September Transfer Options

September Transfer Options

I think most people are facing the same issue as game week 5 approaches. Everyone seems to want to accommodate Hazard and given his good start to the season I can see why. The problem comes with trying to accommodate this transfer if you’ve already got Mane, Kane, Salah and Aguero. I thought it would be useful to run through some options as I see them at the moment.

Option 1: Do nothing

My team personally hasn’t got any injuries or suspensions and has made a fairly solid start. Bringing in Hazard before we even know if he’s going to play in Europe is going to require a minimum of two transfers before a ball has even been kicked in September. For me this is a bit hasty. Yes he’s started well but given the upcoming fixtures, is he really essential for September? When looking at the options below, unless I take out Salah or Kane, bringing in Hazard is going to significantly weaken another area of the team.

Advantages: Retain transfers, keep a more balanced team, keep the big three up front, can always looks to bring him in for game week 6
Disadvantages: Should Hazard have a huge game week 5 then the team will lose momentum and drop on the leaderboard

Team: Current team

Option 2: Swap for Salah or Kane

This move would only require one transfer but comes at a huge risk. Kane and Salah are both owned by a lot of other people. Should either of them have a huge point scoring week there’s no doubt that a significant drop on the leaderboard would happen. If this were to happen, there would be the option to swap them back if only a single transfer was made, so this helps spread the risk. Liverpool do have an incredibly tough run of fixtures during September but we all know Salah is still capable of scoring against anyone.

Advantages: Hazard may significantly outscore Salah or Kane during September, only one transfer is required
Disadvantages: Bringing in one potentially high scoring player but losing another one doesn’t really solve the problem

Van Dijk
B. Silva

Option 3: Swap for Salah or Kane and then reinvest the excess funds

This move comes at the biggest risk for me. Losing Kane or Salah and then bring in Hazard and using the leftover funds to strengthen another position would require two transfers. This means should we want to get Kane or Salah back in, this wouldn’t be possible until October. For me this is way too risky and I’m not sure I’d personally go down this route but it is an option.

Advantages: Hazard may continue his point scoring form and we get to strengthen elsewhere
Disadvantages: Bringing in one potentially high scoring player but losing another one doesn’t really solve the problem, two transfers required, no way of getting Salah/Kane back in before October if this does backfire.

Van Dijk

Option 4: Take out Silva or Pedro and go significantly cheaper at the back

Swapping Pedro or Silva for Pedro would come at the expense of losing Van Dijk for someone like Janmaat. This would require two transfers instantly and for me the points scored may even itself out. Let’s say over the course of the season:

Hazard scores: 300 points
Janmaat scores: 50 points

Van Dijk scores: 225 points
B. Silva scores: 125 points

Both come out at 350 points in total. So what’s the point in using two transfers to ultimately end up with the same amount of points? I appreciate that I’ve just pulled these figures out of the air but there’s a chance it could completely even out.

Advantages: We accommodate Mane, Hazard, Salah, Kane and Aguero
Disadvantages: Significantly weaken our defence, could end up with the same amount of points anyway, two transfers have been used

B. Silva

Option 5: Forget about Hazard

If Hazard doesn’t play in the EFL Cup or the Europa League, he will only get 3 Premier League games in September. I appreciate that he could do some damage in these games but if we accept that it’s impossible to accommodate him without a significant compromise elsewhere, we can look at making some more sensible transfers based on the upcoming fixtures.

Man City look like they’ve got some decent fixtures coming up so Van Dijk could come out for Laporte. Given Liverpool’s tough fixtures I think having him and Robertson could be a bit too much. This would leave some funds in the bank for improving Silva or Pedro. We would also have two transfers in the bank with a team I’d be fairly happy with on paper. Everything changes so quickly in football that we don’t know what’s around the corner and I think this flexibility could be invaluable.

Advantages: Well balanced team, two remaining transfers
Disadvantages: No Hazard
Hart (transfer left to look at this position)
B. Silva (transfer left to look at this position)
Pedro (transfer left to look at this position)

I think ultimately the decision could go anyway. We all know Mane, Hazard, Kane, Salah and Aguero are all capable of hitting big points in any game. I could easily see Hazard not playing in the Europa League and having a more quiet month. I could also see him getting a few against Cardiff and coming on in the Europa League and scoring. I could also see Salah being quiet for September (given their fixtures) but I’d also not be surprised to see him grab a hat trick in the Champions League. For me it’s a complete lottery. Given Man Utd’s fixtures, I’m also surprised no one has mentioned Lukaku. For me if Salah isn’t going to hit that 400 points mark again this season Lukaku might provide better value. There may be potential for him to have the biggest point scoring month out of all of the players mentioned. I’m still fairly undecided about what to do with my September transfers but thought it was worth joting down some thoughts. If I had to decide what to do right now, I’d probably either do nothing and see what happens or not go with Hazard and simply bring in Laporte for Van Dijk.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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  1. Outstanding summary , I share your observations
    For me I have
    B Silva

    My initial thought was get hazard in NOW but can only do that realistically by bringing hazard and Janmat in for VVD and B Silva but is that necessarily strengthening my team or is it actually unbalancing it ? Would Alonso and say Pedro for B Silva and VVD a better option?

    1. Hazard is becoming better and better. Just saw the Belgium match and he was outstanding. I ditched B. Silva from my team, purely as he’s not getting the starts again. Pedro may get more starts this month with it being Europa and the cup? Or potentially Willian coming in. My advice is to get Hazard while his price is reasonably low I guess as its sure to rise more! A managers decision good luck🤞

    2. Looks fairly solid as it is. I’d probably just consider swapping Van Dijk for someone like Stones or Laporte.

  2. Excellent , can we some how get Lukaku and Hazard , say for Salah (gulp) and silva (who it looks like needs to go) ?

    1. Only way to do that would be to use all three transfers at once and downgrade Van Dijk slightly as well.

  3. Hi DTT.
    Great blog, been following you since you started and you’ve 100% helped me.
    Good to have some other regulars contributing too now.
    For the world cup you did some superb analysis, targeting specific games. To do this for the whole season wouldn’t be realistic but I wonder could we do a high level analysis of, say, each month, for the next rolling 3 months, to give us some steer for mid-term planning of transfers? I know things can change week by week, and it’s not an exact science, but for example knowing Spurs have great fixtures for month 1 but awful fixtures for months 2 and 3 could help planning to some extent.
    I’m a member of fantasy footy scout and am able to sort by team difficulty for attack and defence for gameweeks, gamemonths etc, so I’m happy to provide any info regularly to help.
    No worries if not.

