September Transfer 1

September Transfer 1

I’m going to use my first transfer of the month tomorrow morning and I’m sticking to the plan I’d made towards the end of August. It’s going to be a straight swap with B. Silva coming out and Mane coming in. This is for two simple reasons. B. Silva has been benched far too often this season for my liking. I want a player who is valued at over 4m to be a certain starter. Secondly Mane isn’t far off being a striker but is classified as a midfielder on the game. This advanced playing position makes him more desirable and he’s much more certain of game time. So the transfer is:

B. Silva out
Mane in

I’ll obviously only put this transfer through if Mane is starting against Newcastle. If he’s benched (which would be hard to imagine) then I’ll hold fire for the time being.

With regards to any other transfers for the month. Otamendi would be a player who is top of my list to bring in but this isn’t something I can make happen at the moment. The second transfer I’ve got planned is Mina or Maitland-Niles out for James. However with the fixtures for the weekend I’m not in any rush to make this transfer. I’m basically looking at the three players and running through the options – is it more likely that Mina will get a clean sheet or Maitland-Niles will keep a clean sheet or James will score? At this point in time I don’t think there’s an obvious answer to this question. I’d probably say it’s slightly more likely that James will score but I don’t think it’s clear cut. As a result it makes sense to hold this transfer. What I will be doing over the game week is evaluating all three players and then making a decision for the next game week. I mainly want to see if James or Maitland-Niles get game time during the Europa League before making a final decision.

Even if I were to bring in James for say the more expensive Mina. This still wouldn’t leave me enough in the bank to replace Maitland-Niles with Otamendi. Had this move been on the cards I may have been tempted to go with all three transfers off the bat.

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101 thoughts on “September Transfer 1

  1. On your will Mina/Maitland-Niles keep a clean sheet question?

    – Bournemouth are unbeaten in all four of their top-flight home games against Everton (W2, D2).
    – The eight top-flight meetings between Bournemouth and Everton have produced 31 goals (3.9 per match), the third highest goals-per-game ratio of any Premier League fixture played at least eight times
    – Arsenal have kept just nine clean sheets in 42 Premier League matches under Unai Emery but two of those were against Watford last season.

    Just some stats for you 🙂

    1. Cheers Dean. Ultimately I think one of them will have to go shortly but I don’t think it’s much more likely that James will score again this week but who knows. I think both have some attacking threat as well.

  2. Ive gone high risk and done three immediate transfers to get Moura and Martial out


    Moura 4 James
    Robertson 4 Mina
    Martial 4 Kane

    team now

    Maitland Niles
    D Sliva (kept as think City will rotate given easy fixtures and Silva may profit)
    Kane (feel essential given that he plays every game even against Morrisons Utd)

    1. Cheers Jamie, I’d be delighted if they get a clean sheet at the weekend but I’m not holding out too much hope just yet.

      1. I agree this week is potentially tricky for Everton, but the clean sheet stats seem to suggest mina is even better value (perhaps!!!)

  3. I believe I have a team identical to yours at the moment DTT but I’m at loggerheads as to what to do in midfield.

    I’m torn between Mane and KDB. Both in the squad would be ideal but that would mean having to disrupt the front three which isn’t on my agenda at the moment (although starting to become nervous for Kane). I was set on Mane until I saw the press conference from Farke at Norwich.

    Norwich have a big injury list and are potentially going in to this game with just one of the regular back four. Could be a field day for City. I know Silva to KDB may be deemed a “sideways” move but we all know B.Silva isn’t playing regularly at the moment whereas KDB is in great form.

    1. Why not wait and see the team sheet before you make the move from Silva to KDB. Pep might decide not to risk his star man KDB if he expects to win the game easily. You may miss the Silva Hattrick

      1. Yeah it’s a tough one as we won’t get to see who starts for City before making a decision on Mane as Liverpool play first. Think I’ll still go ahead with the transfer though as it’s not a certainty that B. Silva will start.

