September Transfer 1 (probably)

September Transfer 1 (probably)

I’m getting this one posted nice and early as I’ve made my mind up already. It looks like Son could be injured for the weekend so I’d be looking to take him out anyway. With Ronaldo now on the radar it makes sense to bring him in as I have the funds to do so. Even if he doesn’t start against Newcastle, I’ll still make this transfer as I think Ronaldo is a good choice as this point longer term.

Son out
Ronaldo in

I can’t see me making any other transfers this weekend so hopefully that will be it for me until the following game week. I say “probably” for this transfer as I won’t make it tonight. It’s worth waiting until tomorrow – if Son isn’t on the bench, we even have the luxury of waiting until we see the Man Utd line up before we put Ronaldo in. If for some reason he doesn’t make the squad (which won’t happen unless he’s injured) we can then reconsider what to do with the transfer.

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  1. That’s a good point re: holding off if Son’s not in the squad Paul. Need to keep remembering that little rule change.

    I think this transfer will be the most popular transfer this weekend. I’ll be making exactly the same move and I’ll be praying Coleman starts on Monday night.

  2. its a transfer that really leaves us with no choice.
    if we don’t put him in and he does well its a sure thing
    that every punter will have him in there team.

  3. Talk of De bruyne being on the bench this weekend, also champions League through the week, proves his fitness, could be transferred in for Bruno next week,gives us a couple of games to see if Ronaldo is going to take free kicks, as well as penalties, pleased premiership is back.

  4. Dtt I missed your end of month transfers you think I should still do Allison to ddg? And keep Moira?

    1. Difficult one, but I’d do what you need to do to get Ronaldo in with Son potentially being injured. Moura might be worth holding onto. Looks like Alisson has been cleared to play though now.

  5. Traore getting that star man award again, the rating system loves him! He really is a cheat code so far.

    1. Crazy really, he didn’t look like he did much on match of the day but definitely sticking with him while it keeps happening

  6. I think in the very near future, we may have to have a rethink about Kane, Thursday will tell us an awful lot, if he doesn’t play in the europa conference competition, is he really going to out score Lukaku who has champions League.

    1. It’s a fair point David, if he’s not playing Europe it’s an awful lot of money to have tied up in him. With Son injured though they are pretty short on options up front right now.

      1. Agree as well, if he’s not playing Thursday and with Lukaku scoring so freely it’s going to be hard to make a case to leave him in

  7. I missed all the football yesterday as I was out. Watched match over the day without knowing the scores. A few quick thoughts:

    Anyone got Lukaku and Ronaldo? (In their main team, not in a variation of 10 teams)

    What’s our thoughts on Kane? It would be a knee jerk reaction to say he needs to be swapped for Lukaku but its a question that needs to be asked. Especially if Kane doesn’t play on Thursday.

    Tanganga needs to go for me. He will miss a game and I’d probably drop him for that if I was the manager so I think he’s given them a good excuse. I noticed Bertrand started for Leicester who weren’t too bad against City so he could be a good replacement

    1. Kane – Lukaku
      Could free up funds for:
      Tanganga – Robertson

      I’m also tempted by:
      Wan Bissaka – Alonso

      1. What’s going on with Chilwell? As far as I know he’s not injured or anything so why no game time so far? He played quite a lot under Tuchel last season so why not this season? I’ve been expecting Chilwell to get the nod sooner or later which is why I’ve been avoiding Alonso. Rather short-sighted of me it seems though now tbh.

      2. Potentially at some point but I think we need to see if Kane plays on Thursday first. Wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t.

        1. I don’t really see a scenario where Kane doesn’t play this midweek though with Son being out. I can’t honestly see Scarlett being given a run out against decent opponents like Renne.

          The more I think about it the more I’d be very surprised if Kane is indeed omitted. They are just too short on other options up front.

          1. I’d love it if he started and scored a couple. Just got a feeling it’s not going to be his season though

  8. I agree with comments above, Lukaku will get them champions league games but if Kane doesn’t play Thursday then for the pricing Lukaku is probably the best choice.

    Spurs didn’t look that effective with Son missing, they seem to better when he plays even when Kane is out the team.

    1. I agree but I think it’s a case of not being too rash. Let’s see if Kane plays midweek and how Lukaku gets on against more difficult opposition.

  9. I know my teams called nokanenogain but I think you not gaining nothing having kane over lukaku, tottenhams lack of creativity and pressure in midfield is worrying.

  10. With Antonio suspended against United next weekend, I’m thinking it could be wise to hold onto those United defensive assets. Antonio is central to most things West Ham do going forwards so I’m hopeful that those United boys might have a decent chance of a CS. Hopefully they can keep a CS against Young Boys midweek too. It’s been pretty frustrating so far owning United defensive assets.🤞

    1. Really need something from the Young Boys fixture. Disappointing after taking Alisson out for De Gea

  11. Kane looks like he cant be bothered lately.
    when you look at Lukaku he looks so hungry.
    don’t think we loose a lot swapping them.

    1. I agree and Chelsea are the much better team. At this stage, I’ll just monitor as Chelsea had bad fixtures.

  12. For me personally Lukaku over Kane, plays in a better team that create more chances plus champions league which I’m 99% sure he will start every game where as Kane might not feature in a few of the europa fixtures. That said if Kane does start the europa fixtures with the opposition spurs have he could easily score a 2 or more goals a game

    1. I think it’s one to review at the end of the week, once we’ve seen if Kane starts on Thursday

  13. Tanganga 2.1 with 0.8 change do I swap him for castagne with Leicester favourable fixtures or go 343 and put traore in.