    1. I’ll have a think about how best to do this. It’s tough with the Premier League season because I only look about a month ahead. It’s harder to make a detailed long term plan as everything changes so quickly with teams not getting knocked out. Also happy to post other people’s contributions if they wanted to make any.

  4. Great analysis DTT, not sure about Laporte I don’t think he will be immune to be rotated, as yet he hasn’t, it happened to Stones a couple of weeks back, the Hazard debate will run into next week, we can change Van dijk for Alonso only having to use one transfer, will he play europa league though, he is a constant potent threat, leave Hart, Pedro should get plenty gametime this month, but B. silva has to go, looks like he is going to be benched now, J. Lingard a possibility.

    1. Don’t think Alonso will play in the Europa League myself but it’s hard to tell at the moment. City defenders might get more game time even if they are rotated if that is the case.

  5. Just looked at overall leader board some teams in advance of 300pts, if the template for success is the big three, hardly seen that in their teams, but most have Hazard in, Chelsea play Cardiff next, cld get off to a flier with Alonso in aswell, but who wld u drop out the big 3, I guess it depends on people’s own mini league aspirations, but to be almost 90pts off the overall leader with only a month into the season is a bit alarming, but other than having the Liverpool back 5 +Alonso, I think it’s been a steady start, having that front 3 strike force should we really be that far behind, they have to score heavily every week to be worthy of that outlay.

    1. I think the top 300 at this stage just represent players who have started well which is almost impossible to predict. The top 300 will be completely different in another months time so I’m not a huge fan of copying what’s there already. With there being over a million teams entered as well I think it’s a huge expectation to be finishing anywhere near the top 300. Need a huge chunk of luck to achieve anything like that.

  6. Great analysis as always DTT. You make some very interesting points about Hazard. I just can’t take the gamble of not having him in personally though as so many of my mini league rivals have him in already.

    Part of me is wondering if I was a little hasty getting rid of Shaw for Gomez with the fixtures you point out now approaching. I guess I’ll have live by the sword and die by the sword now though as it’s going to take two transfers to get Hazard in alone. I need to keep one in reserve for later in the month, as I’ve learnt my lesson after the Richarlison debacle. I may re-visit Shaw at some point though if I went to four at the back again.

    1. He could be out for a short period now anyway so I may be forced to look at him. With regards to Hazard for me it’s a bit of risk either way – leave him out and there’s the risk he will do well. Go for him and the expense of another big name and it’s the same risk.

  7. So gutted for him, after all he’s been though recently to then find some form only to have another nasty injury. He’s been the bright spark for United this season. Hope it’s not as bad as it sounds on the radio. 🤞

  8. Recent reports suggest Shaw may be Ok, has a week to recover, on the front foot option, still plenty of games, but shorter month.
    Out Saleh, in Lukaku, better fixtures for September.
    Out B. silva in Hazard, enough said.
    Out Van dijk in Laporte, hopefully doesn’t get rotated, liverpool defenders to drop in value in September, if Gomez still keeping Lovren out, cld get him for a snip. All round stronger team, no need to look at individual pts per player for season we are only a month in, reacess in October.

    1. You making all three straight away David? I understand your sentiments behind each move. The Richarlison sending off has made me think of holding at least one transfer back after getting burnt last month though.

    2. I’d be fairly happy with that team but I’m not happy about using all three transfers all at once and having no route for getting Salah back in.

  9. Just another option Chris, I have same team as DTT, I understand high ownership of front 3, I’m not in competition with the teams in excess of 300pts, but a lot of the top teams don’t have the so called top 3, do they have a better thought process than us, or just luckier, it’s a 10 month season I know, if these players are so prolific why are we lagging behind, have to put Hazard in without weakening team.

    1. The Salah swap for Lukaku could work well as a short term measure for this month. I’d probably be looking to bring him back once Liverpool’s fixtures improve though.

      I think one of the worries of not owning one of the big players, whether it be Hazard, Salah, Kane etc is that a good month for one of them can result in a 400k price increase and before you know it you can’t afford to get them back in. It’s a very delicate balancing act to know what moment in time these players should be owned.

      1. How would you bring Salah back in if you drop him? You would therefore have to lose another big hitter at a later date , so will be in the same predicament as you are now. I feel once he’s gone you’ll struggle to get him back into your team.

        1. I’d agree with that – if you take Salah out and use two transfers, then you could be screwed for a month without him. If he has a good month, then we would be facing the same conversation we are having now about Hazard. It doesn’t solve the problem for me, it’s just the same.

    2. I don’t think they’ve got a better process. We put in Kane, Salah and Aguero because on probability we thought they were the players most likely to score the most points in August. All three capable of a hat trick in any game. Anyone who left any of them out has basically been fortunate that they didn’t. A lot of it comes down to having the right players at the right time – and there’s no way of predicting that perfectly.

  10. I was thinking a straight swap back the other way at the end of the month ie Lukaku out Salah back in and save the cash in the bank. Lukaku’s value has good potential to rise this month also whereas Salah faces some tough opponents.

    I’m personally sticking with Salah though as he can bag a couple of goals against any team on his day, but I’m just going through the thought process of someone who might swap them.

