September Transfer 1 – reversed

September Transfer 1 – reversed


I’ll keep this one short as I’m about to travel back from a few days away. I could easily make 5 transfers today but I’m going to hold back for a week as it’s a long month. I will take out Coutinho today though as he’s been a poor pick from the start of the season. I like Spurs fixtures this month with a good Champions League draw so Kulusevski comes in:

Coutinho out
Kulusevski in

I’m locking this transfer in now as I’m going to be driving for most of the morning/early afternoon but I’ll do my best to make sure Kulusevski is starting. If he’s not, keep a look out for another blog.

Game week review will follow later today or tomorrow.

If you’re playing a more risky game and don’t mind burning more transfers, the players I’d be getting now are Cucurella, Fofana, Sterling, Emerson Royal, Kulusevski or Kane. This targets cheap Chelsea assets – at the start of the season I think anyone would take a 3m Chelsea defender to enable bringing in someone like Kane who has good fixtures this month.

I’d like to do this now, but I can’t risk it with so many fixtures this month, although I have made 3 transfers in some of my other teams. I’m personally going to wait and see who gets game time in the Europa League and I’m also going to try and build some more team value on Thursdays evening.

4 thoughts on “September Transfer 1 – reversed

  1. Hi Am I the only one that doesnt have enlugh money for this transfer even though I’ve done all the same transfer?

    1. Did you do all of the transfers that I did on Thursday evenings? The prices change on Friday morning so if you didn’t do them on the same day as me you’d be short of budget.

    1. Sorry late coming back you, had a busy day. I’d have been tempted by Fofana or Emerson Royal based on the starting line ups.

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