September Transfer 5

September Transfer 5

I’ve decided to make use of my final transfer for September, which needs to be done tonight. I’m probably going to take out Doherty and Davies for the weekend but one of them may as well go tonight. I’ll go into more detail with the game week review tomorrow but Spurs have failed to deliver in terms of a clean sheet again over two fixtures this week. I could keep giving them another week but I think it’s time to cut my loses. Doherty is the one to come out as I think his value will drop the most tomorrow morning.

Castagne is the player to come in. Wish I’d started with him over Doherty as he was cheaper and has scored significantly more points. However, there’s little point in looking back at what could have been. As a result, the transfer tonight is:

Doherty out
Castagne in

13 thoughts on “September Transfer 5

  1. How much money do u have left in ur budget now ? I have 1.5m left with all 5 transfers done atm.

    1. Yeah had considered swapping keepers but going to give Alisson at least one more game.

  2. What are people’s thoughts on bringing in DCL or do we think the form isn’t going to last?

  3. I’ve got Salah , Kane and Mane .
    Considering Salah out for Sterling against Leeds .
    Many will probably draft in DCL , but not for me this week .
    ( May end up regretting it but I fancy Sterling over him this week )

  4. Was watching MOTD on the weekend and the analysis of how Allan has given Everton more in going forward due the protection he gives to the back line . Without him this weekend as looks likely , plus possibly Richarlison out I’m edging my bets DCL doesn’t get the service and will hamper his return .
    That’s the theory anyway !

  5. Really wanted Sterling but his price rose 0.3m. I think it’s pretty clear that these changes go off the current GW.

  6. Hi can anyone recommend a cheap defender as I’ve got mina and need to take him out. Thanks

  7. could not sleep last night kept seeing myself leaping
    of the forth bridge.
    then a calming wave came over me it said keep calm son
    its early days have yee faith stay strong.💪

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