    1. I’d personally be tempted to put Traore in. I think Castagne may share game time with Pereira (who I understand to be fit now).

      I’d be interested to see if Leicester may consider playing them both with Castagne at RB and Pereira filling the RM position. Pereira would be a very desirable option then if so.

    2. I’m looking at Bertrand myself. But can’t argue with Traore either as I’ve got him and he keeps picking up points.

      1. If Bertrand starts in Europa as well I’ve definitely got my eye on him too. Soyuncu is decent value too and he plays pretty much every game. Anyone brave enough for the Leicester double up? Fixtures not too bad as of next week.

        1. I don’t think I’d be brave enough for the double up but would certainly take one of them. Will be interesting to see who starts in the Europa League

  14. If Kane doesn’t play midweek or does but doesn’t deliver there could also be a bit of price swing on both Lukaku (up) and Kane (down) which could be a factor. Zennit, Spurs and Villa aren’t exactly the toughest 3 opponents Lukaku will face next. Yes he’ll then face City and Juventus in one gameweek but then has the glorious run of Southampton, Brentford, Malmo, Norwich, Newcastle & Malmo again. He could be in my team by the weekend if Kane/Spurs don’t step up!

  15. I was set to put traore in but gray looks excellent value too, its tough cos I know traore keeps getting starmans but his price stays about the same without scoring goals. Then there’s gray who will go up 0.2 friday and his scoring goals.

    1. I think his price has stayed the same because he came on late in a Cup game and then only scored 3 points the week after. Surely he goes up this week

  16. Guy top of my league is living with a Chelsea block at the moment, they love a clean sheet. Trouble is the price for them means it’s difficult to get the top guns up front aswel.

    Hopefully Kane plays tonight…

    1. Need a return from Kane this week. After a decent week before the international break, this week hasn’t been good at all.

  17. Anyone fancy putting Toby Alderweireld in defence for 0.0 and just playing with 10 players? 😂 could be a bit of a cheat

    1. This is exactly the kind of out of the box thinking I love. Not sure I have the balls for it just yet but genuinely worth consideration.

    2. 😂 it’s an interesting idea but not sure I could do it myself. Knowing I was playing with 10 men surely would put us at a disadvantage.

      1. Yeah i totally agree that one man down would put you at a disadvantage and was shocked to even find him in there to be honest.
        But the more I mess about with transfers and seeing who I could afford if I did put him in, It means I could get pretty much all the big guns in every position..
        I could then watch them go up or down in price for a month and then maybe move Alderweireld on afterwards.
        Most people can’t afford everyone just yet and have to gamble on who they leave out and sometimes can never afford to get them back. He may be a quicker way to earn some cash and less gambles on the expensive players you leave out each week.
        As long as you made plenty of money off most of the big hitters you could then pick and choose who to give up on when replacing Alderweireld.
        Again I’m not 100% convinced I’m going with this idea yet, But if you have time to look into it and see what you think I’d appreciate that.

        1. Just had another look and would it not be better to go for Joe Hart or Casillas for £0? The GK position has the lowest ceiling out of all the positions so if you’re not too bothered about GK points maybe that’s a better way to go?

          1. Yes it probably would, I never thought of seeing who else was 0.0 I stumbled across alderweireld by accident. Good shout Chris 👍👍

  18. Worth pondering that Will, might keep Bruno & add Debruyne, so will have to have a cheap 3rd midfield enabler, doubling up on Man utd defensive assets not working, Wan bissaka out, Alderweirald in.

  19. Hey Paul what are you doing with tanganga I think I might keep him he’s only banned against Chelsea right? Might swap wan Bissaka for rudiger what would be your advice I’ve got 0.8spare change ,its situations like this that trip me up years previous.

    1. I’m considering a few transfers – Matip looks like the cheapest of the big teams who are keeping clean sheets. Bertrand is good value given Leicester’s fixtures as well. Ederson is a good long term choice in goal but has tricky games ahead. I could really be tempted by:
      De Gea, Wan-Bissaka and Tanganga out
      Ederson, Matip and Bertrand in

      Struggling to decide at the moment though.

  20. Many sources seem to reckon Areola will get the nod for West Ham in the Europa. Maybe he’s worth a punt at £1m if he’s going to play those cup games? He may even play himself into contention for the main spot at some point too?

    1. 1m is dirt cheap but I can’t help but think we won’t win anything unless we’ve got a full 11 who are playing on a regular basis. After switching from Alisson to De Gea, I’m now considering just sticking Ederson in and leaving it at that.

  21. Apparently there have been some massive issues with the game this season with transfers not going through for some, incorrect points showing in mini-leagues and extra transfers being available for some.

    I can’t say I’ve noticed myself with my teams but it appears all he’ll is breaking loose. I really wish this game was run better.

  22. Is anyone else on iPhone and struggling to open the app? Might have to use the website to make transfers at this rate…🙄

    1. Android was working OK but hearing that others have had problems. I did mine on the desktop site just to make sure

  23. Adiós Kane, dont come back & bite me in the ass, fancy Alonso, can he continue to keep Chilwell out, looks like he’s first choice for premiership & Champions league.

  24. Thinking of making 4 transfers tonight (and switching to 4-3-3)…

    Kane > Lukaku
    AWB > Alonso
    DDG > Alisson
    Moura > Bertrand

    Feels rash but some logic there split across price swings, form and fixtures. 🤔

    1. Very close to my thinking. I went Robertson over Alonso as I think surely Chilwell comes in at some point

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