September Transfer 1

September Transfer 1

I’m still very undecided about my transfers for the month as I’m not too unhappy with how my team is set up. One player that I’ve got too much uncertainty about is Alli. He didn’t travel to play in the Europa League qualifier and was taken off at half time at the weekend. Ironically, he could have scored in the first half and it would be a very difficult story. However, he didn’t and only picked up 1 point. As a result, he’s coming out. Someone was always going to make way for Fernandes after game week 1 and I think Alli is the midfielder with the least potential. I’m still cautious about the move as I picked Alli for Spurs fixtures after game week 1 but someone needs to make way for Fernandes. I’m making this transfer tonight, in case Alli drops in value tomorrow. So the transfer is:

Alli out
Fernandes in

I’m very undecided beyond this and I’m tempted to make this my only transfer of the game week. Spurs must surely bounce back against Southampton. I do ultimately want De Bruyne but it would mean I’d have to drop Kane or Aubameyang for a cheaper striker and I’m not keen on doing this at the moment. However, keep an eye on the blog as I may well make another transfer before the end of the evening.

I’m considering Doherty out and Digne in. As Digne will gain value and Everton have some good fixtures ahead. I’ve not committed to this one yet so I’d be interested in people’s thoughts below.

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  1. Sensible decision on Bruno. I’m not sure about two Spurs defenders atm. They conceded tonight again and had pretty much a full strength team out, so also tempted by Digne but again, do we think Everton have really turned a corner based on that one result? Decisions…decisions.

    1. I think it’s a bit of a gamble to go for Digne so I’m not sure myself. Tempted to just use the one transfer for the time being and seeing what happens over the next week. With Traore picking up star man tonight the game week has been far from a disaster.

      1. Digne seems to rack up the points tho, but yeah there could be better value elsewhere. He’s def one to keep an eye on tho

    1. I think there’s some good options at that price tag – he’s one of them, as is Werner and Martial.

  2. The concern with Doherty is, is he playing high enough up the pitch to warrant his place in the team, his strengths are bucaneering runs, assists & goals, will Mourinho give him the freedom to be swashbuckling, like we know he can be, Spurs defence after 2 games hardly airtight, Shaw has a good run of fixtures.

    1. I thought Doherty should have scored at the weekend so he appeared high up the pitch at that point. But I take your point – he’s too expensive to have for long and was only a short term choice anyway.

  3. Doherty has attacking potential irrespective of whether Spurs concede so perhaps give him another GW or so to see if he does come good? Alli to Fernandes was my only move as well. Keeping an eye on Reguilon though as do also have Davies…

    1. Yeah I’d agree with that. Davies should be fairly easy to move on. Wolves have some good fixtures after the City game.

  4. team 1=out Robo Zaha Havertz Kane Traore . in=Shaw Fernandes De bruyne Sterling Barns.
    team 2= out Robo Kane Traore Van biss De Bruyne Fernandes Rashford.

    it may look a bit drastic but they are all quality players
    and will be in for a long stint.
    after game week 2 Abam out for Sterling in team 2.

  5. Spurs and the liverpool boys will all drop in value surely? That could be a mill almost right there… That worries me.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about the Liverpool players. If you never plan on taking them out then it doesn’t matter what their value is. I’d be more worried if the Spurs players draw a blank for 2 weeks in a row.

  6. According to ‘the coach’ projected price changes. Only around 16 players dropping -£0.1m and about 250 players increasing in price. The price rises include an injured Phil Jones increasing by £0.2m and Shane Duffy, who signed for Celtic a couple of weeks ago, increasing by £0.1m.

    1. Ha ha. That’s hilarious! 😂

      Looks like the work-experience kid has been put in charge of the “coach” section at Dream Team HQ it seems.

    2. Wouldn’t trust any of the projected price changes. I don’t know how accurate it will be but I’m basing the price changes on anyone who scored more points than their price will go up and anyone who scored less points than their price will go down, by how much they will go up or down I’m not sure, I could be totally wrong

    3. I’m sure the coach is currently based on a prediction before any games were played for the game week? It’s the only way it makes sense. I think we are probably wrong in assuming it’s being updated live.

    1. Keane for me. As district says, hefty price rise incoming and he should be nailed for the next 4 games (inc Fleetwood away) with Holgate being out and Branthwaite picking up an injury. Mina may also be nailed tbf but I think Keane is the safer bet.

    2. Unpopular opinion but I like Mina… I think he has a few points in him. He’s going into one of my teams anyway!!

  7. Chris – did you find anything out about the complete shambles that is the dt coach and the projected price changes?

    1. Sadly not. I’d imagine they’re hanging their heads in shame with what complete shambles it is. Such a shame because it has great potential if done properly and they’d get players going back to it season after season.

      1. So frustrating that they don’t even acknowledge their mistakes year after year. Not knowing is the worst situation. If they just came out and said “sorry its not working currently, should be OK in a week or two” at least we would know to just ignore it. They are causing more trouble saying nothing cos people will go by the projected price change listed and then complain like mad that it is completely different tomorrow (if/when it is)

    2. I’m sure the coach is currently based on a prediction before any games were played for the game week? It’s the only way it makes sense. I think we are probably wrong in assuming it’s being updated live.

  8. According to Coach, some ‘projected changes’ if of any use as follows…

    Davies N/A
    Doherty, Alli & Kane -£0.1

    Alisson, TAA, Robbo, VVD & Mane N/A
    Salah +£0.1

    Havertz N/A
    James, Mount & Werner +£0.1

    Leno, Tierney, Bellerin & AUB N/A
    Gabriel, Saliba, Willian & Lacca +£0.1

    Traore +£0.1
    Jiminez -£0.1

    Leicester & Everton mostly set for rises.

