September Transfer One

September Transfer One

With three fresh transfers available for September I’ve decided to make a change specifically for game week 4. I’ve made a fairly average start in terms of points so I’m hoping for a quick win in September with this change.

Out: Lacazette (4.8m)
In: Morata (5.3m)

After Arsenal’s poor start to the season I’ve lost patience with them already – Lacazette being dropped to the bench against Liverpool was the final straw for me. As a result I’m putting in Morata for hopefully some short term points – Chelsea play Leicester this weekend and then have an easy Champions League tie midweek. Arsenal play Bournemouth, which I think is an easier fixture, however I’m not sure if Lacazette will start in the Europa League.

The risk

I don’t think there’s much to choose between the two strikers for the game week. As a result this could easily backfire. Worst case scenario is that Lacazette gets a couple against Bournemouth and then plays in the Europa League and does well again. On the other hand he could equally not score against Bournemouth and then be left out in the Europa League. The reason I’m going for Morata is because I believe he’s almost certain to play in both games, hopefully giving him more chance of scoring more points this week.

I may then look to remove Morata after game week 4, as Chelsea have a tough run of fixtures. Someone like Jesus may then be bought in. It’s also a bit of a risk as there are a lot of games to be played in September and only three transfers available. I’m keeping my eye on Kompany (a doubt for the weekend) and Ogbonna (poor start, may be dropped). I’m also conscious that having removed De Bruyne I’ve no longer got any Man City representation going forward. This needs to be readdressed fairly quickly.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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116 thoughts on “September Transfer One

  1. Great post. Are you not tempted by aguero now he’s starting against Liverpool (and with his goal scoring record against them)

    1. Yeah that’s why I’ve left him in for this week. I’d assumed they would probably concede today and hopefully he’s back before long.

    1. Absolutely – still pretty annoying to be picking up -3 today. De Bruyne looking like star man as well the week after taking him out.

  2. What a terrible game. Kompany injured, Mane sent off, Salah pulled at HT, De Bruyne becoming the assist machine that was nowhere to be seen in Sep, Aguero and Jesus both netting after opting for Morata… could it have been any worse?

    1. Don’t think it could have been any worse to be honest. Can only really put it down to bad luck. Morata seemed a better choice based on fixtures and current form. Football is just impossible to predict.

  3. Have to agree with Dream Team Tips regarding bringing in Morata. I did something similar, I brought in Morata for firmino today. I am surprised that Morata seems to score a lot of headers. Didn’t know about his heading ability.

    Had faith in KDB so decided to keep him and he is my sole City representation but now got to worry about replacing Mane (maybe chance to free up funds by going cheaper to upgrade Hegazi and Stephens in next window – need to replace both). Bad day for my Southampton and WBA defenders today.

    1. I’m hoping he does well in the Champions League in the week as well. Wish I had stuck with De Bruyne, it’s cost me 12 points this week.

  4. Does anybody know when the next prices rises are, and is serge aureo to replace trippier eventually as 1st choice.

    1. Not exactly sure, but i would assume Friday, with a lock out period after Thursday’s score update, given last week’s transfer fiasco. Hope SDT, don’t balls it up again !

      1. Yeah, u cld b right their Anthony, cld i press u on a upcoming problem i have to solve, wld rudiger, kalasonic, or aureo, be the best option as a longterm stayer, can assist on any dilemmas u may have.

        1. Not easy to advise on that one, all possibilities & all with a chance of being rotated ! Would think the Spurs defender would become a regular & the Arsenal defender too. Not sure if Rudiger would be a regular starter, although i put him in for Kompany.

  5. Looking at the remainder of sept fixtures i think eriksen for mane would be wiser than for hazard
    Then jesus for morata
    I know its doubling up spurs offensive players but they have some easier games than chelsea coming up …..dependent on kompanys injury could leave morata in and draft in sanchez davidson also……think spurs players might rack up some serious points remainder of sept
    Any thoughts ?