      1. At the moment yes. I must admit he’s not in his groove yet is he? He still looks a bit jaded to me.

  11. I agree with the ideas regarding not having salah/Kane as essential I feel there are other points scorers out there, who can be utilised this month! Fixtures wise Utd/city players like the rom! Mane has already outscored salah (early days) Sterling/kun/ even arsenal players gd fixtures lacazette/pva/ chelsea players hazard of course, the worry obviously lies with the rotation aspect, in the Europa league,less so in the champions league! Arsenal have vorskla (whoever they are) could easily put 4/5 past them! Lot of thinking to be done very tricky
    My team at the mo is
    Ederson (keeping gd fixtures no rotation risk cl games)
    Mendy same as above
    Shaw same as above (shud b ok head injury wise)
    Robertson (difficult fixtures chips in with assists, liked by dt, don’t expect many clean sheets this month)
    Willian (gd fixtures rotation threat but has Europa league and league cup even though away to l’pool)
    Miki (arsenal gd fixtures may play in elf and Europa)
    Mane (gd form will now get less game time) tough fixtures even though Liverpool score against anyone)
    Richarlison (1 game ban left, only 2 fixtures this month if doesn’t play against soton in elf)
    Kun ( gd fixtures explosive on pens)
    Salah (poor fixtures may well be less game time coming of here and there (Milner takes pens) difficult fixtures expensive Liverpool spread the goals around!
    Wilson enabler gd fixtures can’t see him playing elf only 3 fixtures this month!
    Team value 48.7 mill
    3 mill in the bank was thinking
    Salah to Lukaku
    Richarlison to sterling/hazard
    Wilson to lacazette!
    Any opinions ideas would b greatly appreciated cheers!

    1. On paper those transfers certainly look like any upgrade but I’d be worried about not having Salah. Also using all three transfers at the start of the month could be an issue. If there was a big injury or suspension early on you could find yourself in trouble.

  12. Has anyone considered swapping mane for hazard? Whilst he has scored well so far Salah stats have actually been better.


    1. I’d thought that having both Salah and Mane was a bit over the top considering Liverpool’s fixtures but not sure I can separate them in terms of which one I’d lose. Mane has the better form at the moment in terms of points on the board.

      1. Very true for points. But Salah underlying stats are better than Manes.

        Just something to consider as no one is mentioning that change.


  13. At the moment I don’t have aguero in my team and looking at the fixtures and the amount of people that have him, I think he’s a must.

    My team is

    I have no extra cash so was thinking to swap one of mkhi or arnautovic to James Maddison freeing up some cash for abua to aguero.

    What’s everyone’s thoughts?

    1. I would personally try get Aguero in defiently, purely as he can produce a brace of goals even hat tricks!

    2. I’d probably favour Aguero and I think Maddison is a good option. I’d probably take out Arnautovic to make way for him.

  14. For me, I don’t think it’s as hard a decision.

    B. Silva (who is likely to be rotated) & Arnie (WHU have very hard fixtures for Hazard and Maddison.

    It doesn’t seem (on paper at least) as though I will be losing much by taking out Silva and Arnie.

    This of course means very little in this game and I could get stung….. as usually happens!….

    1. I’m doing the same, Hazard and Maddison in for B. Silva and I’m changing formation taking out D. Sanchez in the process. Sitting on a transfer left. I’m not sure on changing my current team because of one month based on fixtures as come Oct I will have to use transfers to revert back. My plan is to slowly build a team for the duration.

  15. DTT, if we leave the front 3, the best way to get Hazard in looks like Van dijk & B. silva out +money in bank =8.3
    Hazard & Maddison in =8.0, change of formation, you would think Hazard & Maddison would out score Laporte & B. silva, but have to use an extra transfer to do that, Erickson got a couple of goals recently could start hitting some form, bit pricey at 5.7 million.

    1. Yeah that could work. However in the long run who scores more points?

      Hazard/Maddison (250-300 points? / 80-100 points?)
      Van Dijk/B. Silva (200-225 points? / 150 points?)

      I doubt there will be much in it and it will use two transfers. Is Hazard really essential for September if he only gets three games? Surely Lukaku is a bigger worry with Young Boys in the Champions League to play in the first game week?

      1. That’s also a good option, you would think more gametime for Lukaku than Hazard this month, but that takes us back to taking out Kane or Saleh, heard today Kane to be rested for England game, read into that what you will.

        1. It’s impossible to call Kane or Salah could easily have a great month or they could equally flop. If I already had Lukaku I’d stick with him but because I haven’t I’m doubting if I should bring him in or not.

  16. Does anyone have an opinion to replace Tarkowski for the same price or less?

    I was thinking of putting Luke Shaw back in but may have to reconsider due to the recent injury.

    I’m also thinking Richarlison out and Moura in.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Moura is a better option for me. Not sure about Luke Shaw. He’s definitely out at the week, but I think that’s a mandatory 7 days off from the head injury.

  17. I’m tempted to gamble and use all three transfers straight off the bat but I have multiple versions and not sure which way to go.

    My 6 up top currently are;
    Aguero – Kane – SALAH

    And I’m leaning towards a September swap to;
    Aguero – Kane – LACAZETTE (itb 0.9m)

    Otherwise it’d potentially be;
    Mane – HAZARD – MOURA/PEDRO – MADDISON (swapped from PVA)
    Aguero – Kane – Salah (itb 0.2m)

    I had considered Alonso too, but that massively messes up the balance. Been using/lurking on this site for a while so appreciate any comments although I do also appreciate its a potential kamikaze move making all three transfers at the start of the month.

    1. I have to agree with SteveB. I need to see Arsenal improve considerably to tempt me into looking at the likes of Auba and Lacazette. Sterling is also a rotation risk I would have thought.

      I’m also looking at three transfers already (see my post below). I feel uneasy about it but I think it could be a risk worth taking.

      1. Thanks for both your replies. Totally understand the Lacazette risk – although Sterling for me won’t get rotated half as much as the other midfielders (especially as he’s scored both times he’s started now).

        That and do you not think Salah will be rotated in some of the ‘easier’ Premiership fixtures during this month and that Moura may become a rotation risk with Son returning?That was my worry with that choice even though it was my intended one before the international break.

        Again appreciate people’s views.

        1. Actually what it comes down to is pretty simple I guess. Which trio in September will outscore the other of;

          PVA — Maddison
          Sterling — Moura/Pedro
          Lacazette — Salah

          I annoyingly think it could be quite close..which is really unhelpful.

          1. I’d probably prefer Maddison, Moura and Salah but who knows. Salah may flop with difficult fixtures or he could grab a hat trick. It’s virtually impossible to call it.

    2. I’d hold at least one transfer. I’d be tempted to ship out Zaha and Arnautovic. Not sure about the maths but if you could try and get Hazard, Moura, Pedro, Maddison or Sterling.

    1. I think that’s a mandatory 7 days off from the head injury, hoping he won’t be out for long.

  18. I’ve been looking at the fixtures for this month and I’ve decided I have to get Richarlison out (for now). He has potentially only 3 games to play in (one being the League Cup). Getting Richarlison out gives me £3million to play with.

