Review of Game Week 9

Review of Game Week 9

GW Points: 113
Overall Points: 575
Overall Rank: 10,375
Transfers: Hart out, Leno in
Shaw out, Doherty in

Game week 9 was massively successful with most players picking up at least some points. This resulted in a fairly big jump on the overall leaderboard, bringing me closer to where I’d be happy with for the season. The transfers made didn’t pay off massively with Doherty getting -1 points. Leno was slightly more successful compared to Hart conceding 5 against City. This leaves me with one transfer for the remaining game week of the month. At this stage I’m not sure I’ll use it as I’m fairly happy with the team as it is.


Leno picked up 8 points across two games. Given that Arsenal played Leicester and Sporting this was about as much as I could have hoped for.

Laporte and Robertson picked up double clean sheets. Laporte also chipped in with a goal. I’d say he’s been my best transfer of the season so far.

B. Silva was a player I was looking to take out. I’m glad I stuck with him for this game week as he managed two goals, with one being from the bench in the Champions League.

Salah grabbed 26 points during the game week with a double in the Champions League. This was a particular highlight as many people appear to have taken him out of their teams.

Kane and Aguero both got a goal each.

Potential Issues:

I can’t see any real issues within the team at the moment. The main problem is having a lot of funds invested in the front 3 which is making it difficult to strengthen players like Leno, Doherty and Maddison. I’d rather not have these three but while Leno is first choice at Arsenal I may as well stick with him. Leicester also look like they have a decent run of fixtures so it may be wise to stick with Maddison. Doherty was a bit of a bandwagon choice, I’m hoping their fortunes change this week against Brighton as they have Spurs and Arsenal on the horizon.

Tips for Game Week 10

If you’ve got transfers remaining it’s difficult to ignore Liverpool facing Cardiff at the weekend. This looks like the obvious point scorer over the weekend. Arsenal and Chelsea could do well but they are away from home against Palace and Burnley. I’d probably avoid bringing in any Man Utd players as they face Everton. I’d also avoid any Spurs or Man City players as they face each other.

Liverpool Vs Cardiff
Palace Vs Arsenal
Burnley Vs Chelsea
Man Utd Vs Everton
Spurs Vs Man City

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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99 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 9

  1. great team DTT
    i currently have 513 pts in my works mini league with:
    roberstson shaw luiz
    maddison richarlson hazard mane
    kane sergio salah
    no transfers left this month…but £1.3m to spare
    anybody got any suggestions what i could do to improve ?
    all suggestions gladly welcome !

    1. Looks a decent team – I’d just swap Hart and maybe Shaw for Gomez and the next best keeper you can afford.

  2. thanks monitoring cech at arsenal for £2m defo if he gets his place back….gomes a wise move thanks
    …keep up the good work
    575 pts is a good haul at this stage

  3. Fantastic game week and certainly paid dividends to having the three big guns up front.

    As mentioned in the other thread, I have one transfer left and I’m tempted by taking B Silva out and putting Gomez in. Will be to and fro with this one right up until kick off. A Liverpool clan sheet and it pays off… Liverpool concede and Silva picks up a 7+ with an assist / goal and I’ve shot myself in the foot.

    Wait and see tomorrow I guess, still sitting good in my league at the moment.

  4. Great game week total DTT, in fact exactly the same points return as myself! You’re in very good shape with that side.

    The players I fear doing well (who I don’t have) are the likes of D.Silva, Sterling and KDB now he’s back. I could be tempted with KDB as I don’t he’ll miss many games if he stays fit. I’ll scout him for now though. The likes of Sterling, D.Silva and Sane though would frustrate me when they weren’t selected. They score so well when they are but with Pep’s rotation it’s impossible to predict his midfield line-up. Ederson, Laporte, Mendy, Aguero and probably KDB now are the only main stays I’d say in that City team.

    1. Yeah it’s going to be a tough one when De Bruyne starts firing. I think it will have to be a case of swapping one of the big guns out if I want to accommodate him. There would be no way to get a balanced team by bringing him in alongside Mane, Hazard, Kane, Aguero and Salah.

  5. Anyone noticed that all three big guns have dropped in price btw? Salah?…..really?


    1. Those price changes are a joke. Salah has dropped 0.6m since the start, yet he is amongst the top scoring strikers. Crazy.