    1. Darren, that’s a good spot on Erickson, wait for hazard to get gametime and prove his fitness, have a look at him in October, u cld even double up on mktharian and pogba if not done so already, their fixtures r perhaps not as good as spurs but still decent.

    2. I agree, it does look like Spurs have better fixtures. I’m concerned about not having any Man City attacking players at the moment after yesterday but Eriksen could be a great option.

      1. Man city wise Jesus looks a good way in to me for a reasonable price.

        Kdb had a great game as he was bound to eventually, he did have the benefit of the red card to allow him some freedom. It’s too great a risk at this stage to take him as he will more than likely drop back into holding position next game.

        I like the Eriksen option but I may be bias as I like him as a player, I wonder if Ali is likely to get more points.

        1. Jesus looks like the best option for me. I’d be happy to drop Morata for Jesus and then drop Mane for Hazard. With regards to Spurs – they have some favourable fixtures coming up. I prefer Alli as an option too but he’s suspended for their first 3 Champions League fixtures.

  6. Jesus for morata
    Looks a good option for next game week also hazard for mane
    I take it this is all dependant on kompanys injury reading the tabs today i think pepe has finally lost patience with him.

    1. Yeah Jesus is looking good for replacing Morata and ensuring some Man City coverage at a good price. I’m not sure about Hazard yet – purely because they have tough fixtures. I think you’re shout of Eriksen could be better until end of September looking at the fixtures. Chelsea have a much tougher run until October. The injury to Kompany could be a complete nightmare with only 3 transfers in September and Mane being suspended for 3 games. I really don’t want to take him out but with Foster, Pieters and Ogbonna not being in Europe I was relying on Valencia and Kompany quite a lot.

      1. What about a two pronged man utd midfeld adding pogba, as opposed to erickson, he seems to b a bare minimum 7 every game, just for september, then the hazard transfer, worrying news from conte 2day, big shake up for champions league, morata at best cld b on bench.

        1. I’d be disappointed if he’s on the bench. I mainly put him in for that game. I think Pogba will do well but I’m not sure about having 3 out 6 attacking players as Man Utd players. I generally prefer to spread the risk out a bit.

          1. I will be surprised if Morata does not start in midweek. Hazard will be on the bench so Conte will need to want to get off to a good start in the group stage. Think Morata will be subbed at the 75 minute mark but hopefully he will have scored a few goals by then.

  7. Hi everyone,
    Can anyone recommend a defender with the best fixtures this month for 3m or cheaper?

    1. There’s a few you could look at – I’ve got Pieters. But there is also Moreno, Lowton, Nyom, Schindler, Stephens, Martina.

  8. Nobody feeling mendy as a defensive option? 0.3 more than kompany but likely to be amongst the assists and their only official left back/left wing back. Looked a beast against Liverpool

    1. I think he would be a good option. I’m really hoping Kompany isn’t going to be out for too long, as I’d rather not make a transfer at the back. There’s a few other good options around the same price as well though. Baines value could drop again after the weekend, I think he would be a good buy if he’s close to 3m when Everton’s run of difficult fixtures are over.

      1. My current team is –
        Hegazi Davies Ogbonna Valencia
        Mane Salah Mkhitaryan
        Kane Lukaku Jesus

        I’m thinking of taking mane out for Eriksen/Hazard ASAP then hegazi out for mendy what do you think? Dangers of doubling up on west Brom defence were highlighted at weekend…

        1. Those are exactly the moves I’d make. I’d personally go for Eriksen until end of September (if you’ve got enough trasnfers) then bring in Hazard for October. You would then have good coverage of all the top teams in your attacking six.

  9. If conte goes ahead as hinted and rests morata for tmrw night
    Bringing him in for lacazette then replacing him sat for jesus was such a waste againt quarab there was every chance he would be rested with arsenal at the wekend
    ‘Guranteed to start next two games’wasnt a nailed on thing.
    Hope i am wrong but if right
    2 transfers completly wasted
    …..lets hope vincent available the weekend….not the greatest of starts onwards and upwards we need a lucky break and soon !!