    I would have liked Moura in to be honest but I don’t have the funds. I’ve therefore decided to bring in Pedro given the potential for being involved in the extra European games this month. Pedro can potentially be involved in 6 games this monthly period.

    Whilst I don’t like using up my last transfer already (I’ve already used two to bring in Hazard and Maddison), the difference in number of games between these two players is too tempting to ignore. Any thoughts as always are most welcome. Should I be making this third transfer? Are there better alternatives to Pedro for £3million?

    Here’s my updated team:

    Robertson Mendy Gomez
    Mane Maddison Hazard Pedro
    Aguero Kane Salah

    1. Tough choice, looks a strong team on paper but if things start to go wrong during the first game week back you could be in trouble with no transfers left but at least you’ve held onto all the big players anyway. Are you not worried about Lukaku? Everyone seems to be worried about Hazard but Lukaku could have more games against fairly easy teams.

      1. Yes he does worry me with his fixtures. On his day he can be unplayable but he can suffer from inconsistent spells. Fingers crossed (for myself at least) this will be the case. As you say DTT it’s impossible to predict how any of the ‘big’ strikers are going to fare.

        My biggest concern out of those three is Kane. I don’t know if he fancies himself as some kind of playmaker now (a rumour I have heard going round), but yet again, for England he kept dropping deeper and deeper. In fact his heat map shows that most of his touches were around the central circle! This fact also made worrying reading: The only Three Lions player to touch the ball fewer times than Kane (20) was Danny Welbeck (3). Even subs Eric Dier (31) and Danny Rose (25) registered more touches. Hopefully this may have been down to the ball retention abilities of the opposition. It still makes me uneasy though.

        I like the look of my team on paper as it stands, as you say though, a lot can happen in a month so I’m just going to have to keep my fingers (and toes) crossed that they are do ok with no injuries, suspensions, loss of form etc. I just think the amount of games someone in Europe ie Pedro has compared to what Richarlison will play, negates that risk somewhat and it’s a risk worth taking.

        Are you Luke Shaw owners going to stick with him even though there is a risk of a lay off or Young may do well as his replacement and keep his place?

        1. I am a shaw owner and I don’t think we can start shipping players out on the basis they may miss 1 game we don’t have enough transfers for that every month. I will monitor him, hoping he misses Watford but returns for the champions league game perhaps in which case it all works out, chances out if he played the watford game he might get rotated for the champions league so it’s swings and roundabouts. I have bigger issues to worry about – my team
          B Silva

          With the clamber to get Hazard in I was going to use 2 transfers quickly and swap VVd and B Silva for Janmaat & hazard but with shaw out I feel I need to keep VVd in to keep a balanced back four and hold a transfer for shaw if need be , so not keen to do 2 transfers quickly together., which is a shame as want hazard in but may sit tight for this game week and see how it pans out as things arent too bad with 229 points on board and all bar hennessey playing in europe next week. I agree with your observation though – kane worries me , he doesn’t look very potent and perhaps is forgetting what he is there to do – at the back of my mind I am tempted to swap him for hazard or lukaku which would then allow me to either bring chelsea keeper in or swap VVd/shaw for alonso or a man city defender.

          1. Interested in your thoughts on Lukaku? Should have a relatively straightforward game in the Champions League against Young Boys and he may get twice as many games as Hazard? Everyone seems keen to get Hazard in but Lukaku looks like a bigger worry to me.

            1. I’m actually now veering towards Lukaku too for Kane. Allows me to upgrade Zaha or Arnautovic straight to Hazard and leaves a transfer in the bank (potentially to Moura or any mid up to 5.1m).

              So up top would be;
              Mane – Hazard – Moura
              Salah – Aguero – Lukaku

        2. Yeah that all makes perfect sense so tend to agree with you. Not sure about Kane myself but it’s hard to justify taking him out when he’s always capable of a hat trick. I’ll personally be sticking with Shaw. I’m hoping he’s only out at the weekend as a precaution.

      2. I’m thinking Lukaku instead of Kane, this will give the following team;


        Perry sure I can live without Kane who I have serious doubts about.

  19. Ideas;

    Option 1.
    Kane out. Lukaku in.
    B Silva out. Hazard in.
    Shaw out. Wan Bissaka in

    Leaves 0.6 in the bank.

    Too risky doing all 3?

    Option 2.
    Vvd out. Mata in (is there any reason he’s not playing Man U fans?)
    B Silva out. Hazard in.

    None left in bank.
    One transfer left.

    1. Option 1 for me, all 3 players have done well and are first team regulars.

      Mata would be a bad move imo as he’s not the above.

  20. My team:
    Shaw, d.luiz, v.van, stones

    Still some pound to bring richarlison for pedro. 2 tranfer left. Not sure what about shaw…

  21. In terms of changing a striker for this month is interesting. I’m sure we can get a conclusion on here with everyone’s thoughts.

    In terms of fixtures Lukaku has the best.
    Watford away
    Young boys away
    Wolves home
    Derby home… Cup game
    West ham away

    I’m really considering putting him in but it’s a decision between the already discussed Kane or Salah ultimately I believe Liverpool have the harder month? Thoughts appreciated.

    1. Its a tough one. Lukaku does have the better fixtures but ive noted alot of them are away and also he doesnt play in an attacking team. However if utd do score its likely to be him and he could be a star man magnet too and is in form.

      Salah should actually have a couple more goals than at present and he has 2 goals and 2 assists, too risky to take out, which leaves kane – to me he sounds like the only option as aguero is untouchable.

      Lukaku’s ownership is around 20% so could risk it without him and revisit a week from now.

    2. I can see both sides. Lukaku has the better fixtures but did no where near as well as Salah last season. Salah has tough fixtures but last season this made no difference. Can’t decide what to do myself.

  22. My current team is


    Ive opted to take out Kane for Lukaku as Kane has not looked himself in recent fixtures and was hardly visible in the game last night against Switzerland. I know he was a sub but just feel he is lacking something whereas Lukaku appears to be in form and has better fixtures. Its a risk being without Kane but dont see Spurs being at their best form yet

    1. Is that your current team including transfers made for September? I’d be more than happy if so but I’d be even happier if I had three transfers left as well.

