September Transfer 5

September Transfer 5

I’ve got one transfer remaining for September, as a result, I’m going to use it today. The player top of my list who I can reasonably get into my team is Sterling. I’m also taking out players who now won’t feature in Europe. That means Trippier comes out today after failing to keep a clean sheet against Bournemouth. Sterling seems to start every game for Chelsea and has already got on the scoresheet this season so he’s coming in with a heavy month of European fixtures on the horizon. I’m locking this in now as I’m off out, however, if Sterling doesn’t start for any reason I’ll reverse this and rethink the plan at 2pm.

Trippier out
Sterling in

14 thoughts on “September Transfer 5

  1. Pleased I had Jesus & Bowen, but will be looking in mid-week, to see who plays in Europe, 2 games a week, from now till the end of the month, for teams involved in Europe, trying to find guaranteed players who may play 2 games every week is going to be difficult, have Man Utd turned a corner, don’t come any tougher than today, & doubling up on their defence could maybe be a step too far, De-gea, Dalot, how many teams are keeping clean sheets, others in contention Lloris, & will definitely go in my team next week if he starts will be Laporte, 4.5 mill, played 44 games for City last season in all comps, Dias & Cancelo too much now, still way off the pace in my cash mini leagues, but from October to May 40 transfers at our disposal, so things can turn around quickly, hoping by the end of October I will have closed the gap on my rivals.

  2. under stand where you are at David
    but players that are doing well are becoming
    out of range.
    those above me have at least 4 or 5 man city players in there
    team. one punter got 88 points all i got was 42.

  3. before the break this site was buzzing
    every one has gone to sleep.
    wake up fellas I am missing peoples posts
    and ideas.

    1. I think the International break has made us a lose a bit of momentum. Hopefully things should liven up a little at the weekend when we get a fresh set of transfers.

  4. Sergio Gomez at city appears to be a very solid option now. City are getting clean sheets, and with Walker now injured for a considerable amount of time, his game time is almost guaranteed. Could be a decent way to free up funds if needed?.

    1. I was thinking the exact same. Now that walker is out injured for some time, cancelo should move to right and Gomez left back.

  5. Yeah, that’s a good shout boys, thing is with Pep, he rotates the team so often, worth checking the lineup on Saturday, clearly Jesus is not going to play Europa League, as his replacement was going to put Son in, decent league fixtures for the whole month & 2 winnable champions League games at home, but Rashford has put a spanner in the works, Ten Haig fielding a strong team for this competition, & along with Arsenal they should go deep into the competition, Man utd’s premiership games for the month are pretty good also, transferring in Rashford instead of Son, also gives me more funds to strengthing the rest of the team.

    1. I could be tempted by Rashford but not sure he’s going to start in the Europa League.

  6. glad to see things improving Paul.
    right down to the nitty gritty.
    having to use 5 transfers straight away
    having to take out de bruyne to give me the funds to put in
    5 city players owing to 12 teams above me are romping away
    with a minimum of 4 players from city in there team.
    am afraid must needs.

    1. I’m considering doing the same. De Bruyne even with all the assist and game time I can’t justify having him in for that price when I could free up a bit of funds and have a lot more city players giving me overall a stronger team. Haaland is more than likely going to keep grabbing the star man as well if he keeps scoring.

    2. I think I’m going to use 3 as a maximum in my blog team. Could easily use 5 but wanting to hold back a litle.

  7. Hi all with reference to the Europa league and incentive commitment etc etc I am sure that only the group winner goes through automatically to the next round. Whoever finishes 2nd will play a 3rd place team who has dropped out of the champions league in a knockout tie.

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