  4. Lacazette out injured till October with ankle injury. Very tempted to blow my last transfer on Aubameyang now with those fixtures and him no doubt playing centre forward. 🤔

    1. This has got me in two minds now as well, Auba down the middle is lethal and with those fixtures it’s very tempting

    2. Agree completely with what your saying on Auba, we spoke on another thread and I was considering changing him for Kane but think I will stick with him now. Tempted to go for Pepe for mount too as think he will be playing very advanced now.

  5. Hi guys

    Any advice on how to upgrade my team





    any advice on how to upgrade this guys???


  6. I’m not a fan of Maguire or Rashford but with them having two games this week I think I would keep it the same for a week

    1. I’d agree with District – not keen on Maguire in particular. Otamendi could be a good option this month.

  7. Hi chaps love the analysis
    Need some manic from my team

    Any ideas Chris ?

          1. I’d swap Pogba for James and see what it leaves you for upgrading Firmino to Aguero or Kane.

        1. I know he’s not done that much yet but I like the thought of trying to get ahead of the curve and go for Pepe. If he can get anywhere near his stats of last season he could make a mockery of his price tag.

          Pogba to Pepe leaves you with enough (just) cash to get Aguero in for Firmino too. Aguero could have a field day today against a depleted Norwich team. A cheaper alternative to Aguero that should get plenty of game time now Lacazette is out is Aubameyang. He could get close to Aguero for output this month as he should play centre forward whilst Lacazette is out.

          I’d probably bank the final transfer.

  8. Who do you think will score the most points this month







  9. Morning all.

    After the news of Lacazette’s injury hit I’m now like others second guessing myself. Currently, I’d be (maybe riskily) using all my 3 transfers straight off the bat to get a team of;




    1m left itb

    I’m reasonably content with that team for September as all but one player have extra games from the UCL, so even if they’re occasionally rested they’ll still hopefully get the chance to pick up a few extra points along the way.

    My issue is with Auba and Pepe and their decent upcoming fixtures – as do I weaken my defence to accommodate at least one or not. Potential options and in turn decisions of what group of three will score the most across the next month is what I have to decide. Those are between,

    Otamendi, James, Aguero (1m itb)
    2.4m DEF, Pepe, Aguero (between 0 and 1.3 itb)
    Fredericks, De Bruyne, Auba (0.1 itb)

    How much I want to accommodate one of Pepe or Auba (albeit not particularly at the expense of Aguero) – I’m still leaning towards my initial choice for the sole reason it feels more balanced across the board. So thinking of sticking with this and looking at October and November once we reach those months, to see how they’re all doing to take it from there.

    Opinions welcomed naturally.

    Also, thank you again to DTT for your time and effort with this blog. Gives us all a forum to throw ideas out and I enjoy reading everyone’s comments when I get a chance to.

    1. Looks a very nice team Laura imo that should score very well. Don’t see too much wrong with it at all. Might not be a bad idea going down to one Liv defensive asset with the tougher fixtures (he says as he brings in his 3rd Liv defensive asset this week 😂. Purely for monetary reasons I hasten to add).

      If Spurs has trickier fixtures I’d probably be going Kane to Aubameyang but as they are nice I’d leave him.

      Aubameyang, Pepe and KDB are probably the only three assets I’d be considering in that team. Horses for courses though in truth and your players should be able to match those three in terms of output.

      GL Laura!

      1. Cheers Chris – genuinely very helpful as ever.

        Yeah I totally agree that Auba, Pepe and KDB are the only 3 that I’m wanting but naturally struggling to accommodate as I physically cannot have all four strikers and having KDB as well would deplete my back line. Saying that, Pepe will stay on my radar and I’m just praying he doesn’t explode until October when I’d look to consider bringing him in..

  10. Anyone considering using the three transfers straight off the bat? I’m usually very cautious and always hold a transfer until the final week or so, but to maximise the game time i’m playing with the possibility of this.