    1. From the way things are going I’d not be surprised if he was dropped and then Lacazette starts for Arsenal in the Europa League and grabs a few goals. But we will see. I think every decision has been the best move, they just happen to have all gone the wrong way:

      – Baines out for Kompany. It was between Kompany and Davies at the time. Davies has scored well since and Kompany has obviously got injured. I’d put that down to bad luck.
      – De Bruyne out for Mkhitaryan. De Bruyne didn’t start well, gave him a few games. Mkhitaryan made a great start. Over the weekend De Bruyne had a tougher opposition yet picks up two assists and star man.

      It could easily go the same way with Morata but in my opinion it mainly comes down to bad luck rather than poor decision making.

  10. Ogbonna dropped , if the hammers keep a clean sheet thats him out the starting 11 for a while unless an injury……..
    Kompany ogbonna mane all missing now.. maybe the approach to keep the back 5 and just tinker with the front 6 is a ploy that has backfired ?

    1. Think there was danger of that after their bad start hes not performed well Ogbonna and reid is probably their best CB. If town do well this game defensively I might be tempted by one of their cheap defenders, they defend well and keep the ball well at home so could get a few clean sheets!

    2. I wouldn’t say it back fired. We’ve had 6 transfers available since the start of the season. I always planned to take out Matip/Baines which were defensive changes. To say we’ve been unlucky would be an understatement. Pretty much everything out of our control is going against us.
      – Ogbonna, a cheap but good option at the start of the season. The risk was that he wasn’t going to start games, but he did start. The problem then became that West Ham were shocking. They then play 3 at the back last night and out of their 4 centre backs – he happens to be the one that misses out. That’s hugely unfortunate, he was selected at the start of the season and it just gone against as with the results they had. I do agree it’s created a problem now, but there’s enough money in the bank to sort it quickly.
      – Kompany, yes he’s injury prone but getting injured after having him for one game again can only come down to bad luck. Without the injury he would have probably played against Liverpool and got 8 points.
      – Mane, again there are people who think he shouldn’t have even been sent off. You could say this is more bad luck for people who have him.

      With the thought process I go through to select players – based on forward planning and upcoming fixtures. I don’t think there’s been a decision I’ve made which I look back and regret. In my opinion the right moves have been made, we just need a bit more luck with them going forward.

  11. Evening Guys,

    Ogbonna/Mane out for me this week after the no show tonight. Still holding my three September transfers

    Just glad i went with Jesus from the start and brought Davies in. Kompany only has a knock and at 3.5 I think we will come good.

    Fancy Eriksen for Mane . . . He’s on fire atm and Alli is banned in Europe. Spurs have insanely good fixtures and I feel have more goals in the. Eriksen will only continue to rise in price.

    But who in defence . . . .

    If I go Erkisen I will have 2.8 million atm for an Ogbonna replacement. Like Pieters/Wimmer but with Europe coming into play do you think Moreno (Looks nailed), TAA, Holgate/Martina

    If Ogbonna doesn’t play tonight . . . I take it I can transfer in a player in who’s starting in Europe this week? Looking at Liverpool’s group . . . Even with their defence . . . . I see them progressing and league fixtures look to be improving as well.

    1. You won’t be able to transfer any player until Friday now. You can make the transfers, but they will be in pending status until Friday (they can however be reversed at any time up to that point)

      Transfers are based on whether the players TEAMS (For players in ans out) have played in the current game week. As all 20 teams have played, including West Ham, no transfers will take place until Friday now.

      Hope that makes sense

      1. I’ll probably be making my transfers after Wednesday’s games have finished. There’s nothing to say this period is locked ? They will be pending.
        What SDT do after Thursday’s games & Friday at 7 : 00 am, is another matter !!! ??? ( Especially after last weeks transfer fiasco !
        If they cock it up again, what does that say for each coming week….? ( I’m gambling price wise, to do them before, the price increase. )

      2. Dean is spot on, they won’t be able to score points until the weekend as they’ve already played this week. And I do like Pieters as an option. I think all of the other cheaper options at clubs in Europe could be risky as they could be dropped at some point. If your squad grew in value slightly – I would be tempted by someone like Baines though – he’s looking likely to be around the 3m at some point soon.