    2. Chris,
      The higher the value of the player the more is expected of them. Salah scored zero 4 games in a row hence his decline in price, he has since scored double points 3 games in a row and his average(5.1) is still lower than Kane’s(5.8) & Aguero’s(6.4) having played 2 & 3 games more respectively. I predict that Salah will drop again this Friday and so will the other 2 unless they score big tonight. if their price was continually rising due to good form the chances are that you would not consider changing them so their price becomes irrelevant.

  6. The Telegraph *exclusive* [John Percy] reports that Jamie Vardy has been dropped for the game vs West Ham despite the striker declaring himself fully fit. BIG call if true.

    You Madison owners could be rubbing your hands if they get a penalty as he’s next in line behind Vardy. I wonder if something is going on behind the scenes there as Vardy’s missus has been “liking” certain twitter posts slagging off Puel. 🤔

  7. Reports that Hazard has missed training and is a doubt this weekend. Decision being made at the last minute.

    Not great news but I guess so many teams have him in it shouldn’t hurt too much if he didn’t play? Get swallowing those Anadin’s Eden!

  8. Hi DDT,

    Fantastic week which has also taken me to the top of both my mini leagues. (Joint in the main one 😮 out of 75)

    With the uncertainty of Hazards injury and only one game week left of the month (2 possible games) have you considered using transfer 3 on him for someone who might play, perhaps KDB or Willian? With 3 new transfers available next Friday and the team not needing any urgent changes you could bring him back in then? Just a thought.

    1. Only just seen your comment – I wasn’t tempted to take him out. I thought with a lot of people owning him I’d just ride the storm and see what happens.

  9. A few calls to take Hazard out, I don’t think it is worth it for one game week, will mean having to use a transfer from November to get him back in. Looking at Wolves upcoming fixtures Doherty makes me nervous. I like Duffy at Brighton, but at 3.4m he is massively overpriced. Lewis Dunk might be a decent alternative, and will create more funds to upgrade Maddison/Leno. Brighton have some good fixtures for November so Dunk is likely to raise in value as well

    1. Brighton are looking fairly solid defensively (good shout from Chris regarding bringing in Ryan) and Dunk is a decent price. Doherty seems to be a favourite for picking up points though – even when Wolves lost at the weekend he somehow ends up as star man.

  10. Yeah, think I’d have to agree with DMC on this one. KDB is unlikely to start by all accounts anyway due to the state of the Wembley pitch after the NFL game. Need to see him back in full flow again for me anyway.

    It doesn’t sound like Hazards injury is a long term one so I’d advise to ride this one out as I reckon 90% of people will be doing it anyway with Chelsea’s game being Sunday.

    Dunk could be a good shout till mid December as a Doherty alternative although I’d leave it for this week playing Brighton. A 0-0 in that one would be lovely for me as I have Ryan and Doherty.

  11. Well looks like my B Silva – Gomez transfer has been sidelined with him being benched! Unfortunate.

    Think I’ll save the transfer for now. Only other alternative would be Hazard out due to his injury but seems a waste of a transfer in November to bring him back in.

  12. 2 clean sheets in a row for Matt Ryan, great shout Chris, wish I’d of took your advice instead of going with Patricio.

    Maybe it will be my first change next week.

    Brilliant for Doherty to get star man and 8 points despite losing, some going that he must have played well.

    Has the Wolves bubble burst? Two tough games coming for them.

    1. Yeah, I think Doherty is given so much license to bomb forward and get balls in the box/shoot, the DT algorithm for player ratings must be very kind to him as a player. Will be interesting to see how he does against two tougher opponents in his next two game weeks.

      Having had time to consider his place in my team, after today’s showing I think it’s worth riding the storm of the next two weeks as Wolves’s fixtures do pick up again after those.

    2. Very good shout from Chris – wish I had listened myself. Leno hasn’t done that well considering his value.

  13. To say both Gomez and Robbo didn’t start for me today, it couldn’t have really gone better!

    Mane 18pts 👍🏻
    Salah 13pts 👍🏻
    Ryan another CS and 8 points
    Doherty Star Man on a losing side (you’re going nowhere son 😉) 8 points

    Brilliant troops! 👊

    1. Same haul as me, with an added 3 points for VVD and Maddison. Disappointed not to get the clean sheet for VVD mind.

      Can’t complain, biggest return in my mini league so far but others have more players to play tomorrow. Hoping Auba/Laca have quiet games!