    Maitland Niles
    Mina —> Otamendi
    B.Silva —> Mane
    Kane —> Auba

    Mina > Otamendi – I see game time for Otamendi now, and City have 6 fixtures this month compared to Everton’s 4. Neither play may play in the League Cup but we’re still looking at a potential two extra games for Otamendi.

    B.Silva > Mane – Same reasons outlined by DTT.

    Kane > Auba – I’d need to make this move to fund Otamendi. I’ve noticed a lot of people say Spurs have easy fixtures (newcastle at home anyone) but are they as nice as Arsenal’s in comparison? I’d fancy Auba to start all Europa games as well given the injury to Lacazette

    Welcome all thoughts as usual. Doubtful i’ll make the three changes when it comes to it but the temptation is certainly there.

    1. It’s only a 3 GW month so if you’re going to use 3 transfers straight away I guess this is the month to do it. Those moves improve your team imo Dave as a whole. Kane to Auba is sideways potentially but as you say it helps fund the others.

  11. So, all 3 transfers used. Team of:


    £1.6m ITB

    Gamble going triple Liverpool that could back-fire but want to make the most of Adrian whilst he’s playing. Banking on Zinc keeping his place this month too. It’s a short month this month so hopefully I can dodge any injuries.

    1. Extremely strong team. And a lot more ballsy than me to slightly sway away from the trend and target Arsenal players throughout each line of your team at the expense of Mane/KDB.

      Not gonna lie, it makes me uneasy as you know I also previously mentioned Pepe and Auba, and I feel like they’re both going to kill it this month. However Arsenal are so hit and miss sometimes I’ve talked myself out of it for the sake of a more balance squad due to how my team has lined up.

      Be interesting to see how we both compare by the end of the month – the triple Liv could swing it compared to my double City. Same for Mane vs Pepe and Kane vs Auba. Either way, good luck Chris. Though selfishly I hope I have a tad more..

      1. Cheers Badge. I try to play it safe with all the popular picks but I find that a bit boring myself (my natural mindset is to do different things from the rest) so I try to make things interesting for myself as fantasy football should be fun after all. I guess we all have our ways of playing the game. Although my maverick moves tend to backfire but as in life if we risk big, there is a chance of winning big. I think the best players of fantasy football are the ones that get the right balance of playing safe and maverick moves and Chris Sutton (Martin) displays those traits.

        Well, my team is Ederson, Walker, Zinchenko, Otamendi (replacing Emerson as part of Sept transfers), TAA, H. Wilson, Sterling, B.Silva, Kane, Salah and Abraham (replacing Martial as second Sept transfer). So I didn’t know if it is maverick but certainly different from most of the teams I have seen posted here. I am certainly risking big on the city defence but a run of clean sheets in the forthcoming nice fixtures could pay off nicely otherwise I see you next season lol.

  12. Anybody else changing their plans due to the Lacazette injury and the return of Jesus?
    With the clamour to get in Aguero who thinks that Aubameyang is the better pick for September?
    He will be played through the middle as the main man and will probably feature in the Europa games as well.
    Aguero has been on fire but with Jesus fully fit how many games will each play? With the difference in money it also allows to strengthen in other areas.

  13. @DTT, should we consider Bilva not to Mane but to Pepe, because…

    Mane is almost 3m more expensive than Pepe, yet currently only 10 points between them

    Mane is in a team with more potential star men, whereas Pepe’s only real competition is Auba

    Laca is out for a while so Pepe should be pretty much nailed to start, also in europe, plus (likely) get more involved offensively

    The £3 million means we can get Otamendi. If we then got James (at some point this month) this money enables other upgrades eg patricio, maitland niles in October

    According to FFScout Ticker, until we can next make transfers (oct 4th), Arsenal have the 7th best attacking fixtures, Liverpool have the 12th best

    Arsenal’s european fixtures seem generally better than Liverpools on paper

    Aside from today liverpool have 4 games in September and they’re all away

    Pepe’s stats are good (although in fairness that’s only what I hear, I haven’t looked myself)

    1. It’s definitely worth considering and I’d looked at Pepe myself. I wanted Mane as he’s more certain to start in Europe in my opinion and he’s a proven point scorer. Pepe is a bit more risky and I don’t trust Arsenal to put in regular good performances. I guess I’m doing the safe bet at the moment.