    1. Next update will be whichever transfers I make. I don’t think I’m an further forward on that at the moment. I may well stick as I am for a week.

  23. Hi guys,

    I got 3 transfers for September and £0 ITB

    My team is:





    Ideally I would like to get Lukaku in. Now the only way I think this will work is:

    1. taking Mane out straight swap or

    2. swapping out Salah for Lukaku then upgrading Richarlison to either Jesus (city tend to play 2 up top at home and may be rotated) or lacazette (arsenal have some good fixtures but rotation risk)

    3. I could do nothing for now and revisit next week

    Sometimes the temptation of having transfers means you just want to do them!

    Do let me know your thoughts.



    1. Personally I have been bit before by using all the transfers or most of them straight away , all of your team bar Richarlson have double game weeks and will all likely to be involved in one if not both games , I would sit tight for a week it’s a really good balanced team

    2. I’d probably be tempted to do nothing. Most people want Mane, Hazard, Kane, Salah and Aguero. You’ve got all of them other than Kane so I’d be tempted to wait until after the next week. Having said that Lukaku could have a big week so you may miss the boat.

  24. DTT, come up with some options for team.
    Van dijk
    B. silva
    Lukaku, funds left 2.4 million, flexibility
    Van dijk
    B. silva
    Maddison, one transfer remaining
    Games in September
    Laporte 5, one league cup
    Maddison 4, including league Cup should play.

    1. I like the look of all of those suggestions. My biggest concern is using too many transfers initially. I’m liking Hazard less as an option given that he might not play in the Europa League. Lukaku has good fixtures but this doesn’t always mean he will score well. It could go either way between him, Salah or Kane around who will score most points over the month. I’m half tempted to leave it as it is for another week and then evaluate again. If we get it wrong, it’s going to be a long month.

      1. I agree DTT, I am leaning more towards seeing how this week pans out , seeing the line ups for europa/champions league, who plays etc. I myself have 10 players with a double game week and don’t have hazard so even allowing for him to have a good week I am hoping the 10 I have get enough points to counter it – and in amongst my 10 are salah, mane, kane, aguero, VVD & Mendy . I have been bit before by gambling on all 3 transfers early , last year when I won my mini league I waited to see how everyone transfers went first before moving – it’s easier to do that I suppose when you at the top, I am 2nd in my league so tempted to sit and wait this week and can always make transfers thursday night before price rises if need be

        1. By the time you’ve scratched your heads about whether to bring Hazard in or not, you could have potentially missed out on a 25+ point week plus a price rise. So what if he doesn’t play in the Europa league, it’s the league games he’s banging the points in.
          I know for my mini league members and the majority of managers will defo be bringing him in, so I cannot afford to miss out.
          Being cautious gets you know where in this game.

          1. It’s not really about Hazard, it’s about Hazard or Lukaku. Or stick with both Kane and Salah or what about Sterling with Man City’s fixtures? Or what’s to say Pedro or Willian only get a run out in the Europa League but they end up hammering a lesser team. There’s too much up in the air to make a clear decision. Most of the time there’s an obvious choice where the probability of getting a better points return is high. At the moment there’s no obvious route. Could easily make a number of changes and be no better off.

        2. Yeah I’m with you on that one. Using up all three transfers to me seems a bit hasty. It’s going to be a long season and changes can always be made before prices change again next week.

      2. DTT, what about Van dijk out for Alonso, I’m worried B. silva starts on bench again, you must be concerned kane’s form is worrying to say least, would it not be best to act now & be pro-active.

        1. At this stage in previous seasons Kane is in the best form of his life having scored in August, but I do understand where you’re coming from. If there was an obvious route that would create more points I’d go with it but I think it could literally go either way at the moment so why rush into it?

          1. Even from now till next week, Kane home Liverpool, away inter Milan, Lukaku in form away Watford & Young boys, this game can bite you on the behind, whatever we do the exact opposite could happen, but on current form transfers have to be done, before 12.30 Saturday.

            1. I must admit I’m tempted to make one transfer. Kane out and Lukaku in. Then see how that pans out for a week – this can always then be reversed if Kane looks to be back to his best. I wouldn’t want to take out Kane with no way of getting him back in to be honest.

  25. I have a few options running around my head at the moment:

    Arnie & Silva – Out
    Hazard & Maddison – In

    Arnie & Salah – Out
    Hazard & Lukaku – In

    Arnie, Silva & Richarlison – Out
    Hazard, Maddison & Pedro – In

    Option 1 is playing is safe
    Option 2 means losing Salah which I’m reluctant about
    Option 3 means using all 3 subs…. which I’m reluctant about

    1. Option 3 is exactly the route I went down. I dont see the point of holding on Richarlison this month when he’s only got potentially 3 games of involvement compared to Pedro who has 6 potential game involvement.

      Of course there is a risk it could back-fire if an injury etc comes along but the number of fixtures between the two was just too tempting for me. I do like Richarlison though and I can see me bringing him back in at some point.

  26. I’ve read recently that their’s a chance Shaw could play, let’s assume he doesn’t, high probability B. silva is on bench, & we all agree Kane’s form is patchy, we cld lose ground waiting another week, perhaps hasty to make 3 transfers, but to do nothing could be costly.

    1. Doing nothing could well be costly for the week. Using all three straight away could be costly for the month. I’m not overly unhappy with the team as it is.

  27. Spurs have six games until next round of transfers, asking myself who will score more pts over that p eriod, Maddison 4 games, Moura potentially 6, will he play most of those games & just as importantly will he keep his place in team over this period & beyond with Son available again.

      1. Spurs 6 games, Man utd 6 games, but if we look at it on current form, then Lukaku a better option.

        1. Could go either way in my opinion. I’m tempted to swap them but when it could literally go either way, I’m wondering if it’s worth the transfer.

  28. Just a quickie as trying to find a cheap defender to finance getting hazard in. Schlupp Van Bissaka or any other decent options ??

    1. Or maybe a Watford defender? Depends if they keep the form.

      I’ve took the gamble for this month which gives me more balance.
      Kane out for Lukaku
      B. Silva out for Hazard
      D. Sanchez out for Rudiger

      Hopefully this pays off for the month

    2. I think I’d be tempted to see how Tomkins fitness is before committing to any of the Palace lads at this stage as they look much weaker at the back without him.

