September Transfer 5

September Transfer 5

I’ve had a question mark against Benrahma after last week. It looks like he might be a doubt for tomorrow. As a result, I’m bringing in Grealish. It’s an obvious upgrade and I can just about afford him with nothing left in the bank. A bit annoying as I may want to upgrade De Gea but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Benrahma out
Grealish in

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  1. Oh my god….. just back from a family day out and my team looks in a sorry state right now….

    TAA not playing (anyone know what the injury is?)

    Robbo benched and didn’t get on.

    Coleman not playing due to injury.

    Torres benched.

    This game sure knows how to kick you in the nuts! 😂

    TAA and Coleman weren’t mentioned as injured in the pressers. Might be tempted to switch Coleman out as he was only gonna be a short-term option anyway.

    1. Meanwhile I’m gonna drink beer and sit in the corner crying whilst the rest of the family watch Strictly…

        1. Many of the other top Dream Team managers who I keep track of appear to be struggling a bit this season as well (including last season’s winner) so at least we’re in good company buddy.

  2. Drinking beer, a great option, which I am currently enjoying, another underwhelming day, other than 8pts for Walker, as for Trent, Klopp sent him home with sickness, not covid related I hope, clutching at straws, maybe player’s who missed out today will get minutes midweek, gotta keep smiling.

    1. Thanks for the update David. Looks like a hold then for Trent, same for Torres and Robbo. Very frustrating though to see so many players not starting. I’ve took out Coleman for Bertrand and hopefully tomorrow will be another day. Would love a 0-0 in that Brighton Leicester game but deep down I know it’s gonna be 1-1. 😂

  3. Much needed 23pts for Rudiger & Alonso, De gea gets a stay of execution, rest of defence & front 3 more than happy with, October transfers aim is to find 3 midfielders I can select & stick with, Moura & Torres to go, hopefully they can tick over for a couple of weeks, may have to downgrade Bruno for funds risky though, his pts total since Ronaldo arrived isn’t great alot of funds tied up in him, being in European competition doesn’t always equate to more pts, so to summarise, Debruyne/Grealish, then 2 from Mount, Barnes, Benrahma, Traore.

    1. Well played David! 👏 Always a lovely feeling when your defenders give attacking AND defensive returns, so I’m guessing you were ecstatic with that yesterday.

      Have you got KDB now David?

      1. Cheers Chris, in an otherwise poor weekend pts wise, the Chelsea defenders pts haul was huge, current midfield Bruno, Moura, Torres, will definitely transfer out Moura & Torres, Bruno may need to go as well to free up funds,3 transfers straight off in October not ideal, but if no other issues to address, that’s how i’m going to play it, but which 3 to transfer in, out of names suggested above, very murky atm.

    2. That’s a great return from Rudiger and Alonso. Wish I’d started with Alonso myself but very few people did in the mini league I’m in. Hoping they come unstuck against City and Juventus though.

  4. Paul, any chance you can slow up how quickly the weekly fixtures drop off your fixture spreadsheet? Only as the midweek matches to be played disappear on the weekend before they take place… and with the new DT subs rule it could help out if they stayed on for a few more days. FYI I use your fixture spreadsheet every single week without fail so it’s a great resource.

    1. Absolutely – to be honest I forget that other people might use it as often as I do so I just delete parts when I’ve finished with them. I can definitely hold fire on removing fixtures until after the game week though.

      1. Superstar, many thanks! My go-to page for any monthly/weekly planning ahead… do we need to add Brighton to it too at this rate!!?

        1. Brighton are really doing well, although they are outperforming their XG at present so I do expect a drop off at some stage. I reckon the likes of Spurs should have been looking to get Potter in when they had the chance. They play a decent brand of football under him and I reckon he may have been a better fit for Spurs than Nuno.

  5. Quick update to my league ownership spreadsheet, it looks like a lot of people went the same way that I did (two former winners of the competition in this league, to the best of my knowledge).

    Over half took Benrahma out. Lukaku, Ronaldo and Salah now become the most popular choices up front. My 4 midfielders are also the most popular choices in midfield.

    I’ve not had the start I’d have hoped for but it seems like my logic is as flawed as a lot of other peoples at the moment:

    1. Very interesting to see many being stung by the lack of Chelsea defenders in teams. I have a feeling you might see the more casual players at the top of the standings right now. Meanwhile some of us who sweat blood and tears are languishing… 😂😢

  6. Really hoping Torres gets a start this evening and bags at least a couple. I need some divine intervention to rescue my GW. 🤞🤞🤞🤞

    1. Torres starts down the middle so fingers crossed Chris! KDB, Foden, Mahrez and Stirling all start too… poor Wycombe you could say!

    2. Glad he got on the scoresheet but would have liked another goal. Wasn’t to be but in the grand scheme of things he’s 3.5m and down as a midfielder playing up front for City. He stays in for me as long as he’s still playing.

      1. Yeah, I think he’s one of those players that could follow a similar scoring pattern to Mahrez eg 0,0,18,8,0….etc. You just have to be prepared for the blanks and wait for the hauls. At the price he’s at he stays for me too while ever he’s getting half decent game time.

        1. Let’s hope he gets some decent game time this week. This he’s got a better chance in the Champions League though.

  7. Is anyone else considering cashing in on Bruno to strengthen the rest of your team? I’m genuinely considering using my last transfer to shift him on but not sure whether to hold off for one more week with United facing Villa and Villarreal at home next GW.

    I still think he’ll score very well within the game but I’m not sure he’ll hit his previous heights with Ronaldo in that team now. I can see him maybe getting more assists but fewer goals over the course of the season. I’m wondering if I can better use the cash elsewhere in the team especially with Chelsea’s fixtures becoming especially nice. I need to get into that Chelsea defence I think.

    Brave or stupid?

    1. I think I will keep Fernandes for the long term as he is still likely to be one of the highest scoring midfielders in the game come the end of the season. Fernandes finishing is very strong without pens and his four goals this season have come from open play. He is probably one of the few midfielders that will get double figures for goals and assists. I think Fernandes offers a lot of value and getting rid of highly owned players can be dangerous as seen with Harry Kane this week. The only replacement for Fernandes I would look at is De Bruyne who is not cheap at nearly 6m so that doesn’t leave much funds. Maybe me not being very helpful this morning.

      1. All fair points RR and I definitely agree he’ll be one of the highest scoring midfielders in the game…..but will he be one of highest scoring players overall in the game? I’m not so sure now and I’m wondering if £6+ million is a little over inflated now Ronny is on the scene.

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