      Fantastic shout on Ryan by the way, two clean sheets in a row!

      1. Yeah that Brighton back line are looking decent again now they’ve got last seasons back four all back fit again. Hopefully more of the same going forwards.

        VVD was unlucky not to get the goal he deserves (just seen it on MOTD).

        Good luck for tomorrow Dave. 👍🏻

        1. Well played Chris. Your team must be the top 1k by now. I really enjoy your comments here. Your enthusiasm for the game shines through. My team going nowhere right now. I think the best I can hope for is 10k by the season’s end. The standard of mini leagues I enter has really improved, really need to finish in the top 1k (or even higher) to have a chance to win one. Maybe a few different factors involved: people are more informed about fantasy football than ever before (through internet sources) and take more interest as big sums of money involved. Another factor is the price market: for the past two seasons I have enjoyed the price changes, the big swings of 0.6 and 0.3m each week made it fun for me to build superstar teams where every player was from a top team and I could afford any player I wanted. Last season I had a team that was worth 70m by the end of November, this season I will be lucky if my team is worth over 60m by the end of the season as the price changes are small and my interest in buying players cheap and selling for a big profit has waned and that system is no longer viable. I’m not one to blame luck – I think fantasy football is a game of probability than chance.

          1. Cheers RR, very kind. Yeah, I did break into the top 1k by the end of yesterday but I’ll be dropping back out by the end of today with only Richarlison to play now Hazard is out. This is my first season playing so I didn’t have any experience of the previous set up with regards valuation swings. Do you prefer it now or before RR?

            I think the best you can do with DT is to make educated estimations and then cross your fingers. Luck certainly plays a part (I’m having my fair share right now!) but so does a bit of research and careful thought I’d say. Really enjoying it though I must say.

  14. Noticed Ricardo Pereira was dropped today. Well that solves my previous predicament.

    Hope you didn’t follow my advice AJF? 😬

    1. Hi Chris

      No I didn’t, I was tempted but when I saw the line up I left him , stuck with ban wissaka this week hoping he doesn’t suffer too much damage today. Was tempted by cook at Bournemouth instead but there fixtures like palace are not brilliant . Might use my last transfer today if cech replaces leno will swap with kepa and next week, look at cook for ban wissaka as Docherty did business for me today. Thanks as always for your advice

      1. Thank god for that! I’d have felt terrible if you had drafted him in.

        Awful what happened at Leicester yesterday. Fingers crossed that everyone involved make it.

        1. Such sad news to hear about the people involved with the Leicester helicopter accident, including the Leicester owner. He was such a huge part in creating PL history in wii I guess the thing. Thoughts and best wishes go to all involved.

  15. Chelsea blocks smashing it after today’s result, and Willian returned a good points haul. Would’ve loved a late Burnley consolation!

    Not going to beat myself up for dismissing the B Silva – Willian transfer as I wasn’t that confident in making it anyway. Let’s hope my faith is restored tomorrow with a Bilva hat trick!

    1. Yeah, Willian certainly seems to be a DT favourite for ratings/star man etc. Don’t have enough funds for a Richarlison swap but I’m happy to keep Richarlison for now anyway. Willian is certainly clocking the minutes up though domestically and in Europe though, which appeals to DT managers.

    2. I’d like a Chelsea defender but they’ve just been slightly out of reach for the whole since. I may make this a priority for November though. The keeper is most appealing as he seems to be starting in the Europa League as well.

    1. He’s certainly in a purple patch. I like to try and predict these purple patches though (and not just jump on bandwagons after the event). At that price though he could be a genius differential.

      1. Yeah that’s true, I did actually put him in one of my other teams with the last transfers and hes scored very well since. I’m relatively happy with Doherty but i may go for Barkley in his place.

        1. Barkley for Maddison would be a good move imo, especially with the extra games Chelsea have in Europe.

  16. Another poor week for me. … Just 20 points!! :/

    I have a City defensive block playing tonight (Ederson, Mendy & Laporte), but I’m not overly confident of a clean sheet against Spurs. Kane has been dry, but Lamela seems to be firing.

    This season feels like a slog at the moment.