      1. Yes I agree DTT. Mane is a seasoned DT pro whereas Pepe is a somewhat unknown.

        Love your input mate so I’m sure you’ll make your usual well informed decision.

    1. 😂 I did ask the question a couple of weeks ago. I said on here “I doubt anyone would mention Abraham – who’s now only valued at 1.9m with a whopping 30 points to his name already. Based on these numbers we should be rushing out to get at least one of the bargain players in”. Didn’t follow my own logic but he’s cheap and outscoring the big guns at the moment.

        1. I wish I had. I put him in a few teams which aren’t in any mini leagues but that’s always the way. He’s certainly making a case to be included – the only one I can see to drop is Kane though. Unless of course Aguero starts to be benched again.

  14. Well going triple Liverpool defence paid off. 🤮😂

    Need my Arsenal boys to step up for me to salvage my Gameweek. 😬

    1. Well, I think I can write off my city quadruple defence move. It was a horror show from Otamendi, now can see why Pep didn’t play him much last season.

      I think Liverpool missing Alisson, one of the reasons that finding it hard to keep clean sheets. I think once he is back, the Liverpool defence will be watertight again.

      1. I think my “big at the back” article I wrote at the start of the season needs chucking on the fire. 😂

        Still think TAA and Robbo have value for their attacking threat. If Everton could keep more CS’s I’d probably throw Digne in there too. As for the rest though….. 🤷‍♂️

        It’s a funny old game.

      2. I watched some of the Arsenal game today as well. I thought yesterday’s City defensive performance yesterday was as bad as it gets………I was wrong.

      3. Agreed re Allison RR. Minimal CS action from any team at the mo.

        Speaking of your world renowned maverick moves ( ;o) ) how about this rico guy at Bournemouth? They’ve got great fixtures for a bit. Just depends if he’s gonna get starts tho….

        1. No reliable teams around that get clean sheets so maybe we need to reassess expensive defences.

          I try to look at as many players as I possibly can. I play other fantasy football where different rules come into play so you need to diverse your player range and tactics.

          I don’t put much emphasis on stats, I much prefer the eye test myself as I don’t believe stats always tell the whole story. I do find defenders tricky overall as clean sheets are a group effort rather than the individual so predicting clean sheets can be harder (certainly for me) than goalscorers where individual attributes like finishing are assessed.

          On Rico, you have to consider that Bournemouth’s greatest strength is attack so it is no surprise that they concede a large number of goals every season. So clean sheets are at rare premium so relying on assist and rating points. Rico I honestly don’t much about him, offensively he could do a job as he puts in a few good crosses but I need to see/read more about him to put in my team. He didn’t even a rating in my pre season analysis as he is a bit of an unknown. The move for Rico is even too maverick even for me.

          I would approach the cheap defenders is to either go for someone like Godfrey (at 0.5m) it releases funds elsewhere (someone did well with a cheap Fulham defender last season) and he is a big guy so a threat at set pieces. Downside is clean sheets once again and Norwich out of league cup. You can still pick up decent defenders at 2.5m range or just go for 3-4-3 formation.

          1. Cheers RR all valid points mate. You got any mavericks on your horizon?

            BTW Rico got 5 pts last night ;o)

  15. What’s people’s thoughts on perhaps swapping Kane for T.Abraham/ Auba (following Lacazette injury) or even Pukki?

    Kane has been under performing for the price and I’m aware he can score a brace or hatrick on the right day but so can the others who are a lot cheaper. It just seems to me that teams now mark him out of the game and players like Son are also a threat to the spotlight. T.Abraham is the only striker contending at Chelsea. Might make sense considering his place in the team and the price.