      Of the cheap defenders (ie less than £2m) out there, I’ve considered Janmaat, Doherty and the Palace boys you’ve mentioned. Might also be worth looking at some of the Bournemouth lads as they look pretty tight and also have good defensive stats to back it up (ie one of the teams which have conceded the fewest ‘good’ chances). Good luck with your decision Simon.

  29. Ive taken a slightly different approach as feel its good to maitain a strong defence with Ruediger Robertson Mendy

    I have decided to

    Out Mahrez for Hazard
    Out Keita for Maddison
    Out Kane for Lukaku

    Kane is a risk but he has looked so poor and Man Utd have good fixtures coming up

    1. I can see the case for taking Kane out but I’m not sure it’s a good move. On another day he could have easily had a hat trick against Fulham and no one would be considering taking him out.

  30. My highest team is ranked 2,202 and don’t have many problems with that team. However my lowest team is at 281k mark and needs a lot of work. Before I think about potential transfers in, I usually spend time in looking at who should go out as you don’t want to replace players that suddenly turn good and have regrets. One tip for myself is that I look at current players, look at their underlying stats and write pros and cons and then categorise in three colour sections: Green (position safe, not looking to transfer out unless suspensions or injuries), Amber (unsure, might change) or Red (definitely want to get rid). This is one technique I usually use when I am struggling and helps in forming a clearer picture of where my team’s strengths or weaknesses lie. So here is my lowest ranked team:

    Gk: Ederson 3.8m. Man City have one of the best defences in the game. Ederson to play league and champions league games and now with Bravo injured will likely play in league cup as Man City defend their cup. One of the best keepers in the game.

    Pros: Great run of fixtures till Dec, will play every game including league cup, good at saving penalties. Despite City conceding, they still have best stats at shots conceded at goal and possession, keep the ball away from their attack.

    Cons: Expensive, price likely to go down. Lack of clean sheets so far is off concern.

    Status: Green

    DC: Walker 4.6m. If you put Ederson because of good fixtures, it makes sense to add another Man City defensive prospect. He is a defender that really impressed me in the community shield game. In recent interview, he said he wanted to add more assists to his game. Danilo out injured so will play every game so no rotation worries. May look to downgrade in the future to release funds but should do well for a few months.

    Pros: Great run of fixtures, increased goal potential after scoring first city goal.

    Cons: Expensive, value likely to decrease. Could sell to raise funds to strengthen team elsewhere if needs be. Unlikely to play in league cup.

    Status: Green

    DC: Mendy 4.3m. Another Man City full back who could be Man City’s new attacker after missing most of the last season. Should get assists and likes to shoot at goal. Doubts over fitness.

    Pros: A key player. Great number of crosses in box and doing well in key passes stats. Showing goal threat with 1.5 shots per game. Assist for France. Says more assists to come.

    Cons: slight drip in point scoring since the first game. Price likely to remain static.

    Status: Green

    DC: Robertson 3.4m. Liverpool left back who likes to attack, sending crosses in the box so high potential for assist points. One of the first names in my team and injury permitting likely to remain in my team all season.

    Pros: doing well at Liverpool with assists to his game. Defence is looking good and preventing shots at goal. Price is on the rise.

    Cons: Tough fixtures in September sees clean sheet points unlikely.

    Status: Green

    MF: Mahrez 3.7m. Mahrez has not done as well I hoped. Only started 2 games out of 4 so rotation is a big factor. I thought he would carry on from last season’s form (highest SDT point scoring midfielder in May). Also I thought he was good value for 4m and from my research he comes 9th overall in terms of highest STD scoring midfielders for the last two seasons. But that was then when he was the main man at Leicester, at City he does not have that luxury. Although it has not been a great start for Mahrez, there is hope with City’s upcoming fixtures and Mahrez may play in league cup.

    Pros: City should score plenty of goals so points potential for Mahrez. Has got goal and assist potential. City have kind champions league group and Oxford in league cup.

    Cons: Rotation, price on the way down, still finding his feet at City, does suffer large bouts of inconsistency.

    Status: Amber

    MF: Sterling 6.1m. Now rotation is less of a problem for this city midfielder as he has started 3 out of 4 games. Sterling has developed brilliantly under Pep and seems to be one of his favourites. With two goals and two star man awards, he is on top form. His versatility is his biggest asset; he suits Pep’s ever changing style: left, right, central attacking midfielder and can play as a forward if needed.

    Pros: Goal scoring midfielder, City have got good fixtures, price is on the increase. Can be very explosive in terms of point scoring.

    Cons: not entirely safe from rotation so will miss games, too much competition in city midfield might see points being shared out. Finishing can let him down. Back injury is a concern.

    Status: Green

    MF: Maddison 1.7m. Good midfielder with set piece duties at Leicester. Still learning the ropes in the premier league. Passes the ‘eye test’ but the underlying stats are not great.

    Pros – Leicester got good fixtures coming up, price is on the rise, on set pieces.

    Cons – poor underlying stats, Leicester poor at set pieces, may not play in league cup.

    Status: Green

    MF: Jota 1.8m. A good record in the championship but not seen anything of note from him in the tougher premier league. One player I definitely want to get rid off but his cheap price (and falling) makes it difficult.

    Pros – not much, might retain for one more week at Wolves play at home to a Burnley side that have performed not well defensively this season and their confidence may be low. May play as striker with Jimenez being an injury doubt.

    Cons – falling price, poor stats, substituted early in games, watching wolves they attack better on the right hand side whereas Jota plays on the left. Cheap price makes it difficult to find good replacement though.

    Status: Red

    FW: Aguero 6.9m. One of the best strikers in the league. Recently said he is playing better than ever after injury. Looking unstoppable and undroppable from the city side. Not going on international duty will benefit him.

    Pros – price increasing, goals are aplenty right now, good fixtures.

    Cons – none at the moment. Even rotation is not a worry.

    Status: Green

    FW: Aubameyang 5.2m. Began season as one of the golden boot favourites.Brought in after Arsenal played their first two games but not overly impressed with his performances against West Ham and Cardiff. His underlying stats are not great either. He does have a good goal scoring record over his career and his finishing and movement off the ball are his greatest strengths. Will he play in Europa league? Who knows but unlikely.