  12. Cheers Dean it does. I did wonder if they would still be locked out of they had not played. Looks like I’ve got until Friday to see who I’m going to bring in

  13. Ogbanna has to go
    Keep morata in for this month
    Eriksen for mane
    Obanna out maybe for sanchez davidson
    Cannot climb up the table with what really is playing with 10 men
    Hazard for eriksen
    Jesus for morata
    Leave for octobers transfers

    1. That sounds like the best move to me. Although I may be tempted to leave Ogbonna for another week (West Ham have an EFL cup game next week). I agree completely it’s not ideal to have a player who’s on the bench, however last season I remember being stuck with Terry and Shaw for weeks, if not months, and it didn’t stop me finishing in the top 500 on the leaderboard by the end of the season.

      1. Will you be taking mane out before friday 7am knowing his value will no doubt drop and at present edging towards eriksen than eden ?
        Also if ogbanna stays in
        Jesus for morata
        And have a look at kompanys chances of returning the weekend
        I am likeing your methods and love the blog with me on years gone by gone reckless at this stage and shipped both ogbonna and kompany out and not stayed patient thats why i never get a sniff of top 500 and you my freind do…love your work and methods

        1. I will probably take Mane out on Thursday evening before the price changes. If I’m going to take him out it makes sense to do it before prices change and it is looking like Eriksen is the best option. I’m not confident of a top 500 finish this year at the moment with the way things are going. Absolutely fuming that Morata and Valencia have been rested tonight.

          1. You never know conte may bring him on last 15 and slip one in……kompany not travelled for tmrw….are you tempted to bin him this week ? Or at present is the game plan
            Mane out eriksen in
            Morata out jesus in

            1. At the moment the plan is purely Mane out, Eriksen in. I may have to keep hold of that last transfer for another week. It could be a long month otherwise if someone else gets injured or suspended at the weekend.

          2. That’s my plan, taking out Mane for Eriksen, while i can afford to do that. Crazy that Morata needs a “rest”. No footballer should need a “rest” !

            1. Completely agree – Man Utd won comfortably against Basle but didn’t rest Lukaku. It was a huge disappointment.

  14. Am i correct if i swap
    Eriksen for mane
    Davidson for ogbonna
    Now they go as transferes pending until friday morning but doing it now would not encounter
    Mane’s price drop value
    And eriksens and davidsons price increase ?
    Feedback on this would be great !@

      1. Is davinson sanchez going to b a regular starter for spurs good price, or does the dynamic of the team change when dembele and wanyama come back, choice probably between him and mendy.

    1. I believe you get the price, at the point you do the transfer, whether that’s before Friday, or after. So it’s a case of gambling to do it now, or after Friday’s price increase.
      My intenrion is to make my changes after Wednesday’s games, because i know who i can afford. If i wait till Friday price change, i will very likely not be able to afford my planned changes.

      1. I am 95% sure it is as the others said. I have asked Customer Support, I will get back to you when I have an answer

      2. I have a similar dilemma, the player i’m after i can just afford after wednesday’s games, but perhaps not on Friday, but u r saying u get the price for the player at the point u do the transfer, after appeal mane’s ban cld increase to 4 matches, but cld also unlikely drop to 1, any transfer made can easily b undone, they shouldno’t allow pending transfers to avoid problems, all transfers should b done 7am onwards on Friday’s.

