Season Eve…

Guest post by Ian Dennis

So that time has arrived, hours after the prices have dropped, like children on Christmas Eve, we Dream Teamers are now busy scrambling around putting teams together for the new season. 

For me I genuinely love this bit, Scrolling through lists of players trying to find the ones who you think are a bargain and represent value and then trying to fit them into your 11 alongside the so called premium players. 

I think most of us agree that the majority of points generally come from the front 6/7 so trying to maximise potential in the attacking area whilst hoping for clean sheets from possible cheaper bargain defenders  is the way I usually tend go. 

I like to have one reliable premium defender in my 11 (say TAA) along with 2 mid priced or cheap defenders so that I can then blow the majority of my budget on the front 7. 

I look particularly at goal scorers and penalty takers as this is where the points are. Then it’s the dilemma of sticking to trusted performers like Aguero & Kane or risking new players like Werner who could prove great value but are unproven. 

Trying to pick a balanced team just from the top 2 or 3 clubs is doable but sometimes you just need that cheaper nugget from a mid division team ala Traore last season, who will this seasons hidden gem be? 

Game time comes into the equation as you don’t really want players in your team who aren’t guaranteed minutes. 

I’ve seldom gone down the blocking defence route as I find especially with LFC defenders they’re now too expensive, although this route can definitely work and bring big points. I think for me if I were to go down the block defence route now I may gamble and do it with say a Wolves block as this wouldn’t necessarily blow too much of the budget, still allowing money to get a couple of the higher priced much sought after ‘goal machines‘ into your side. 

Everyone has there own preferences when it comes to building teams and there’s no right or wrong – that’s the beauty of selecting your new team, no one knows at this stage what will work and who will out preform their peers. 

I wish you all luck in finding the right formula whether that’s based on stats, gut instinct, previous successes or just asking the kids there favourite Liverpool players. 

Here’s to an enjoyable, pandemic free 2020/21 season…

15 thoughts on “Season Eve…

  1. I personally dread the start of the season. Its the same story for me every season: you put the hours in and I get off to a bad start. So it takes a while to get in the groove.

    Right now, I got my pencil sharpened and notebook 2020/21 ready. I also wiped the white board clean. As I wait for the game to launch, I currently hooked on the Leeds Unit doc. I like the way the club is organised from top to bottom, a complete contrast to Sunderland which were documented on Netflix. Only halfway through but I like what one of their recruitment guys said along these lines ‘the data is vast and readily available but it needs to converted into knowledge and when it is done right, it will to real power and success.’ I think I will have one or two Leeds players in my team, will it probably lead to success? maybe not but it will sure be fun for me to write about.

  2. Epitomises the excitement we all feel at this time nicely Ian. I would say though that with the exception of VVD I think the Liverpool defensive assets offer really good value this season. I’m pretty sure I’ll be having Alisson, TAA and Robbo in most of my teams. I was adamant I’d be going bargain basement with my keeper but £3.5m is just too tempting to resist for me.

  3. Big thank you to Ian for putting this together. It’s certainly the part of the season I enjoy the most. I’m always very keen to get off to a good start.

  4. most of you will be like me pick your team
    then from now and the start scrub it hundreds of times
    and almost going into melt down that’s the draw of it
    I suppose. and plus the other half moaning you have
    been on the laptop all day give it a rest.

    1. 😂 Sounds like the tension is building already in your house Don my friend!

      Tell her you’ll treat her to a holiday when you win the £75k jackpot.

      I love these kinds of posts. 😂

      1. honestly Chris have change my team at least 20 times
        still haven’t a clue.
        keep running out of dosh after picking 8 players.

        1. Pssst…..Vinagre is the answer to your prayers Don…… there’s a sentence I never thought I’d use when referring to Dream Team. 😂

          1. Arghh! I now want to change my team name to Salt and Vinagre Crisps. Can I change a team name once submitted? 😂

            Genuinely gutted if not…😢

            1. On the website click on the cog next to your team name and you can change your team name there Chris

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