    Pros – arsenal have got good run of games, on penalties

    Cons – may miss games in cup competitions, can be shifted on the left of midfield, stats not great, price is falling.

    Status – Amber

    FW: Salah 7.9m. Now move onto the one of the big hitters in the game. There have been a few questions raised on the subject of getting rid of Salah as Liverpool have got tough fixtures this month. Should he stay or go from my team? Well I have thought long and hard about this question but I decided I am going to keep him. They are a number of reasons why?
    – Liverpool are so good at attacking and it is difficult to stop Firmino, Salah or Mane from scoring even against the strongest defences.
    – Salah has got very good underlying stats – very good goal threat and creativity. In fact, watching Liverpool I am not noticing no difference in Salah’s play from last season. He is still getting into dangerous positions and missing big chances. Last season, Salah missed a bucket load of chances but still scored 44 goals.
    – In many ways, so far Salah has been underperforming in terms of fantasy football points whilst Mane has been over performing. Mane’s goal conversion is unbelievably high at 40% whereas Salah is at 10%. So I expect Salah’s goal conversion to increase. I tend to find that the mean is around 20%.
    – Tough fixtures but Salah scored against Spurs, Chelsea and City last season. So he can fixture proof.
    – He gets the majority of Liverpool’s best chances and his movement off the ball makes him a nightmare for defenders to mark.
    – On free kicks and corners.
    – High ownership makes him difficult to take out.
    – Plus if I take out Salah, I feel I need to reinvest the funds in the rest of the team. This makes things more complicated in bringing Salah back.

    Pros – plenty (listed above)

    Cons – tough fixtures, price falling

    Status: Green

    So from here, in the danger zone are Jota, Mahrez and Aubameyang. I might leave Jota and Mahrez in for this week. Mahrez for longer if he improves. Aubameyang might go first this weekend, not sure if I want to make the sideways move to Lacazette. Got 1m in the bank.

    1. Excellent analysis RR. I really like the traffic light system you use and I may pinch that one myself. I’m guessing you’re a member of FFS with your knowledge on the stats? I’ve just joined it myself and I have to say the amount of data you can look into on there is quite overwhelming. I really enjoy their podcast too.

      I’ll look forward to reading your future posts. 👍🏻

      1. I remember the first season I played the game, my single team was so bad I needed about six transfers to fix it. So over the international break I decided upon the use of this traffic light system to decide which I really needed. I tend to use this system early in the season to review my team and I like international breaks as it gives me time to figure my next moves.

        Yeah, I am a member of FFS but the amount of data is too overwhelming for me as well. I am not really a stats person, I look at a few but I really enjoy watching football on the telly. Now, it is possible with the amount of stats available, there is no need to watch football to win in fantasy football. Also, I find FFS is geared mostly towards FPL which has different rules to SDT (ie does not cover cup games) so I look around for different sources for information.

        FFS podcast, I haven’t heard it myself but I guessing it’s about FPL although FFS do cover the Sky game (never played myself but maybe one day will). I do wonder whether there is a SDT podcast out there?

    2. Thanks for sharing – very interesting insight and way of looking at it. How are you approaching the transfers for this month? I can’t imagine you would be the type to rush into all three. I think the main cause for concern for most people is deciding whether to stick with the likes of Kane and Salah or bring in Hazard or Lukaku. Do either worry you?

      1. I think the trio of Kane, Aguero and Salah worry me the most. All three are the main goal scoring machines for attack minded teams.

        Lukaku I am slightly worried about but it helps he plays for a Mourinho side which focuses mainly on maintaining their defensive shape at all times. It can be difficult to score hat tricks as Mourinho style of play involves keeping possession and saving energy when winning. I think a Lukaku scored his first brace of goals in the league since the opening game of last season. How many hat tricks have Agüero, Salah and Kane scored in that time.

        My research shows Lukaku is a consistent player rather than an explosive player unlike Salah, Kane and Agüero. Explosive players can do a lot of damage particularly if they get 28 points in a game. I would be reluctant to get rid of this trio as they are difficult to afford (they are all highly owned but I guessing not many sides will have all three) and if I had them in my team I wouldn’t be watching city, Liverpool or spurs games behind the sofa. I will be relaxed watching the games with my beer. That’s the thing with expensive and highly owned players, they do offer that safety blanket you can be relaxed with.

        1. Completely agree to be honest. For me there’s just the slight temptation to go for Lukaku over Kane for the short term. I’d hope Lukaku would outscore Kane against Watford and Young Boys. If it did go wrong, I’d still have two transfers in the bank to swap it back. This month has been the toughest I’ve had in terms of making transfer decisions.

          1. Could pay off but I am not sure if it is worth it in terms of two transfers taking Kane out and then putting him back in a few weeks later. Lukaku will have to get around 40 points more than Kane in my book to be worth it.

            I generally want to do long term moves in order to set my team up for October. Also I rather do moves on getting rid of my weaker players in my side so any funds from Kane sale I would reinvest in other areas as I would like all my money invested on the pitch. Money in the bank does not bring in points.

            But it is your team, your choices. I wish you good luck and carry on the good work.

        2. Yeah I decided to just hold the transfers for another week. I think it was just change for the sake of change and it wasn’t completely obvious which route would end up scoring more points. Hopefully it pays off in the long run.

    1. I would say thats a waste of a transfer. Vorm has liverpool next and not an assured starter at all when Lloris returns.

  31. Out of Shaw and Gomez who would you guys opt for?

    I’m looking to bring someone in for 2.9m or less in place of Tarkowski, I am really struggling to choose here.

    1. I’d say Shaw at present (though he hasn’t travelled with the Utd squad down to Watford today) but with Sept fixtures you’d think he will score more points.

      Having a dilemma myself, replacing D Sanchez and have 3.7m to spend. Who is the best choice from:

      Been scratching my head all day 🙁

      1. @ C & B – I would say Shaw

        For you chris its a tough one! and you’re not alone! Part of me wants the fixtures to start so I am lock out and prevents headaches of which players to transfer!

        City have the best fixtures and more likely to do well in those fixtures in my opinion. Laporte has started more games than Stones I beleive, but neither is secure. I would lean towards Laporte but does come with risk! Luiz may not play Europa league same with Rudiger but have good league fixtures.

