Review of Game Week 9

Review of Game Week 9

GW Points: 38
Overall Points: 480
Overall Rank: 205,069
Transfers: None used

After a more positive game week 8, game week 9 reverted back to the trend of this season with a very poor showing. The team slumped to the lowest position on the leaderboard that it’s been all season. Despite the performance of the team, I’m struggling to see what I can do differently. I’m following the same process that’s got me to a finish of around 1,000th over the past two seasons but it’s proving very difficult this time around. It just seems like whoever I pick at the moment stops scoring points as soon as I put them in. Take De Bruyne for example – coming in for the injured Lukaku seemed like a sensible approach and he only managed 3 points across two fixtures. Azpilicueta is another example, seemed nailed on to start most games for Chelsea and then didn’t play this week. Benrahma has also stopped scoring since I put him back in after going on a run when I took him out. I think sometimes we just have to accept when luck isn’t on your side, after all football is impossible to predict at the best of times, especially when focusing on individual players rather than teams. Who would have predicted Mount scoring a hat trick at the weekend for example – I don’t think he had even hit 20 points up until that fixture.


Rudiger picked up 8 points with a clean sheet against Norwich. 

Walker didn’t get a clean sheet at the weekend but did start in the EFL Cup. It only resulted in 4 points but it was better than nothing. 

Salah bagged an impressive 30 points but his ownership is that high it makes little difference. 

Potential issues

I’m out of transfers for the week ahead so it’s going to be a case of waiting until this time next week to plan transfers but I’ll highlight the potential issues anyway.

I predicted De Gea would take a dip in form, had Lukaku not picked up an injury I’d have taken him out for Ederson. Now I’m probably stuck with him and a poor Man Utd team.

Bertrand remains a problem and is going to be difficult to replace at only 1.1m

Traore has started the past couple of weeks but he’s not picked up as many points as I’d have hoped. One to consider moving on in November.

Ronaldo is becoming a problem with plenty of budget tied up in him, he’s just not picking up the points I’d have hoped for and Man Utd look really bad. 

Tips for Game Week 10

Following on from the theme of the month Chelsea and Man City both have by far the best fixtures for the game week ahead. It will be interesting to see how Man Utd bounce back as they face Spurs and Atalanta. This week could put some even bigger question marks next to Ronaldo but we will see what happens. If you’re lucky enough to have some transfers left, I’d suggest having a more detailed look at the fixtures below:

21 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 9

  1. If you had and subs left who would you like in your team? .. whats the best 11 you can pick?

    1. Without looking too much at the budget, I’d have something like:

      De Bruyne
      Tielemans/Kovacic/B. Silva
      Any one of Mane, Jesus, Antonio, Son

      I’m sure it wouldn’t work within the budget and a massive risk going without Ronaldo

  2. Dream team tips what can I say! I followed your team up until Christmas last year and then decided to go my own way after that, I ended up finishing in 199th position in the end,but this was only possible because you got me off to an amazing start. Almost every transfer paid off last season where as this season luck is definitely not going our way, let’s hope it changes soon and gets our team moving in the right direction.

    1. I think the good start is vital – it’s going to be a struggle now to get back into it with the price rises making it easier for those who got off to a good start. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head though, with almost every transfer paying off – once you’ve made the move all you can do is hope it works and it’s just not happened this season so far.

  3. De Gea – Ederson (upgrade)
    Bertrand – Robertson (upgrade)
    Walker – Laporte (?)
    Traore – B. Silva (upgrade)
    Ronaldo – Mane (?)

    Possible solution, something a bit different but not too far from logic maybe..
    Don’t want to say shit or bust just yet but it’s £200 to enter my mini league and I’m 24th out of 32! 🤦‍♂️

    1. 😩😩 £200? I’d be sick paying that out …. I think its stack up on Chelsea/City defenders foden mount Fernandez mahrez midfield and salah and 1 more up top

    2. I’m toying with the idea of taking Ronaldo out and strengthening elsewhere. You know what will happen if we do that though – he will start scoring every week. But agreed something needs to change

  4. Ronaldo – Antonio
    De gea – ederson
    Bertrand- matip
    Traore – B.silva
    Benrahma- foden

    Do all 5 straight away if money allows

  5. Paul, you are going to need to pull a rabbit out of a hat in November to get back on track, look what Ronaldo is capable of 15pts yesterday,
    A. Traore if only he played every week, 3-5pts then he stays in the team
    De gea, who I also have has to go, difficult fixtures for the foreseeable,Ederson tough fixtures, Mendy practically out of reach now, I have 2 Chelsea & 2 Man city defensive assets already, so I think I’ll go Allison, Liverpool not completely airtight at the back, it’s partially a blocking move, in the mini league I’m in.
    Benrahma, who I also have has fallen off a cliff atm, Mount will replace him.
    Bertrand, at the time was a decent pick, but Leicester this season look soft at the back missing Fofana & Justin, his price has plummeted to the point you will have to make 2 transfers to replace him.
    I’m not pulling up any trees this season either on 596pts, so November a big month for me also.

    1. It’s been tough going these season I worry now that its more luck than judgement that’s going to get me back in it. Can’t be taking Ronaldo out after this week I don’t think.

  6. Benrahma taken off early second half not sure why.
    have 602points 3rd in my mini league need to get rid off.
    Kovacic at 2.2 worthless.still have Lukaku but feel that he will be back
    soon the only other player im thinking off raising cash from is Fernandes
    there seems no other option.

    1. Kovacic would have been the player I bought in but he’s injured now. Benrahma may have to go.

      1. after tonight’s performance a rethink maybe.
        I have to say was thinking off ridding him myself
        may switch to ridding Antonio now. its a nightmare at the moment.

  7. just had a though Kovacic is 2.2 C/P Gallager is 2.1
    he will go up by 0.3 making him 2.4 lucky enough I
    have 0.2 in the bank making the 2.4 yes.
    he aint playing bad at the moment.

  8. as expected Nuno has been given his cards at spurs.
    was going to get rid off Kane being that he has been non existent.
    probably hold fire now to see how things pan out.

  9. Worth keeping an eye on Azpilcueto to see if he is in the starting lineup at the weekend, that’s his first game in 3, don’t mind squad rotation for league and Fa cup, but not for premiership and Champions League, he was carrying a slight knock, but Silva Christensen and Chilwell are cheaper, who is the most secure is the question.

    1. Yep I’m considering switching Azpilicueta to Silva, Christenson, Rudiger or Chilwell to free up some extra budget but annoyingly I have multiple and more pressing fires to put out…

      1. I’ve got a lot to try and correct as well. 5 transfers just don’t seem enough this season

    2. Yeah him not starting has been a nightmare. Typical after he was starting week in week out before I put him in

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