    1. Sometimes it’s just the way it goes. No matter what I did last season everything just seemed to go against me.

    2. I’ll be watching Kane closely tonight, as I’m not happy with his contribution so far this season.

      1. Similar story with the absence of Eriksen with the looks of it regarding Kane. Anyone know why Eriksen didn’t start?

        Anyone else beginning to get a bit frustrated with Aguero being subbed off in or around the hour mark nearly every game it seems? 🤔

      1. Yeh, much needed because I feel that my City defenders have kept my head above water lately with 5 clean sheets on the spin (though I’ve only had Ederson and Laporte for 3 of them).

        Despite Mane’s 18 point haul, I’m still up by about 30 points for swapping out Hart & Mane > Ederson & Laporte.

        That said, I think I need to get Mane back in asap as the 7 of the top 8 in my mini league have him.

        Also interesting to note that 8 of the top 10 in my ML have Kane. It makes me apprehensive about removing him because if Kane turns up (which we all know he can do at any given time), I will lose ground on all around me.

        Anyone else contemplating losing Kane for Auba, Wilson or pretty much anyone at the moment?

        1. He’s the one out of front trio whom I’ve been most disappointed in so far. When Eriksen doesn’t play, Kane seems to blank more often than not just lately. Hopefully with both Alli and Eriksen back involved now that may improve. If it doesn’t improve his points hauls considerably though I’d have to consider ousting him. Just too expensive to have sat there as a passenger. Hopefully he’ll come good though as Salah has done.

          1. Agreed.

            You may have read from previous threads how I got stung by removing Kane a few years ago. I removed him only for him to go on and bag 5 hatricks and a brace (17 goals) in the space of just a few months!

            Needless to say that that particular move still haunts me as it cost me first place (and money) in my league, so I am understandably very apprehensive about removing him when those around me still have him.

            As you say, we will see what happens once he gets his support back, but he is certainly becoming a drain on potential resources!

        2. Looking at it, it would help but I can’t bring myself to do it yet. He’s surely going to be up there with the highest scorers at the end of the season.

  17. Had a pretty good week considering Robertson, Gomez & Hazard all not playing. Few to play tonight, would love some points from Kane & Aguero.

    Anyone got any GK tips for the November transfers? Currently considering Ryan, Fabianski & Dubravka all have decent fixtures coming up.

    1. Foster and Begovic are looking decent, fixtures are a bit up and down, but both teams areplaying well.

      1. Wouldn’t go for Begovic personally. Fixtures becoming very tough in the coming weeks. Foster’s fixtures aren’t ideal either tbh.

        I really rate Fab as a keeper but I don’t think his defence have backed him up enough thus far. Maybe that could change? Same kinda goes for Dubravka.

        I’ve gone for Ryan and so far so good. Don’t see any reason why he couldn’t pick up a few more clean sheets in the coming weeks. Hart might pick up a CS or two in the coming weeks as fixtures improve. Dyche will be working them hard to shape up at the back. Burnley’s lack of attacking threat does put extra pressure on that back line though.

  18. Hazard still injured and unavailable for Wednesday whilst also no certainty for the weekend!

    Don’t you just love these injuries where they are due back almost every game and never make it…

  19. Would it be absurd to transfer in Willian & Barkley, whilst retaining the services of Hazard, got one eye on D. silva, looking forward to tonight’s game, took a bit of a hiding last 2 games with Hart, might have to keep for now, fixtures set to improve.

    1. Would be a bold move, but sometimes you have to be bold. Could be worth the punt as that combo would kinda be a differential in its own right. Half decent fixtures with a juicy looking Fulham at home on the horizon too.

      1. Only concern Chris would be whether Barkley has ousted Kovacic, or are they going to share gametime.

  20. Aubameyang is expected to start as main striker against Blackpool tomorrow.

    That feels like a very dangerous bullet that needs to be dodged by us non-Auba owners!!… :/

  21. DTT, when can we expect some news on transfer targets for November, interested on your views on Willian, will he continue to be prolific of late with Hazard due back, they already have 9 pts in Europa league so will he continue to be in the lineup, thoughts on Barkley wld be appreciated to, contemplating bringing back Mane, but it’s a tough ish month for Liverpool, what do you think.