  15. Glad i didn’t bin hegazi yet with ogbonna dropped for a West ham clean sheet… I have the funds to bring in a half decent defender up to 4m really. Darren has a good idea with davidson sanchez but is that a bit too much spurs reliant considering I have Davies Eriksen Kane already from next week? Might go mendy

  16. Could be …but spurs have favourable games in sept….could be a seadon changer if they go on a charge however
    Food for thought

    1. are spurs likely to play davidson sanchez consistently though is my only question, its a conundrum

  17. Got my response from Cust Support…

    “Nope – transfers go through at the prices when they were made. Price changes will not affect the transfer.”

    As we thought…

  18. Paul Pogba just made my final September transfer easy, going off with a hamstring injury.
    Should be straight swap with hazard for me.

  19. unlucky with the morata transfer – he would have bagged 20+ points if he played. interesting to see Schindler’s performance Monday – he scored a 7.5 rating despite the 2-0 loss. looks like he’ll be scooping that rating bonus every game – and looks a good bet for star man if there’s a clean sheet. some players seem to suit the scoring system better than others – Antonio won MOTM but was one of the lowest scorers on

      1. i wonder how the prices are going to change on Friday. how many players will be moving by the full 0.3m? if they feel that jesus and morata are actually worth 6m then i guess they’ll both increase by the max? Kane and Eriksen to return to starting price? davies is playing like a 5m defender so a .3m rise for him? hegazi? given that it’s only the 2nd price increase of the season there could be some big movements still.

    1. He could have even grabbed a hat trick which would have made such a difference. Everything is going against me at the moment but hopefully things will change soon. Schindler could be one to watch. I will probably need a cheap defender at some point.

      1. DTT, would you be considering Schindler, if he hadn’t had a good start ?? An example of what’s happening right now, rather than long term, which is very very likely, he ( or Huddersfield. ) won’t score highly. I wouldn’t even consider him, or any other Huddersfield player.

        1. I said he would be one to watch – I’d personally probably not as I agree Huddersfield can only go downhill but I wouldn’t just dismiss someone else’s suggestion.

        2. i wouldn’t have considered him before the season but i think you have to keep an open mind and consider a 2.3m defender who may be guaranteed a 7+ each game with star man potential

  20. Hello,

    Will you be doing any transfers before Friday at all? And if so when will you most likely be doing them?

    Many thanks.

  21. Hello,
    I’m looking for midfielder worth 3.6m or less? Any advice would be really good as i am struggling to find an attacking midfielder who would assist and possibly score?

    Any ideas from any one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in a advance!!

    1. Hi, could you not shift things around to free up more funds? I personally wouldn’t spend 3.6m on a midfielder – I’d rather free up funds elsewhere (in defence). If you really only wanted to spend 3.6m I’d look at Redmond, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Klaassen, Mata and Allen.

  22. Hello, thanks for your reply DTT.

    My front six is currently:
    Im planning to use all three transfers before the Friday deadline. My plan was to get rid of Mane, Pogba and Lacazette. This gives me 17.6m to play around with and i wanted to bring in Kane and Erikson. This leaves me with 3.6m for a midfielder. If you have any good advice on what would be better for me to do, that would be great.
    Also has anyone heard anything more about the Salah situation. I’m being told he has been sent home because of an illness?

    Thanks again for your help.

    1. Tricky one. You’re obviously taking out the right players with suspensions, injuries and Lacazette not playing tomorrow night. I’m still not sure 3.6m is enough for another midfielder though. You could do a few options:

      Eriksen/Kane/3.6 or below midfielder
      Kane/Mkhitaryan/David Silva (as you have no other city attacking player)
      Eriksen/Jesus/Mkhitaryan (this would leave you a bit in the bank but risks leaving out Kane)

      It’s a very tricky one to call. Everything I’ve suggested so far has been a bit of a disaster so I’m not going to make a recommendation but any of the above could prove sensible. With regards to Salah I believe he was sent home from training with a sore throat but should be available tonight. That doesn’t mean he won’t be rested now though.

      1. That’s all really useful information I really appreciate that mate, thank you! I think I’m going to risk it go for Kane, Eriksen and go for N’golo Kante at 3.4m. I will then re asses this at the beginning of October. What is your current team looking like at the moment then?