    Not sure if this is for tomorrow or after the next GW but doesn’t exactly match their ‘break even scores’, especially the pool guys if tomorrow morning and sure it’s open to errors as always expected with DT but may help late calls tonight!

    1. I can’t see these being right. How can Doherty, a 4m defender who scored 0 go down more than TAA, a 5m defender who scored – 2?

      1. Surely the projected price changes are based on what they thought before anyone played and it’s not updated since?

  9. I think it’s a wise move to take out Alli Paul. I think his ownership is going to seriously plummet for this weekend. I also think it’s savvy to hold those Spurs defenders for now as Soton aren’t exactly pulling up any trees at the minute. Havertz would be the other player I’d be twitchy about as he looks like he may need some time to settle and it’s Liverpool next. So difficult to make accurate judgments now though with only one GW gone and your patient approach could very well pay dividends Paul. 👍🏻

    1. Yeah it’s the only solution I could come to. I think Havertz being benched for Liverpool could be a blessing if he gets a run out in the EFL cup instead

    1. I think I’m going to stick with what I’ve got. Then potentially use all four changes for the final game week of the month.

  10. So I have the same dilemma as you in one of my three teams but I missed the chance to transfer before lockout. So now I’m hoping Alli doesn’t decrease in value otherwise I can’t afford Fernandes anymore. Sad times.

    In that situation would you keep Alli? Or make Two transfers to bring him in?

    1. My Alli transfer is still showing as Pending… are you sure there isn’t time still and has he visably dropped in price on your team list?

    2. I’d want Fernandes if it was me. I’m risking it by not having De Bruyne so I wouldn’t want to risk it and not have either of them.

  11. Hi again dtt I also missed the transfer. Gutted, wanted to follow transfer for transfer all season again. Do you think there is a chance Alli could increase without Bruno this month so I could get him in in the September transfers? Will watch much closely next time 😩

    1. Ah that’s frustrating for you. It’s a bit of a risk not having him and you might end up further away from getting him. Not that it helps because I’ve got no real idea what I’ll do next but if I was trying to predict the players I’ll transfer out after this game week it would be:

      Kane or Aubameyang


      Any cheap defender who’s performed well so far
      De Bruyne

      1. I was planning on following u stride for stride this season aswell. So annoying. Think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and do de bruyne Fernandes and downgrade a striker.

        1. I’ll probably end up doing that anyway at some point so hopefully by the end of the month we might come back together in terms of our teams line ups.

  12. You definitely leaning towards Werner over Martial in GW3 take a look at them both I suppose I was so tempted to go four transfers yesterday to get KDB and Digne etc but I left it alone. You are very patient DTT there will be alot of people now with KDB and Sterling and I myself will be hiding behind the sofa. I can’t see Traore doing much at all against City but I may be wrong? He is an assist and star man magnet but he seldom finds the back of the net.

    1. I must admit I’m not expecting a good game week but I’m happy to gather a bit more info and make some changes at the end of this week. It’s not been a bad start all in all.

  13. If any of yous had to drop either of Kane or auba, who would it be ?
    I’m favouring leaving in auba atm and swapping Werner in but have always had Kane in my teams and bound to hurt me.

    1. Already dropped Kane. Said on the other thread but he’s not fit and they are flying back from Bulgaria after a hard 90. His goal was a pen so I, personally, am not taking it as a resurgence.

      I expect Auba to score as well this weekend then he goes for Sterling.

    2. I’d planned to take Aubameyang out but with Spurs form it’s hard to make a case for keeping Kane for the longer term but we need to see what happens this week.

  14. I agree with Lc Auba is in really good form and Kane is utter shite. I know Auba can go missing sometimes but he is looking dangerous at the moment. Most people on here are looking to get rid of him because of the fixtures I dunno… Never had Kane once last season and didn’t do me any harm. Werner underpriced but still needs to perform see how he goes.

    1. Arsenal’s fixtures do get more difficult after this game week though. For me it’s a wait and see as one of them has to go for me. Kane was injured a lot last season so it wouldn’t have made much difference if we didn’t have him. It’s too early to say he’s just going to be a complete flop for the entire season.

  15. Has anyone got there eyes on the bargain players from Wolves?

    The fixtures are very good from next week and if they perform well, we could see a huge price hike.

    Daniel Podence – 1.5m Midfielder.
    Marcal – 1.7m Defender.

    I know these have been mentioned by a few on here already, but are you looking to bring one in? If so, which on e do you think is the better option?

    Current rumours are that Liverpool are in for Jota which could strengthen the Podence appeal?

    Its a potential move I’m considering next week for Eric Dier should Spurs fail to impress.

      1. Have just had another look into Marcal, hes got a bit of a poor disciplinary record on the quiet, booked on his debut for Wolves and if you look back on his recent appearances for Lyon (last 20) hes picked up a lot of yellows and a couple of reds.

        Just something to bear in mind.

        1. Ah brilliant – that’s worth knowing. I hadn’t considered that. Will keep an eye on him against City.

  16. What’s the verdict on Werner? Looks good and “quick” and sharp and “will cause the defence” problems but none of that pays the bills!

    Absolutely horrified at my Kane transfer and would be top 10 without it but that’s life…I’ve need to instil transfer patience and understand how prone to capitulation Southampton are.

    I can wangle my team to get Jesus but said to myself I would mess around with Pep Roulette.

    As always, advice appreciated. Top of my friend mini league so got to look on bright side.

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