    1. Mulling it over today – it’s got to be done before the morning so will post something up later. If I do anything – can’t see an obvious route at the moment.

  22. Looking ahead to this week’s fixtures, I have a couple of fixtures where players in my team are up against each other:

    Richarlison v Ryan
    Doherty v Kane

    I reckon Ryan will be struggling to keep a CS this week against an improving Everton side at home. As long as Richarlison can be involved with things though and get a few points I’ll take that.

    With the other fixture, in a perfect world I’d like to see Kane get a couple but for Doherty to play a blinder with a few assists in a high-scoring draw.

    Hoping Liverpool’s back line will be on top form (away at Arsenal) as I’d imagine Gomez and Robbo will be drafted back in. Anyone else have any concerns/thoughts about the upcoming fixtures?

    1. Leno is my concern with Arsenal facing Liverpool. For me he’s served his purpose by picking up a clean sheet and avoiding Hart’s minus points. I think it’s now time to move on but I can’t afford who I really want – Kepa.

      1. DTT, would it be worth using your last transfer to do Maddison to Brooks (I’m presuming that will give you the funds to do Leno to Kepa)? Maddison and Brooks seem to have a very similar potential for scoring and their points per million average is very similar (Maddison 16.8 vs Brooks 15.3). If it gives you the money for Kepa over Leno I would say it is a worthwhile move

        1. Excellent point there District. The only sticking point with that switch is the fixtures. Leicester’s fixtures are pretty favourable whereas Bournemouth’s are not so much.

          1. But currently DTT has Leno and Lenos fixtures are worse than Kepas so it is improving the team as a whole. You cant take Brooks vs Maddison in isolation because it means upgrading Leno to Kepa (the keeper DTT wants to get in) so its Kepa and Brooks vs Leno and Maddison, the sticking point you mention needs to be considered as Arsenal and Leicester fixtures vs Chelsea and Bournemouth fixtures and I would say you are improving the fixtures of your better player out of the two as opposed to having better fixtures for the lesser player. I think Maddison is a decent option for his price, I even have him myself, but I cant imagine anyone is that fussed about having him or not if it improves the team elsewhere

            1. Yep, you’re right District when you put it that way. Leno’s place is also in jeopardy I’d imagine now that Cech is back.

              I must say Brooks looks a real player to say he looks about 14! Still think Fraser will probably score heavier long term but he’s certainly matching him at the moment.

              Top shout. 👍🏻

  23. That time again! Transfers reset tomorrow so I’m keen to use my last remaining one, but need to add value rather than make it for the sake of it.

    B Silva

    Potential options below :
    VVD – Laporte
    Liverpool away to Arsenal and City home to Southampton. Clear to see where the clean sheet potential is here. If I then decide for another Liverpool defender in November, it opens up my B Silva – Gomez idea I was toying with earlier this month.

    B Silva – Laporte
    Thinking here is the long term view that a consistently playing Laporte will outscore an intermittently played Bilva. Doesn’t seem to add much value however, thoughts?

    B Silva – Willian
    Eyed this one up last week and had I made the transfer I’d have reaped the benefits. Seems in good form and gets a lot more game time than Silva.

    Future transfers for November depend on the above. I clearly want some Chelsea representation. Spurs have tough games from mid November, so a potential move could be to replace Kane and the money can potentially land me with Kepa or replace Doherty with Luiz.

    Appreciate your opinions as always.

    1. I like the VVD – Laporte transfer. I did roughly the same a while ago and Laporte has probably been my most successful transfer this season. B. Silva to Gomez then makes sense as well. Not sure about Willian although I was surprised to see how many points he had racked up. For me, Hazard is enough Chelsea representation though.

      1. VVD to Laporte confirmed, on the sheer fact Laporte has greater clean sheet potential this weekend. Best value transfer for me in my opinion

    2. I think bringing in Laporte is very much a low risk transfer as he’s been great this season.

      I’ve been looking at Willian also but I can’t help but feel his big points hauls will dry up at some point. I maybe wrong of course. As you point out Dave he’ll probably clock up many more minutes than Bilva.

      1. FFS have done a recent article looking at Willian and his stats are pretty good mate so could well be worth the punt. With three decent home fixtures over the next four gameweeks it should probably be now if you’re gonna go for it. GL! 👍🏻

        1. Agreed on the potential of adding him, seems to be in great form. VVD to Laporte is my transfer for now though, given clean sheet potential at the weekend.