        Thanks again.

      2. very frustrating with moratta, but he will have to stay in 4 month now, erickson in then use final transfer to replace ogbonna, ur strategy might not be working at moment, but no lack of thought or research behind every decision, i am currently deliberating over mendy and sanchez, who is the better longterm option, i want my defence to be valencia, baines, davies, and either of above for end September, beginning of october onwards, lets hope for better luck tonight.

        1. It’s not been too bad so far tonight – disappointing Man City have done so well this week though. I’m hoping for my team to look something like this over the next month:

          Valencia, Kompany (Mendy maybe), Baines, Pieters
          Salah, Mkhitaryan, Hazard
          Kane, Lukaku, Jesus

          I do like the look of Mendy, if Kompany is out for a few weeks he could be a good long term option.

    1. Both are a little defensive for me. My team is currently Foster, Valencia, Kompany, Ogbonna, Pieters, Mane, Salah, Mkhitaryan, Kane, Lukaku, Morata. Made a fairly average start so far. Not had much luck either though.

  23. Hi DTT
    Keep up the good work, I think you have been very unlucky so far and made some good decisions that just haven’t paid off, I on the other hand made a very bad decision and gambled too early on Hazard, I put him in before the Leicester game hoping he would come on do something and then start against qarabag or at least do something from the bench, as we know this wasn’t to be.

    Current team with 1 transfer remaining

    Hazard,De Bryne,Salah
    Kane,lukaku, Jesus.

    248 total points and nothing in the bank. Wondering if I need to do anything, was considering taking hazard out for Erickson before Friday but this leaves me with no transfers and seems such a waste of transfers, I’m still uncertain hazard is even worth having now until October?!?!


    1. Chelsea do have a difficult run of fixtures but your team looks strong. I’ll be going for Eriksen until end of September but as you say is it really worth a transfer for you. I’d probably say not. As long as all your players are fit I’d probably hold onto the transfer because you never know when you might need it.

  24. 139pts for my game week… 278pts. ( Jumped 80.000 + places, to 21.000. ) Another City clean sheet on Saturday & goals & i could be nearer that magic top 100.
    Now what to do with the 2 transfers i have left ? Mane got to go and one other…

  25. Current front six of-

    Salah Miki Mane

    Lukaku Kane Rooney

    Have 2 transfers left and 2.3 in bank.

    Thinking of getting shot of Rooney and Mane. If i do Rooney for Jesus and then get rid of Mane i can afford any mid apart from Hazard. My first picks are KDB or Eriksen. It’s a 50/50 but slightly leaning to KDB at the moment. My other 2 considerations are Alli (missing another 2 CL) and Coutinho (fitness but would be Pool for Pool). Not having any City at all this week has been costly but Mane red was start of a pretty bad week. If i do them now i take it i can change till KO if they don’t start but would lose benefit of prices, yeah??

    1. I’d agree with Rooney out and Jesus in for certain. I’d also probably favour Eriksen over De Bruyne. I’m personally looking at taking out Mane for Eriksen tonight. I believe you can undo them before kick off but if you’re really unsure I’d check with Dream Team themselves – I’m never 100% sure at the start of the season.

      1. Thanks for response. Actually made a schoolboy eror that went in my favour but i’ll take it…..didn’t realise Chelski’s first CL game was home against Quarabag because i was planning putting Morata in. Glad i didn’t and gonna leave him for this month now. Eriksen for Mane is appealing but like i said i think i’ll go KDB as i’ve no City at all and with him and Jesus i’ll have 2. There’s very little in Spurs/City fixtures for me….Spurs prob have it slightly easier. Guys heavy on City players and Kane would have been scooping points the last week.

        1. Yeah I agree, it’s really annoying me that I’ve not got a City striker. The plan was to swap Morata for Jesus tonight but I didn’t plan for Kompany and Mane being out as well.