    This will allow us to upgrade the defense somewhat (e.g. Niles and Mina).

    What are your thoughts?

    1. I think Abraham is now a great option especially for the price. Chelsea look so good attacking wise and with so little real competition for that striker slot, he could be on his way to a 30 goal season, especially if he plays in Europe.

      Aubameyang should also be a good option playing as that central striker now.

      As for Pukki, he looks fixture proof. The only downside is that he’s not playing in Europe so for that reason I’d sway towards those other two options.

  16. After european games this week DTT, I think we need to have a discussion on the possible removal of Kane or Aguerro, with Maitland niles 1.9, Mina 2.4, & only 0.2 ITB, we haven’t got enough leverage to improve either defender significantly, as it happens nobody is currently keeping clean sheets, we can drop one defender & transfer in maybe D. James, & hope the remaining defender can start to acru some pts, or take out a big hitter & improve all weaker areas in the team.

    1. Aguero is looking less appealing now Jesus is back on the scene. I’ll have a look this weekend but I want a player who costs that much to be starting without doubt. Abraham is looking like a great option – which I mentioned on here a few weeks ago. I should have really took a risk on him then.

  17. @DTT, Maitland Niles currently 5th best defender points wise. Joint with TAA and 3m cheaper. Think he could be worth keeping? Seems to nearly always get +7.

    1. Quite remarkable when you consider how dog Arsenal’s defence is. I think that early SM award has boosted his points tally somewhat.

    2. At his value he might be worth keeping for the time being but he’s only scored good points because of the first game week really. No defenders are really providing good value at the moment so I’ll probably reassess in a couple of weeks.

  18. after a 33 point weekend and once again no clean sheets I am seriously thinking of throwing caution to the wind using all 3 transfers on the following ; 253 points for season

    patricio – has to go, just doesnt get points – rather have a keeper who at least picks up points – go for pope

    Robertson – keep , slowly picking up assists and 7+
    Zinchenko – hang on to for now due to fixtures
    Mina – out for maitland niles now

    sterling – keep of course
    Mount – great value and doing well
    KDB – keep
    Pepe – maybe bought him in too early – out for mane

    Salah –
    Aubamayang –
    Kane – out for Abraham enabling me to bring Mane

    resulting in a healthy bank balance for October to upgrade Patricio and possibly switch zinchenko.

    Almost seems an argument for 3 cheap defenders and a keeper this year and have a front 7 of heavy hitters.

    Am I being too drastic too soon?

    1. I must admit there’s a part of me that now wishes I’d have gone for Mane over Pepe.

      Pepe was disappointing at the weekend but I’m hopeful that his time will come. His stats from last season show there’s a good footballer in there somewhere surely? 🤞😬

      I am happy that my Vardy to Auba move paid off though. I can see Auba doing well this month in DT as long as he plays Europa too with Lacazette’s absence.

      1. I ended up making my three transfers in one go, and opted for a 3-4-3 formation with Pepe over 4-4-3 with Otamendi. I still saw a net gain on points despite a Pepe blank which was surprisingly pleasing 😂. Fingers crossed that Pepe starts in the European games this week.

        Chap at the top of the league pulled a blinder this week by getting in Abraham. I thought that with Aguero against Norwich and Auba against Watford I’d be able to rival, if not better the returns on the Abraham hattrick. Expected more from Aguero, and it was all looking so good at half time in the Arsenal game!

        1. Yeah, I’d pinned my hopes on an a Auba hatty at halftime too.

          Hopefully Pepe can find some form against the poorer teams in the EL and give him some confidence for the PL.

    2. @AJF, I was thinking patricia (my nickname for patricio each time he returns minus points) for pope too mate. He seems to get a fair share of 7+s plus Burnley have good fixtures in the short term

  19. Hi All,

    I decided to lose B.Silva at the weekend too.

    I was torn between Mane and KDB, but seeing the line-up and Mane in a striker’s position swayed it for me. Glad I went with him, especially in light of his points haul and the fact that KDB was benched!!