          I’ll assess the B Silva to Willian transfer when I see City’s line up on Sunday, could be a field day for them!

  24. I am looking to strenghten my team tomorrow with three transfers and wondered if anyone has some good tips

    Current Team

    Would ideally like following

    Kane – Auba
    Maddison – Willian
    Sane – Ozil

    Tips ?

    1. Not sure I’d be going for Arsenal assets right now Felix. Whilst they’ve been improving nicely over the past few weeks, their fixtures take a turn for the worse over the next few gameweeks. Of course they may well continue their form but just something to bear in mind. Good luck with your decision.

      1. Yeah I agree, if you can afford it I would just be looking at Sane to Willian out of the players you mentioned. Its too long of a month to be using all of your transfers straight off the bat. If you are set on doing all 3 transfers and want to do Kane to Auba to raise funds I would personally look to replacing Hart over Maddison.

        1. Sorry Steve, I was talking more PL fixtures and didn’t account for European games. The next six league games for Arsenal are:

          Liverpool, Wolves, Bournemouth, Spurs, Man U.

          No real juicy ones there IMO.

  25. I’ll tell you something, I’ll bet the Liverpool attacking players are licking their lips looking at Arsenal’s expected starting eleven. Much to take advantage of there with their full-back injury/suspension woes.

    1. What do we think – 1 transfer left tonight:

      500k in bank

      swap leno for kepa? – cleans me out ££ wise
      or swap leno for Pickford and then tomorrow swap ban wissaka for Luiz-leaves 200/300k in bank which I might need for November but only 2 transfers for month

      My concern with the pickford one is I use 2 transfers to get a way into the chelsea defence where as straight swap only uses the one I have left. I want a way into the chelsea defence

      Any help appreciated? Thanks

      1. Leno to Kepa looks good to me (tho it does depend on what the rest of your team looks like). Not a fan of Pickford, or of the everton defence in general

        1. District

          Rest of team


          Wan Bissaka

          B Silva


          Happy with front 6 for now would like to shift Bissaka out soon as palace fixtures poor. Tempted to go 343 and put Madison in for him tomorrow.
          Kepa gone in tonight to replace leno
          Thanks for comments

  26. Allan always seems to get the price rises correct if he sees this.

    As for me….. 🤷‍♂️

  27. It’s really difficult to predict isn’t it. I’ve got my fingers crossed that he does as I have my heart set on a couple of early transfers 🤔😁

  28. My current team

    robertson mendy laporte
    mane hazard pedro maddison
    aguero lacazette salah

    Players to be removed:

    hart, pedro, lacazette

    I dont want to use all three transfers however hart and pedro must go tomorrow, they are both doing dreadful. I wish I went with abuemang (however you say it), but went with lacazette instead which has cost me about 30-40 points.

    Thoughts on transfers for hart and pedro? I was thinking willian and keeper unsure. I was going to put fraser in however their fixtures are dreadful now, I see two winnable games out of next 8 which is too big a risk.

    1. Leaning towards Schmeichel then reviewing again in November. Kepa is the one I want but can’t see a way of getting him in. Can you?

      1. Not without significantly reducing another position. Best I an come up with is
        Leno, Mane OUT
        Kepa, Pogba IN

        1. If I had two transfers to use tonight I’d almost certainly go for:

          B. Silva out, Richarlson in
          Leno out, Ederson in

          I can’t do this without risking being priced out of making the second transfer. As a result I’m just going to stick Schmeichel in I think

  29. DTT, I did post this earlier, don’t know if you saw it. would it be worth using your last transfer to do Maddison to Brooks (I’m presuming that will give you the funds to do Leno to Kepa)? Maddison and Brooks seem to have a very similar potential for scoring and their points per million average is very similar (Maddison 16.8 vs Brooks 15.3). If it gives you the money for Kepa over Leno I would say it is a worthwhile move

    1. Just working back through the comments – must admit Brooks hadn’t been on my radar. Not sure about Bournemouth long term. Although I’m not a huge Maddison fan either Leicester do have some decent fixtures coming up. Putting Brooks in would be a risky move for me because I log player selections in the big mini league I’m in and over 100 people have Maddison but I can’t see many with Brooks.

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