  26. Eriksen for mane then tonight….
    Are we still keeping patient with kompany ? I do feel the more we leave it the more the field get aeay from us chosing someone like mendy last thurs would have us 10 to 16 pts better off… there s ploy why your keeping him in ?

    1. Yeah I’ll be doing Eriksen for Mane tonight. Will put a more detailed post up later. It’s purely because of a lack of information around Kompany. I heard it was a minor injury so thought he might have been back for last nights game, I still can’t see any information online about when he might be back either. I’d rather not transfer him out if he’s going to be available again soon. However I agree someone like Mendy who is only 0.3m more might be worth going for – his value is sure to rise tomorrow as well. It just leaves me with no transfers for September and stuck with Ogbonna and Morata so I’ll be having a think about it this afternoon.

      1. hi their, is their a case for coutinho over erickson, or is their a fitness issue, and what about stonres above mendy or sanchez, lets not 4get with 11 men on the field including mendy liverpool cut the city defence to ribbons, what r the best choices from above, thanx.

        1. I think Eriksen is more stable at Spurs and they have better fixtures so I’d personally favour Eriksen. Coutinho is more risky with slightly more difficult fixtures and questions over when he will be integrated back into the team. I think you could literally toss a coin between Stones or Mendy. I prefer Mendy at the moment as he should get forward more (despite two goals for Stones last night)

      2. You’ve only just put Morata in. I can see Kompany missing at least another game & when he does come back how long before he is injured again ?

        1. I only planned on having Morata for one game week. But I agree it’s probably more important to ship Kompany out. Who knows when he will return and can’t see him just walking back into the starting line up.

    1. Hi, I did it for the first price changes but didn’t plan on doing it every week. You could go onto the stats centre on the Dream Team website and sort by game week points. This would probably give you a list of players who are likely to rise in price.

  27. Hi all

    Current front 6 is:

    Mane, Salah, mK
    Kane, Motata, Lukaku

    2 subs less, plus ogbana in defence.

    I’m going for it and doing mane to eriksen and Morata for Aguero.

    I think Man City coverage is crucial! Thoughts?

    1. Agree….i’m actually sticking 2 in as i’ve got none at the mo…..Mane for KDB ( may yet change to Eriksen) and Rooney for Jesus.

    2. I’d be doing the same if I didn’t have to take Kompany out. Although I’d probably go for Jesus over Aguero just because he’s a bit better value for money.

        1. I’m tempted to leave him in for now but my main concern is Mendy/Stones prices rising and Kompany’s staying the same. They may then become unreachable in a week or two’s time. It’s weighing up if it’s worth using a transfer now or not.

  28. HI DTT,

    Need some advice. Have 253 points with 2 transfers left and £1.5m in the bank.

    The obvious change would be Mane, with suspension and price sure to drop but im stuck after this change. Hegazi is a worry as he might not start games moving forward, same with Stephens.

    With aguero and jesus on fire and price rises imminent I surely need to put one of them in. But what about the defence?


    Foster £2.7m

    Valencia £4.3m
    Hegazi £1.8m
    Kolasinac £3.5m
    Stephens £2.2m

    Mane £6.2m
    Salah £4.3m
    De Bruyne £5.8m

    Kane £7.7m
    Lukaku £6.1m
    Morata £5.3m



    1. Hi Dylan, I think you’re in a stronger position than I am without Kompany to worry about at the back. I’m swapping Mane for Eriksen so you could look at doing the same. Spurs have good fixtures. I’d be tempted to then swap Morata for Jesus. City have good fixtures as well. I’d then try and deal with the defence in October – they aren’t injured so could still get game time.

  29. Right just dumped Rooney for Jesus. I can see them going in different directions price wise.

    I’m also getting rid of Mane tonight for Eriksen on a provisional basis. I’m still torn between Eriksen and KDB but doing it this way will still give me the option of either come Sat KO. If i had done other way might have being priced out of Eriksen but i think this way i’ll be ok to change my mind if i want. Surely the real impact of Mane’s price will be a week from now i would have thought??

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