    Not all success though because I also subbed out Wan Bisakka for James!! – WB got a sheet (but thankfully no 7 rating), whilst James just got booked!! -6 points down on that particular transaction, but I’m hoping in the long run, James will make that up!!

    Have one transfer left and I hate using subs on keepers, but….. Patricio…… what the fuck was I thinking? I knew he was a bad idea at the start of the season, yet I still went with him!?!?…..

    Need Kane to pull his socks up too because I’ve noticed that only 3 of the top 10 in my league have him!! That could benefit me very much if he decides to wake up!!…

    1. Came so close to having a decentish night with my Liverpool defensive three coming close to that golden CS. Seem to be having a season of if’s, not’s and maybe’s right now. Mount got injured too which puts the cherry on my trifle. 🤮

      Hopefully he won’t be out long but we’ll probably find out later today. Feels like I’m getting close to a bumper score so hopefully it’ll all click into gear sooner rather than later. Just about clinging onto my ML leaders for now.

      1. Any news on Mount? Frustrating to see Aguero benched last night as well. Do you think you will stick with him if he keeps being rotated?

        1. Get the impression it’s nothing serious, no ligament damage apparently. Should be back soon maybe not in time for Liverpool though.

        2. Happy to keep Aguero for now. I’m hoping for at least a brace against Watford this weekend. If he can return that WHEN he plays then he stays.

          Saw Kane got another pen. Imagine the season he’d be having points wise if he didn’t take pens. 😬

    2. I think a lot of people went for Patricio as it was hard to see the value in the goalkeepers this year. I’ve got Kane as well but Abraham is very tempting at his price.

  20. Thinking kane out for abraham, allowing pepe to mane and patricio for fabianski with cash in bank for October. Thoughts ?

  21. Or patricio to adrian ( think he will get cup games and even not playing will get more points than patricio lol ) robertson to maitland niles then Allowing pepe to mane and me to keep kane for foreseeable future ?????

    1. I won’t be making any transfers tonight – rarely do unless there’s a massive reason too. I’d prefer to see the line ups over the weekend first.

  22. Mason mount no ligament damage, only sprain, could play against Liverpool, avoiding transfer, looks like the rotation of Aguerro & Jesus will return.

  23. seeking help from the sages on here:

    Current team on 275 points 200k in bank – 27 points off top so close in my league – most above me have Mane and he is the difference really = how can i get him in please?






    Thinking Patricio – Adrian + Robertson – Maitland Niles + Pepe -Mane? Hope to get some help, thanks

    1. Could always do Aubameyang to Abraham and then Pepe to Mane? I’d probably stick with what I’ve got if I was you but it’s an option.

    2. The only change I’d probably consider is Pat to Adrian.

      Arsenal have lovely fixtures so I’m hoping Pepe will find his feet and Auba as a central striker makes him a must keep imo.

      Nothing much wrong with that team mate.

    1. I have exactly the same problem I desperately want Mane in but also have KDB & Sterling unless I sacrifice a defender for a budget I cannot get all three in KDB may have to go 😥

      Best sub 2m def?

  24. DTT, according to Physio room, Laccazette is out till end of October, Aguerro will probably play at weekend, City & Arsenal have lower league opposition in the league Cup midweek, it is doable to take out Aguerro & either Niles or Mina, for Aubamayang & say Ottamendi, but then will Abrahams form continue, I’m sure you will be filtering all this in, in to your thought process.

    1. Not much in it but I guess AMN has the chance of extra fixtures with EL? He did start on the bench tonight though. Came on thankfully.

  25. Well after seeing only Auba starting tonight out of my three Arsenal boys, I’m pretty happy with the end result. CS points for AMN, assist for Pepe, goal for Auba. Phew!

    On a separate note, do we think Adrian plays in the League Cup game next week?

    1. I’ll be waiting to see line ups at the weekend before making any changes as I’ve got no injuries.

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