy one.

    1. I kind of hope he doesn’t start, makes the decision to take him out much easier. Think I’ll do it anyway but it’s never ideal to take a player like Mane out. You can be sure if they both start that Mane will be the one who gets a couple.

  2. Maybe hold onto Havertz & Ziyech for the last 2 group games in Europe, should get plenty gametime to warrant holding onto them, then make a decision, if Grealish is still producing good pts hauls, can’t see beyond him, goals, assists, starman awards, what’s not to like, replacements for Davies, good fixtures Leicester, Fofana, Justin, Castagne, all play in europa league, easily affordable, also can’t see Chelsea keeping clean sheet in next 2 games, home to Spurs & away to Sevilla, slight concern having 2of there defensive assets, but if they are both in the team for the long game, then could be overlooked.

    1. Yeah I agree David, might be worth holding onto both but if Chelsea have a bad game week then it could result in a drop on the leaderboard. Grealish is a good shout but he’s become quite expensive. I was thinking Davies to Robertson at some point but Leicester defenders could be worthwhile. Not keen on two Chelsea defensive assets this week but I’d imagine most have them now.

  3. I think you should join us all on the Harvey Barnes train! Great month of fixtures ahead and still seeing some good game time in europe

    1. I am tempted and have been since the start of the season but he seems to have dropped off a little bit lately.

  4. Great GW review as always Paul. Sometimes transfers do backfire. But in all fairness you’ve made some wise choices along the way up until now. Hopefully Walker plays and keeps a clean sheet today! As for Havertz & Zyiech. Well thats a tough one. Havertz was ticking along nicely until covid. Zyiech had one good week. I fancy Havertz more tbh. He looks like he’s gonna do something positive every time he has the ball . You’re the dtt master. So I’ll run with what ever you think best. I’ve done my Salah transfer as you said. Good job because Mané is on the bench!!! Mahrez is still a concern. Doesn’t seem to be playing well at all. Maybe today could be a turning point. Pepe could be worth a shout. He seems to do well in the Europe league. I think they have Dundalk up next. Could be worth considering for the remaining group stages of the group stages. Like Davies picking up on Thursday night.

    Anyway good luck today all 👍🏻

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