        Shaw is the ‘safest’ option although is he fit for the watford game?

        I would say Laporte but in reality its a punt for the reasons mentioned above.

      2. I’d probably go for Laporte or Stones, purely based on fixtures. Even if they get rotated they should get as much game time as the Chelsea defenders.

    2. Had Shaw not picked up the head injury, I’d opt for him given Man Utd’s fixtures. Not sure when he will be back though, hopefully soon.

  32. Great analysis DTT and thankyou. I may refrain from making transfers at this moment in time except Keita out for Maddison as Keita not scoring any points


  33. no love for DDG
    with his fixtures he could have a a month and he is tantalising priced at 4.1 m
    don’t forget he was top scoring goal keeper last season

    1. Good point,

      However, I think picking a keeper based on fixtures is risky and a waste of a transfer. Its a shame Sun DT only allows 3 transfers in a month otherwise this could be an option! But for me, I tend to pick a keeper for the duration of the season unless they get injured or I need to downgrade to access more funds.

  34. Quick question guys.

    I am leaning heavily towards sticking lukaku in. I only want to do it in one transfer so can revert back in case or have come in the bank for injuries.

    Who would you swap out of:

    Salah (tough fixtures but high ownership)
    Mane (tough fixtures but in-form and differential)
    Hazard (good early fixtures and differential, but may not play in Europa games)

    1. If it had to be one of those three, I’d probably leave the transfer. I’m considering doing the same for Kane though.

    2. I would swap out Mane (and have) as wouldn’t want to lose Salah but having two heavy hitters from Liverpool for their next 4 games feels risky. Have Lukaku and really fancy his chances of solid returns in September – he isnt hugely explosive but could easily score in the next few.

  35. I am also thinking of joining with the Lukaku in brigade and for the expense of Kane.

    I really like Kane and always have him in my teams but after watching him for the last few games at the World Cup and so far in each game this season, i really don’t like what he is doing. He’s playing everywhere but upfront.

    That being said he’s always capable of scoring hat tricks as mentioned above and would also be difficult to get back in without using multiple transfers.

    Do we think that Kane would heavily outscore Lukaku over the entire season? Or would it be close? At least RL is playing as a striker and always seems to be in the right positions to score.

    Also the extra 2 million would enable me to upgrade:
    Tarkowski to Mendy/Alonso
    Richarlison to Moura/Pedro
    Kane to RL

    granted that would use all 3 transfers which i don’t like to do but when you compare those potential 3 transfers, i think they would bring more combined points than the current 3.


    1. C & B,

      interesting move. Its of course a gamble not only because of its 3 transfers, but also if you use the spare change to upgrade other players it makes it harder to bring him back in. So personally if you go with the three changes it shoudl be for the longer term as opposed to 1 month in my opinion.

      On the other hand, its a very short month with 3 weeks of price changes. This means should Kane perform well, from a price perspective he will only be £8.3m which makes it hopefully not too bad to plan him back into your team. This of course would be on the proviso of your players increasing in value too.

      Of the 3 changes arguably 2 of them are definitely upgrades, so worth it but of course in the end the decision is yours.

    2. I’m leaning towards Lukaku over Kane to start September. But I think what I might do is make that my only transfer for the month so far. This will leave me enough in the bank to simply put Kane back in if things start to look like they are going wrong.

      1. I think that is a sound transfer. Especially if you don’t necessarily need to use the other two transfers. You could use one to transfer him in and you have another spare in case you have injuries.

        As for my transfer out for Lukaku, i am looking at Mane. Liverpool have watford and PSG i think and whilst watford are not easy, playing Young Boys away surely Lukaku will bag a few!

        I could always add Mane back in if he does score a couple more and prove to be ‘fixture proof’.

          1. Think I’ll risk it & go for 3 transfers, it’s so tempting when you have transfers to use, are you concerned about B. silva, not guaranteed to start now, & 2 Liverpool defenders with a tough month ahead.

            1. If I had three transfers and I had to use them now. I’d go for: Van Dijk out, Stones in. Pedro out, Hazard in. Kane out, Lukaku in. I’d prefer Silva over Pedro.

              I’m not prepared to take the risk on not having Kane for the month or using all three transfers in one go. If I just do Kane to Lukaku for this game week. I’ve then got the option of reversing this or going ahead with the other two transfers.

  36. Never blow all my transfers early but about to do it as Hazard and Alonso are too good for me to ignore. Also switching formation.

    Current rank is 541 and need to go make moves to close the gap.

    Looking at:

    Mhki (cant carry rotation threat) to Alonso (season keeper)
    Mane (terrible fixtures and have Salah anyway) to Hazard (will destroy Cardiff)
    Tarkowski (Out of Europe and look poor) to PVA (Great next 4 fixtures)

    Any thoughts appreciated.

    On the Kane debate he is always tempting but just not passing the eye test or recording the stats to suggest he is anywhere near as bigger threat as he has been in the past.

    1. Transfers make sense. Have you not currently got Kane? What’s your front three looking like?

    1. VVD is in far better form than Kane and would back him. Have Moura as Spurs cover and believe he offers a far better mix of form and value than Harry currently but of course that could change

  37. Any man city fans on here? Who is more likely to get most game time in September? Lapporte or Stones? Need to take Sanchez out my team. Already have Mendy


    1. They will both be rotated with VK and Othamendi all season in my view but should both start at the weekend. I believe Lapporte will have more chance of starting more games and just edges the decision – he is also looking like a good set piece threat

  38. I think we should keep Kane in he will be desperate to shut up all this tired talk! If you are getting Lukaku in I’d rather it be Salah I know he is quality but just can’t see him hitting the heights of last season. I currently don’t have Salah opted for Firmino instead and also Mane. It was this month last season when Kane got 46 points in a week…. I believe it was 28 against Apoel Nikosia and 18 against West Ham. I say hold tight for the first week.

    1. I would say Mane – Lukaku as long term utd fixtures are better than chelseas. Chelsea play liverpool twice this month for example.

  39. Very tough one that David, as they all seem to be. Still debating yesterday’s post…. Can I really take out Kane…

  40. Can we swap lukaku for Kane before the mid week champions league games? Or not as they’ve played this game week?

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